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Hacking Policy

Attention Linkers,

We’ve notice that hacking has been a huge issue, as of lately. We are continuously banning hackers on a consistent basis. The Dungeon Link Team is always working to increase security measures in game so that players can enjoy it fairly. Please feel free to PM me with any info that you may have—players, hacking applications, etc…Please do not advertise it in the forums.

Any players found hacking/promoting hacking tools will be banned permanently. Hacking will not be tolerated.

When reporting hackers to our customer support team at, please include their IGN, server, and screenshots (if any).

Thank you,
Dungeon Link Team
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Big List of Game Improvement Suggestion

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  • Big List of Game Improvement Suggestion

    Suggestion for Community Improvement

    - In-Game Chat
    • The main problem of chat right now is SPAM invite code which is annoying at most part.
      For invite code should be used for to promote this game to player that haven't play this game.
      yet, spamming invite code in chat channel doesn't help improving community
      To avoid this: I suggest the use of chat-filter for invite code in the form of ????-????-????
    • Spam other than invite code
      This happen in form of add friend request every now and then
      To avoid this:
      Option 1: there's an option like mute or ignore
      Option 2: implement system like channel admin, private channel, which could kick a spamming player from channel
      Option 3: usage of channel ban (which ban user from channel for a couple of hours)

      Notes: please don't use any chat filter like kritika.. people will abandon the chat channel in no time
    • Player list in channel
      I think to be able to see who stayed on a the same channel with yourself could help improve community
      for example:
      I'm staying at channel 1, I could see the list of player that also stayed on channel 1
      This could help initiating communication.
    • Chat Improvement
      Well, I don't know if this is happening to other user but it happens to me
      If I summon or evolve or combine hero, I got automatically disconnect from chat and rejoin after.

    - Friend List
    • Increase the limit of friend list
      20 Friends in the list is too little.. on the other hand having like 50 friends practically gives up to 100 swords /day
      Still having many friends is needed to give interaction at community

      To counteract the bad side, just give limits to sending sword like you can only send sword to the 20 friend 1-20
      21-50 only act as normal friend.
    • See who's online for friend
      still need reason? of course just to know how many friend of who you can communicate with from friend list

    Suggestion for Game Improvement

    - Runes
    • Add Defense Runes (not HP but Defense)
      After playing quite long about 3weeks already now you need to balance a couple of things
      Tanksalot can be improved by using penetration rune and attack rune
      Kamelot can be improved by using penetration and HP rune
      Akayuki can only be improved by using HP rune?? and will still be dead if enemy got crit.. 371 def lol

      This is one of the reason why defense rune need to be added to the game

    - Recycling Character
    • well I think most of the player already reach some desperation point with combining hero
      after reaching 5 star and combine to 6star you can't do anything about the result.
      It's nightmare for most player to get useless 6star where you can only use it as fodder or sell it

      suggestion: to be able to break the 6star back to 2x 5 star with certain amount of gold... and some prerequisite with the 6* such as must be lvl 30.

    • Evolving using fairies
      I think you need enable the feature to evolve using higher grade fairies
      Example: 2* akayuki, to evolve her you need to use 2* fairies which you can only get from daily dungeon
      but taking 2* fairies will only give 3attack medal... which most of the time we will want to get 5 attack medal.
    • Separate fairies and heroes inventory
      It's really troublesome especially when we can't sort our inventory ourself
    • Buying fairies
      Now we could buy 3* fairies using medal
      But I think you need to add an option to buy 2* or 1* fairy

    - Map Fix
    This is just a minor thing but at normal dungeon if your party died and last only with one character
    sometimes when the map changed the enemy could be stacked together (didn't have enough space at map)
    as a result for that moment the enemy became invincible lol

    Suggestion for Economy change

    - Daily Dungeon
    For this part I suggest some rescaling the gem usage to 200 400 and 600 gems
    If people play this game 24hours a day they get 60gem I believe..
    so 1 additional fairy / 10days should be good I think
    And if it still too much they could always buy more gem...

    - Explanation
    This is the most mainstream question in this game if GM goes to channel
    Which one more worth it Event summon or Special Summon
    Event summon stated higher chance to summon some hero.
    question is how much higher? you can do better with explanation like 25 - 50% chance more getting this hero

    with explanation like this player could pick the way to spend their gem better

    I think this is all for now


  • #2
    I don't know if any of you have played Brave Frontier but I think they do the free to play/gacha thing right. I play the Japanese version so I will speak on that experience. whenever I roll a door using gems I will either get a dupe or a usable unit. Never will I pull and get trash drops that I could farm in a dungeon that's just a complete waste of time and a bad experience.

    I don't know but the crazy thing is if you give your players a good experience in playing they will spend money on your game. If you force a paywall you most likely won't, if you make your playing stop playing they will not pay, Gumi screwed over Brave Frontier so I refuse to play the global version.


    • #3
      Obviously after beta the developers never actually played the game. IT SHOWS through this game P2W model.


