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The Untold Story of the Genensis. Chapter 0. The Preface

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  • The Untold Story of the Genensis. Chapter 0. The Preface

    < Preface: To all who seek the past>

    Message from Yagoda Perkins, President of the Theological Studies Society.

    Greetings to the faithful who are reading this. As this old man’s literary acumen is lacking compared to the other scholars who contributed to the writing of this tome, I ask for your forbearance should you find the prose somewhat crude and clichéd.

    (Flynn: Why even bother apologizing if you’re going to keep on writing anyway, you old fart?)

    Welcome to our home, the Trove of Usher, dear readers. We have been waiting for brave souls such as yourselves.
    In this massive vault filled with scrolls and parchments, we have recorded and accumulated the truths of this land and the history of the world’s foundation.
    We have solemnly awaited someone worthy to appear before us to pass on this tremendous legacy.

    (Flynn: Like anyone will ever show up. Who would be crazy enough to be interested in inheriting a vault that contains a bunch of smelly old books, some gloomy-looking portraits, and mummified guards who died of starvation after getting lost in the storage?)

    As you already know, Usher, our beloved world, is dying. This planet is sinking into ruin, twisted and blighted by a substance of void and destruction called “Nuu’s Blood.” The Nuu’s Blood was first released into this world by careless gods of old, gods who abandoned their creations. This has led to the loss of countless relics and legacies from our ancestors. Grand cities, timeless knowledge, and magnificent artworks were swept away by the dark blood to the end of the world, to the Depths. Into that bottomless abyss where all things dead, forgotten, and bereft of warmth lay.

    We have sent many men and women down into that pit. They bravely ventured down to recover the vestiges of history that the Cathedral Knights and the Heirs created. They risked their lives in the hopes of bringing back even a single fragment of the legacies that must be passed down to later generations. Most did not make it back, but a few miraculously managed to return. They returned holding the precious records left by our ancestors tightly in their arms, like the Holy Mother Morning Star holding a newborn star in her arms.

    Our scholars translated the relics that many men and women sacrificed themselves to bring back and put every last detail into writing. This was done to tell our descendants who we are, how we came into being, and what we must fight for. In other words, to tell you, the readers of this tome and the faithful of the Church.
    You are the children who were born during the darkest times in Usher’s history. The brave heroes who shall cast off all frustration, fear, and despair, and are resolved to face this terrible world head on.

    You are our hope, the embers that will burn brightly into the future. You are the little stars that, together with Morning Star, leader of the Church, will shine brightly in the pitch-black night.
    From the bottom of my heart, I express my deepest gratitude to you all. I thank you for loving us as your parents and forgiving us for our shortcomings, for filling our broken hearts with your love, and for inheriting this treasure trove of history that we have rebuilt.

    We are truly happy that we can take part in your brave journey. And we are delighted that the theological papers and tomes of the Heirs that we transcribed will be of great help to you. Thus, we will continue to strive to remain helpful on your endeavors.

    This ramble has gone on long enough, so I will bring it to a close. From here on, you will see the full records of this world that we have discovered. Open your eyes wide and turn over to the next page. I swear in the name of all scholars that your eyes and mind will never be bored.

    (Flynn: Ha, yeah right. That vow was already broken even before you ended your spiel.)
    Then I wish you a pleasant read and leave you to the words of this tome. (Flynn: Thank god, I thought it would never end.)

    May Morning Star be with you.

    - Yagoda “Jeremiah” Perkins, Scribe of the Church and President of the Theological Studies Society.

    (Flynn: And Evenezer "Justine" Flynn, Leader and Only Member of the Heretical Theologian Gathering.)

    *President’s note: Friar Wilhem, discard this poor excuse of a manuscript at once. The manuscript I sent you did not have these scribbles. And please make sure that the name of that cursed scoundrel never appears on any of my manuscripts again.

    *Wilhem’s Note: It will be rectified as soon as possible. And I will warn the scribes not to write the name of that "cursed scoundrel" even as a joke.

    *Flynn’s note: Yeah, give it your best shot. I've got nothing but time.
    *Flynn’s note (2): But hey, aren’t you being rather harsh calling someone a "cursed scoundrel"?
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