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[Guide] Elune Tips and Tricks #1-6

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  • [Guide] Elune Tips and Tricks #1-6

    Greetings, Elunes!

    I just wanted to share a series of Tips & Tricks that may hopefully help you out on your Adventures in Elune!

    Let's get right to it!


    First, let's go over all the different ways of obtaining Elunes!

    1. Summon Shop
    Premium Elune Summons
    - Basic summon with no boosted rates towards a specific Elune.
    - 30 Rubies for 1 summon or 300 Rubies for 10+1 summon.

    Premium Ruby Summons
    - Use Premium Rubies (paid) to summon once a day at a discounted price of 10 Rubies!

    2. Select Summons
    - Roll up to a total of 30 times for the Elune you want!
    - Two types of Select Summons.

    Special Select Summon
    $29.99 (Limit: Once Per Account)
    Summon 10 (3~5★) Elunes (Rare - Legendary)
    3 chances to exchange for each roll attempt.
    You can roll to preview your results before actually making the purchase!
    Grants +30 Elune Points
    - Great chance to start with the Elunes that you want!

    Free Select Summon
    Can be purchased using tickets.
    Summon 10 (3★) Elunes (Rare - Legendary)
    3 chances to exchange for each attempt.

    [3. Friendship Summons]
    Use Friendship Points (FP) to summon
    Summon 1-3★ Elunes (Normal - Rare)

    [4. Fusion]
    Please check TIP #2 on more details on fusing Elunes!


    Many of you have noticed by now that the materials needed for Evolve are limited by daily entries in the Lighture Dungeon.

    This makes it very difficult to make quick progressions in increasing the ★ grades of multiple Elunes.

    Fear not!
    There is a feature called 'Fusion' that will allow you to make progressions without having to evolve all the time!

    Let's briefly go over how Fusion works!

    First, in order to be able to fuse two Elune, you need two Elunes of the same ★rank at max level.

    Once you have these two Elunes ready, you can now go about with the fusion.

    The resulting Elune's tier will guarantee at least the same tier as the Elunes being fused together.

    BONUS: As you fuse more and more, you will earn Fusion Points. Once enough Fusion Points are gathered up, the next Fusion result will guarantee a tier higher than the fused Elunes!
    LUCKY CHANCE: There is a small chance of receiving an Elune of a higher tier WITHOUT the Fusion Meter full!!
    Ex: Rare → Epic / Epic → Legendary
    *Required Fusion Points will differ by Tier*

    Also, let's say you have two 5★ Legendary Elunes that you do not want, you can fuse these two together for a random 6★ Legendary Elune!

    This is technically another 'gacha' feature you can utilize to increase ★ grades and to receive other Elunes!

    Good luck!


    How is everyone faring on their Adventures so far?

    Some users who have progressed on ahead to around the 4th Dimension (Lumen) may have noticed that the game difficulty on NORMAL starts to get really difficult.

    If you ever run into difficulties clearing a stage on NORMAL, we highly suggest going back to previous Dimensional maps to further develop your Elunes.

    On HARD difficulty, you'll notice that the stages start dropping NPC gifts and NPC Affinity Quests become available on the bottom left corner of the map screen.

    These gifts can be given to NPC's to increase their Affinity.

    #1 NPC Affinity Quests can be completed to raise their Affinity levels while obtaining rewards simultaneously!
    These limited quests have a timer on them and the quests will change whenever the timer expires.

    #2 Leveling up each NPC will reward a variety of useful items, which will aid you in progressing further!

    Hope this proves useful on your progression!


    Now to go over.. what to do with duplicate Elunes!

    We highly suggest holding onto duplicate copies for the Elunes you are interested in using in your team!

    This is due to the fact that Transcendence can only be performed with duplicate copies!

    You can Transcend Elunes that have reached the max grade of 6★ and Lv.60.

    The process will require an identical Elune of the SAME grade (6★) to be used as material.
    Total of +5 Transcendence stages.

    Transcendence increases base stats greatly and will be vital to your success in the end-game!

    Be sure to hold onto those desired, extra Elune copies!

    This is one is just a quick little tip.

    Over the weekends (Friday 5:00PM ~ Sunday 5:00PM PDT), all the Lighture Temples will be available.

    This means you can pick and choose for the Class Seeds that you currently need during the weekends!



    Have you discovered and cleared any Pirate Dungeons lately?

    They provide amazing EXP!

    Did you know there is another mode called 'Training' (Unlocks at Lv.15) that can be used to level up Elunes?

    Elunes added to the Training List will receive partial EXP earned by Max-Level Elunes from Adventures battles, without ever having to take part in the battles themselves.

    1. Training Slot:
    The number of slots increases based on your account level and up to 5 Elunes can receive EXP at one time.

    2. Training Level:
    Training Level can be increased by using Gold. Increasing the Training Level will also increase the amount of EXP

    3. Daily EXP:
    The maximum amount of EXP Elunes in Training Slots can earn per day.
    Increases with Training level ups!

    Earned EXP Ratio:
    Elunes under training receive EXP earned by a Max-Level Elune based on this ratio.

    I really hope these tips & tricks clear up some of the confusion some of the players may be having currently and help in progressing further!

    Thank you!
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