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[Announcement] Dev's Response to Feedback Survey

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  • [Announcement] Dev's Response to Feedback Survey

    Greetings Bodens!

    Here are the responses to some of the feedback the Dev's received from the previous survey.

    1) Better drop rate for Infinity summon

    We are aware of the fact that users are having difficulties with summoning Infinity.
    Due to a limit on Global Service system, we are having trouble with providing the latest version with improved drop rate. We will try to solve this issue as soon as possible.

    2) Many wish for a pity system to be implemented into the 5x summons so that they have a better chance at getting Infinity Cards.

    We will try to process your request as soon as possible to reduce any inconveniences for Dragon Blaze users.

    3) Add Infinity card guarantee system [Summon infinity 10-20 times, Get Bonus 1 Infinity Card]

    We are preparing for an update to give 1 Bonus Infinity Card guaranteed after summoning 5 Infinity Summons 10 times.

    4) More rubies or more chances to do 5x pulls.
    More gold drops some players saying it's hard to obtain and would like to see more ways to get gold.
    Increased rewards for doing story mode in the future the rewards are not very good.
    More way to get rubies & More gold

    1. We will try to reduce users' inconveniences by either increasing Calydon rewards or by providing other event rewards, so users can get more Gold.
    2. We will try to make considerations to increase rewards for Story Mode.
    3. Same as #1, we will try to increase the number of Rubies provided as a reward, so users can enjoy Dragon Blaze more.

    5) Increasing the reward of Daily Dungeon

    It is difficult for us to increase Daily Dungeon rewards with our current system, but we will try to reduce users' inconveniences as much as possible by having more Double Reward Events.

    6) Add Hand-off mode for Raid dungeon

    In features like Raid Dungeon and Arena, both of which require other users' data, it is difficult to use Hands-Off mode due to the system. We hope you understand.

    7) Players would also like to see the gold cap raised to be able to have more than 10 Billion Gold

    We will try to raise Gold cap as soon as possible to reduce users' inconveniences.

    8) Put different rewards for Odyssey Missions such as Dragon Buster parts or Archbuster Parts.

    The purpose of Odyssey Mission is to provide Rubies and Gold to users. Therefore, it is difficult to provide parts of Dragon Busters or Arch Busters as Mission rewards. However, we understand that you want to get parts in different ways. So, we will try to provide them as rewards for other contents or events.

    9) Make it possible to collect buster parts in daily dungeons

    We will try to change Daily Dungeon rewards as soon as possible to reduce users' inconveniences.

    10) More costumes for different characters and main characters.

    By listening to users' opinions, we will try to prepare various Character/Hero Costumes.

    11) Overall character balance

    For major characters' balances, useful characters are designed differently based on modes to play and owned Allies. Please understand that we have no current plans to make balance adjustments.
    For Heroes, we make irregular balance adjustments, but we are recently making new Exalted Allies and new modes for Allies to show their performances. Therefore, we have no plans for balance adjustments right now.

    12) Add some Quality of Life features such as in the mailbox allowing users to sort through ascending and descending order

    We are aware that many users are consistently asking us to improve mailbox and we are preparing to do so. We will try to reduce users' inconveniences as soon as possible.

    13) Players enjoy the story and can't wait for 6-4 to come out on global. Some users requesting that they can replay through the story even after they have completed it.

    First, thank you very much for liking our Dragon Blaze story. We are currently working on providing more stories. For users who are expecting and waiting for 6-4, please understand that we cannot satisfy your needs right away.
    We will make considerations for providing Story Dungeon Replay mode in terms of convenience. However, with our current game system, it might take some time to develop it. Currently, we don't have Replay Mode as users wanted, but there is a summary of scenarios for cleared stages on Settings -> Game Info -> Scenarios. It might not be same as replay, but please use this menu for now.

    14) Please allow me to select an Infinity card on the 28th day of login.

    Dragon Blaze is a game where users try to collect as many Allies as possible, and we try to make all Heroes to perform their roles in many different ways. We do understand that many users think it is inconvenient that they cannot get Allies they want. However, we do think that finding the right content for newly received Hero Card and grow is another way of enjoying Dragon Blaze. We hope you understand.

    15) Ability to open all 5x summons at once.

    We will try to improve Summon System as soon as possible to reduce users' inconveniences.

    16) Add Guild Adventure, Guild Loot, and Guild Siege to the training

    Due to our game system, it is difficult to provide Training Field for Guild Siege, Guild Loot, and Guild Takeover. However, we will make consideration to provide Training Field for Guild Adventure.

    17) New Player rewards should be increased to allow new players to have a chance to have a decent team. Receiving Transcended allies is not enough for players to really do anything when they start off. Giving a few ICS or summon chances would greatly help, as well as some exalt allies because anything under the exalted tier is pretty much unusable.

    Thank you for your great opinion. We will gather users' opinions and try our best to provide various rewards so new users can easily get used to the game.

    18) Add skip function to the dungeons and add auto battle on/off button to Arena

    If you mean "Skip Challenger Dungeon" like a "Skip Ticket" from other games (proceeds hunting without entering Dungeon), we don't have plans to provide it.

