GAMEVIL USA welcomes you to our community forums! We love being able to provide a place for our players to gather and discuss the games they play! Our players mean everything to us and we enjoy hearing your opinions (good or bad) about the products we provide to you. This means providing a safe, constructive and pro-active environment for every player new to veteran to come and provide their feedback, and hopefully make some new friends in the process! Below we have detailed the forums Code of Conduct with the intent to inform our players of the rules and regulations of using and posting on these forums. We hope you enjoy these forums as much as we enjoying having them for you! Thank you!

GAMEVIL USA Forum Code of Conduct:

Disciplinary action for violating forum rules will typically take one of the following forms, depending on severity:

• Warning
• Temporary Ban
• Permanent Ban

1. We encourage our players to create fun and innovative forum names that can distinguish themselves to the rest of the forum community. When choosing a forum name please be mindful of the community and refrain from using any names that contain profanity, sexual language/actions, and impersonating GAMEVIL employees. This includes abbreviations, slang, and other bypasses. Inappropriate forum names will result in the account banned from the forums.

2. We will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, harassment, name & shame, or purposeless inflammatory posts. Any abuse towards our Community Managers, in any form, will not be tolerated. If behavior is deemed to be toxic, Community Managers may ban forum members without notice.

3. We will not tolerate inappropriate, sexual, vulgar, discriminatory or offensive language of any sort, this includes simulated, insinuated and abbreviated swearing. We ask that all posts pertain to our games and posts referring to illegal activities (drugs, pirating, crimes), Sexual activities and Terms of Service abuse such as hacking, account trading, and account selling will be removed from the forums and the poster could face ban from the forums. This policy also includes inappropriate or profane language that could offend players who read them. Community Managers have a final say on what is deemed inappropriate and there will be no chance for appeals.

4. GAMEVIL encourages players to be active on the forums and feel safe while doing so. This means that spamming another player on their thread or creating a thread to denigrate another player will not be tolerated. Any player found spamming, harassing or flaming another player on the forums will have the posts removed and could face a ban from the forums.

5. We understand that players may have strong feelings toward a specific subject. However please refrain from creating multiple threads of the same topic or discussions to overwhelm the forums. Bumping (repeated posting on a thread to keep it going or visible) is also not allowed. Players found in violation of this will have the threads deleted and may be subject to forum ban.

6. Advertising referral websites, phishing websites, or other malicious links is strictly prohibited. This also includes threads that contain links to non-GAMEVIL games. Any players found posting these types of threads will be banned from the forums.

7. Always post in the correct channel. Unrelated posts will be deleted or moved. Any groups created within the GAMEVIL forums must be pertaining to GAMEVIL or GAMEVIL titles. Any created groups found to be related to any other subjects will be deleted and the creator of said groups could face actions taken against their GAMEVIL forum account.

8. Players found to be posting unapproved, unannounced, or unofficial content based on speculation is subject to deletion, or temporary account suspension. Action taken is based on severity of infraction. This includes speculated future content notes taken from any other site that isn't GAMEVIL USA, unannounced coupon codes, or third party fan sites that may feature potentially leaked content.

9. Do not post or send any (disciplinary) actions taken by Community Managers or Moderators, such as banning, deleting posts, etc. Posting or sending private messages that are received from Community Managers or Moderators is prohibited.

10. GAMEVIL USA asks that players keep the length of their posts to a moderate length. Writing long threads can invite other players to harass the poster as well as incite arguments between players. Players creating extremely long threads will be reminded of this policy and further lengthy submissions could be removed as well as disciplinary action taken against the forum account.

11. GAMEVIL USA with help from moderators monitor the forums. For information on what our moderators do please follow this link:

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  • Moderation

    Guide to Moderation

    The moderators of the Gamevil Forums keep the forums clean from spam, misplaced threads, and inappropriate posts. This guide explains the tasks and abilities of moderators, so you know what to do if you need help. We recommend all members to read this post carefully.

    Throughout this guide, I use the abbreviation PM for Private Message. There are several ways to send a Private Message. You can go to your User CP (top-left of every page) and click "Send New Message." Alternatively, you can go to the user profile of the recipient of the message, then choose the appropriate option under "Contact Info." A Private Message can only be viewed by the recipient(s) you assign.

    The Staff


    Community Managers

    Announcers/Other Gamevil Staff

    Volunteer Forum Moderators

    If you have a customer support issue, such as in-game bugs or reports you wish to forward to GAMEVIL staff, please contact the community manager responsible for that game title. For those experiencing forum account activation issues, please contact the community managers as well. Forum specific issues (member reporting, thread approvals, requests for thread moves/locks/deletions/stickies, etc.) should be directed to the appropriate volunteer forum moderator.

