Hello all,

at the beginning I would like to apologize for any language mistakes, but English is not my native language.

Skill set window should be modify and allow player to choose example with "marks" or by clicking the icon which skills (alrdy in game we have "Equip" button) i want to use in battle and game should remember my last choice so player don't need to do it every time before battle but only when it's need it. For now skill sets takes too much time imo and after all differences between Set 1 and Set 2 are minimal because after all "endgame" will focus on the same specific active nad passive skills so imo better to strive for simplicity and minimalism where player can easily and comfortably change all skills (active nad passive) in one window befour battle/pvp etc. Summarizing in the character tab, we improve all skills by giving points, and before the start of the fight (any) as we can currently choose sets in the window, it would be nice to see the skills that will be useful during the fight (even active at the beginning).

Game should have friend list + post system that allows u to send at least short message to your friends even if they are offline.

If game have already stars system u should think about "Quick clear" option which is active when player reach 3 stars on dungeon/mission etc. and this will safe a lot of time because not everyone have whole day for playing.

"Repeat Battle" should have more options like allow me to do runs until all valor will spend or let me decide how many runs i want to do because sometimes u need more than 10 (currently max).

"Repeat Battle" - option should be available not only during regular stages but also in all dungeons (mystery, awaking material) and voids (omen/heide's).

If the game already has a run system, it should also have the option to quickly move to the place where you can get a specific rune that interests me.

That will be all for now.

Thank You for this great game and keep up the good work.