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Hacking Policy

Attention Linkers,

We’ve notice that hacking has been a huge issue, as of lately. We are continuously banning hackers on a consistent basis. The Dungeon Link Team is always working to increase security measures in game so that players can enjoy it fairly. Please feel free to PM me with any info that you may have—players, hacking applications, etc…Please do not advertise it in the forums.

Any players found hacking/promoting hacking tools will be banned permanently. Hacking will not be tolerated.

When reporting hackers to our customer support team at, please include their IGN, server, and screenshots (if any).

Thank you,
Dungeon Link Team
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GAMEVIL USA welcomes you to our community forums! We love being able to provide a place for our players to gather and discuss the games they play! Our players mean everything to us and we enjoy hearing your opinions (good or bad) about the products we provide to you. This means providing a safe, constructive and pro-active environment for every player new to veteran to come and provide their feedback, and hopefully make some new friends in the process! Below we have detailed the forums Code of Conduct with the intent to inform our players of the rules and regulations of using and posting on these forums. We hope you enjoy these forums as much as we enjoying having them for you! Thank you!

GAMEVIL USA Forum Code of Conduct:

Disciplinary action for violating forum rules will typically take one of the following forms, depending on severity:

• Warning
• Temporary Ban
• Permanent Ban

1. We encourage our players to create fun and innovative forum names that can distinguish themselves to the rest of the forum community. When choosing a forum name please be mindful of the community and refrain from using any names that contain profanity, sexual language/actions, and impersonating GAMEVIL employees. This includes abbreviations, slang, and other bypasses. Inappropriate forum names will result in the account banned from the forums.

2. We will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, harassment, name & shame, or purposeless inflammatory posts. Any abuse towards our Community Managers, in any form, will not be tolerated. If behavior is deemed to be toxic, Community Managers may ban forum members without notice.

3. We will not tolerate inappropriate, sexual, vulgar, discriminatory or offensive language of any sort, this includes simulated, insinuated and abbreviated swearing. We ask that all posts pertain to our games and posts referring to illegal activities (drugs, pirating, crimes), Sexual activities and Terms of Service abuse such as hacking, account trading, and account selling will be removed from the forums and the poster could face ban from the forums. This policy also includes inappropriate or profane language that could offend players who read them. Community Managers have a final say on what is deemed inappropriate and there will be no chance for appeals.

4. GAMEVIL encourages players to be active on the forums and feel safe while doing so. This means that spamming another player on their thread or creating a thread to denigrate another player will not be tolerated. Any player found spamming, harassing or flaming another player on the forums will have the posts removed and could face a ban from the forums.

5. We understand that players may have strong feelings toward a specific subject. However please refrain from creating multiple threads of the same topic or discussions to overwhelm the forums. Bumping (repeated posting on a thread to keep it going or visible) is also not allowed. Players found in violation of this will have the threads deleted and may be subject to forum ban.

6. Advertising referral websites, phishing websites, or other malicious links is strictly prohibited. This also includes threads that contain links to non-GAMEVIL games. Any players found posting these types of threads will be banned from the forums.

7. Always post in the correct channel. Unrelated posts will be deleted or moved. Any groups created within the GAMEVIL forums must be pertaining to GAMEVIL or GAMEVIL titles. Any created groups found to be related to any other subjects will be deleted and the creator of said groups could face actions taken against their GAMEVIL forum account.

8. Players found to be posting unapproved, unannounced, or unofficial content based on speculation is subject to deletion, or temporary account suspension. Action taken is based on severity of infraction. This includes speculated future content notes taken from any other site that isn't GAMEVIL USA, unannounced coupon codes, or third party fan sites that may feature potentially leaked content.

9. Do not post or send any (disciplinary) actions taken by Community Managers or Moderators, such as banning, deleting posts, etc. Posting or sending private messages that are received from Community Managers or Moderators is prohibited.

10. GAMEVIL USA asks that players keep the length of their posts to a moderate length. Writing long threads can invite other players to harass the poster as well as incite arguments between players. Players creating extremely long threads will be reminded of this policy and further lengthy submissions could be removed as well as disciplinary action taken against the forum account.

11. GAMEVIL USA with help from moderators monitor the forums. For information on what our moderators do please follow this link:

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Big List of Game Improvement Suggestion

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    first: to add a more practical way to remove a hero of the group party, making the space it occupies empty (without having to combine a hero that is on that space, in order to it desapear)
    second: to balance the heroes of same star* level, since there are HUGE disproportion of the attributes and passive skills, betwen diferent heroes, like the "history" ones, which have enormous disproportion, making you to always prefer them to others... in my opinion this make the game boring, seeing everybody with the same goal to have the same heroes, just because their atributes are WAY too powerful than others... personaly i likes the skins of the other heroes over the ones in the "history" role, but the game forces us to use the "history" ones in order to be stronger, since the other 60+ heroes in the game are just trash, when compared to others, used for combining ¬¬'


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      Gamevil i think you guys should make it easyier to get hero crystals or lower the amount needed by half, plus the difficultly on mine has not been reduced like you guys said, for some reason the difficultly seams to be increased my entire 6 star plus five team gets it's butt kicked and the drop ratio always is one star characters for me in story, plus when's the demon kings dungeon coming


      • #18
        1. An option to get more and better fairies for fair price/value, they can also be added to the roulette or make an NPC like Fairy npc, every 48h, this would be more useful than the stupid guy which gives always 3 star, bear,skelett or goblin trash..

