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[Note] Developer's Note #4

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  • [Note] Developer's Note #4

    In the feedback from Heirs, we were informed that there is really no use for support characters, how they should be buffed, and other support-related critiques. It is indeed true that support characters are rarely used.

    As you may already know, a party of 4 that is already comprised of a Tank, 2 DPS, and a Healer means that it is difficult for a Support to find a place in the team.

    The development team is trying to find a suitable solution for these support characters. However, multiple changes regarding the support's preferred direction have led to delayed updates and a solution is yet to be determined. We believe that a lot of the support characters must be revamped for the game to remain balanced. Their loss would not be detrimental to the Heir of Light's fun gameplay, but we will continue to share the support's development direction, observe feedback, and patch the issue as soon as possible."

    Support Character Direction

    1. Transition Support characters to DPS or Tanks

    How awesome would it be if your 5★ Support was a DPS instead... Forest and Fire Carmilla can act as DPS or become Tanks.

    2. Give DoT effects to Support characters.

    There are a lot of DoT characters being used in the higher dungeon floors. A variety of classes have characters with DoT effects. We expect an increase in the number of DoT characters in certain dungeons and plan to add this effect to support characters as a special ability. DoT effects will be applied to Forest Leto, Water Leto, Forest Koume, Fire Belladonnas, and Water Reynar for the 2.0 patch.

    3. Support Buffs

    Fire Spiegel's Wave effect from the previous patch, provided an additional attack power or effects. This and other support features that enhance abilities is another method by which we can revitalize support characters.

    4. Drastically increase Secondary Combo Skill Rate.

    We have applied this to all support characters. Matching the secondary support mark with a primary DPS mark will allow the DPS to use another combo skill. We expect that this would help the character deal a massive amount of damage. Not enough damage? Use it with the Chain Rune to increase damage output even further. We will increase support characters default probability to 50%. Match all 3 Chain Rune Sets to substantially increase the probability by up to 71%.

    So, these are our current plans on revitalizing support characters. Please continue giving us your feedback, as we value all opinions and work towards improving our characters.

    Unfortunately, we weren't able to inform you about this sooner, due to the high number of updates. We hope that these functions will help with the current situation support characters are faced with.

    Recommended Character!

    How in the world can I beat this dungeon?
    How did other Heirs do it?
    Which character should I develop first?
    I asked them on the forums, but I'm not sure where to use these characters.

    Feeling lost? Do not fear, the Recommended Character function is here!

    Characters are recommended based on the most successful teams that users had in the last 1-2 months.

    The 10th floor of Omen's Void is full of Water Grisettes and Water Moiras.

    All everyone cares about is the 5-Star characters, but 3-Star characters are useful as well! Let's be real, it's hard to get 5-Stars. So, diversity is important!

    Therefore, the recommendation list will display 2 or more of your characters.

    In addition, if you select [View Overall Rank], the most used team will be recommended, even if you don't have the characters.

    The team that is in 3rd place will recommend 3 Servants that you don't have.

    Finally, you may view the TOP 15 most frequently used characters for dungeons.

    Through these recommendations, we hope to help you develop characters more effectively and form strategic teams."

    - In order to provide accurate information, 11th floor dungeon recommendations will not be displayed for now."
    - Heide's Void 6th floor and higher have been greatly modified and thus it's information will not be displayed at this time.

  • #2

    I do not believe changing support characters to tanks would make sense. In my opinion having only 4 slots for dungeons is where the real issue is, if we had 5 slots I believe that would greatly enhance the compositions that can be used. A lot of supports have passives for healers but generally can’t be used because taking a support and healer means you only have one dps which can slow clears or cause wipes. I have seen in a lot of similar games where 5 man formations are used and are quite successful. If 5 man comps are used obviously scaling would have to be looked at. **REMOVING MASTERS WONT ADD AN ADDITIONAL SLOT BECAUSE YOU WILL ALWAYS NEED A TANK**

    The Current update I give it 4 out of 5 stars because I know it’s a work in progress. The 11f change is refreshing yet the idea of only getting 3 stones a day is lacking, I believe 6 times then charging karats is something that would be more appeasing to the masses. Many on my server are viewing the 3 clear limit as a “pay wall”.

    Friend system a great add but definitely is lacking. Adding servant sharing 1 time a day with a mentor system for Heirs 49 and below would be awesome. But again friend system great add.

    Master transcending good stuff however could we be expecting invasions to include l/d mons maybe once a month or quarter be something we can see or the shard drop rates have to be relooked at. I farmed dark exec for 2hours today and got 1 shard. Keeping in mind we also need to farm runes farm materials and abbadon just not enough valor to support that.

    Servants that should be looked at are forest and fire Sphinx , who imo should be the direct upgrades to Laura’s no additional healers. Fire Lucien is a good healer with Rez, I think she she should get fire Sphinx shield added to her skill 1 making her a more late game focused healer. And the Sphinx ( fire, forest, water) the 5* dot servants. Obviously tweaking supports is on going. Maybe introducing a “ rally” passive for some tanks that when healers get attacked their taunt abilities have a chance to come off cd. Just thoughts.

    PvP the health buff didn’t seem significant from what I saw but I am sure those adjustments are on going.

    This patch is the step in the right direction we hope to see new dungeons coming as well. Thanks for your time.


    Lumen - US Server.
    Last edited by Lumen; 08-24-2018, 09:34 AM.


