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The Untold Story of the Genensis. Chapter 1. The Age of Gods

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  • The Untold Story of the Genensis. Chapter 1. The Age of Gods

    {Before reading: A message from the Church}

    This document has been written for the faithful who are interested in the history and mythology of Usher. The text concerning individual countries was written by referencing the historical records of each country, and the ancient myth section is based on ancient documents deciphered by our scholars. As the two subjects appear blended together in some passages, please discern actual historical records from myth at your own discretion. This note was added due to repeated requests from Professor Flynn, a heretical theologian of the Church of Morning Star.

    (Flynn: Hmm? When did I ever make those requests? I only marked the bits that needed to be corrected in red. The entire book, in fact. But that’s no more than what an editor would do, right?)

    <The Age of Gods>

    {Ahura and Nuu}

    The gods that existed in the very beginning of time.

    They are the oldest names that appear in the literature of Usher, but very little is known about them. Although their appearances in the myths are brief, they were the keys to the beginning of everything in this world. Scholars of the Church of Morning Star have studied their secrets for a long time, but no one has been able to discover who they were or where they came from.

    But after a peculiar incident with a book called the *Tome of the Kindred (*Originally pronounced "Al Harvaat’naikurtftulkhoakel," but the scholars simply call it the Tome.) that contains the knowledge of supernatural beings came into the Church’s possession, we managed to learn a few things about Ahura and Nuu. Although it is a little disappointing that we obtained this information through an "illusion" -- thanks to the efforts of a scholar who meticulously documented the illusion that they had seen -- we were able to get a glimpse of the secrets behind the birth of our world.

    The following paragraphs are a verbatim excerpt from the recordings of Flynn, the scholar who deciphered the Tome of the Kindred and witnessed the illusion. But before you continue reading, there is something you should note. The scholar who drafted the following document is infamous within the Church for being eccentric. Brace yourself for their terrible handwriting as well as a crude writing style. If you find it difficult to read or understand a passage, it would be best for your mental health to skip to the next line instead of trying to decipher its meaning.

    ...First, let me make one thing clear. The way this world was created or the truth about gods isn't something great or astonishing. And most importantly, such knowledge is completely useless. If you ever discover the secrets of this world, you will probably feel a sense of accomplishment at having learned something, but what can you actually do with this knowledge? Would you go to the markets and shout, "I've uncovered the secrets of this world and the gods! I'll start telling you about them now, so everyone shut up and listen!" If you did something like that, you would find yourself wearing a straitjacket, strapped tight, and confined to a padded room in a mental ward. Especially if what you say is as absurd as what I am about to recount now.

    I'm only writing this because I have to fill this crappy paper before I can have a cup of oh-so-delicious coffee. I'm not interested in letting other people know about this, nor do I wish to gain any fame by writing this down. I just want to have some coffee as soon as possible and get rid of this ****ed headache.

    In the beginning, the Cosmos was empty, and gods wandered aimlessly in that Cosmos. But they weren't the archetypal entities that we normally associate with divine beings. For one thing, they were life forms. But they did not have corporeal bodies. They didn't have a solid body of flesh and blood, for they were closer to being a massive cluster of microscopic organisms. They resembled in appearance a vast galaxy filled with boundless cosmic life energy. Though, to my eyes, they looked like water plants mixed with a generous amount of glittering powder.

    Despite being called "gods," they weren't really great enough to justify their deification. To start with, they weren't immortals, neither did they perform miracles. They never took an interest in creating new life, nor did they ever bear a sense of responsibility to nurture a world using their powers. There was no reason or context for their existence. They simply, spontaneously, came into being. The only thing great thing about them was that they were extremely old.

    They wandered aimlessly in the Cosmos for billions of years, unaware of each other’s existence. Every once in a blue moon, they would pass near a rocky planet, where gravity pulled them toward each other and merged them into one. Imagine two magnets sticking together to form a single piece. When that happened, the normally useless mass of watery plants performed incredible miracles. Planets that merged with the gods started having days and nights from that moment on.

    The planet that we live on, Usher was also created in the same way. The gods who swallowed our planet were Ahura and Nuu. Ahura resembled morning, while Nuu was like night. Astronomers today claim that the sun we see is an eye of Ahura, and the moon an eye of Nuu.

    The merging of day and night led to days, and then the sky came to being. When the sky was born, warmth began to spread on the lifeless rocky planet, giving birth to a new world. New lives continued to be born, and eventually, the first man, Orm, and the first woman, Ormu, came into existence. And astonishingly, unlike their parents Ahura and Nuu, Orm and Ormu had distinctive shapes and material bodies.

    I can't say for sure if Orm and Ormu are Ahura and Nuu’s direct offspring. Those two could have been life forms that had been slumbering on this planet for a long time before the gods arrived, or perhaps they were the larvae of some parasites that were hiding inside Ahura and Nuu’s guts for immeasurable eons. In any case, the important thing here is that this is how this world began. There were no grand designs behind the birth of this world.

    No one wanted to create this world or had some special purpose in mind. The world we live on is merely a result of an accidental meeting between two gods. It is no different from filling a waterskin made from sheep bladder with grape juice and forgetting about it for a while, and getting wine from it later.

    The Children’s Book of the Church of Morning Star tells a different tale of Ahura and Nuu. The Ahura and Nuu who appear in the Children’s Book are depicted as a lot more fun and playful than what we grown-ups know. In the book, how Ahura and Nuu came to create the first husband and wife is told as below.

    One day, Ahura and Nuu wanted to test whose power, day or night, is stronger. So they created the first man and woman, Orm and Ormu, in their image. Then they set the couple down on a remote planet. Ahura and Nuu waited to see the two pitting their strength against each other. But contrary to the gods’ intentions, Orm and Ormu did not fight each other. Instead they fell in love. Orm and Ormu soon joined together and gave birth to warm life forms on this desolate planet. Ahura and Nuu found Orm and Ormu's relationship fascinating and continued to observe them quietly.

    I used to really hate this story for being so preposterous, but after seeing that illusion, I sometimes think that I would rather believe in this story instead. I don't know why. To be honest, I have no strength left to think or even keep holding this pen. Thanks to a splitting headache, that is. So give me that ****ed coffee you promised right now!

    Church’s note: Flynn later became an atheist after witnessing this ridiculous birth of the world.

    Church’s note: Upon being asked what Orm and Ormu looked like, Flynn answered, “Unless you want to doubt your whole life after hearing my answer, don't bother asking that question.”

    President’s note: Friar Wilhem, didn’t I tell you to edit those "coffee" parts out?

    Wilhem’s note: Forgive me for making excuses, but no matter how I try, those sentences won't disappear. I'm not joking, they keep reappearing as if the pen is possessed. I have tried soaking the passages in oil and pasting pieces of paper over it, but nothing worked. Perhaps we should request the Psychic Research Society to do something about it?

    President’s note (2): Are you asking that we should waste our funds to exorcise a ghost from this book??

    Wilhem’s note (2): My apologies, I didn't think it through. I will instruct the scribes to transcribe the book again.

    Flynn’s note: Hey, don't be so harsh on the kids. What have they done wrong to be forced to do such tedious labor? If anything, they should be out playing!
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