    What the Moderators can do

    Here is a list of some of our important moderation tasks. If you’re not sure how to contact us about these problems, I’ll explain that in the section after this one.
    1. Delete Threads
      This will delete the thread and any posts made in it. Generally, we delete threads when:
      • The thread clearly breaks forum rules (ex. advertising products unrelated to Gamevil)
      • The thread is complete nonsense (ex. random combinations of letters/words)
      • The thread is identical to another thread (sometimes happens when people double-click while posting a thread)

      Only moderators/admins can delete threads.
    2. Lock/Unlock Threads
      When a thread is locked, users cannot post in it (but mods/admins can still post). When a thread is unlocked, anyone can post in it. By default, threads are unlocked. Here are some reasons we might lock threads:
      • Nothing good is coming from it (ex. useless duplicate threads, questions that have already been answered)
      • Violates forum rules (ex. threads selling hacked items)
      • Flaming (breaks forum rules and can also lead to infractions or bans)
      • Excessive spam/bumping in a game-related forum

      We can also lock threads if a user wants to make an announcement, but doesn’t want any other posts in the thread (this thread is an example). You should PM a mod if you want to make a thread like this. You must also have a good reason.
    3. Move Threads
      We can move threads from one forum to another. Reasons for this include:
      • A thread about a game (ex. Zenonia 3) is made in the forum of another game (ex. Zenonia)
      • A thread originally game-related becomes an off-topic thread
      • A thread should be moved to or from the Guides subsection of a forum

      We can also move individual posts, but that would rarely be useful.
    4. Sticky/Unsticky Threads
      When a thread is stickied, it will appear at the top of its forum on every page. Stickies are only used for very important threads or announcements. Normal threads are not stickied. If you want a thread to be stickied, PM a moderator with a link to the thread. The mods can also unsticky threads if they are out of date or are inaccurate.
    5. Approve or Disapprove Posts/Threads/Attachments
      Some newer members, when posting, receive a message that their post/thread must be approved by a moderator. This seems to be a glitch that occurs randomly. If this happens, PM one of the moderators after making the post. Before we approve your post/thread, it will be invisible to other members.

      Gamevil used to have a policy that all threads in the Guides section must be approved by a mod before it can be viewed. However, this is currently not needed. If the admin reinstates the policy at a later time, threads awaiting approval should also be PM’d to a mod.

      I have not heard of any cases involving attachments needing to be approved.
    6. Delete Posts
      The moderators will delete a post if it:
      • Breaks forum rules (ex. advertising)
      • Quotes another post that breaks forum rules
      • Makes no sense or doesn’t add to the topic of the thread
      • Duplicates another post on the same thread (sometimes happens if user double-clicks when making post)
      • Contains a signature/avatar that breaks forum rules

      If you use an inappropriate signature or avatar, every one of your posts that contains it will be a violation of forum rules (and you will probably be banned). In case members use inappropriate sigs/avatars, we do have the ability to edit them.

      In addition, moderators can delete group discussion posts, blog posts, and visitor messages.
    7. Edit Any Posts
      If a post contains useful information but also inappropriate links/images, we might edit out the links/images (this will not prevent infractions/bans). Also, if the original post of an important thread is outdated, and the thread creator does not edit it, you can request one of the mods to edit it for you (via PM). Obviously, be sure to say what you want to change in the post.

      We can also change a thread/discussion title if you request it (normal users cannot change thread titles). Again, the fastest way to do this is by sending one of the mods a PM with the link and the new title you want. If a thread contains major spoilers, but the title does not indicate that, we will edit the title to include the word "Spoilers."
    8. Apply Infractions/Bans
      Infractions serve as warnings. If you make a post that blatantly breaks the rules, you will receive infraction points as well as a PM from one of the mods. Infraction points add up, and receiving enough points will result in a ban. We can also ban users without giving infraction points first, if they make serious violations of the forum rules (ex. excessive advertising). If you see a member who should receive an infraction or ban, be sure to PM one of the mods and state the reason they should be punished. According to the Moderator Control Panel, infractions are usually given out for:
      • Inappropriate language
      • Insulting members
      • Signature rule violations
      • Advertisements

      Of course, we can also add infractions for other reasons. For those interested, 15 infraction points is an automatic permanent ban. Making an advertising post is worth 5 points.
    9. Merge Posts or Threads
      Merging is used to reduce duplicate posts or threads. I usually do this when someone makes several posts on a thread like the Monster Warlord Alliance Code thread. It's annoying to see one person post his/her code multiple times in the same thread because it really adds nothing new. If you want to bring up your post in the thread, delete your earlier post FIRST.
    10. Make Announcements
      The forum rules is an example of an announcement. We won’t make or approve of any announcements unless there is a good reason. Be sure to read all announcements before posting on the forums.
    11. Moderate Blogs, Groups, and Visitor Messages
      The forum update enabled Blogs, Groups, and Visitor Messages (messages that other people can see). We can view and moderate anything related to these features, and this includes applying bans for inappropriate usage. Keep in mind that blogs and groups were designed as methods to share things with the community, not to post issues that should be handled by Gamevil (ex. missing IAPs).

