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iOS Update Bug

Hi Linkers,

If you're trying to update to the newest v1.19.x update via App Store.

You will see 'Open' instead of 'Update.'

Don't panic! Just click on Updates in the bottom right corner of your App Store and scroll until you see Dungeon Link The 'Update' button will be right beside it!

Thank you,
Dungeon Link Team
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Hacking Policy

Attention Linkers,

We’ve notice that hacking has been a huge issue, as of lately. We are continuously banning hackers on a consistent basis. The Dungeon Link Team is always working to increase security measures in game so that players can enjoy it fairly. Please feel free to PM me with any info that you may have—players, hacking applications, etc…Please do not advertise it in the forums.

Any players found hacking/promoting hacking tools will be banned permanently. Hacking will not be tolerated.

When reporting hackers to our customer support team at, please include their IGN, server, and screenshots (if any).

Thank you,
Dungeon Link Team
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GAMEVIL USA welcomes you to our community forums! We love being able to provide a place for our players to gather and discuss the games they play! Our players mean everything to us and we enjoy hearing your opinions (good or bad) about the products we provide to you. This means providing a safe, constructive and pro-active environment for every player new to veteran to come and provide their feedback, and hopefully make some new friends in the process! Below we have detailed the forums Code of Conduct with the intent to inform our players of the rules and regulations of using and posting on these forums. We hope you enjoy these forums as much as we enjoying having them for you! Thank you!

GAMEVIL USA Forum Code of Conduct:

Disciplinary action for violating forum rules will typically take one of the following forms, depending on severity:

• Warning
• Temporary Ban
• Permanent Ban

1. We encourage our players to create fun and innovative forum names that can distinguish themselves to the rest of the forum community. When choosing a forum name please be mindful of the community and refrain from using any names that contain profanity, sexual language/actions, and impersonating GAMEVIL employees. This includes abbreviations, slang, and other bypasses. Inappropriate forum names will result in the account banned from the forums.

2. We will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, harassment, name & shame, or purposeless inflammatory posts. Any abuse towards our Community Managers, in any form, will not be tolerated. If behavior is deemed to be toxic, Community Managers may ban forum members without notice.

3. We will not tolerate inappropriate, sexual, vulgar, discriminatory or offensive language of any sort, this includes simulated, insinuated and abbreviated swearing. We ask that all posts pertain to our games and posts referring to illegal activities (drugs, pirating, crimes), Sexual activities and Terms of Service abuse such as hacking, account trading, and account selling will be removed from the forums and the poster could face ban from the forums. This policy also includes inappropriate or profane language that could offend players who read them. Community Managers have a final say on what is deemed inappropriate and there will be no chance for appeals.

4. GAMEVIL encourages players to be active on the forums and feel safe while doing so. This means that spamming another player on their thread or creating a thread to denigrate another player will not be tolerated. Any player found spamming, harassing or flaming another player on the forums will have the posts removed and could face a ban from the forums.

5. We understand that players may have strong feelings toward a specific subject. However please refrain from creating multiple threads of the same topic or discussions to overwhelm the forums. Bumping (repeated posting on a thread to keep it going or visible) is also not allowed. Players found in violation of this will have the threads deleted and may be subject to forum ban.

6. Advertising referral websites, phishing websites, or other malicious links is strictly prohibited. This also includes threads that contain links to non-GAMEVIL games. Any players found posting these types of threads will be banned from the forums.

7. Always post in the correct channel. Unrelated posts will be deleted or moved. Any groups created within the GAMEVIL forums must be pertaining to GAMEVIL or GAMEVIL titles. Any created groups found to be related to any other subjects will be deleted and the creator of said groups could face actions taken against their GAMEVIL forum account.

8. Players found to be posting unapproved, unannounced, or unofficial content based on speculation is subject to deletion, or temporary account suspension. Action taken is based on severity of infraction. This includes speculated future content notes taken from any other site that isn't GAMEVIL USA, unannounced coupon codes, or third party fan sites that may feature potentially leaked content.

9. Do not post or send any (disciplinary) actions taken by Community Managers or Moderators, such as banning, deleting posts, etc. Posting or sending private messages that are received from Community Managers or Moderators is prohibited.

10. GAMEVIL USA asks that players keep the length of their posts to a moderate length. Writing long threads can invite other players to harass the poster as well as incite arguments between players. Players creating extremely long threads will be reminded of this policy and further lengthy submissions could be removed as well as disciplinary action taken against the forum account.

