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[Pengumuman] Update Dungeon Link v1.23.x

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  • [Pengumuman] Update Dungeon Link v1.23.x

    Halo Linker!

    Ada sistem baru nih di update berikutnya!

    Global: 5 Apr 17:00 – 21:00 PDT
    EU: 6 Apr 02:00 – 05:00 CEST
    Asia: 6 Apr 08:00 – 12:00 CST/WITA

    [Carve Rune]
    Carve Rune akan memberi Hero stat tambahan
    Slot Rune ofensif & defensif akan dibuka setelah Awakening Ke-5 & Ke-6
    • Kamu tidak bisa Carve Rune di slot yang terkunci
    • Slot Rune Ofensif: Carve Rune ATK/Fire/Water/Wood/CRIT
    • Slot Rune Defensif: Carve Rune HP/Heal

    Cara Menggunakan Carve Rune
    Sentuh slot Rune di layar Awakening Hero.
    • Rune harus di-Enhance +7 untuk di-Carve
    • Begitu Rune di-Carve, kamu tidak bisa membatalkannya
    • Kamu bisa Carve ulang Rune (mengganti stat yang sudah ada)

    Efek Carve Rune
    • Bisa berbeda berdasarkan Grade dan kualitas Rune

    Biaya Carve Rune
    • Gold dan Enhance Powder
    • Mungkin berbeda berdasarkan Grade dan kualitas rune

    [Tribulation Tower]
    • Lantai Tribulation Tower telah diperluas dari 150 > 160
    • Tingkat kesulitan beberapa lantai berkurang sedikit

    Penyeimbangan Ulang Hero
    Hashir the Fallen Angel, Ella the Ice Princess, Joy the Nurse, Angel Mage, Maya the Blind Priestess, Caligo the Dual Swordsman, Isabella the Vampire, Phoenix the Queen of Elemental Fire, Amethyst the Dark Assassin, Chloe the Alchemist, Kiki the Assassin, Triton the King of Water Elemental, Didi the Pirate, Amy the Ghost Girl, Driard the Queen of Wood Elemental, Li the Monk, Bas the Twin God of Grace, Tath the Twin God of Carnage, Cecile the Vampire Idol, Cerberus, Weapon Master, Yeti, Nana the Fairy, Lulu the Princess, Eliza the Guardian of Love, Ann the Witch's Disciple

    Perubahan Skill
    • Perubahan Skill Amy the Ghost Girl
    • Peningkatan Damage Skill Caligo the Dual Swordsman

    Equipment Baru
    Brooch of Fortune, Haete's Ceremonial Crown, Headpiece of Courage, Demon Fighter's Sheath, Shield of Silence, Robe of Carnage, Robe of Grace

    Penyeimbangan Ulang Equipment
    Black Parade, Black Terror, Comet Sword, High Demon's Armor, Celestial Trumpet, Celestial Dress, Moonlight, Scale Helmet of Earth Dragon, Robe of Virtue, Prayer, Fallen Angel's Glass, AC_fallenangelboss, Ice Shard, Ice Princess's Dress, Ice Princess's Earrings, Painless Injection, Angel's Staff, Angel's Robe, Mojo, Galatine, Guardian's Armor, Guardian's Shield, Muramasa, Aoyuki's Uniform, Dancer's Dress, Honey Blossom, Leafy Robe, Dress of Luck, Barrier Armor mk-IV, Fenrir's Protection, Crimson Blade, Crimson Armor, Daphne, Ming's Ceremonial Dress, Haete's Fist, Armor of Courage, Master's Wish, Prominence, Flaming Dress, Warrior's Uniform, Crusher, Rin's Uniform, Immortality, Nightmare, Earth Destroyer, Armor of Earth, Robe of the Blue Moon, Sword Master's Light Armor, Sword of Silence, Steel Armor of Silence, Phoenix's Feather Fan, Phoenix's Oriental Dress, Phoenix's Decorative Wings, Mithril Dagger, Leather Jacket, Bomb, Assassin's Outfit, Ear Cuff, Sea God's Trident, Sea God's Pauldron, Sea God's Crown, Scimitar, Ghost's Dress, Root of the Tree, Leaves of the Tree, Branch of the Tree, Monk's Gauntlet, Monk's Outerwear, Sistrum of Grace, Bomb of Carnage, Hand Mirror, Evil Dragon's Key, Silver Knife, Chain Sword of Death, Plate Armor of Death, Dynamite, Mercenary's Uniform, Water Bomb, Sailor's Cap, Halberd, Steel Armor, Trident, Waterdrop Earrings, Princess Tiara, Research Log, Eliza's Lab Coat, Combat Power Gauge

    • Stat Heal Rune telah ditingkatkan

    [Peningkatan UX]
    • Penambahan Sistem Baru: Player bisa memeriksa stat Hero Limit Brake dan Awaken di Koleksi Hero
    • Inventory Material Gathering: Menahan tombol "+" akan meningkatkannya secara beruntutan; Bisa memeriksa jumlah material yang dikumpulkan saat itu setelah menukarnya untuk Enhance Powder
    • Fairy & Smelting Stone: Otomatis di-upgrade jadi Enhance +5 jika dibutuhkan
    • Biaya Evolve Hero & Equipment: Beberapa biaya berubah nominal
      Biaya Evolve Hero
      Untuk mendapat Grade berikut ini, harga telah berubah
      • ★2 diubah dari 10.000 Gold jadi 20.000 Gold
      • ★3 diubah dari 30.000 Gold jadi 40.000 Gold
      • ★4 diubah dari 70.000 Gold jadi 80.000 Gold
      • ★5 diubah dari 150.000 Gold jadi 160.000 Gold
      • ★6 tidak berubah, tetap 200.000 Gold

      Biaya Upgrade Equipment
      • ★2 tidak berubah, tetap 10.000 Gold
      • ★3 tidak berubah, tetap 30.000 Gold
      • ★4 tidak berubah, tetap 70.000 Gold
      • ★5 tidak berubah, tetap 150.000 Gold
      • ★6 diubah dari 200.000 Gold jadi 250.000 Gold

    • Standar Sortir Damage: Telah dihapus karena menyebabkan kecepatan game berkurang
    • Hero Limit Brake/Awaken: Tidak bisa dipilih sebagai Material Enhance
    • Sortir Koleksi Hero: Daftar sortir telah diperbaiki
    • Kondisi Main Pemula: Ditingkatkan

    [Perbaikan Bug]
    • Permasalahan di mana player lain terpilih di jendela chat

    • NPC: Berubah jadi kostum gadis desa

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