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[Notice] 10/1 Patch Notes

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  • [Notice] 10/1 Patch Notes

    Greetings Bodens!!!
    Update is soon approaching!!
    Check out the details for the biggest update!

    1. New Adventure Area Added
    ▶ New area "Titania" the Ironwall city has been added
    ▶ Senate's Army and New Monsters added

    2. Max Level Expanded [Lv.129 > 132]
    ▶ Character and Ally's Max levels expanded Lv.129 -> Lv.132

    3. New 6 Overlord Allies Added

    ▶ Frigid King 'Zerzel Jordic'

    ▶ Bombarding Darkness 'Francis Roronoa'

    ▶ Spark Queen 'Claye Ethel'

    ▶ Mighty Wizard ‘Zain d'Guerreville’

    ▶ Eternal Plunderer 'Anne Bonny'

    ▶ Romance Pursuer 'Christopher Avery'

    ▶ 4 New Overlord Ally will be given immediately by Patch.
    ▶ 2 New Overlord Ally(Anne Bonny, Christopher Avery) will be given by special event (~10/17 before maintenance)
    ▶ Users cannot use the Deify System for Anne Bonny & Christopher Avery from 10/02 maintenance to 10/24 maintenance.

    4. Overlord Ultimate Enhance Added

    ▶ Overlord Ally's Enhancement Level expanded to MAX -> ULTIMATE.

    5. Previous Overlord Ally's Balance Adjustment

    ▶ Previous Overlord Ally's Balance Adjusted
    ㄴ Re-Balanced Seven Solarians: Ion, Ranran, Miyu MK5, Arin, / Hayden: Seez, Sei, Kaihen

    6. New Master Achievements
    ▶ Overlord Seven Solarians's ULTIMATE Master Achievements and Achievements Accessory added.
    ▶ Overlord Seven Hayden's ULTIMATE Master Achievements and Achievements Accessory added.
    ▶ Overlord Seven Ishtar Armada's ULTIMATE Master Achievements and Achievements Accessory added.

    7. New Owned Effect
    ▶ 4 New Types of Overlord Ishtar Armada's Owned Effect Added
    ㄴ 1) Hero of the Sea, 2) Visitors from Farther Away, 3) Singing Crew, 4) Underwater Exploration Mysterious World

    8. Character Adjustments
    ▶ Character HP has been increased drastically.

    9. Soul Conversion System Improvements
    [5 identical Souls -> 4 Selected Soul] (5:4) Exchange Rate changed to [1:1 Exchange + 20M Gold]

    10. Transcended Allies Crafting and Enhance System Improvements
    ▶ Minimized Transcended Ally Crafting Process
    - Deify grade Allies will not be needed to craft Transcended Allies
    ▶ Transcendent Essences purchase button added to [Manage Allies] → [Transcended tab] → [Transcendent] screen
    ▶ Enhancement fee 20% decreased for Transcended Ally

    11. Guild System Improvements
    ▶ Guild Tier System added
    - Tier decided by Guile battle and Guild Siege battle ranks.
    ▶ Guild shop added
    - Guild Coin obtained from Guild Siege and Guild Tournament can be used to purchase items.
    ▶ Guild Emblem and Guild Buff contents added to Guild shop.

    12. Guild Takeover Added
    ▶ MAX 50 vs 50 Guild battle content.
    ▶ Located in Guild Gorge.
    ▶ Players can sign up on every Monday from 06:00 to 24:00.
    ▶ At 00:00 On Tuesday, A opponent guild matching begins.
    ▶ At 19:00 On Tuesday after matching, Guild Takeover is started.
    ▶ Depending on the Combat Power Rating, 10 Defending Parties will automatically be assigned to 5 Castles.
    ▶ Guild members who sign up for the Guild Siege battle have to attack to the opponent's Guild Castle(Up to 3 times)

    ▶ Winning Conditions
    - For Winning, You have to dominate all of the opponent Castles.
    - If both Guilds have not dominate all of the opponent's Castle, the winner will be chosen by the following rules:

    Priority 1. The Guild that has more remaining Castle. (If you defended 3 Castles and enemy defended 2 Castle, you win)
    Priority 2. The Guild that has more Defending Parties. (if you have 7 parties and enemy have 5 parties, you win)
    Priority 3. A Draw will take place if both Guilds have defeated all of each other's Castles.

