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[Lore] Tale of Eimyrja, the Eternal Bride

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  • [Lore] Tale of Eimyrja, the Eternal Bride

    Eimyrja, the Eternal Bride

    Fairy tales and reality are completely different, but they do have one thing in common:
    Witches never get a happy ending.

    Excerpt from <The Witch and the Monster> by Timothy Vincent Burton

    There are certain things in this world that our eyes cannot see or rather should not see.
    Being made up of shadows, echoes of the past, and old bitter memories.
    They are neither dead nor alive, aimlessly wandering the world stuck in purgatory.

    But sometimes these beings will visit our world in the form of spirits.
    They bring prophecies of the future, signs of inevitable disaster, horrible curses to the people they encounter and then, disappear.

    Who are they?
    What do they want?
    Why are they here?

    We all wonder these things but don't expect a clear answer.
    They will speak to you but never give an answer because they died long ago.
    Living beings cannot understand the logic of the dead.

    We call these terrifying beings, ghosts.

    Long ago in Usher, it was considered a taboo to be out on a crossroad when the moon was not in the sky.
    It was believed that the center of the crossroad led to the world of the dead.
    The point where east, west, north, and south met.
    It is said that on nights where the moon was gone, mysterious lights were shed from the world of the dead and things that were once invisible were revealed.

    So people who walked the crossroads late at night often witnessed these ghosts.
    They saw many different kinds of ghosts.
    A soldier who deserted his comrades, a wraith who does not realize that he has died, and a skeleton knight who hunts those who escaped from the land of the dead.
    There is also the "Lady in Black".
    The goddess who guides lost souls at the crossroads.

    Most of the ghosts were related to ancient traditions or history of the region.
    However, one of these ghosts were quite strange.
    This ghost had been spotted only once and was not connected to any region.
    People called this mysterious ghost the "Red Bride"

    According to witnesses, the Red Bride wore an old wedding dress with hair as red as blood.
    It is said that the ghost holds a dagger in one hand and a burning skull in the other.
    Contrary to its horrifying appearance, this ghost has never attacked anyone.

    "I have heard that ghosts attack people in desire of their living bodies. But she never did. "

    Records show that this ghost usually appeared around dawn.
    Each time she came, she did something peculiar.
    One time, she was looking around while swinging the fiery skull in her hand.

    "She had a distressed look on her face as if someone was chasing her or should i say it was more like she was desperately trying to run away from here?
    Either way, it seemed like she was about to cry. "

    If a rooster crowed early in the morning or she came across a pedestrian, she would immediately flee.

    When she suddenly lifted her dagger, I thought she was going to attack.
    But instead, she stabbed herself in the chest.
    Bright flames burst out of her!
    Then, she disappeared in a flash.
    It was an extraordinary sight.

    This strange behavior of the Red Bride was always described similarly in every region.
    All of them told the same stories, even across different races and languages.
    Psychiatrists and occultists started to become interested in this great phenomenon and began tracing the history of this ghost.
    However, in the records, there weren't any incidents that could be connected to the Red Bride.
    So, they begin to look into folklore.

    After a while, they found some clues at Nathaniel Irving's home, built during the middle ages, from <The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow>.

    Apparently, a woman with red hair had lived alone in a birch forest.

    The clues left by Irving were only short notes.
    According to those records, the woman who lived in the forest was a herbal medicine maker.
    The doctors did not like that she was skilled in medicine and set a trap for her.
    They accused her of witchcraft which led to the witch trials.
    The woman was to be burned alive at the stake.
    However, a one-eyed soldier jumped out of the crowd, cut the rope with an ax, and escaped with the woman.

    The witch hunters chased after the woman and the soldier into the forest, but none of them ever returned.
    Ever since then, people call it the Sleepy Hollow, the forest where the witch, soldier, and people all disappeared.

    The scholars were disappointed.
    This was a connection to the Red Bride because the woman had red hair, but the story simply ended there.
    This caused people to end their research and give up on finding more clues.
    The sightings of the Red Bride also started to decline.
    Eventually, both scholars and storytellers began to forget the story of the Red Bride.

    One day, the story of the Red Bride was brought back to life by a letter sent to scholars.

    "I have nothing, I cannot have anything.
    Everything I grasp becomes broken, everything I touch turns to ashes.
    Why would you want to love someone as terrible as me?

    "I wish for you to be happy"

    Excerpt from <The Witch and the Monster> by Timothy Vincent Burton

    There was a period when sightings of a ghost called the Red Bride was widespread in Usher.
    It was a common occurrence to see ghosts at the crossroads when the moon did not rise.
    However, records show that no other ghost had been sighted as much as the REd Bride.
    The same stories were told in different languages and races throughout the land.