        2. Runes!! Not even the amazing awesome amount of money to upgrade one 5* to +7 5*,.... no you need much more to evolve a "RANDOM" 6*... this should be fixed OR! give us a 5*/6* Rune NPC every 48h ... or add 6* Runes to Events Road Map or add them also to roulette to a chance that you will never receive it, and skip the shi* like 1500 gold or 1/2 normal summon tickets... thats not a reward.. thats trash!

        3. Swords... - Since Awaking mode, swords are much more worth than they already were before, add swords maybe to Roulette too, or make a sword npc or let us buy more swords for pvp-medals than just once per day 10...

        If you have succeed 14 dungeons and you have to visit for awaking all of them at least once per day, you need 13 x 3 x 2 x 2 + 1 x 3 x 2 = 162 swords.. JUST to go for farming those awaking items..
        You should think about this! Because for one sword reloaded it take 12 minutes.... which means

        you have nice friends (20/20) = 20 swords
        you are also nice = 20 swords
        shop pvp medals = 10 swords
        daily loaded = 9 up to your vip level (for me its 12) = 62 at start now i miss 100 swords 100 x 12 minutes = 1200 minutes = 20 hours..

        so and thats not even including the hunt from items (okay this will take some time) for lvl 15,16,17,18,19... so its obvious that you have to BUY swords, come on, thats not fair

        make this at least more possible

        4. Somehow bring back or add the skip tickets which we could receive from guild hunt...
        put them also to a NPC,Roulette or what else

        BUT REALY CHANGE THE ROULETTE STUFF, NOBODY needs a 12h wait time for 1/2 normal summon ticket or stupid gold from 1000 up to just 10.000 gold...
        Server EU -
        Guild Master - Rock n Roll - We Rock, You Role!


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          Hello improvements page, I'm not sure how unbalanced this will be, but, could there be a way for "free players" (doesn't use money on the game), to receive a small amount of VIP points. Maybe 1-5 points at the end of the calendar cycle. I have played for quite some time and i have seen that the calendar goes up to day 24. And as the "paid players" (uses money on game), continues to keep getting stronger. I would feel like most if the players would getting farther in the game if just a small amount of VIP points were given.


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            Originally posted by Kraven View Post
            Hello improvements page, I'm not sure how unbalanced this will be, but, could there be a way for "free players" (doesn't use money on the game), to receive a small amount of VIP points. Maybe 1-5 points at the end of the calendar cycle. I have played for quite some time and i have seen that the calendar goes up to day 24. And as the "paid players" (uses money on game), continues to keep getting stronger. I would feel like most if the players would getting farther in the game if just a small amount of VIP points were given.
            Yeah would really like that too ;=;


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              Hello improvements page, again.
              I see some one agreed with my idea of adding a 25th day to the calendar for 5-10 VIP points, so it doesn't seem entirely unfair to the players that don't spend real money on the game.
              Let me pitch another idea to those that read this thread, and again ill start with, I don't know how unbalanced it will be. But couldn't we have an easier way to attain specific heros/monsters. Let me elaborate: It would be something like the achievement/ daily achievement bars, as they increase as you complete the preset objectives. But in this case, it would increase as you defeat a set amount of that enemy. Thus allowing the player to get the one hero/monster that he or she might be wanting.
              The one stars would be easiest - 100 to 200
              The two stars would be slightly harder - 200 to 300
              The three stars would be - 400 to 500
              The four stars would be - 500 to 600
              The five stars would be - 600 to 800
              The six stars would be - 800 to 1,000
              But this is all up for debate, as well as changing, to better suit the players, as well as keeping things challenging.


              • #22

                Maybe it's only a problem of mine but in Boss raid I found difficult to discern the square of play from the background as the colours are practically identical (especially because time passes and you have to do your move quickly), and often I cannot make a perfect attack due to this problem: PLEASE CHANGE ONE OF THE TWO COLOURS IN ORDER TO MAKE THEM DIFFERENT, PLEASE!!!!


                • #23
                  "This is the most mainstream question in this game if GM goes to channel
                  Which one more worth it Event summon or Special Summon
                  Event summon stated higher chance to summon some hero.
                  question is how much higher? you can do better with explanation like 25 - 50% chance more getting this hero
                  with explanation like this player could pick the way to spend their gem better"

                  Sadly I don't think they would ever say the actual %. My friend told me in summoner wars korea, due to a special korean law that makes games have to show drop rates, their equivalent of event summon 5*/6*? don't recall but the higher one available was apparently less than 1% :l


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                    I have a suggestion, with the price of gems so high, and and so often getting useless hero's It would be really nice that each summons that costed gems give some kind of VIP even just a little would help make you feel better summoning even when you waste 1000 gems and don't get a single good hero. Just wanted to say Love love love this game and thank you so much for your hard work and frequent updates constantly making the game fun <3


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                      I do not know if someone already posted this:

                      Sort Function: Players can now sort by elements
                      We need this in the "Heroes" tab.
                      I have a whole mass of 6* heroes and it gets messy when I choose them to the team.

                      2. Mailbox
                      I wish there was an option "Claim gold" or "Claim gold and items" and "Claim swords".
                      When you collect a lot of gold in the "The 3 Amigos Event", it's hard to pick them up individually. And I do not want to collect everything.

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                        Another note about boss raid and can be applied across the could see the board much better if when you touch the screen/tiles....if your characters and enemies could fade out so you can just see the tiles. I have a very hard time seeing behind everything.