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My Advice For Dev Team And Going Forward

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  • My Advice For Dev Team And Going Forward

    Ok I Will Start This Thread By Saying I Have Played Many A Mobile Game And I Have Never Cared Enough To Make Any Kind Of Post But This Game Is Different. What I Say In This Thread Is My Own Personal Opinion But I Believe This Game Can Be Made Much Bbetter With 3 Simple Improvements. #1 The Guild System NEEDS More Co-OP Events And Content. We Need Something Along The Lines Of A Guild Dungeon Or Mission List Similar To Adventure Give Each Member A Daily Amount Of Attempts At The Dungeon With It Progressively Getting Harder As you Go Rewards Could Be Anything From Enhance Essence To Gold And Resources That Gives Out To The Whole Guild. As Is There Is Little Content That Makes A Guild Important Other Then Large Monsters And Protection And Interaction With Guildmates. #2 The Battle System In My Opinion Needs Some Fixing. Looting Buffs Cause Defense To Be Completely Unviable For A Majority Of Players. As Is I Get Around 50-60% Buffs when looting and 25-30% debuff to the person in fighting. Now when your on defense you only have the defense buffs at around the same 50-60% as looting and then you lose half Of them due to the debuffs that apply from commander traits. My answer to this is a simple one add defense buffs to support. If if needed you can lower the support buffs overall from guild and research if this is too overpowered but I think that the game needs to encourage 3 types of players in a guild. The 3 being support players who focus research and traits on supporting. Defense players who focus on defense and of course offensive players. That gives the players the same 3 type dynamic as the hero's in game. #3 more events. The game is CONSTANTLY stagnant in its current state and the same mimic and kronos thing gets old. Ignis was fun but he needs to be tougher in my personal opinion. We need small events not really big events. Just simple things like a custom mission storyline that gives out varying rewards. I had a good idea for a event that you could do called pirate raid. Have a pirate ship obviously being a air ship randomly spawn on the map and make it travel from one side of the map to the others all the while players can attack and raid the ship for gold which is the main currency and problem to get for all upgrades at this point. Really any event giving out more gold would be a great addition and would keep people interested in my opinion. Hoping that this message can get its way by the devs and get some change going for this great game. I know nothing about how coding works or if any of what I mentioned is possible but it's just my own take on what the game needs in its current state. I've been playing since day 1 and haven't missed a day since so I would like to think I have some good idea of what could help lol. Feel free to comment opinions below and hopefully we get some change soon because servers are dying and it needs to pick up soon. -JustEpic Server 3-