    Giant merchants who traveled from far off lands to sell jewels, elf tribes who sailed the rivers and the seas for Undra, humans who ventured in the exploration of the world for their human kingdoms, and even the pixies of the forest all knew the stories of the Red Bride.
    Witnesses say that they had really laid their eyes upon a red-haired ghost wearing a bloody wedding dress.

    Scholars looked into past events and records to see if they could be related to the Red Bride and this great phenomenon.
    But they weren't exactly happy with their findings.
    All they discovered was a story from the middle ages.
    A tale of a red-haired woman who was accused of being a witch and rescued from impending death by a one-eyed soldier.

    Although, it wasn't a success for the scholars, it became a wonderful muse for romance writers.
    A woman marked as a witch due to the greed of others, and a man who abandons his duty to save the life of his beloved.

    What a tragic love story!

    As speculations spread that this story was linked to the Red Bride, the imaginations of writers ran wild and they made various assumptions about this woman.

    The lovers who fled to the forest may have been captured by the witch hunters.
    They begged for a wedding day before they died.
    But after the woman was executed, the man was sent to the military court of law.
    The woman who died still wandered the crossroads in search of her lover who was not there.

    Or perhaps, the woman was with child and the man did not know.
    In order to hide it, the woman ran away on the eve of the wedding.
    Then, while running through the crossroad, she was hit by a wagon and died.
    Which is how the ghost came to be.

    There's another theory in which the man was actually very violent.
    He saved the woman because of her beauty.
    She knew the true intentions of this man and refused to love him.
    In the end,the man killed her out of anger and buried her at the crossroads.

    Or it may have all just been a mistake.
    He mistook his own sympathy for the woman as love as rescued her.
    The man later realized that he did not really love her and ran away the night before the wedding.
    He hid like a coward.
    The woman died of shock and heartbreak, still seeking the lover who abandoned her as a ghost.

    The story of the Red Bride gradually changed into a tale of a heartbroken woman abandoned by the man she loved, not the original story a man who rescued his lover.
    Being influenced by this story, the theme of the "Beauty and the Beast", which was all about tragic love, became popular amongst writers.
    (Well known works in this genre are The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Witch and the Monster by Tim Burton)

    Nothing lasts forever though.
    The sightings of the Red Bride started to decline and the people began to forget.
    With the disappearance of the Red Bride, the theme of tragic love started to become less of an influence in the world.
    The tales of the mysterious ghost faded into history....

    Until one day, a strange letter was sent to an unnamed publisher.
    They were records of ghosts and monsters.
    The sender of the letter was unknown and it had a bit of ink residue on it.
    However, the penmanship was elaborate and bold.
    The publishers were surprised after reading the letter.
    It wasn't because of the old-fashioned way of writing and speaking.
    The author of the letter was the first to tell the story of the Red Bride to Nathaniel Irving.
    Furthermore, the letter contained parts of the story that had never been revealed before.
    People were excited.
    The truth about the enigmatic red-haired ghost was finally coming to light.
    Below is a copy of the story of the Red Bride that was delivered in the letter.

    True Story of the Red Bride

    Long ago, there was a woman who lived in a birch forest.
    The woman grew herbs.
    She had bright red hair like the embers of a flame.
    Nobody knew who this woman was.
    She was not a princess or a pixie or a witch.
    She had lived there for a long time.
    But she was beautiful.
    She was truly a sight to behold.

    There was a man who lived outside the forest.
    The man loved the red-haired woman.
    But he didn't have any courage to show her his feelings.
    He was a coward.
    In order to gain bravery, he became a solder.

    Through the blood and ashes of the battlefield, his heart turned to stone.
    He became an excellent soldier who fought valiantly, even when losing an eye.
    But what he had gained was not courage.
    It was madness.
    An incurable disease which brought forth rage and turned him into a monster.

    The man was tired.
    The man was in anguish.
    He realized the more blood he spilled on the battlefield, the more he forgot who he was.
    So he left the battlefield.
    But his soul remained there.
    The man was in anguish.
    He knew that the woman he loved would hate him if she saw him like this.
    So, he decided to forget her.

    Then one day, he heard that she was in danger.
    The woman was excellent with medicine.
    So she had many enemies.
    They accused her of being a witch.
    She was to be burned at the stake.
    The man ran.
    His heart of stone pounded as if it would break.
    When he arrived in the village, he saw the angry mod lighting the fire.
    A heavy anger grew in him.
    When he arrived in the village, he saw the angry mob lighting the fire.

