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[DEV Q&A] Answers Enclosed: Round 1

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  • [DEV Q&A] Answers Enclosed: Round 1

    Hey Masters!

    The Developer Q&A results are here!

    YOU asked and WE answered!

    Sit back, relax, get comfy in your fancy robe, and enjoy this read :P

    Special Note
    Dev Q&A Round 2 is now LIVE:

    Q1: What's next big thing on dev workbench?

    A: To make Guild Battles more entertaining, we are considering to introduce new Giants and include a feature where unowned Giants can be summoned.

    Q2: Are PvP tournament or PvP Live Event on the short-medium term?

    A: PVP and Arena Ranks are determined on a weekly basis. Players would receive rewards based on their rank.

    Q3: Are Friendly duel a thing considered adding to game? Also, friend list, is that something you guys working on?

    A: We are considering to add a Friend List feature for a future update. Once that's in place, we expect to add that feature to other modes as well.

    Q4: Chat system isn't great, mainly because of censured word and words limitation, any improvement on the way?

    A: We are aware of the difficulties experienced in the EN Chat system and we will definitely take this into account.

    Q5: I am playing since the launch, and I still have some stuff I am not sure to know right. I feel like the game lack some sort of wiki inside the game (for ex, buff/debuff icons and info about them). Any improvements on the way?

    A: Essential information is available in-game. You can view them in the "Help" tab in the "Settings" menu. We trust that specific walkthroughs, miscellaneous tips and tricks would be shared in the forums.

    Q6: How do I use the core enhancement filter menu?

    A: This feature enables users to filter and view specific Cores.

    Q7: Do you like pineapple on your pizza?

    A: I respect the taste of those who like that combination, but I am one of those who think "Pineapple doesn't belong on pizza."

    Q8: What does the Beast Guardian do for fun?

    A: He lifts weights and follows a high protein diet to keep his muscles big.

    Q9: Does the 2nd slot in core evolving factor into the probability that the core in the 1st slot will evolve stronger?

    A: Stats from Cores that were used as materials do not affect the stats of an evolved Core.

    Q10: Are heroes with magic/physical attacks intentional for balance or an error?

    A: In order to complement the variety of Heroes, this was done for balance purposes.

    Q11: When will the dungeon be expanded?

    A: Dungeon and map expansions are planned in a future update.

    Q12: Was the NASA Moon landing faked?

    A: Rumor has it that the moon is an artificial structure built by aliens...

    Q13: Can you incorporate a voice recording application in chat that allows players to record a message that others can playback? Something new that I have never seen in games, could put you guys on the MAP!

    A: Thank you for your feedback. We will consider the feasibility of your recommendation.

    Q14: Are there any plans for new or modified character models, to offer customization? Skins that upgrade stats? New looks at higher evolution ranks? Etc.

    A: Yes, we have considered releasing features that involve Skins.

    Q15: Have you ever tried apple-butter?

    A: Wow! I never knew that there is such thing as an apple-butter. What's it taste like?

    Q16: Will there be more difficulty options after Hard Mode? Or entirely new maps?

    A: We are planning to add new areas to the World Map as well as new modes. Instead of making the game more difficult, we are looking to add new features that promote different playstyles.

    Q17: You added more Humans...are you adding more to the others or will you add different species?

    A: For the time being, we have plans to bring new characters belonging to other species.

    Q18: Follow up to the previous question: Do you believe in aliens? If so, will there be an Alien Species?

    A: Didn't aliens exist in Men in Black? If aliens have appeared in the game, it means that the Devs are being controlled by them.

    Q19: I love the background music. Going from exploring to base, in and out of battle, the music always has an epic tone. Are there plans to expand the variety? Maybe different options?

    A: If time and resources allow, I would like to add a mix of BGMs and SEs.

    Q20: Do you know the Konami Code?

    A: You mean like ↑↑↓↓... There might be something similar as an Easter Egg in Giants War.

    Q21: I have seen 1 star cores have attributes from +1 to +8 (stats) regardless of their rank. Is this intentional? Should a maxed out C rank core be stronger than a maxed out S rank core? What, if any then, are the benefits to
    having a higher rank core?

    A: The maximum limits of stats, high-ranked Cores may have are general set higher than those of lower-ranked Cores.

    Q22: Do 1 star SS rank hero cores exist? If so, are they born with higher stats than +8?

    A: It is not possible to obtain a 1-Star SS Rank Core in-game.

    Q23: You've been busy adding more ways for whales to get ahead. Is this going to be a prevailing pattern? I understand the financial needs of a company but please don't monetize everything. Etherium should be earned.

    A: That's not true, and we disagree with your remark. However, we apologize if you have felt excluded or out of place thinking that this game is only for those who have paid the most.

    Q24: Will I get a refund for summoning a hero that has +6 Limit Breaks?

    A: Heroes that have exceeded +6 Limit Breaks will be added as Souls. Further information on Limit Breaks and Souls will be available in a future update.

    Q25: Do the Beast and Dragon Species have gender? If so what are they?

    A: Dragons don't have a specific gender. Beasts do, on the other hand. However, no one has been able to check who are male and female, so their exact genders are unknown.

    Q26: What's the best type of cheese to pair with a Merlot?

    A: Cheese leaves the aftertaste of milk, so I think it does not go well with wine personally. But if I have to choose, I would choose hard cheese. If I have broader choices than the Merlot, I'd go for Cheddar, Gouda, or Parmigiano Reggiano.

    Q27: How do I get more than 3 Giants? Also, why have more than 3 giants if you only have to defend 3 shops?

    A: We are planning to add additional features that improve obtaining new Giants. As the Guild War mode gains more traction amongst the users, we anticipate that they will be looking for Giants that excel in defense.

    Q28: Why does the Core Merchant not have a name but all other NPCs do? I call him Chen.

    A: Since Chen's (the Core Merchant) sole function is to sell Cores, it may have been the reason why his name did not show up in the UI. We will think about how we can bring his name back.

    Q29: Why can't we see the stats on a core before we buy it from Chen?

    A: It's because the stats have not yet been applied to the Cores. They will be applied once the Cores have been purchased.

    Q30: Will the Undead ever get a Healer? Or is Leech Curse all they get?

    A: Given the nature of the Undead, leeching to restore HP would make much more sense and promote their uniqueness from other species. For now, we don't plan on adding healers to the Undead.

    We hope you enjoyed this Q&A session!

    The next round of questions is up....ask away!

    Special Note
    Dev Q&A Round 2 is now LIVE:

    - Friendly Giant
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