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[Dev Q&A] Answers Enclosed: Round 3

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  • [Dev Q&A] Answers Enclosed: Round 3

    Hey Masters!

    The Developer Q&A results are here!

    YOU asked and WE answered!

    Sit back, relax, get comfy in your fancy robe, and enjoy this read :P

    Special Note
    Dev Q&A Round 4 is now LIVE:

    Q. 1) What do you think about finding special cards with a boost function? Something like, legend cards (so not easy to find) and they will multiply the next pvp earn. Or the next 5 blue opponents. Or multiply the next boss items. Something like that.

    Dev: That's a great idea! We will consider applying special cards or some sort of a buff feature that would certainly spice up your Exploration experience.

    Q. 2) Why we cannot buy the new hero cores in Panda shop?

    Dev: Sounds like Chen has been slacking off recently! We'll go ahead and talk things through with him.

    Q. 3) Why are "PURPLE COLORED" cores called SS, "PURPLE COLORED" equipment is Hero Items, "PURPLE COLORED" Elixirs are [GOLD], "PURPLE COLORED" enemies are called Legendary? It's confusing explaining to a new player that there's a difference in Golden Elixir, Emerald Elixir, Gold Reduction Elixir and the fact that they have a ranking system that classifies either as bronze, silver, or gold. Too many different labels for the same meaning may causes too many communication errors.

    Dev: We will discuss with the Devs and see if we can simplify the naming and color identifications so that all of us can easily interpret the variety of tiers.

    Q. 4) Will Q & A sessions remain/become recurring events?

    Dev: Yes we intend to continue these Q&A sessions so that our Masters have a chance to voice their questions, suggestions and/or concerns.

    Q. 5) Some secondary stats seem redundant. Can you explain the reason why we need Magic Damage Received (DOWN) if we have Magic Defense?

    Dev: A certain degree of Magic DEF is applied while calculating the incoming damage, while Magic DMG Received is reduced to a certain extent based on the damage output of the opponent.

    Q. 6) If Gamevil, are you in Seoul or Torrance? Is that your Civic I see when I drive by?

    Dev: We have offices in both Seoul, Korea and El Segundo, California, but game development is done in Seoul. Unfortunately the Civic you saw isn't mine though

    Q. 7) How many developers are on the Development Team?

    Dev: Enough people to make our game better

    Q. 8) Do you meet on the first or second floor?

    Dev: Our meetings are always held on the 10th floor. Just like our passion for the game...level 10 :P

    Q. 9) Why do humans have such a strong urge to distract ourselves from the real world?

    Dev: Perhaps it's because we as humans have dreams and imaginations of our own.

    Q. 10) This game starts of with a bit of lore being explained as you start off the tutorial; do you plan on expanding on the lore in the future? Is lore even necessary in a game like this?

    Dev: We showed you a glimpse of the world of Giants War when you first started the game. We understand that you are curious as to how the story will continue to unfold. Once we add more components to the game, we will reveal an extended storyline, so stay tuned!

    Q. 11) Does Friendly Giant relay the silly questions I ask or does he answer them himself? Be careful how you answer this.

    Dev: I....-I mean "Friendly Giant" always tries to hijack our Q&A sessions...we won't let that happen! >:]

    Q. 12) What was the inspiration for the the visual design of the game?

    Dev: Let me ask our Art Director * Art Director runs out of the building* Oops! he just left! :/

    Q. 13) In Physics I learned that the macrocosm mirrors the microcosm and at some point of relativity we are a dust particle on a telescopes lens. From what degree of awareness should I be viewing this game?

    Dev: I think what's important is that this game exists as a part of our world.

    Q. 14) What is your best weakness?

    Dev: Eating & Drinking

    Q. 15) Why do we judge ourselves by our intentions but judge others by their actions?

    Dev: Maybe it's because we are unaware of how others perceive their intentions?

    Q. 16) Speaking of Royals, wizard and healer have very similar Finishers, with one buffing physical and the other magic defenses when they reach level 5. Should both of them have a Thorn Spell that procs off the allies' magic power?

    Dev: The act of giving buffs to the team's magic powers usually stems from a single hero's abilities. We will take your idea into consideration if balance is needed for Royal Characters in the future.

    Q. 17) Are they intended to help squishy clothes? Or is one based off allies' physical power and just labeled wrong?

    Dev: We tried to make sure that weak and strong equipment can be easily distinguishable. That's why weaker equipment were designed to look more frail. Please let us know if there is a specific equipment you wish to have visually revamped.

    Q. 18) “Know thyself” is an ancient concept going back much further than Socrates and is at the root of much of philosophy. With that in mind, what are the most important things to learn about one’s self or is all self-knowledge equal?

    Dev: Even today, a lot of religious figures from a variety of religions seek to find answers to their origins of self-revelation. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to reach to a certain point whether self-knowledge is equal or not.

    Q. 19) Is math something that humans created or something we discovered? Is looking at reality mathematically an accurate representation of how things work?

    Dev: I would say Mathematics has been developed as a tool to logically prove principles of nature. So, I suggest Mathematics could be used as a method to examine the world.

    Q. 20) You make a curious statement in Round 2, Q5, "However, the rates of summoning certain Heroes are different." Are you speaking in reference to the new heroes or does this apply to all heroes? Also what chart do you speak of?

    Dev: It applies to all Heroes. If you take a look at the Hero Summon Rate chart, you will see summon rates for all Heroes.

    Q. 21) Why are humans so confident in beliefs that can’t be proven?

    Dev: Not all humans are like that, I believe.

    Special Note
    Dev Q&A Round 4 is now LIVE:

    Thanks for all your support!

    - Friendly Giant

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    Q. 2) Why we cannot buy the new hero cores in Panda shop?

    Dev: Sounds like Chen has been slacking off recently! We'll go ahead and talk things through with him.

    It's not just the cores for the new human heroes that aren't available in the shop. I've never seen a machine or dragon core there either. Certain beast cores also seem to be either extremely rare or never there. Is that by design?