    When the man came to his senses, the woman was the only one left.
    She was shivering and blood covered the grounds upon which he stood.
    He saw the ax in his hand, and realized what he had done.
    It saddened him.
    He was sure that after seeing what kind of monster he was, the woman would hate him.
    He turned around.
    He tried to leave her forever but the woman ran after him, and caught him.

    The woman said nothing, and just hugged him.
    But the man didn't understand what that meant.
    he threw away the axe in his hand, along with his heart of stone.
    With great courage, the man embraced the woman.
    Their love made of blood and ashes.

    They could have had their happy ending.
    They could have disappeared into the forest forever.
    But there was something that stopped them.
    It was a beast.
    His eyes, which was lost in the battlefield, allowed a beast to hide in the hollow of his eye.
    The beast whispered to the man.
    It said that he was not worthy of happiness.
    It said that the people that he had hurt would return on day.
    That they would come back to burn down the house and woman he loved along with it.
    The woman did not listen to the beast.
    She stood by the man whenever he suffered, and embraced him.
    All they needed was each other.
    Nobody could tear them apart.
    She promised to marry him when this was all over.
    The man promised her as well.

    But the world is cruel.
    The king the man had served, sent angry men after him.
    He sent troops, hunters, and dogs.
    They were on the hunt for witches and monsters.
    He was looking for the demons who had burned down his village.
    He wanted to kill them.

    The woman was wise.
    She used her knowledge to keep people from entering the forest.
    But the man knew they were in danger.
    The king's army was made up of monsters.
    So he decided to leave her.
    Late at night, in the shadows of darkness, he left the woman he loved.
    Leaving pieces of his heart with her.
    He was determined to come back to her without fail.
    Then, he became a monster once more.

    After defeating the last hunter, the beast was satisfied.
    The beast went back to sleep and the man arose again.
    He headed back to the woman, but the forest refused him.

    He became flustered.
    He cut down the trees and the bushes, but the forest still didn't let him in.
    The man became desperate.
    The branches of the forest pushed him away and the trees attacked him.
    The forest smelled the man's blood and stopped him.
    It thought he was here to hurt the woman.
    The man cried out.

    A long time passed.
    There was a new king and city which was built upon the ruins of the village.
    However, the forest was dying.
    The man who had grown old and whose body had become weak finally went into the forest.
    The ancient trees could not stop him.
    The man returned to the home of the woman who he had been so longing to see.
    But what he saw caused him despair.

    The fence he had built had fallen down.
    The garden she had grown was dead and dry.
    The tree that the couple used to lay in the shade was cut down.
    Their home was destroyed.
    The most terrible sight of all was the dead remains of the woman he loved.
    She had stabbed herself with a dagger made from his stone heart.
    Her hair was no longer fiery red but a faded gray.

    She took her own life because she didn't want to show him how she had aged.

    The man drew the dagger from the woman's chest. Then he took the pure white dress he had gotten for her and placed it in her arms.
    The man dug a grave at their home and buried her.
    Then, with pain in his heart, he left.
    The man cursed himself and shed tears with only eye he had left.

    The man did not know then.
    He didn't just leave behind the cold body of the woman he loved, there was something attached to the dagger which was made from pieces of the man's heart.
    A memory of the woman's spirit was still alive in that place.

    It called out anxiously to the man.
    But he could not hear.
    He had left.
    He had left their home, the woods, and the village.
    He turned back to his old self, to the days of being covered in blood and ashes.
    The foolish beast and the beautiful woman had waited so long for each other, only to be separated forever.

    Thus, ends the story of the Red Bride.

    - To the Monster.(End of the Letter)

    This letter seemed to have inspired the publishers who read it.
    Instead of making it open to the public, they carefully repackaged the letter and gave it to the Church of the Morning Star.
    People are usually motivated by money.
    So, wouldn't they have published the letter?
    Did the tragic love story touch their hearts?

    The letter shed light on the truth about the Red Bride, But there were many questions left unanswered.
    Why did the Red Bride walk the crossroads with a skull in her hand?
    Why would she kill herself just because of old age?
    Who was the one-eyed soldier who loved her?
    Where is he now?
    Does her story really end there?

    Since the letter was found a hundred years ago, the mystery still lives on.
    It has peaked endless curiosity about the ghost who stand among us.

    Who can solve this mystery?
    What is the real answer?

    New stories of ghosts are always coming to light.

    Maybe you'll be the next protagonist!
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