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  1. You need the alliance code and the CS Code. The password you used when you transferred the account to your computer is gone and doesn't work, anymore. You can't "re-download" the data onto the computer, anyway, it has already been downloaded and isn't in the cloud, anymore. You need to get the CS Code, somehow, and then go to the support forum and submit an account transfer request using your alliance code and CS Code.

    The CS Code can be found when you get to the screen where is says "START" and you have to tap that to enter the game; before you tap on START to enter the game, there is an icon with the letter "I" on it in the bottom right corner. Tap on that and you will find the CS Code. Since the CS Code is tied to individual accounts, and not devices, chances are you won't be able to get the CS Code of the account you lost, because there is no other way to get that code and also since the account is already gone, so is the CS Code.
  2. I have the alliance code and my password I used to transfer it onto my computer is that all I need? Then what do I do?
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