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  1. 25) Other than instanced PvP that you have to que up for are there any maps in-game where pvp can happen in the open world?

    26) You recently released a chapter 0 lore video, do you play to keep doing these even after launch? How many videos are you planning on doing around the lore of the game?

    27) Will there be another beta test or is launching the game the next step?


    Thank you for taking the time to submit these and have some of them answered. Its cool to have devleopers and comminity team interacting with the community.
  2. 19) Have players played how you thought so far or has the beta surprised you to find out players doing things differently than anticipated?

    20) Will there be a steam client or facebook gameroom client? A lot of players would love to play this on their PC as well if they don't have a device strong enough to play the game.

    21) Did the beta testers surprise you in how far they progressed?

    22) Will you host your own discord server and reddit page for the community?

    23) What has been the most fun raid encounter to work on?

    24) When the team isn't working on Royal Blood what other games are you playing?
  3. 12) Can we get a world clock in-game?

    13) What type of push notifications can we expect in-game?

    14) Will we ever have like 40 man raids like World of Warcraft? It doesnt have t be 40 but something more than 4-5 people we have seen so far.

    15) Any chance we will see something built into the engine to help players upload or live stream their gameplay to YouTube or Twitch?

    16) How will solo players and small guilds be able to compete with large guilds?

    17) What was the funniest bug you guys have encountered during the development of the game?

    18) What was your favorite moment from the beta so far?
  4. 8) During the beta there were many opportunities to earn your paid currency via contests you ran, after launch will this continue?

    9) Are there plans to add voice chat into the game that can be toggled by chat channel? For instance, enabling voice chat in group play but disabling it in your guild? That way the player can pick and choose when the listen to other players vs typing.

    10) You guys say there will be on global server. Will this server be separate from the Chinese server because I know they have been playing for a bit.

    11) Something I don't think a lot of people have thought about is that this game is actually compatible on Chromebooks that can run Android Games and not a lot of MMOs can be run on this type of device. Did you guys do anything specific to get it to run on Googles ChromeOS running Android or does it just come that way out of the box via developer tools?
  5. 1) Will you add more classes in the future? I have seen through discord and the forums that people have been asking for there to be a healer class.

    2) Will there be male and female for all the classes? Was gender locking done because it reduces the amount of models that need to be rendered in the larger 100v100 battles?

    3) How long do you want Seasons to last for pvp?

    4) For Guilds that fall behind early will there be any ways that they can catch up to other guilds?

    5) Most people will play a bulk of the game on auto because that is the trend in mobile MMOs at the moment, are there any rewards or secrets to find for those who would like to focus on exploring the map?

    6) During the beta I could only get one megaphone a day for posting in the world chat. Is it a design choice to limit world chat or will that open up a bit upon launch?

    7) How will you try to prevent gold sellers?
  6. I will have the questions sent in later today!!
  7. Greetings Varking,

    Thank you for the message regarding the quick interview.

    We are more than happy to deliver your questions to the developers for their answers.

    What we can do is, once we receive your questions, we will have the developers to review and answer, then we can make it more official and post the Q&A post on the forum.

    Once the forum announcement is made, you are free to copy the Q&A and share it on discord and other communities.

    Please also understand that, depending on the sensitivity of the questions, the developers may or may not answer them due to confidentiality issue.

    But, we can have your questions delivered without a problem.

    Please let us know and we sincerely apologize for the delay in replying your message.

  8. Would you be interested in doing a quick 10-20 question interview about this game and the community for our discord and reddit?
  9. I understand that you want to make sure that no poor language is used or anyone spams. I just worry that when you require one person to approve all posts, it hampers discussions when you know your post won't actually be seen by the other users for hours or days and then replies could take days as well. But I understand why you all are doing that.
  10. Greetings Varking,

    Thank you for your message regarding getting approval for your moderated posts.

    At this moment, CM_Arcain will be monitoring all of the forum posts, and once the post is verified, it will be changed from moderated to approved.

    This necessary process ensures preventing any inappropriate language being used or to prevent toxic users.

    We appreciate your understanding and if there are any posts that you wish us to review, please let us know via Direct Message.

    Thank you.
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