    Contacting the Moderators

    If you want to request a sticky/lock/title change for a thread, the fastest way is to PM one of the moderators. If we agree with the request, we’ll make the change for you. If you see an inappropriate thread, or a thread that should be moved, you can wait a day or so before reporting it. This is because the mods do try to check all the threads on their own, and if we received a PM for every inappropriate thread, that would fill up our Inboxes rather quickly.

    As I said before, newer members who need posts/threads approved should also PM one of the mods for the fastest response (include a link or quote to the thread/post).

    If you want to report spam, you can also PM one of the moderators with a quote of the post (this will allow us to delete it much faster). To do this:
    1. Go to the post you want to report
    2. Click “Quote” on the bottom-right corner
    3. Cut or copy the whole thing
    4. Paste it into the PM

    You can see which moderator(s) are online by clicking View Forum Leaders near the bottom of the forum main page (or the top of any forum page under the "Quick Links" tab). Rubellite and I are all willing to answer PMs, so you can PM whichever one of us is online at the time. In addition to things about moderation, feel free to ask us other questions as well.

    If you can’t PM for some reason, or prefer not to, you can also email the moderators.

    You can also send emails through the forums by going to the member’s profile and selecting the email option. However, the forum seems to block any emails attempted to be sent to me, so use the address I listed above if you need to email me.

    To report a user for an infraction or ban, see the section titled “Bans” below.

    When to Contact Gamevil

    I remember receiving a PM from someone who was asking how to get a missing IAP. The moderators on the forums can’t really help you with things like this.

    Gamevil has different kind of reports to fill, depending on the type of inquiry. In order to see them all, view the "Customer Support" thread in the Gamevil Notice subsection. If your issue falls under one of those categories, be sure to file the relevant form accordingly. This should be the first thing you do when attempting to contact Gamevil.

    Also, you may check the individual gaming subforums to see if they have a "Contact Us", "Ideas & Suggestion", or "Technical Bugs & Issues" category.

    If necessary, you can also contact Gamevil on their Facebook page ( for the fastest response. Gamevil's twitter is another alternative if you seek a prompt response to follow up on or inquire into the processing status of your report.

    If you want to report a major glitch (and you’re sure it’s a glitch), Facebook is also the best way to contact Gamevil. This includes if you need to export your data to their servers because of a glitch. Remember, the forum moderators don’t have any control over the Gamevil server.


    There are two kinds of bans: temporary bans and permanent bans. Temporary bans generally last from one day to one week. We might give out temporary bans if a user clearly breaks forum rules, but not excessively. Temporary bans also serve as warnings- if you’ve been given a temporary ban before, the next time it probably will be a permanent ban. Permanent bans are usually given for multiple violations of forum rules, or a very serious violation of the rules. As I mentioned before, 15 infraction points results in a permanent ban automatically. If a user needs to be banned, but it’s not clear whether it should be a temporary or permanent ban, the moderators will discuss it and make the decision.

    If you want to report a user to be banned, don’t make a post about it. Instead, PM one of the moderators, or use the report button at the bottom left of each post (triangle with an exclamation mark). Include the reason why the member should be banned (ex. spammed advertisements, inappropriate posts). In the PM, link to the member’s Profile Page if possible.

    Another reason you might want to report a member is if he/she is sending you offensive/inappropriate PMs. If this is the case, you should do 3 things:
    • Forward the PM to a moderator (the Forward option is on the bottom-right corner)
    • Explain why the PM is inappropriate
    • Take a screenshot of the PM (this is to verify that the member sent you the PM)

    If the moderators can confirm that the member was sending inappropriate PMs, we’ll ban that member.

    If you were banned and you want to appeal the ban, do NOT make an alternate account to ask why you were banned. Making an alternate account like this is considered ban evading, which probably will- ironically- give you an even more serious ban (like an IP ban). Instead, email a moderator asking why you were banned (our email addresses can be found above in this post). If you want us to lift the ban, a good reason will obviously be needed.

    Finally, all members should keep in mind that discussing a specific user's infractions or bans is against the forum rules.


    Hopefully this guide clarified some of the things moderators can do. As long as you follow the rules with posting/sigs/avatars, you shouldn’t have a problem. As I explained above, PMing a moderator can be useful if you want to report a post or request a change. The Report button, however, doesn’t seem to work. Again, feel free to ask us any general questions, and we hope you enjoy the forums!

    Other Useful Links
    Forum Rules (global announcement)
    Terms of Service
    Privacy Policy
    Customer Support


    gamevil for assigning the moderators, and for running this forum site.
    Peepman99 for pointing out broken links and an underlining error; also adding suggestions.
    Rubellite for updating this thread after the forum changes.

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