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[DEV Q&A] Answers Enclosed: Round 2

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  • [DEV Q&A] Answers Enclosed: Round 2

    Hey Masters!

    The Developer Q&A results are here!

    YOU asked and WE answered!

    Sit back, relax, get comfy in your fancy robe, and enjoy this read :P

    Special Note
    Dev Q&A Round 3 is now LIVE:

    Q1: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood, in 38 hours?

    A: He would chuck, he would, as much as he could, and chuck… arrg…

    Q2: Are there any plans to allow for searching guilds while you are in a guild?
    Would be nice to be able to tap on a player in chat to see what if any guild they belong too.
    In auto search can they add a feature to allow for stopping when a core is the reward for battle.
    Being able to see when a player is online would be nice to have.

    A: We'll be looking into this and apply the necessary changes to improve Guild Chat. There will be improvements to Auto Exploration for the next update. We will take your other suggestions into consideration.

    Q3: Are there any plans for expanding the Chat character count? It's way too short.

    A: We will consider increasing the number of allowed characters in chat.

    Q4: Any plans to condense the number of Chat channels, so as to not have the Player Base SO spread out, that Chat isnt "dead"?

    A: We will adjust the number of channels and find a solution to how we can improve the Chat function.

    Q5: Is there an algorithm in place that yields a MUCH lower chance to getting a Healer or Tank on Summons?

    A: There is no separate algorithm, as they are summoned based on the rates shown in the chart. However, the rates of summoning certain Heroes are different.

    Q6: Any plans for a customization of Guild Roles and their permissions?

    A: Additional Guild features will be available based on the Guild's growth. We are also planning to change how Guild Members can run their Guild based on their ranks. If you have other suggestions in regards to managing Guilds, please let us know.

    Q7: Any plans to have Guild Members see the progress of resources required for next Level on GH, Storage and such?
    A: When a Guild Member taps on Guild Hall or Guild Storage, they can look at the current progress of required resources.

    Q8: Any plans on recruit-a-friend incentives?

    A: This hasn't been planned yet, but it sounds like a great idea. We will definitely look into this.

    Q9: World Boss - Will it always be the same one, was asking for the mental health of the boss because he might be bored of making blood bath twice a week ?

    A: We are aiming to add a new World Boss in the near future. It will look different from the current World Boss and it will require a new strategies to defeat it.

    Q10: Can we have a list of battle icons and description, currently there is nowhere to see it. Something like the recent info FG post on forum. Which lead to my question… In real life, I can prevent myself from saying stupid thing by remaining silence. But in-game, what is the difference between Silence and Prevent ?

    A: We will try to provide a guide explaining the buff/debuff buff icons. 'Prevent' stops players from using a skill entirely and 'Silence' stops an opponent from casting a spell.

    Q11: Not a question but a Suggestion of event for arena - Live Tournament!! (example : at fix time only, player register to be part of it. Maybe make different bracket with players base level. There could also be tons of custom thing that might be done (human only or 3vs3 or No Healer, etc))

    A: Thanks for the clever idea! We will consider that when we begin developing more features to the Arena.

    Q12: At what time does dungeon species fight reset ?

    A: Dungeon Species Battles are reset and switched to another species at midnight.

    Q13: Is there any heroes nerf or buff incoming ? (might be good to know so we can prepare psychologist banket for the nerf one)

    A: We won't be nerfing heroes unless it becomes clear that they are too overpowered. However, we may buff heroes that are used less frequently among Masters.

    Q14: What is Maze of time ? ( seems like a nice place to hang around )

    A: We plan on using it as a Dungeon entrance where Guild Members can connect with each other and play some co-op.

    Q15: Is there a certain time or amount of content you'll have added that will warrant some sort of population building campaign? I am hoping you're waiting for a certain level of content and/or quality before you bring in the masses.

    A: We are always trying to expand the game by adding new features and improve existing modes through updates and bug fixes. We are placing a lot of focus on improvements to both quality and quantity.

    Q16: If you have a large influx of players will you start new servers or will you add all new players to existing servers?

    A:The current server is configured to expand its capacity if there is an influx of players logging into the game.

    Q17: If you add new servers, will you allow end-game current players a "spend-back compensation" like other games have. E.g., letting them move to the new server but reimbursing 75% of the crystals they have ever spent, etc.?

    A: We currently don't have a plan for that because the expansion of a server in our case, is just extending our current server.

    Q18: Do you ever plan on releasing data or information on how core evolutions really work (i.e., % chances to make a green core blue based on using a grey or green secondary base core for evolve)? Currently we're all just guessing and we assume a higher grade base core gives a better chance of an increased evolution core but no one really knows.

    A: Cores used as Material Cores for Core Evolution does not affect a Core's rank (change in color i.e. green → blue). However, if it is Random Evolution, evolved Core's rank (color) will be determined by the average of the ranks of the two Material Cores.

    Q19: Do you have plan on having "race summoning specials" where you can summon heroes only from one particular race? Maybe an event where you only pull Undead, or Orcs, Machines etc. I ask this because I am very end-game and there are still many characters I have never pulled, yet I have +3, +4, +5 soul breaks of a bunch of other characters that I don't want at all. I'm OK with some RnG, but spending $ or grinding for days just to get another dupe of a character I don't want is disheartening.

    A: We are currently in the process of finding the best solution that allows Masters to summon Heroes from a specific species.