      • #4
        I agree with everything, especially the fearies and runes part!

        Love the idea of separate storage for heroes and fearies, would be nice to have a lock switch for your favourits character to avoid mistakes like selling of enhancing...

        And a panel to show the runes directly would be really useful!


        • #5
          Nice ideas... Yoo admin, read this threads if you want all players will stay in this game


          • #6
            I would also suggest to change the Rubies prices they are just insane, you waste like 100 bucks and get 2000 rubies.

            The summons rate to get good tiers are like insane low , and cost you 500 - 1000 Rubies for 10 fooders.. seriously ?
            and you can get like 1500 - 600 Rubies from Pvp which is pretty easy to get you dont even have to have a good team just spamming pvp.

            Or to Buy Hell Key for daily Dungeons you pay 1000 Rubies ???? thats like 50 bucks . Well they just have to change prices . Never saw such ridiculous prices.


            • #7
              it would be much better if upgrading runes didn't give random results :s it's already extremely expensive and after spending multiple millions, you are more likely to get runes you don't even need...


              • #8
                Biggest problem is
                RANDOM RUNES(You cant play game if all your progression depends only on luck) and PvP +20% ATTACK ENEMY BUFF ON 2ND TURN EVERY FIGHT(you cant beat it,Its simply wipe you every game after update). Fix it and game is back!
                Last edited by Buzaka; 05-26-2015, 04:45 PM.


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                  Funny though. You can now buy the 2* Fairys. Now its just waiting for the 1*

                  Would like to see a similar option for 4*/5* runes.


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                    Originally posted by Sekaiya View Post
                    Obviously after beta the developers never actually played the game. IT SHOWS through this game P2W model.
                    I don't think this game is p2w at all. I haven't spent aNY $$on this game. And I'm doing just fine


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                      Originally posted by Buzaka View Post
                      Biggest problem is
                      RANDOM RUNES(You cant play game if all your progression depends only on luck) and PvP +20% ATTACK ENEMY BUFF ON 2ND TURN EVERY FIGHT(you cant beat it,Its simply wipe you every game after update). Fix it and game is back!
                      I think he is right at second comment. %20 Made me a loser in the pvp after patch. I was winning 200 gems at least in a weak before patch. However, now i my pvp rank 900 maybe. My heroes are now better with my progress, but realy that %20 buff to enemy make everything very bad.

                      I suggest that, no pvp buff to enemy and no attack and other buffs with money. Lets duel with ours heroes best without buffs !
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                        I good suggestion is that I we shouldn't have to remove our runes when evolving a hero.


                        • #13
                          Originally posted by Minnimaro View Post
                          I don't think this game is p2w at all. I haven't spent aNY $$on this game. And I'm doing just fine
                          erm...just because you're doing fine doesn't make it less of a p2w. You need to see who's at the top of the rankings and whether r they f2p players or p2w players that determines whether the game is p2w and another characteristic of a p2w game is extremely costly purchases for cash items. f2p will be like league of legends where spending $$$ doesn't guarantee u winning the top spot.


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by Buzaka View Post
                            Biggest problem is
                            RANDOM RUNES(You cant play game if all your progression depends only on luck) and PvP +20% ATTACK ENEMY BUFF ON 2ND TURN EVERY FIGHT(you cant beat it,Its simply wipe you every game after update). Fix it and game is back!
                            I agree about the rune part, too much dependent on mere dumb luck. You could spend millions of hard earned gold and not achieve anything.
                            As for the latter, I use to think the way you did, but after some time, I think it is fair that the enemy team get the 20% buff first, since we have the first turn. If we have the first turn AND buff, it is highly likely that no one will win pvp defense anymore.


                            • #15
                              The AI is straight retarded missing painfully obvious links and using friends abilities when it doesn't matter. It needs a few more IQ points added to it.

                              Enhancing a 5* hero with 2*'s. 10% chance with 3% added for each fail. 13 fails in a row. 13! With the 3% per failure factored in 13 consecutive failures is statistically less probable than a successful enhance on the very first try 2 times in a row. Yet this happens ALL THE TIME!! And it's a recent change. It's bs, shady, and the game will suffer for it. - The %'s need re-evaluated and there should be a static wall of 5 failures guaranteeing a success instead of pure percentages.

                              Story hero's-- nerfed to the point where ever expecting to get one is unrealistic. Bring back the original drop rates.

                              Fairies- C'mon, really? 1000 diamonds to reset? Plus, in the shop the elemental tokens should be able to buy fairies. I've no need for the 3 and 4* hero's available so I have dozens of those tokens rotting. We should be able to use them to buy any fairy we want. They should also be "summonable". Only game I've player where evolving was such a slow and potentially expensive process.

                              Awakening and Champion Road -- needs to be released, asap.

                              Without some serious changes this game has maybe six months of life left.
                              Last edited by Agnostik311; 07-14-2015, 09:13 PM.