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[Notice] Weekly Elune News (7/31)

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  • [Notice] Weekly Elune News (7/31)

    Greetings Elunes!

    Here's our Weekly Elune News!

    Let's start off with feedback for v2.10.2 build update, completed back in 7/23 (Thu).

    v2.10.2 build was the server merge build - which was why it took us so long to prepare, and so long to do the maintenance.
    Fortunately we didn't encounter any critical issues.

    But we did run into some, and here's the rundown on the resolved issues as well as the remaining issues.

    First, some of the users did not receive maintenance rewards.
    This issue was caused because the serial numbers used in the operation tool were duplicated due to server merge.

    To fix this issue, serial numbers were corrected on Friday and you will now be able to receive your maintenance rewards when you log in again.

    But we do acknowledge that receiving the maintenance rewards late prevented some users from using them before the season ended.

    We will be more careful in the future so this issue won't happen again.

    Second, monster info error for monsters on 33F and 66F of Chaos Tower.
    There were errors in the monster info for Chao Tower 33F and 66F. These errors were fixed during the latest maintenance.

    The records of users that completed the incorrect 66F have been adjusted to having completed 65F.

    Third, ranking error for Dimensional Rift.
    Game database sync was not carried out by mistake during the server merge, and it led to an error with rankings.

    This issue was fixed by syncing the server and the game database and recreating the ranks.

    Fourth, stage 11 - 15 skill error for Imae in Boss Battle.
    This issue occurred because the two skills ("Deceive: Technique" and "Deceive: Art of War") used in Imae Phase 3 were rolled back to the pre-balanced data.

    It was fixed through data patch on Friday.

    Other patched errors include Reve's Special Skill and Skill Gem Activation Effects.
    The dev team is identifying the remaining issues and will continue to update you on the progress.

    Things are a bit chaotic because it's right after the merge, but we're sure Elune will be a great game for players from all around the world when the dust settles. Thank you for your patience.

    Heads-up: Content end date and rank tables will be adjusted.
    We will calculate the ranks for each content each day, instead of calculating all contents together every Monday for the merged season so you can concentrate on 1 content per day.

    - This change will be effective this week and the season starting this week.

    - The season for Heir Battle will end at 12 PM on Friday (no change).

    - The season for Dimensional Rift will now end at 12 PM on Tuesday.

    - The season for World Boss will now end at 12 PM on Thursday.

    - The season for Alliance Boss will now end at 12 PM on Wednesday.

    All times shown above are in UTC time.

    Also we will strive to adjust the ranking rewards by analyzing user data after the first merged season ends.

    We are currently discussing the meta of the game which forces all users to only use the Reda and Elena combo.
    We're considering various options like introducing Hero Ban system, creating a separate "Rare or Epic Elune Heir Battle", or Awakening counter Elunes of Reda and Elena.

    Please look forward to the v2.12 patch!

    Here are the details of v2.11 build update!
    For v2.11, we're focused on preparing a new strategic component "Elune Card" and an accompanying new "Mobius Dungeon".

    As the game's official time zone has changed to UTC after the server merge, we are also working to improve the time display.

    The goal is to update v2.11 in August, so please look forward to the new and improved Elune!

    Let's talk about the ongoing events.

    1. Baldr Summer Season Event
    This event will end at 8/4 23:59 PM.

    This event offers tons of amazing rewards, including Baldr's Summer Costume and Baldr's Fragments!

    Ranking rewards are harder to come by after the server merge, so make sure you give this your best shot!

    2. Alliance Special Event
    This event will end at 8/11 23:59 PM.

    Rewards will be given to Alliances and Alliance Members, whose Alliance had 20 or more Alliance Members that logged in within the last 7 days.

    Time to pay your Alliance a visit!

    3. PvP Clash
    This event will end at 7/31 23:59 PM.

    Play Heir Battle, UGD Arena and Alliance Battle within the given time!

    Rewards for all users and ranked users will be based on the total number of Heir Battle, UGD Arena and Alliance Battles that were played by all users.

    Here are the top ranking users of the first week after the merge.

    And from now on, the ranks will be based on the end of the season results - the Hall of Fame results.

    Top #1 - 10 players for Heir Battle.

    Points and Leagues have been reset due to the server merge, which meant that you were more likely to run into other users with really high CP.

    But now leagues have been separated and the situation is under control.

    Looking at the CP of these rankers... Phew, what a long way to go!

    Top #1 - 10 players for Dimensional Rift.

    Top #1 - 10 players for World Boss.

    The dev team is discussing your feedback on improving World Boss rewards.

    We will be analyzing the merged season data to consider the appropriate rewards and let you know.

    Top #1 - 10 players for Alliance Boss.

    Top #1 - 10 Alliances for Participation

    Don't forget to check out Alliance Special Event, which goes on till 8/11, and say hi to your Alliance members again!

    Congratulations to all users who played and participated in the events this week!

    In the next build, flags will be added to your ranks in Heir Battle, Alliance Ranking and Dimensional Rift, just like how World Boss World Ranking is displaying your flags proudly.

    Please look forward to it!

    We will continue to work hard this week to make Elune even more fun!

    Please keep supporting Elune!

    Thank you!
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