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  1. Hi' TripleCrown! Obadcaf95 on the chat line. I have'nt heard from you recently, I just wanted to check-up on you; and talk some baseball. Other than that, ''Let's bring in the 2017 M.L.B. season'' Woo-hooo!!! 1/17/17
  2. Hi Obadcaf95,

    I'm happy to hear that you're learning more about the game. Is there anything specific that you'd like to know? I'd be happy to answer.
  3. Well I wanted to hear your latest feedback, and comments TripleCrown. Although, the forum is'nt typing up any recent messages from you. Darn it', I was starting to learn more about the game listening to your feedback. Hopefully I might hear something soon from you top dogs in GameVil, MLB Perfect Innings 2016 forum. Bammie 2607 12/19/16
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