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[Lore] Tale of Lucien, The Fairy Godmother

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  • [Lore] Tale of Lucien, The Fairy Godmother

    * Lucien Concept Art

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    < Tale of Lucien, The Fairy Godmother...
    The queen of hummingbirds and the goddess of magpies

    The godmother is the mother of Pixies, the embodiment of the light that shines through the leaves and fresh spring winds.

    The youngest queen gave the Pixies the forest, which was the heart of the world.

    In turn, the Pixies lent the godmothers a portion of the their power.

    But the power they received was too great for mortal beings to bear.

    The power of nature was a double-edged sword, it both took and gave life.

    As this power was too strong and unpredictable, the godmothers decided that they would never use it for themselves.

    So, the hummingbirds stood before the godmothers.

    They pledged to become their swords and to guard them with their lives.

    To protect the noble hummingbirds, the godmothers developed a sword technique which imitated the rain and the wind.

    It is with this technique, the youngest queen would guard the kingdom of the Pixies.

    They made sure the humans understood the power of nature and why it was they who guarded the forest.

    However, their power and skill could not save them.

    Though they were able to stop the greedy humans from entering the forest, their swords could not stop the tainted blood.

    They fought hard but it wasn't enough.

    Corruption and decay were not creatures they could simply be defeated.

    Fending off the corruption, the godmothers, fell one by one.

    The taint of the forest grew while the number of those to protect it fell.

    Lucien was not the last godmother in Usher. However, she knew that soon, she would perish as well.

    She decided that she would spend the last of her days taking care of the young Pixies.

    Feeling as though she had failed to protect anyone or anything, she wanted to leave something to the world before she died.

    What she would leave behind was hope.

    Nuu's Blood began entering the forest of Elpis with Lucian as the sole godmother.

    Anything that Nuu's Blood touched melted and became one with the blood itself.

    The forest began to decay much faster than it would have through natural causes.

    The decay made its way to the king of the Pixies.

    Though she had previously refused to draw the hummingbird sword, she drew it against the decay.

    And Lost..

    Her death was excruciatingly painful.

    There was nothing glorious or heroic about it.

    Her corpse lay atop a heap of Pixie bodies as Nuu's Blood slowly melted her, making her indistinguishable from the pile.

    The godmother was no longer a supernatural being and she was no longer the world of magic and gods.

    There was no room for dream-like stories in the world full of despair and grief.

    She blamed herself for not being able to save anyone.

    She accepted her death as she thought of the faces of the Pixies she could do nothing for.

    As she continued to rot away among the Pixie bodies, it was then she was woken up by someone.

    A cold, soft, white hand grabbed the godmother's hand and pulled her out of the heap of melting flesh.

    That's when she was her. A girl wearing a white dress that flowed elegantly in the warm spring winds.

    The princess of midsummer had come with the spring wind from the North.

    She ruled over the flowers, the white-headed butterflies, and endless grass plains.

    She woke the dying Lucien from her slumber and whispered in her ear.

    "The leaves are rotting in winter, and the dead trees resemble skeletons.
    The fish are freezing in the lanes, and the robins are dying of hunger.

    The time of death and decay is drawing nearer.

    But do not despair. The green fields and wonderful butterflies will not forget you.
    I will be here, standing by your side.

    The princess of midsummer promised to protect the Pixies and spirits for her.

    But that promise came with a price.

    "Bring me children. Bring me countless children. The innocent lambs that love and believe in Pixies. Frolic amongst them. Take them to a safe place where they cannot be found and dance with them for all eternity. Help them dream of a place where Pixies can be loved for all eternity and where they will never know of the despair that once befell them."

    Having lost everything, the godmother was vexed by the princess's words

    Lucien was alive once more, but her mind was lost in a dream.
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