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ABADDON! zero to HERO Guide!

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  • ABADDON! zero to HERO Guide!

    Heir of Light Abaddon guide for beginners!

    As the game is only newly released, it is likely that you reading this do not yet have a full team of units at your disposal as do other whale users.

    No fear! This guide is specifically made to tailor to any new player's needs and is completely f2p-based. All you need is effort and a week's worth of time and you will clear at least the first 15 stages of Abaddon, no sweat!

    The strategies are simple. Using either Bjorn or Saighead master, Belladonnas, your favourite tank and one more decent damage dealer, focus on building them up to 5 stars first. This process is easy and you should be able to get this done in just a few days. MAKE SURE TO EVOLVE YOUR SELECT MASTER FIRST! The game will reward you with awesome loot for a whole week including two 2x exp buffs! Use these to hasten up your 5 star team construction. DO NOT RECRUIT 3 MASTERS (just 2)!

    But here's the plot twist: only Belladonnas will be used for Abaddon just because her damage output is unimaginable. The point of crafting this 5 star team is to power through Dark chapter 4 (that is the elemental quests that you clear for rewards). When this is done, recruit Ishmael for free!

    He will be your choice Master for Abaddon and here's why:

    Firstly, he has a neutral element. This means he can tank every floor reasonably consistent and well. You likely do not have many elemental tanks at your disposal right now so neutral is best. Focus all your runes on one unit and you're set!

    Secondly, his skills are easy to max out unlike natural 4 star units where you need to slowly purchase skill units and hope for the best. His main arsenal is his first skill. At Ishmael level 10, you are able to max the buff duration of his first skill and this puts him at 30 sec taunt + 45 seconds level 3 defense buff all in just one skill. Taunt + defense buff? Yes please! This is important because his taunt completes its cool down at around 30 seconds which means he can potentially maintain aggro for a long long time. He is arguably stronger than most double-taunt units because the time-cost of only needing to taunt once every 30 seconds implies that your team has more time to cast their own skills instead of wasting time using a second taunt after a 20 second taunt is up.

    Thirdly, Ishmael comes all in one an insane debuff unit. He brings to the table ESSENTIAL debuffs that are uncommon to other units. These debuffs are Attack Break, Glancing Debuff and a stun. Along with his bubble shield and defense buff, these debuffs make him absolutely tanky and he will be able to stand strong while the rest of your team deals their damage.

    However Ishmael does have his drawbacks. Almost immediately you'll notice his lacking of a defense Stat. However I would advice you to build him with some defensive runes just because his taunt skill applies a multiplicative defense buff which further increases his tankiness. And second and most importantly, unlike standard tanks, the need for him to be alive is a lot more crucial. Since he's a master, if he dies, your team suffers a max hp decrease PENALTY! This means that when he dies, you're pretty much in trouble.

    Moving on, we now have 2 units! Belladonnas and Ishmael! Great! But what about the other two units? So here's the interesting part.

    During the Dark awakening days, try defeating any stage with a Dark Gottorp. If you're lucky, you will unlock his 3 star farmable mystery dungeon. If possible, farm 2 of this guys! Here's why: each of his three skills come with an enemy max hp scaling bonus. Abaddon is known to have monsters with incredibly high max hp. These 3 star units are easy to rune because their output is mostly governed by their skill's own effect, and less so by their stats. So two of these guys will certainly be enough to take down enemies on a scaling factor. This means they are equally reliable on stage 1 vs stage 20.

    If you'd rather not use double units, you could put a healer for the 4th slot instead. But try to pick a healer who heals based on their own max hp as do Miya (but not her of course). If you lucked out with a strong damage dealer pull, you may choose to use him. I wouldn't recommend damage-over-time units though. If you use a fire type dot dealer, he will do 0 damage to water type enemies which means he becomes useless 1/5th of the time. Not cool. Dark dot dealers do not damage light types, vice versa. So either use a 2nd Gottorp, a strong hp-based healer or a very hard hitter for the 4th spot.

    And that's it! You now own a very strong team capable of taking down Abaddon like a paid user! Keep this guide on a down low! We don't want too many people getting the idea too soon now do we

    Have fun, heirs of light!

    User ID : Fücker
    Server : SEA