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[Notice] v2.5.0 Patch Note

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  • [Notice] v2.5.0 Patch Note

    Greetings Elunes!

    I am here with details of v2.5.0 Update.
    We have some exciting updates, including Mentor System!
    On top of that, various contents such as Boss Battle and Dimension Protection will be expanded in v2.5.0 Update.
    Lastly, we got some exciting QoL improvements such as Repeat Battle in Boss Battle & World Battle Mock Battle!
    Let's jump into the details!

    1. Title Update
    > The following Titles have been updated in the v2.5 update:

    > New Borders have also been added.

    2. Mentoring System
    > In this new system, a high-level player and a low-level player can form a special connection.
    > Please check out the details below for more information.

    Mentoring System Introduction:

    3. Chinese New Year Medina's Supply
    > Duration: 1/23 - 1/27 (5 days)

    4. Stages 11 and 12 for Boss Battle - Akhenaten
    > Lighture's Offhand weapons have been added as rewards.

    5. Repeat Battle Feature for Boss Battle and Reward Adjustments
    > Repeat Battle is now available in Boss Battle. Auto Battle can also be enabled during Repeat Battle.

    > The chance to acquire Legendary rewards will now be greatly increased starting from the 2nd try of Boss Battle.
    > The number of Sealed Lighture's Souls (Common) in Boss Battle Stage 10 has been adjusted:

    > Lighture Gear Plans have been added as rewards for the 2nd try of Boss Battle Stages 10 - 12.
    Example of Trent Stage 10 Drop:

    6. Extended Alliance Level Cap
    > Lv. 61 - 100 have been added.
    > New Alliance Buffs are available at Lv. 70, 80, and 90.

    7. Golden Pirate Darktures
    > Golden Pirate Darktures will now spawn at a rare chance instead of Pirate Darktures.
    > They provide Rare - Legendary Skill Books and Epic - Legendary Soulstones.
    > It requires 20 Aeons to fight against the Golden Pirate Darktures.

    8. New Dimension Protection - Dark Star

    9. System & Balance Adjustments for UGD Arena
    > Provided Tickets

    > The number of Medals obtained from offense has now been doubled.
    > Overall Merit of Fouls have been reduced.

    > If there are players of the same rank, the one who reached that rank last will now be ranked higher.
    > New missions have been added to Medina's Secret Deal.
    > Elune Merit has been adjusted:

    > The maximum Merit limit has been reduced from 2200 to 2100.
    > Trigger requirements of some DEF Team Fouls have been updated.

    > The Auto Assign button for UGD Arena team has been removed.
    > If you win against Team Song for the first 1 - 3 tries, you will be able to earn a massive amount of bonus points.

    10. Alliance Battle Balance Adjustments
    > The amount of Fame earned from winning Alliance Battle has been greatly increased.
    > The amount of Fame lost from losing Alliance Battle has been increased.

    11. Dimensional Rift Update
    > The number of waves in Dimensional Rift has been increased from 12 to 30.
    > Skip feature has been overhauled:
    > You will now face more powerful monsters than before.

    > Wave Clear Bonuses have been adjusted.

    > With the boosted Wave Clear Rewards, you will now have chances to earn more Gold than before.

    > The amount of Rubies for Rank Bonus has been increased as Rubies from Wave Clear
    Bonus are no longer available.

    12. Alliance Boss Battle Update
    > The level cap of Alliance Bosses has been increased from 10 to 15.
    > Rank rewards have been adjusted:

    13. Transcend Lightures
    > You can now replace an identical 6-star Elune with a Transcend Lighture as a material in Elune Transcend.
    > Transcend Lightures can be purchased from packages.

    14. Summon and Fusion Balance Adjustments
    > The drop rate gap between Legendary Elunes from Summon and Fusion has been reduced. (See the drop rate page for more information)

    15. New Supply Items(Medina's Shop)
    > You can now purchase more diverse items based on your Account Level.
    > Account Level 21+: Class Seeds and Skill Book Papers
    > Account Level 41+: Sealed Class Lighture's Soul (Common) and Class Lighture's Plans
    > Account Level 61+: Alterstones, Booststones, Keystones, and Permastones

    16. World Boss Mock Battle
    > You can now play World Boss without using challenge attempts. (Mock Battle)

    1. A new feature is now available that enables resetting Select Summon counts after having used 30 Select Summon attempts.
    2. You will now receive a notification at the lobby when a new package offer is available.
    3. The filter option will no longer be reset when you use it to craft an item.
    4. Genders have been added to Elune filter options.
    5. Obtain Gear and Obtain Skill Gem have now been unchecked in the chat menu's Alert Options.
    6. Reaper's attack logic has been improved. She will now attack a target marked as an Assassination Target first.
    7. Gear Enhance has been improved. You can now enhance gears to +3, +6, +9, or max based on your settings.
    8. Coco's Task "Win 1 Heir Battle" has been changed to "Play Heir Battle or UGD Arena Once" to enable this task to be completed when Heir Battle is closed. In addition, entry requirement for UGD Arena has been reduced from Account Lv. 10 to 5.
    9. A single line chat message will now be displayed in battle.
    10. Chat Log has been added to the Alliance chat.
    11. The position of Title and EXP gauge has been adjusted in the lobby to avoid UI being overlapped.
    12. You can now sell potions and materials directly in the Bag.
    13. The price for selling Lighture's Souls and Plans has been adjusted.
    14. You can now assign and save up to 3 ATK Teams in Heir Battle.
    15. The maximum slots of Elunes have been increased from 350 to 400.

    [Bug Fixes]
    1. Fixed an error where the guide message and Elune Points overlapped with each other in Fusion on certain devices.
    2. Fixed an error where the Update Terms and Conditions Agreement showed in a different language.
    3. Time Reward (DEF) will no longer be obtained if you don't enter the UGD Arena.
    4. Fixed an error where Elucia's Fairy's Blessing skill was triggered when an ally's HP dropped below 20% even if it wasn't caused by enemy attack. As a result, Elucia will no longer gain a turn if HP is reduced by Artamiel's Archangel's Sacrifice skill.
    5. Medina's Secret Deal "Win within 15 turns." in UGD Arena can now be cleared correctly when you manage to win a battle in the 15th turn.
    6. Fixed an error where players who chose not to participate in Alliance Battle were still matched.
    7. Fixed an error where the red dot was displayed at all times on the Quests button in Cheer Race.
    8. Fixed an error where multiple figures appeared during Boss Battle: Proto-T3's animations.
    9. Nika's Skill Gems for "A Present For You!" will now appear correctly as Red/Red/Orange instead of Blue/Blue/Orange.
    A. Those who already have Nika at the time of this update will receive 6-star Red Gem x2.
    10. Fixed an error where the Account Level of all players in UGD Arena Rank Info showed as Lv. 60.
    11. Fixed an error where the amount of medal rewards (Defense) was reduced by half in UGD Arena when an Elune assigned in the Defense Team had exceeded Merit due to Evolve or Transcend. After this update, the total amount of medals before exceeding Merit will now be calculated correctly.
    12. Fixed an error where Kartia's Release Card skill showed no increase in ATK due to incorrect Skill Gem Set Effect.
    13. Fixed an error where items were arranged incorrectly in the Destroyers tab.
    14. Fixed an error where monster levels were displayed as Lv. 60 even if their actual levels were higher. However, actual monster stats are unaffected by this fix.

    Thank you, and hope you are excited about the upcoming update!

    Last edited by CM_Marcus; 01-24-2020, 12:54 PM.