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Once upon a time, there was a lamb in the plains far from where we're standing.
A tiny lamb without a name, bell, nor shepherd.

The lamb looked around but there was nothing around.
The lamb called for its mother.
No answer.
This time, the lamb called for its father.
Again.. no answer.

The lamb was feeling nervous..
The lamb looked around to find its friends but there were no other lambs.
No footsteps, no sound of bells, no trace of eating grass, no sound of shepherd's whistle... nothing..

Trembling in fear, the lamb asked itself

" Where is everyone?
Why am I here alone?
Am I being punished for doing something wrong? "

The lamb couldn't remember anything because nothing camp up on the mind.

So the lamb began to think again

" Have i been sleeping for too long?
Is that why other lambs and sheeps left me? "

But there were no traces of existence..
Only a view of endless plains..

The lamb began to run in fear.
The fear of as if a hungry wolf would appear and bite down on its neck anytime soon.
So the lamb ran straight, without thinking about its direction, wherever its face was facing.
The lamb continued to run through the plains until the sunset.
However, no matter how much and how long the lamb ran, only thing it could see was an empty plain.
Just a quiet and endless plains without sheeps nor wolves.

The lamb was exhausted after running and running.
So it fell on the ground.
Hooves broken, furs tangled, and heart beating fast.
Body felt so heavy.
Couldn't get up.
So the lamb closed the eyes.
When the deep night came where even stars and moon were asleep, cold dews overwhelmed the lamb.

The lamb thought
"All is over.. I will disappear soon"

Then another thought came to the mind.

"But why do I need to disappear?
What did I do wrong to be left alone?
Why do I have to die without knowing anything? "

This thought started a fire in the lamb's heart.
The lamb was furious.
Very very angry that the lamb's frozen body began to melt.

The lamb cut off tangled furs.
The lamb cut off all furs in the body.
stomped the ground with all of its force over and over and over.
Then the lamb woke up.

When the lamb woke up in a place where it was not plains nor graves, not a day nor night.
But the lamb wasn't alone this time.
There was a lonely shepherd.
A shepherd with a bell and a leash

The lamb asked the shepherd
"Why are you crying?"

Shepherd answered.
" All my sheeps are gone.
I don't know where they went.
I've been calling them but no sheeps are answering
They've all left me.
Maybe they left me because I'm a bad shepherd.
I'm afraid I'd be alone forever "

The lamb replied
" I know how that feels
But you don't need to feel guilty.
It wasn't your fault that you are left alone.
We 're just all alone form our birth "

Shepherd answered
" I'm still scared.
It's too dark here and I can't see anything"

The lamb replied
" Then I will be by your side
But I don't mean that I will be your lamb.
I only meant that I will be with you
So do not put the leash and the bell on me"

Shepherd replied


Shepherd threw away the leash and the bell into the darkness.
Then the lamb sat next to the shepherd and the coldness turned to warmth
The lamb and the shepherd sat next together
Together until everything vanished into the darkness