    19) More customization for guilds and characters

    If you are talking about customizing Guild Emblems for Guild Customization, we have no current plans to do so. For character customization, it is impossible to provide facial customization like in 3D games due to Dragon Blaze's 2D character system.

    20) Possibility of buying infinity cards. Overall infinity cards are in demand and users want to have more possibilities of acquiring them

    We will accept users' opinions and try to provide various rewards to get Infinity Cards.

    21) More PvP modes

    We are preparing for 10-Man Arena and Champions League without certain Allies. We will try to provide new features to Dragon Blaze users as soon as possible.

    22) Buy the burning gauge more than 2 times

    We put limits on Burn Capsule purchases to maintain balances for in-game contents & gameplay, so please understand that it is difficult to raise the purchase limit of Burn Capsules.
    However, we do understand there is not enough Burn Capsule while playing the game. Please keep in mind that we provide an item called "Golden Chest" to get Burn Capsules. We will try to provide Burn Capsules in various event rewards.

    23) Add Lock Allies system.

    Currently, we do have a feature that excludes an Ally with Limit Break from Absorb Enhance. We are also preparing to provide a feature that prevents Overlord & Transcended Allies from being used as Enhance Materials.

    24) Damage value looks cluttered.

    There are some users thinking Damage Value Display is necessary and other users like you thinking the display looks cluttered. This is why we provide Damage Display feature as an option. (Settings -> Game Setting -> Battle Damage)

    25) Make Hands-Off Mode available for Loot Battle. If it's possible, starting the mode at 10 AM would be good.

    Since Loot Battle is a feature where users battle each other in real time for ranking, it is difficult for us to provide Hands-Off mode.

    26) Please allow viewing illustrations in stories again.

    Thank you for liking our illustrations from Dragon Blaze. We will make considerations to make a system so that users can see illustrations from stories again.

    27) Do you plan to hold old modes such as Tag Match, Fortress Battle, and Belphegor as an irregular event?

    We are planning to bring Belphegor back as an irregular event to get Jewels, but we don't have plans to bring back Tag Match or Fortress Battle because they lack contents to be provided as events. Other than the modes you mentioned, we are currently preparing many new modes right now, so we hope you understand.

    28) There are only a few guild skills. Will there be more in the future?

    If you are talking about Guild Buff (Guild Card), we currently have Loot Battle Buff and Challenger Dungeon Buff. We will make considerations for other skills.

    29) When will King Gram approve Mercedes's marriage with Deathcrown? (Star Marble event)

    Since Deathcrown has a history of sealing himself and Ragnarok inside King Gram's body to stop Ragnarok, it is very unlikely that the King will allow his daughter Mercedes to marry Deathcrown.
    However, King Gram might understand Mercedes' love toward Deathcrown someday. We are also waiting for King Gram to take his anger out.

    30) Are you planning on adding a new class?

    Currently, we don't have any plans to add a new class.

    31) Add a bulk enhance feature for auto-enhancing Runes and Seven Emperors Equipment, just like enhancing Arch Buster Parts.

    We will try to improve Auto-Enhance system to reduce users' inconveniences.

    32) Send a notification 10 minutes before the guild mode begins. (Ex.: Loot Battle, Siege Battle)

    Sending a notification before Guild mode begins is a good feature to develop, so we will make considerations. Thank you for your great opinion.

    33) Make it selectable by class when combining Infinity Cards.

    In Korea, where all contents and modes are applied first, all Dragon Blaze Heroes are provided with Specialties, so each hero can play many different roles.
    Therefore, in the long run, Dragon Blaze will use all the Heroes someday. So, improving Enhancement right now will actually be a disadvantage for users. And that is why we have no current plans for making any improvements.

    34) Remove the time limit for Hands-Off mode.

    Since the purpose of users playing Challenge Dungeon is to get rewards, they might lose their interests if there is no limit in that Dungeon. Therefore, please understand that not allowing Hands-Off mode is for the sake of game balance.

    35) Release more offers for purchase.

    We will try to prepare various Paid Items to reduce users' inconveniences.
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    14) Please allow me to select an Infinity card on the 28th day of login.

    Dragon Blaze is a game where users try to collect as many Allies as possible, and we try to make all Heroes to perform their roles in many different ways. We do understand that many users think it is inconvenient that they cannot get Allies they want. However, we do think that finding the right content for newly received Hero Card and grow is another way of enjoying Dragon Blaze. We hope you understand.

    WTF does this even mean? What kind of retard wrote this ****? Does this retard even understand english? or just writing out of his ass? This is just pissing on us while claiming it is raining sweet nectar! **** OFF MAN!


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      I'm interested in hearing more about 1. As far as I know, they haven't improved the drop rate any further than we have right now. I'm also wondering about the "pity" system mentioned in 2, since I don't think they have that either. I only know of the guaranteed infinity card, which they mention in 3, and the random double rewards.


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        3) Add Infinity card guarantee system [Summon infinity 10-20 times, Get Bonus 1 Infinity Card]

        We are preparing for an update to give 1 Bonus Infinity Card guaranteed after summoning 5 Infinity Summons 10 times

        Still continues to make idiot event p2w? Is it possible nobody understand what you make in this game? I hope i did not understand well