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[Notice] v2.7.0 Patch Note

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  • [Notice] v2.7.0 Patch Note

    Greetings Elunes!

    I'm pleased to share new v2.7.0 patch notes with you all.
    We made some good in-game improvements, fixed bugs, and a new Elune, Vladi has finally arrived!

    Please check out all the details below.


    1. New Elune: Vladi. He is only available from Event Summon.

    2. Reda is now available from Fusion and Premium Summon.

    3. Total World Boss ranks for KR, TW/HK/MO, and Global servers will be calculated.
    A. Previous ranks by server and rewards are unaffected.
    B. Region feature has been added in order to display total ranks.

    4. Spring Event will be held.
    Date: TBA

    5. Hot Deals are now available in Package Shop.

    6. A new item that can be purchased with a UGD Arena Ticket is now available, as well as a new Smuggled item that contains a certain amount of Enhance Stones, L. Enhance Stones, T. Orbs, or Flaming Hammers.

    7. Lab: Added a new Combination. This allows you to exchange 5 Sealed Lighture's Souls (Common) for 1 Sealed Lighture's Soul (Uncommon) of their respective Class.

    8. Elune Combo Package: Lighture Weapon and Armor Plan Summon has been replaced with Lighture Equipment Plan Summon. This will include a Necklace/Ring Plan.

    9. The following Event Missions have been added:
    A. Transcend Gear n Time(s)
    A. Reforge Gear n Time(s)

    1. Login Rewards have been boosted.
    A. This will take effect starting from March Login Calendar for both new and returning users. Please note that the Calendar will not be reset.
    B. Please see below for more information:
    * Rewards for Days 2, 9, 16, and 23 have been changed from Elune's Seeds to Lighture Temple Keys.
    * The number of Aeons available from Days 5, 12, and 19 has been increased by 50.
    * The number of Elune's Lights available from Days 6, 13, 20, and 27 has been increased by 200.
    * The reward for Day 28 (5★ Legendary Elune Summon) has been replaced with a Select 5★ Elune (Legendary).

    2. Notice messages for summoning an Elune displayed in Chat is now based on Legendary or higher. (Previously Epic or higher)

    3. Sophia's Reflux (Passive 1) skill description now has more information. This change has been made as there is no descriptive information about the Rage of normal monsters and bosses (excluding World Boss).

    4. The following adjustments have been made to UGD Arena:
    A. Any Medina's Secret Deals that conflict with Season Mission will no longer be triggered.
    B. The number of Medals earned from a successful defense will now be increased based on the number of Medals an attacker earns upon winning a match. This means you may earn more Medals when your winning streak is higher.

    5. You will now encounter Golden Pirate Darktures more frequently than before.

    [Bug Fixes]
    1. Fixed a replay save error at the end of Alliance Battle/Heir Battle that caused incorrect processing of victory/defeat results. Moving forward, a replay will not be saved when a replay save error occurs, but the results will be processed correctly.

    2. Fixed Iscariot's abnormal death motions.

    3. Heal, Darkture! will now remove debuffs first and then heal allies in UGD Arena. This Foul will no longer be affected by certain status effects that prevent healing such as Despair or Zombie.

    4. Delete Cache button will no longer be enabled in Settings when there's no cached data to delete.

    5. Fixed an error that caused Kartia's Card value to be 0 when it was restored by Stella's Zodiac Memory (Special Skill).

    6. McCarthy's Toxic Bullet (Passive Skill 1) will now place Weaken as intended after hitting an enemy.

    7. Great Spirit's Necklace effect, "Increases damage of single target attacks", will now work as intended.

    We'll keep you updated with upcoming schedule.

    Thank you!
    Last edited by GAMEVIL_Notice; 03-18-2020, 12:22 AM.