    • #3
      Also Verdant 11 poses a challenge that was an oversight I believe . The ONLY range champ that can heal block is light Hopkins and it’s on his combo. I don’t see a lot of light hops floating around. Even if you use water luc to dispel the heal it’s back up in 1 second because verdant will have cast an ability. Please address great concept for a boss fight, but the heal is lacking foresight. I attempted with fire Leto, forest Leto and forest sin. Forest Sin hit for 500k and Verdant laughed and healed it back up in 5 seconds.


      • #4
        Some QoL changes

        I am Arkaine from USA server, and I love the last update that you made. It is a huge step for the game imo, and with some advertising you can acquire much more players than before.I love the game so I will do my best to devote my time to explain how the game may develop better in the future. I hope you listen to your playerbase about the game, let's start :

        - Supports should trigger ults much more often, that would make them be used more. Also some of them should be more attack based, some of them should be more defense based according to the stats.

        - Supreme awakening stone requirement is a bit too much, it would be much better if the tries are either increased to 5-6 times a day, or you halve the supreme stone requirements. Ten weeks to awaken one character to 3. awakening is quite long, of course you can use karats, but hey, players would love to use karats for summons and refills, right?

        - The new Hp buff for pvp made pvp just the way I wanted. One shotting tanks with skill builds wasn't fun, hope the game never goes to that direction again. Steady dps options are now also viable, the only thing about pvp is that skills or combo skills that deal damage according to Enemy Max HP may have a problem, it seems that these skills doesn't scale accordingly.

        - Pvp teams that consist of one color should receive a small buff, cause it is easy to counter them with the opposing color.

        - It may be hard to balance, but I want a guild war system like abaddon. Each guild should have a guild castle, and two people should choose one of their monsters to create their tile. It can have 20-25 floors, so the attacking guild should clear the monsters chosen by the defenders. First floors should add little stats to the monsters chosen to defend, later floors should make monsters more formidable like abaddon. Guilds can buff their defenses with gold donation, or honor point donation ( U can find a new point for that)... The first guilds may be rewarded with guild buffs, pve buffs at certain levels ( dungeon, abad, xp etc)

        -Monsters are divided by classes which seems real cool on theory but on paper.... I think tank mobs should gain resistance by evolving or gaining certain levels ( at level 50, monster gains % 10 resistance)... Support or healers should gain some speed the same way... It can be hard to balance, the speed stat but I think you guys can manage it.

        - Monster relations are a great idea, and improves the experience for me. But some five star monsters are related to four star monsters, which feels a bit weak.

        - Skins may change monster relations, for example Samhain queen Lucien must befriend someone other than mary lol.... This may be a bad idea, because it will be an encouragement to sell skins to the players

        -We should be able to test our own PVP team, like the invasion tower. Most players want it, it would be a great addition to the game.

        - Make 4 monsters vs 4 monsters pvp a possibility. Make it just beta, make it give no rewards, but most players want to use 4 monsters vs enemy 4 monsters... The possibilities and monster relations just make me excited for this mode.

        - Make players get more skill buns, because on dev notice it was clear that you wanted the players to get more monsters... Well, monsters are useless without skill buns , and we need more of them...Otherwise we have some toys to play without batteries.

        That's all I can think of now, I hope I was able to present some ideas to you. Hope they work in the future. Gj on the current patch.


        • #5
          Some feedback

          Hello, Devs!

          So some thoughts then, I like the new direction the game is taking. I believe a lot of us are at least somewhat overwhelmed with all the new awakening/transcend system. Over all I like it. I would however point out that the Supreme Stones, are well very "grind" oriented with a mere 3 a day, it'd take well not impossible, but discouragingly long to get done, especially with the amount of servants we use, even prioritizing does not paint a pretty picture. As for the requirements for the new awakening dungeons, I do enjoy them quite a bit, however some are rather difficult, Verdant with his heal makes it well, ridiculous to be honest. Abysmal is also kind of a problem, the threshold for it is 25k hp on supports, Considering most supports have 2nd rune slot for speed and 6th rune slot for accuracy, it makes reaching the threshold exceedingly difficult.

          PvP with the increased hp makes it more entertaining, fights last longer, but it was a good change. No more one shot tanks at least until we get the more advanced awakenings and transcended servants.

          5* servants are lovely, and it's great getting them. Although, there is a huge disparity between 5* servants and skill buns. There are too few possible ways to earn Skill buns for skilling up servants. Roughly to cap one it takes between 15 - 25 skill points. Which is a ton. With having so many different uses of the servants, some specifically for Dungeons, others for PvP and so on. It doesn't allow us to keep up or ever catch up for that matter.

          The servants changes have been pleasant, adding the DoTs has further increased their usefulness.
          But seeing as how that wasn't the problem it hasn't fixed anything. The huge limiting factor is not that they aren't good or useful, quite the contrary. Supports are a excellent way of adding some depth to the games format. The problem is finding space to put them in the party with the limited allotted slots being 3 (4 with the master). We would no doubt use them had we the space to use them as their buffs are greatly desired, be it buffs for greater speed, defence, attack, Heal of time, you name it. They are so useful we love Supports, there's just no space for them since most of the time we cannot afford to not have two damage dealers.

          The increased secondary combo rate is quite nice but it ties in with the factor of not having space for having the support in the first place. So while it's idea is welcomed it falls a bit short.

          Recommended Character Chart!
          Love it, this feature will greatly benefit new players joining the game and wondering what characters are good and needed for what.

          Berum - USA Server