Hello Bodens,

This information is useful for players who are currently playing on a Guest account and wish to backup their data to avoid loss of gameplay and progress.

Please read below for full details on how to secure your Gust account:

For players who are playing on guest accounts, please save a copy of your CS code for your records which can be obtained through the Settings, at the bottom right hand corner.

In the event that the guest account becomes lost, we do need you to create a new account then link to HIVE.

*Please do not link your G+ or FB account, but manually create a HIVE ID.

Once you've done so please navigate to https://global.gamevil.com/support/ and submit a ticket, be sure to provide Customer Support with the following information:

Original Account Name:
Original CS Code:
Newly created HIVE CS CODE:
Newly created HIVE ID:

To prevent lost accounts and avoid an account recovery, we urge players to link to HIVE beforehand.

Thank you,

- The Dragon Blaze Team