    ▶Your Guild castle and opponent's guild castle will now appear in separate windows.

    13. League Battle Added
    ▶ "League Battle" will be automatically proceeded once a player has joined.
    - According to player's Rank, users will be either promoted, relegated, or remain in the same league.
    ▶ Consists of 5 Leagues : Normal League, Hero League, Deified League, Transcended League, and Overlord League
    ▶ You will be able to join by choosing 5 Allies and 2 Helpers as Party Members.
    ▶ From Monday to Thursday, 4 matches will be held daily.
    - On Friday, 5 matches will be held daily.
    - Rewards will be distributed based on Final Rank each week.
    ▶ Players that have not logged in for 3 weeks will be unable to participate in League Battle

    14. Fortress Battle Removed
    ▶ Fortress Battle will now be removed from the game
    - All contents within Challenge Gorge, Achievements, Today’s Tasks, Weekly Event, Hall of Fame will be removed

    15. Guild Adventure Renewal
    ▶ Guild Adventure will be held for 24 hours every Saturday just like World Boss!
    ▶ Coordinate Parties with 1 Character, 4 Allies, and 1 Helper!
    ▶ ‘Rival' System Added
    - Guild Members can go on Guild Adventures
    ▶ Compete for the higher scores by battling for 10 minutes
    ▶ Guild Adventure's Rewards have been increased

    16. Daily Dungeon Renewal
    ▶ Daily Dungeon's difficulty renewed to Normal/Myth
    ▶ Daily Dungeon’s maximum play counts renewed to 3 → 1
    ▶ Daily Dungeon's Reward Renewed
    ▶ The last played difficulty will now be saved when you enter Daily Dungeon for the next time. (Normal or Hero)
    ▶ Thursday Daily Dungeon's Reward 'Transcended Essence' amount increased (Normal Mode: 9 → 15 // Myth Mode: 12 → 20)

    17. Challenger Dungeon's Contents Improved
    ▶ Consume 'Burning Gauge' selectively during Auto Retry of Challenger Dungeons
    ▶ Challenger Dungeon's Options Renewed
    - Burning Gauge Use ON/OFF
    - Auto-retry ON/OFF when Burning Gauge is depleted
    ▶ Move Button to Challenger Skill Growth Page added in each Content’s Lobby
    ▶ In Challenger Dungeon’s lobby, an Exclamation Mark added to inform users about the remaining levels that can be completed
    ▶ Reward display UI added when it is the 'First Clear Reward set Challenger Dungeon' in Challenger Dungeon’s level selection pop-up
    ▶ Challenger Dungeon’s Result Screen's Clear Time display UI Added

    18. Adventurer's Sanctuary Improved
    ▶ 'Former Deify Allies' added to Adventurer’s Sanctuary Teams
    ▶ Selection Time for Team Cheer has been decreased to 20 sec → 15 sec
    ▶ Battle Time decreased to 1 min → 40 sec
    ▶ Obtained amount of daily medals will be displayed in Challenge Gorge’s Adventurer’s Sanctuary Icon

    19. Nightmare Improved
    ▶ Certain perimeters of Nightmare floor's difficulty has been decreased
    ㄴ Improved reward of the Nightmare is applied after next week's season
    ▶ Nightmare's Rewards boosted
    ㄴ this week's participate record of the Nightmare will be reset via 10/01 maintenance.

    20. Tower of Validation Expanded
    ▶ Tower of Validation’s maximum floors expanded to 70 → 80

    21. Ranking Contents Balance and Reward Adjustments
    ▶ Competitive Content (Arena, Tag Match) Rewards boosted
    ▶ Total Ranking Rewards Increased
    ▶ World Boss and Guild adventure balance adjusted (Adjusted due to Overlord ULTIMATE enhance update)
    ▶ Competitive Contents(Arena, Nightmare, Guild Arena, Tag match)'s Modification Rated adjusted.

