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[Notice] v3.4 Update Patch Note

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  • [Notice] v3.4 Update Patch Note

    [Gear Super-Enhance System Added]
    : Gear Super-Enhance system lets Heirs upgrade Origin ★6 [Epic or Legendary] Gears up to 19+ Enhance.
    : Super-Enhance enhances the Primary Stat of the Gear along with one Additional Stat of Heir's choice.

    ▶ Basics of Super-Enhance
    ① Enhance Target: Origin 6★[Epic, Legendary] Gear of 15+ Enhance or higher
    ② Enhance Material
    (1) Gear (Must be Origin ★6 [Epic, Legendary] grade Gear of the same Gear Part, Gear Set, and Primary Stat as the enhance target Gear.)
    (If you want to Super-Enhance ★6 Epic Beast Shoes with ATK% as Primary Stat, you would need Epic~Legendary ★6 Epic Beast Shoes with ATK% as Primary Stat as an enhance material.
    (2) Transcending Aura (Obtained in Party Raid)
    (3) Gold

    ▶ Super-Enhance Details
    ① Once you enhance Origin ★6 [Epic, Legendary] Gear up to +15 enhance, you can access Gear -> Super-Enhance to perform Super-Enhance.
    ② Super-Enhance requires Target Gear and Material Gear, and the success rate is 100%
    ③ Once you Super-Enhance, the target Gear's enhance level will increase by +1, and the Primary Stat and Additional Stat of your choice will be enhanced.
    ④ If you Super-Enhance an Additional Stat that has never been Super-Enhanced before, the Additional Stat will receive stat enhancement. However, if you Super-Enhance an Additional Stat that was already Super-Enhanced before, the bonus stat you received from previous Super-Enhance will re-roll instead of adding more bonus stats. Additional Stat boost from Super-Enhance can be applied only once.

    : The Transcending Aura can be obtained as a Party Raid clear reward or can be purchased from Party Shop with Party Points.
    : The amount of Transcending Aura required for Super-Enhance will differ based on the Additional Stat you choose to enhance.

    : Amount of gold required to Super-Enhance will increase based on Enhance Level of the target Gear. (There is no change in gold cost based on the Additional Stat.)
    : Gold cost per enhance level and increase in Primary Stat upon enhancing is as follows:

    : The increase of the chosen Additional Stat when you Super-Enhance is chosen at random based on Gear's [Grade and chosen Additional Stat]. The type of Gear/Slot is irrelevant regarding this the increase value.
    : Between min/max value, there is higher chance to see a median value increase in Additional Stats than to see min/max value increase in Additional Stat.
    : The max/min increase of Additional Stat upon Super-Enhance is as follows

    : Notice of successful Super-Enhance will be displayed in Guild's Main history.

    [Gear Dungeon 12F Open]
    : New 12F of Omen's/Heide's Void has been added to Gear Dungeon.
    : You can acquire Origin [★5, ★6][Rare/Epic/Legendary] Gears of all slots from 12F.
    : There is a higher chance to obtain Slot 2/4/6/7/8 (Gloves, Helmet, Shoes, Necklace, Ring) Gears than to obtain 1/3/5/ (Weapon, Shirt, Pants) Gears in Gear Dungeon 12F.
    : Rewards upon clear and entry cost of 12F Gear Dungeon is as follows

    [New Servant ★5 Christine]
    : New ★5 Servant, Ashen Songstress Christine has been added.

    : Because the new Servant has been added, 5★ Christine has been added to Summon Stone Rate and Fuse Rate.
    : Because the new Servant has been added, 5★ Christine has been added to Rate+ Summon. The following Servants are available for Rate+ Summon.

    [New Swimsuit Avatar Added]
    : 5★ [Bikini, Blavatsky], [Bikini, [A] Sphinx], [Bikini, Rem], [Swimsuit, Heide] has been added.
    : The 4 new Swimsuit Avatars will be on discount, and will be available for the following prices.

    [New Item Added - Transcending Aura]
    : Transcending Aura, the new item required for Super-Enhance, has been added.
    : You can own up to 9,999 Transcending Aura, and you cannot claim more Transcending Aura if you already own maximum amount.

    ◆Servant Balance◆
    : There has been balance adjustments for some Servants.

    ① ★5 Servant Improvement

    [Potential Added]
    : New Potential that increases Skill Gauge Reduction Resist in PvP has been added to Normal 3/4/5 Potential Slot.

    ◆Party Raid Improvement◆
    [Party Raid Mini Chat Added]
    : Mini Chat has been added to Party Raid Prep Screen to improve [Party Chat] while preparing for Party Raid.

    : Mini Chat will be automatically created once you enter Party Raid Prep Screen.
    : You can only chat with the Party in Mini Chat.
    : Mini Chat can be opened & closed using [▲],[+] button on the right.

