Hello everyone,

We've noticed there's been quite a few questions lately in regards to receiving rewards for leveling an ally to Max Rapport.

Worry not! We've got answers to this question as well as many other frequently asked questions posted in the official Dragon Blaze Guide section.

For ease of access please check see the official posts on these subjects:

[Guide] Dragon Blaze FAQs

Outlined in the Dragon Blaze FAQ linked above you'll find answers to the following questions:

- What is Enhance?
- How to Enhance?
- How can I find my account ID?
- I want to restore a deleted character, how can I?
- Why can't I progress to the next stage?
- I reached 100 Rapport with my ally, but did not receive my reward!
- I sold my Ally, but I want it back. How can I get it back?
- My attendance record has been wiped! What happened?

Other frequently asked questions covered in other guides:

- What is combine? How do I combine an ally?
- How do I redeem a Coupon Code?
- When does the Monthly Purchase Package bonus reset?
- My account has been restricted from using the in-game chat, why did this happen?

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- Deathcrown