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[Guide] Fortress Battle Guide

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  • [Guide] Fortress Battle Guide

    What is a fortress battle?
    The fortress battle is all about, as the name already implies,
    building your own fortress while both defending it against and attacking the fortresses of other players.

    Make sure to participate in fortress battles on a daily basis in order to receive your daily rewards!

    How do I participate in a fortress battle?

    Access to your fortress can be found in the Valley of Honor,
    which can be reached via the "Fight" button located in the bottom right corner of the inn.

    Participation requirements - LEVEL 80

    You will only be able to enter the fortress battle menu once your character has reached at least level 80.

    Participation requirements - DEF team

    You will be asked to create a DEF team when you enter your fortress for the first time.

    Your fortress will only be created once your DEF team has been established.
    Participation in fortress battles will not be possible without establishing a DEF team first.
    On the other hand, your fortress can not be attacked by other players as long as no DEF team is set.

    What is a DEF team?

    A DEF team (short for Defence Team) is your line of defence against incoming attacks from other players.

    In order for your fortress to fall to an attacker,
    all set DEF teams have to be defeated by him.
    Only then does a fortress attack count as successfully completed.

    DEF Team Menu: General

    The Def Team menu is opened by pressing the Def Team button located in your fortress menu.

    1) Rank:
    Your current fortress battle rank. Your rank is calculated based on both successful attacks and successfully defending your fortress.

    2) DEF Win Rate:
    This value shows you how successful your DEF team was in thwarting attacks on your fortress from other players.

    3) Combat Power:
    This value represents your current defenisve and attacking power and is calculated based on the allies you currently have seleceted for your 3 DEF teams. The stronger and more allies you have assigned to teams, the higher your combat power will be.

    4) Current formation active/inactive:
    Here you'll be able to check the formation status of your DEF team. If the blue icon is shown entirely, it indicates that a formation effect is currently active. If however the blue icon has a red line through it, it indicates that the formation requirements have not entirely been met in order to benefit from the formation effect.

    5) Set formation:
    In this menu you will be able to set the formation of your DEF team.

    - You can set up to 3 individual DEF teams
    - Your character will always be member of DEF team 3 (this cannot be changed)
    - DEF team 3 is always the last team to be attacked by the attacking team.

    DEF Team Menu: Setting Characters

    You are always able to change the defending main character of DEF team 3.

    In order to this, tap on "Select Character".

    In the following menu you'll be able to choose any of your characters, providing they are at least level 80.

    DEF Team Menu: Setting Allies

    By pressing "Select Ally" you will be able to set which of your allies go into each of your 3 DEF teams.

    In this menu you will be able to switch your teams around by either adding or removing allies from them.
    Here you can also get an overview on which of your DEF teams your allies are currently set to.

    Fortress Battle - Main Menu

    Once you've set up at least one DEF team, your base of operations will transfom from a dusty shack into a real fortress, the throne of whicih only the strongest of warriors may take seat on. (Only the defending main character will be shown seated on the throne)

    Fortress Menu: General

    Your defending main character and his 3 team members (aka. DEF team 3) will always be present when viewing the throne room. From here you will also be able to access all of the fortress battlel menus.

    1) Fortress Level:
    Your fortress level is based on your current fortress rank. This means that your fortress level increases as your fortress rank does. A fortress level of 1 is the highest level that can be attanined. Your fortress level influences how your fortress looks!

    2) Fortress Rank
    Your current fortress battle rank. Your rank is calculated based on both successful attacks on other fortresses and successfully defending your fortress.

    3) Attack attempts:
    Here you will be able to see how many attacks you still have left. You will be able to attack 5 times a day. Once all attack attempts have been used up, you will be able to purchase additional ones at a cost of 10 rubies each.

    Fortress Menu: Ranks and Rewards

    As with other game modes you will be able to check your current fortress rank here.
    As your rank is determined on a daily basis, you will be able to claim your ranking reward after midnight each day.

    This can be done by simply tapping on the "Claim" button.

    Fortress Menu: Check Statistics

    In this menu you will be able to check the activity history of your fortress,
    such as attacks which were carried out or attacks that your own fortress suffered.

    Here you can also check how recent activities impacted your fortress rating.

    Fortress Menu: Visuals

    A strong ruler requires a magnificent castle.
    The higher your fortress rank rises the more elaborate your fortress and its throne room will appear.

    What is an ATK team?

    The ATK team (short for Attack Team) is your offensive unit which takes to the frontlines to attack the fortresses of others.
    This team and the attacks they carry out have a direct impact on your fortress rank and with that the daily rewards.


    Don't forget: A strong offense isn't always the best defense.
    An unprotected fortress will not help increase your fortress rank.

    ATK Team Menu: Putting together your team

    By tapping on "ATK Team" in the fortress menu,
    you will open the ATK menu, which lets you set up your attacking team.

    1) Rank:
    Your current fortress battle rank. Your rank is calculated based on both successful attacks and successfully defending your fortress.

    2) ATK Win Rate:
    This value shows you how successful your ATK team was in attacking enemy fortresses.

    3) Formation:
    This option will show you which formation your ATK team is currently using.

    4) Set formation:
    In this menu you will be able to set the formation of your ATK team.

    5) Start attack:
    By tapping on ATK you will be shown which enemy targets you can attack.

    6) Set team members:
    By tapping on the cards with question marks on them you will be able to choose which allies are to join the ATK team.

    ATK Team Menu: Checking and attacking targets
    Once you've tapped the ATK button, you will see a list of enemy fortresses that can be attacked.
    (Fortresses of friends can be attacked via the "Friend PVP" button).

    Inspecting your target:
    Before sending your team out on an attack, it would be wise to inspect your target to get an
    impression of how powerful your enemy is. This can be achieved by tapping on the magnifying glass.

    Here you can inspect the def teams and overall strength of your enemy,
    in order to prepare for the oncoming attack:

    Attacking the enemy:

    Once you've made the decision to carry out an attack on an enemy fortress,
    you can dispatch your team by tapping on the respective button.

    Successfully capturing an enemy fortress will result in you taking the rank that the defending player previously held:
    When battling against the fortress of another player, your ATK team will have to fight the enemy's DEF teams.

    Once the battle is concluded, you can check the battle results in the results window:

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