    [Party Raid Reward Improvement/Adjustment]
    : Transcending Aura has been added to the list of Party Raid clear rewards.
    : You can acquire Transcending Aura from 1 ~ 5F, and you can obtain higher number of Transcending Auras as you clear higher floor of Party Raid.
    : Drop rate of Potential Enhance Stone has been slightly lowered as we added Transcending Aura to the drop list. We have increased the number of drops of Potential Enhance Stone to make up for lower rate.

    [Party Raid End Battle Added]
    : When you need to end Party Raid battle, you can now end battle through End Battle Vote.
    : End Battle Vote can be started by Party Leader by accessing Pause > End Battle Vote on the right side of Battle Screen. (Party Member cannot start the End Battle Vote.)

    : If all the Party Members agree to End Battle Vote, Party Raid will end.

    : The vote will be a secret vote, and if any of the Party Member either disagrees or does not vote at all, the battle will continue.
    : If there is a Support Team in your Party, Vote will proceed excluding the Support Team Party Member.
    (If only 1 Party Member is Support Team -> Vote is decided by vote of 1 Party Member, if both Party Members are Support Team -> Battle ends without a Vote.)
    : Party Raid that ends early will count as defeat, and clear reward cannot be obtained.

    [Party Raid Prep Screen Player Status Added]
    : LOADING sign has been added to display Party Members' status in Party Raid Prep Screen.
    : Party Members with LOADING sign are either still in battle or checking result screen.

    [Unable to Receive Support Message Added]
    : We have added message to notify the inability to receive support in Party Raid when all Party Members enter Party Raid Prep Screen to fill up all the spots.

    [Party Raid Melee DPS Servants Distance Management Function Added]
    : New function that lets servants maintain certain distance from other servants of Party Members in Party Raid has been added.

    [Party Raid Disconnection Improvement]
    : If you return to the game within 15 seconds after moving to the Background of your mobile device in the middle of Party Raid Battle, you will remain in the same Party without disconnecting.

    [Party Raid Boss Intro Scene Fix]
    : In order to prevent synchronizing issue in Party Raid, we have removed Skip Intro Scene function for Party Raid Boss Odette.

    ◆Summon Menu Improvement◆
    [Summon UI & Name Fix]
    ▶Summon UI Improvement
    : The name, description, and display of Summon Stones in Summon UI will be improved to make information about types & elements of a Summon Stone and obtainable servants straightforward.

    : Names of Summon Stones have been changed to be more straightforward. (Please refer to the table below)
    : Summon Stones now display details of obtainable servants.
    : Element icons have been added to Summon Stone icon.
    : Special Summon Shard and Servant Summon Shard will remain the same.

    ▶Summon Stone Name Improvement
    : Names of Summon Stones in game will be changed as follows.

    ◆Reward Improvement◆
    [Daily Mission Reward Improvement]
    : Completing Party Raid mission from Daily Missions will now give you more Party Points.

    [Gear Dungeon 10F/11F Gold Reward Improvement]
    : Clear gold reward for 10F/11F Omen's/Heide's Void is as follows:

    ◆Additional Improvements◆
    [Guild Management Improvement]
    : You can now assign up to 4 Officers instead of 2.
    : Guild Dungeon Participation Progress which was only available for Guild Master is now available for Officers also.
    : Guild Members who didn't participate in Guild Dungeons will also be displayed in Guild Dungeon Participation Progress as 0 Participation.
    However, Guild Members who cannot join the Guild Dungeon that season will not be displayed.

    [Potential Enhance QoL Improvement]
    : "Don't show this again." has been added to Potential Enhance page.
    : If you select "Don't show this again," you can enhance potential without being disturbed by confirmation message.

    [Lobby Background Change]
    : Lobby Background has been changed to fit the summer.

    [Ranged Servant AI Improvement]
    : Ranged Servants will now maintain certain distance from the enemy if their skill range becomes shorter so that ranged servants will not get hit by AoE attacks.

    [Resilience Resist Fix]
    : We have fixed the Resilience Resist so that it stays on a servant even after reviving.

    [Fire/Forest/Dark [A] Leto Passive & Potential Fix]
    : Fire/Forest/Dark [A] Leto's buff from her Passive & Potential that activates only when [A] Leto maintains certain HP will no longer be removed by Buff Removal.

    [Potential Description Change]
    : To unify the descriptions of potentials, descriptions has been changed as follows.

    [Device Heating Issue Improvement]
    : Device Heating Issue identified after previous Update has been improved.
    (We will continue to monitor for additional heating issue after the update.)

    [World Battle Opponent Updated]
    : As we added Gear Super-Enhance, the opponent deck of World Battle has been updated with the latest data.

    ◆Shop Update◆
    [New Package Update]
    : New Select Pack that contains New Servant Christine Select Summon has been added to the shop.
    : You can purchase this Package only once during the given period, and it can be purchased from Packs.