    Q20: Will we ever get a second chance to change an option in Core Option Changes? Or, should I consider material the 5 star SS Dragon Guardian Core I have equipped on my Dragon Guardian, that had a Magic ATK bonus when it was 3 star, so I changed the option and got a Lifesteal bonus which is great until I evolved it and now has an option for Magic DPS and it wont let me change that also.

    A: We haven't thought about adding a "Second Chance" feature for Core Option Changes, but we will certainly consider it.

    Q21: Will there be a further achievement packages when the map is expanded and/or will the players that purchase the Conquer Packages from the Achievement Shop in the Telepod receive further rewards when the map is expanded? The question also applies to Player Achievements.

    A: We haven't discussed where to go with this yet, but we will notify users about any confirmed updates to our reward system.

    Q22: Do you have “plants” in the game? No, I don't mean vegetation.

    A: Plants are buildings (Refinery, Lumber Mill, Mine) in your Base produce resources like Dark Ether, Lumber, and Rhinestones. Rumor has it, forbidden plants with fun and mystical attributes are hidden throughout the land. No one has been able to find em.

    Q23: How does the finisher that the opponent uses during a PVP match get selected? Does hero selection during PVP Defense Management influence that choice? Will we get a manual selection option in the future to choose the Defense Finisher order of activation?

    A: Selecting Heroes in "Manage Defense" has no effect on what finishers will be used In PVP. We will consider a feature that allows users to choose their preferred finishers when their Heroes are on the defense.

    Q24: I often see the opponent use 2 finishers withing seconds in Normal PVP. How is this made possible?

    A: That sounds like a bug. Using two successive finishers is a huge disadvantage for the opposing team in PVP. We advise that you file a report to Customer Service.

    Q25: The Treaty of Frankfurt was signed 10 of May 1871 between what two countries?
    A: I'd like to phone a friend...*Rings Master Chen* The Treaty of Frankfurt was between Deutsche Reich and French Third Republic.

    Q26: Why does my Orc Grenadier sometimes stop on the way to the farthest enemy and detonates near the tank

    A: It may be helpful for us if we could see a screenshot of that situation. It sounds like a scenario when the Orc Grenadier stops and explodes at the nearest target while running over to the original target (the enemy that is the farthest away). This directional change may occur due to movements and changed positioning of the opposing team. Orc Grenadier's explosion is programmed to reset its target even when he is in the process of using his finisher.

    Q27: While I’m asking for things, How about camera control during combat? To follow up on the “Grenadier” question above; If he stops due to mesh collision how can I tell if he has a clear path if the camera is fixed?

    A: Changing camera angles are unavailable during combat. Our combat system is programmed to prevent mesh collisions between characters. There shouldn't be any problems where a character is stuck without a clear path. However, if you found such a case, please send us a bug report with relevant screenshots attached.

    Q28: Can we have a 4th Species Battle Chest Slot? Please? Pretty PLEASE?
    A: There are no plans as of yet to add a fourth Species Battle Chest slot. However, since it is evident that a few other users may want this as well, we will look into this and analyze if the addition of a fourth chest slot would cause any potential issues.

    Q29:The rarity of items and enemies in the game seems evident by the traditional RPG color scale, however descriptions and names seem to vary through out several groups of items or subjects. Do you have any intention to reclassify these labels to follow only one rarity scale?

    A: As you explained, we did classify them based on their rarity. However, if you find anything that has not been properly classified, please let us know.

    Q30:Arena PVP opponent selection is based on Rank. Will Normal PVP ever follow suit? Can you implement a block from reappering to the same attacker in exploration shortly after a defeat?

    A: Normal PVP opponents that appear during explorations are based on your rank as well. You are also not forced to face every opponent, you can easily move on by tapping "Re-explore". Also, there is no blocking system that prevents opponents you already defeated from reappearing.

    Q31: How will you deal with griefers?

    A: We want every player to have a fun experience with Giants War. However, we will take proper action with any reported misdemeanor. Could you provide us with examples or screenshots?

    Q32: You mentioned in the previous Q/A that you plan on creating different game modes to promote different playstyles, can you elaborate?

    A: We are in talks of creating potential new modes including but not limited to, battle-only mode and non-battle mode. For example, a non-battle feature would emphasize focus on collecting items and currency. Please be advised that none of these are confirmed.

    Q33: Also, apple-butter taste like semi sweet apple sauce. It contains no butter its more like jam.

    A: Does it taste different with applesauce? I am really curious because I can't find apple-butter from where I live.

    Q34: Will we ever get a mode where we can move our heroes during battle?

    A: As of now, due to technical difficulties, it will be difficult to allow individual Hero movements during battle.

    Q35: Touching back on a core evolution , should I assume based on your answer that if I find a +6 C rank core and a +4 B rank core, at the same evolution grade, and evolve them both to S rank, that the B rank core will end up with higher stats? If so, can you explain the math of how that is accomplished?

    A: If the Rank C had a larger stat bonus than the Rank B Core to begin with, then naturally, the Rank C Core will have a higher stat number than Rank B by the time both of them have been upgraded all the way to Rank S.

    Q36: Can you provide a chart or list of formulas that include or help determine stat increases or chance probabilities?

    A: We will look to release the relevant information once the everything is finalized.

    Q37: An integer from 100 through 999 inclusive is to be chosen at random. What is the probability that the number chosen will have 0 as at least one of the digits?

    A: ...uhh hello?

    Q38: Can you please zoom out the camera in world boss fights? Just a bit.

    A: The screen can be slightly zoomed out with the current view, but we will look into this further.

    Special Note
    Dev Q&A Round 3 is now LIVE:

    Thanks for all your support!

    - Friendly Giant
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