    22. Guild Content's Reservation System Improvements
    ▶ Players will be automatically moved to reserved Content 10 minutes prior to its starting time from Auto Retry contents such as Arena, Raid, Challenger Dungeon, etc.
    ▶ Players will be automatically be force to exit the content that has no specific end time, such as Tower of Validation, Nightmare, Guild Loot Battle, etc. After Force Exit they will be moved to the Guild Reservation 10 min before the ending time.

    23. Guild Content's Character Party Registration Methods Modified
    ▶ You'll now be able to set up your characters in possession when setting up parties for Guild Tournament, Explore, Siege Battle, and Loot Battle.

    24. Guild Contents Balance Adjustments
    ▶ Guild Loot Battle’s HP Setting Ratio (Ratio brought from Siege Battle Records) decreased
    ▶ Normal Soldier's HP increased to reduce Guild Loot Battle time
    ▶ Guild Loot Battle's balance adjusted to shorten battle time
    ▶ Guild Buff’s Stats Increased
    - Guild Loot Battle: ATK buffed
    - Guild Adventure: ATK buffed

    25. New Missions for Beginners and Experts
    ▶ Beginner's Special Mission
    - A mission content that can be undertaken after completing Beginner Mission (content to help new users)
    ※ 50% discount on Daily Dungeon entry fee for users with Beginner's Buff to help new users
    ※ "Daily Dungeon 50% discount" buff which is only for new players on Monday will be stacked if there's an event with identical effect
    ▶ Link to Reward Claim page, after completing mission, has been added
    ▶ New Expert Special Mission
    - Mission content that can be undertaken after completing Beginner's Special Mission (content to help players for the update)

    26. Daily Quest Rewards Improvements and Adjustments
    ▶ Today's Tasks has been changed for each day
    ▶ Rewards for [Today's Tasks] increased

    27. Deified Ally Soul Conversion System Added

    ▶ Deified Ally Soul Conversion System Added
    - Soul Conversion Function Added due to the lack of demand for Deified Allies

    28. Accessory Combine Features Added
    ▶ Combine 3 identical Accessories to acquire a higher grade Accessory!
    ▶ Combine for 4 types of Paid Accessories Added(Crystal Reindeer, Red Monkey Brooch, Sky Griffon, Brooch of the Golden Paladin’s Order)!
    ▶ Combine 'Space-Time' Type Accessories from Coin Shop!

    29. Transcended Equipment's Crafting Methods Improvements
    ▶ Left/Right button added for users to easily change Transcended Equipment to enhance in the Transcended Equipment Enhance screen
    ▶ When players tap a certain Transcended Equipment Material’s [Use Materials] in [Inventory] → [Material Inventory], they'll be moved to the Transcended Equipment Enhance screen if they have the equipment. If not, they'll be moved to Transcended Equipment Craft screen
    ▶ Tapping [Register Fragment] button will easily select the desired crafting Transcended Equipment from [Workshop] → [Craft Transcended Equipment] Screen

    30. [SSS] Ally Tickets Renewed
    ▶ ‘Former Deify Allies’ added to [SSS] Ally Ticket content

    31. New Items Added
    ▶ Overlord ULTIMATE Enhance Ticket added
    ▶ Overlord MAX Select Ticket added

    32. Rubies Discount Ticket Added
    ▶ Added a [Ruby Discount Ticket] that will give you a discount for Products that are purchased by Rubies.

    33. Pet Function Improvements
    ▶ More options added to Ally's Auto Enhancement
    - SS Ally's available Enhance Materials can be selected from S~C Ranks
    - S Ally's available Enhance Materials can be selected from A~C Ranks
    ▶ When you do not have an SS Ally, Smart Enhance allows you to automatically enhance an S Rank Ally and craft an SS Rank Ally
    ▶ Enhance Pet Death Fire's Function
    - Auto Combine Function of SS Jewels extended to SSS Jewels

    34. New Jewel Added
    ▶ Highest Grade 'Jewel of Origin' Added

    35. Dark Magic Scrolls Combined
    ▶ Weapon/Armor Dark Magic Scrolls integrated into 'Dark Magic Scroll'

    36. Coin Shop Items Added
    ▶ 'Persevering Accessory' Series added to Coin Shop's Accessories
    ▶ 'Luminous Jewel', 'Glorious Jewel' Series removed from Coin Shop