    ▶Package Content:
    Christine Select Summon (Choose 1 from Fire/Water/Forest)
    2,700 Karats
    300,000 Gold

    [New Shop Item-Transcending Aura Pack]
    > Transcending Aura Pack has been added to the Shop.
    > You can access Transcending Aura Pack through Shop > Packs

    [Subscription Pack Added - Repeat Battle Pack Ⅰ]
    : New Subscription(Autopay) Pack has been added to improve access to packages that expires.

    : There has been a price adjustment to original Repeat Battle Pack I as we extended the duration of the package to 30 days. When you make a purchase, you can choose between regular purchase and subscription.
    : As a subscription benefit, Heirs signing up for the subscription for the first time will receive 1 month complimentary Repeat Battle.
    : Subscription-based Repeat Battle Pack I can be accessed through Packs > Limited Packs

    : Once you subscribe, the subscription will automatically purchase the pack/extend subscription unless you cancel subscription at least 24 hours before expiration of the pack.
    : Automated transaction happens within 24 hours before the subscription period ends. If you want to cancel subscription, you must request cancelation at least 24 hours before subscription period ends.
    : Subscription Management / Cancelation Guide

    : Just like regular package, you cannot receive daily rewards with subscription package (Karats, Valor) unless you log in.
    : If you are using regular package, you can purchase the subscription package after regular package expires.

    [Guild Shop Change]
    : New Bastille Select Summon has been added to Guild Shop. Also, Bastille Shard price will be changed.

    [Party Shop Update]
    : Following items will be added to Party Shop

    [Mileage Shop Update]
    : Following items will be added to Mileage Shop

    [Christine Added to 5★ Select Summon of Perfect Pack]
    : New servant Christine has been added to Fire/Water/Forest 5★ Selection Summon of Perfect Pack.

    [Lucrecia Added to 5★ Select Summon]
    : Lucrecia has been added to Fire/Water/Forest 5★ Select Summon and Light/Dark 5★ Select Summon obtainable through Craft.
    : You can obtain all 5★ servants beside Ignis and Christine from 5★ Select Summon from Craft.

    [Lucrecia Added to List of Available Shards of Lucky Chest]
    : Lucrecia Shards are now available from Lucky Chest.

    [Phantom Swordswoman, Simone & Gray Shadow, Spiegel Avatar Discount Ended]
    : Phantom Swordswoman, Simone & Gray Shadow, Spiegel avatar discount has ended. These skins can now be purchased at $14.99.

    ◆Bug Fix◆
    : Fixed issue that changed the servant preview screen's effect size on iPad devices.
    : Fixed issue that applied some servants'([Dark][Fire] Sinistra, [Forest]Lucrecia) Passive Effect on allies instead of enemies depending on the party slot in Party Raid.
    : Fixed issue that Valors obtained from World Battle did not immediately update on Owned Valor.
    : Added new tip to Tower Invasion loading screen instead of original tip about Honor Points.
    : Fixed issue that removed some texts from event name from event tab when game language is Korean in Japan server.
    : Fixed issue that did not display Party Raid Contents Open Notice Pop-up when Heirs reach Crusade Level 32.
    : Fixed issue that displayed some servants available as Enhance Materials when selecting a servant with Max Level / Max Skill Level or a Skill Bun.
    : Fixed issue that did not correctly display Japanese when choosing Korean as game language in Japan server.
    : Fixed issue that did not correctly display Wave Effect Icon when same Wave Effect Icon stacks in Party Raid.
    : Fixed issue that engaged Party in the exact same battle in Party Raid when Heirs retry a successful Party Raid with the exact same Party.
    : Fixed issue that prevented servants of Party Members from using Combo Skill if a servant dies right before activating a Combo Skill.
    : Fixed issue that prevented servants of Party Members from using Combo Skill & Active Skill if an enemy target of a Combo Skill dies right before the Combo Skill activation.
    : Fixed issue that prevented usage of servants that were placed in World Battle as enhance materials after abnormally ending World Battle the day before.
    : When you share Friend Invite through Facebook, you can now directly post the URL link with the Facebook account you are logged in with.
    : Fixed issue that both ally and enemy servants used Combo Skills at the same time.
    : Fixed issue that potential "Reduces AoE Damage upon being hit in PvP" did not apply correctly against some AoE Combo Skills because the Combo Skills were not registered as AoE Skill.
    : Fixed network issue that occurs when using servant enhance material under certain circumstance after setting up World Battle Deployment with more than 2 devices.
    : Fixed issue that did not remove Red dot notification from Normal Chat when invited to a Party Raid unless Heirs revisit normal chat after visiting different tab in chat.
    : Fixed issue that started one additional battle in Abaddon when Repeat Battle was canceled in certain steps.
    : Fixed issue that redirected Heirs to Sanctuary area when selecting "Go to Sanctuary" from quest even when Sanctuary are is not open.
    : Fixed issue that displayed different servant name when selecting enemy servant with an avatar on in Tower Invasion / Mock Battle.

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