11. GAMEVIL USA with help from moderators monitor the forums. For information on what our moderators do please follow this link:

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[Notice] Dungeon Link Service Termination

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    Oooo thank you GameVil, I will never play your games again!
    have made a bad game Heir of light, but normal shutting down so thirty.
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      Honestly, this was a great game. Lack of support and helping me out when I gave you all the evidence I needed that I didn’t get items that I bought yet took my money was what ruined it for me. I know now to avoid all Gamevil games. Glad I quit long ago. Happy to met some awesome people through this game.
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        A horrible “F U” way to go out Gamevil. Wait until iTunes won’t release refunds and then cancel the game. I will be rating all your newest games to hopefully keep some from playing. It’s the least I can do after you f’d over your players.


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          Full game

          will close then release the game to complete the heroes and get easier to play. it's still hard to play. 30 days of Full Sword and Full Gems. leaves the game Full for players joy


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            developer greed is your worst mistake

            developers have the annoying craze of finding that charging expensive gems for gold diamonds etc will manage to sell a lot. they could dedicate themselves to selling for a lower price and selling more. but prefer to sell expensive and not sell anything. This was a mistake of this game. put heroes from home for a median price and low priced items. developer greed is your worst mistake


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              List closed games gamevil



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                4 years since I first time play this game, was a good memory indeed. Thanks the devs and farewell Dungeon Links.


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                  I'll miss this game!!! Played it for the better part of 4 years, few breaks. I remember guild hunt, when Ringo/Lulu were vital to any team comp, when a 2nd awakening level 30 story hero was the pinnacle of power, when THOG was on the top of the leaderboards, so many memories!!! DL will be missed


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                    Monster Warlord surely is next on the chopping block. Ever since I started playing a Gamevil game, I've been monitoring their behavior with their games. The pattern is easy to spot out.

                    Make a great game, big success, then slowly turn it into a "paying player" only Game, community lashes out for months, even years, telling them that they're making a huge mistake..While it falls on deaf ears.

                    Then the games go into the 'We have fixed grammatical errors lol", - no content added, and these small 'updates' happen every 3 months, meanwhile they're still hosting events so people spend money although they (the devs) know they will shut the game down soon.

                    From the Monster Warlord community, or at least me personally, sorry that this has happened AGAIN, and to you guys especially, as Dungeon Link has been a really long running game, almost the same time as Monster Warlord, give or take a year and some change.

                    I do however, invite all of you Dungeon Link fans to keep an eye out on the Monster Warlord forums if you're inclined to do so. Personally I am speculating that it will be shut down by the end of the year although it should've been shut down with dignity some time ago, the same as Dungeon Link should have, instead of turning it into a hollow shell of what a former great games they both were.

                    Thanks for taking the time to read, and I'm sorry all of your passion has gone to waste due to negilegence. I do share the same pain as you guys.


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                      Still hoping it's an April fools joke.

                      Look man if this is seriously not some elaborate April fools hoax, why don't you try this: mark down all your prices for pay to win, and watch this thing make you guys the money you're obviously after.

                      You guys have a tremendous game here, and a very unique one at that. There's nothing else like it. But your prices are outrageous. This would have been a gold mine with the right pricing structure. Why don't you give yourselves the chance to be successful with what is obviously a great game?

                      Otherwise you risk suffering across all your other games as word gets around the company is unstable and terminates games on a whim, after players have put in vast amounts of time and dedication to them. No one likes to be taken for a ride. Take your chips and run? Not cool man. Why throw a way a cash cow? And it IS a cash cow, with the right pricing structure.

                      And if you won't reconsider, then will you sell the game to a company who has their finger properly on the pulse of its player base, and let them turn this boat around and make it a success? It is a real waste of an epic game otherwise.

                      Just to give you a clue how good this game is, I canceled my WoW account for this. Are you rly gonna make me go back to WoW?

                      Make Dungeon Link Great Again!


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                        Here we are...The last couple hours before DL closes forever. Gonna pay my respects. T . T

                        IGN in Dungeon Link: PiXelz
                        Current level: Lv.61; VIP 5
                        Friend Code: 534-174-364


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                          People, it has been an honor play this with you.

                          A last pay your respects for the memories.



                          • #28
                            Goodnight my Baby



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                              It's very sad
                              site -


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                                Huh it's quite fun. However, do I have any questions that I can refund with iTunes?
                                GGmedia dich vu SEO