    37. Roronoa's Secret Shop Added
    ▶ Secret Shop 'Roronoa's Secret Shop' added : Open only on Saturday ~ Sunday.
    (The Shop may be not available weekly)

    38. HIVE Invite Friends Reward Adjustments
    - 1 Friend Invite : 100 Rubies
    - 2 Friend Invite : 200 Rubies
    - 3 Friend Invite : 300 Rubies
    - 5 Friend Invite : 500 Rubies

    39. App Icon Change

    40. Other Improvement
    ▶ Calydon's event rewards increased
    ▶ Bag Slot Batch Extension Function Added
    - 16 slot extension(1 page of bag) function added
    ▶Ally enhance cost(gold) discount → enhance cost(gold) discount up to Overlord'
    ▶ Certain perimeters of Nightmare 1 floor' difficulty decreased
    ▶ When you achieve 45 Level and 50 Level of Arch Buster appearance will change
    ▶ You can now set up the current World Boss party using the previous party from World Boss's Challenge Record
    ▶ Battles will proceed even if Guild Members have registered the same helper! (Removed Restrictions)
    ▶ When swapping equipment via Touch & Drag, 'Jewel Transfer', 'Equipment Transfer', 'Equipment Exchange' selection pop-ups will appear for convenience
    ▶ Consume 'Burning Gauge' selectively during Auto Retry of Challenger Dungeons
    ▶ When combining Requests, required Requests quantity for Character Enhancement will be displayed on screen for user's convenience
    ▶ Ally’s star grade displayed in Allies screen (ex: an SSS Ally will have an 'SSS' Icon)
    ▶ 'Calydon Details pop-up' added to Calydon Point on the top left corner from Inn and Battle Screen
    ▶ 'Save Party' feature removed from Inn’s top left corner
    ▶ When tapping Shoes or owned Ticket UI in Arena lobby and other contents' lobbies, immediate purchase pop-ups will appear
    ▶ 'Win Streak' information's display area added to Guild Battle and Tag Match’s Lobby
    ▶ Players may immediately move to Arch Buster Enhance Screen with added button in World Boss lobby 'Space Monster Erebos'
    ▶ When players have already completed the 'Weekly Tasks' it will automatically complete the Beginner & Expert Special Missions.
    ▶ Improved Ally Review Screen : Display of each Ally's content usage frequency added
    ▶ Guild Masters, Vice Guild Masters can now send messages to all Guild Members at once
    ▶ Owned Effect’s filter feature added
    ▶ Ally's preview UI added when choosing Ally Select Summon from various Select Summons that have replacement rewards
    ▶ Maximum limit of damage increased to 1,000 trillion.
    ▶ Matching system in Guild Takeover will be revamped such that matchmaking is determined among balanced Guilds
    ▶ Initialize 'challenging Record' data by World Boss
    ▶ 10/1 Reset Erebos Records

    41. Bug Fixes

    42. Catch the Greedy Knoll Event
    ▶ Event Period: 10/02 After Maintenance ~ 10/10 Before Maintenance
    ▶ When you play the Challenger Dungeon, a Greedy Knoll will randomly appear.
    ▶ 'Event monster double appearing buff' is set at 20:00 ~ 22:00 during event date.
    ▶ Normal Knoll box, Golden Knoll Box, 500 Rubies discount coupon, Teared 500 Rubies discount coupon can be used to 10/14 23:59.
    ▶ Once you meet the Greedy Knoll, You can get either the Normal Box or Golden Box.

    43. Guild Exploration Open
    ▶ Event Period: 10/02 After Maintenance ~ 10/21(Sun)(Server time)
    ▶ Guild Exploration is 1~15 floors in total.
    ▶ The players can brake a TILE by using a pickaxe and when the TILE is broken, the player can get rewards.
    ▶ 1 pickaxe is charged each 1 hour, and players can obtain up to 24 Pickaxes.
    ▶ Once Boss Monster is defeated, stairs appear for users to move to the 'Next Floor'
    ▶ Reward distribution and Dungeon Progress Reset will be held every Monday at 05:35.

    44. Special Attendance for Big Update.
    ▶ Event Period: 10/02 After Maintenance ~ 11/12 Before Maintenance (Server time)

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    Zerzel's skills

    In the setting of a world boss game mode, if no allies or enemies a.k.a boss dies, how does Zerzel's Winter's Welcome passive work? Are his ghosts considered allies by any chance?
    Last edited by Terrylqs; 09-27-2018, 07:22 PM.


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      Have you forgotten about us?

      Good afternoon, CM_MOMO!
      I'm from the Russian community Dragon Blaze. I would like to ask your cooperation and convey the information to the representatives of the company above.
      The problem is the following:
      For more than 2 years our forum has been forgotten and not updated.
      We receive basic information about updates on the official page of the game in the social network VKontakte:
      But, unfortunately, the administrator of the group Cyril Xerxes does not fulfill his duties and negligently refers to his work.
      We receive the information directly at the time of update or with a delay of 1-3 days, when the update has passed. Our community is extremely negative about this community manager for his negligence. We ask you to bring this problem to the management company and take the appropriate measures. We really like Dragon Blaze, but because of the administration's negligence, players do not get all the information on time, as well as fullness. Posts about updates are cut almost 5 times. That is, there it is simply written: "Update" and everything, without any details. Because of this, the Russian community massively leaves the game! I still remember when on servers online was 15-18 thousand people. Now it has shrunk to 3 thousand people and it is decreasing by the day. The Russian community accounts for more than 50% of all audiences in GooglePlay and iTunes markets. I hope the company decisively and quickly take action. Thank you! We are waiting for the Russian translation of the update as soon as possible.

      P.S.: I also wanted to mention the abuse of authority.
      When my comrades, each time trying to remind or obtain explanations about the delay news of the update, the community manager restricts access and illegally blocking users!!!
      Last edited by iRediKurou; 09-28-2018, 10:36 AM. Reason: P.S.


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        i am not Agree With this
        This is not fair if you put patch note be for the change need to be made is give not good light on GV
        this is now what will get in the update
        ▶ Four new Overlord Ally will be given immediately by DB batch.
        ▶ Two new Overlord Ally(Anne Bonny, Christopher Avery) will be given by special event (~10/17 before maintenance)
        ▶Users cannot use the deify system for Anne Bonny & Christopher Avery from 10/02 maintenance to 10/24 maintenance.
        be fore was this
        "Six new Overlord Ally will be given to all users by 10/02 maintenance." this was the original

        so what are you doing GV you give as hope and now you kick as in the ass ?? i think you do


        • #5
          Originally posted by kobra23 View Post
          i am not Agree With this
          This is not fair if you put patch note be for the change need to be made is give not good light on GV
          this is now what will get in the update
          ▶ Four new Overlord Ally will be given immediately by DB batch.
          ▶ Two new Overlord Ally(Anne Bonny, Christopher Avery) will be given by special event (~10/17 before maintenance)
          ▶Users cannot use the deify system for Anne Bonny & Christopher Avery from 10/02 maintenance to 10/24 maintenance.
          be fore was this
          "Six new Overlord Ally will be given to all users by 10/02 maintenance." this was the original

          so what are you doing GV you give as hope and now you kick as in the ass ?? i think you do
          Flint (The developers of Dragon Blaze) didn't send Momo the final notes until later. Momo can only put up, what he can see in his notes from Flint.


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            Originally posted by Brazinger View Post
            Flint (The developers of Dragon Blaze) didn't send Momo the final notes until later. Momo can only put up, what he can see in his notes from Flint.
            i don't blame Momo i blame Flint for change the patch note
            and i want know why they change the give way from 6 ol to 4 that is what i am angry about


            • #7
              Originally posted by kobra23 View Post
              i don't blame Momo i blame Flint for change the patch note
              and i want know why they change the give way from 6 ol to 4 that is what i am angry about
              Why the hell are you whining you still will have all 6 for free 4 on release and 2 more 2 weeks's not a big issue.


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                Anyone else noticed that CD doesn't drop jewels anymore ???
                Molon labe