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[Lore] Tale of Lenore, the Lady in Black

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  • [Lore] Tale of Lenore, the Lady in Black

    "When everyone has turned against you, a white paradise awaits."
    - Edgar Poe excerpt from <Eleonora, City of the Undead>

    Long ago, people had a great fear of death.
    So, they started developing various ways to be free from that fear.
    Instead of being afraid, they celebrated death with dancing, singing, and art.
    However, people started to realize that they were just avoiding reality.
    So they decided to accept death for what it was.

    But, the bare soulless skeleton, which represented death, still brought terror to them. Therefore, they created a new softer and more benevolent image of death, which led to the unique phenomenon of death worship.
    Such as cult that worships the Lady in Black.

    The Lady in Black is described as a pale girl wearing a black vale.
    She is also known as the Sister of the Night, the Pale Woman, Lady of the Crossroads, Angel of Death, and the Lady of Leprosy.
    She carries three candles, a skull carved into a crucifix, a wax sword, a pistol, and an ember that burns brightly in the darkness.
    There is no other church that serves her.
    This is because she appears in front of those who seek her help,no matter the time or place. She is considered as a guardian who protects the persecuted and fallen, a saintess who grants healing, salvation, and a merciful death.
    She brings people to rest in the afterlife.
    Not of that, most of her followers are the downtrodden sick and homeless.

    But don't be fooled by this gentle idol.
    She's not saint.
    In fact, she is the patron saint of a cult denomination that fell away from the Church of the Morning Star.
    The cult was created by combining distorted beliefs of the Buddhist pale mother and the Morning Star Saintress.

    According to legend, she was separated from death and realized in human form as the loving and maternal part of death.
    Since she is not a complete entity of death, but rather fragments of it, she can only be seen by those who believe in her.
    A god who shows favoritism can never be a god to all.

    It is said that when a person who calls her dies, she appears and reaps their soul.
    Those touched by her hands are given a painless death and their soul enters the white paradise where they will enjoy eternal rest.
    But where is the value in that?
    Isn't it just running away from your problems like a coward?
    What about the suffering people you leave behind?
    It's selfish!

    No matter how much someone believes, an idol will always be nothing but an idol.
    What faith can you have in a half-god who only brings death?!
    A being created from the vain hope of men cannot save anyone!

    Heirs, do not become foolish moths who chase evil spirits.
    Be the bright fireflies that follow the light of stars.
    We do not need dreamers who favor death.
    We need heroes who will dedicate themselves to the future.
    Like the Morning Star that burns radiantly for all.

    Everyone is mortal on this land, but the light will always guide you in the darkness.
    Look up to the light of the Morning Star!

    " The blood in our bodies symbolizes that we are sinners.
    It shows that we will suffer forever.
    But those who do not resent it will enter the white paradise."

    - Edgar Poe excerpt from <Eleonora, City of the Undead>

    A long time ago, death visited that home of a woman with leprosy.
    There were only two people in the house.
    A woman with leprosy and her son who cared for her.
    Fortunately, the woman's son was healthy.

    When death came by her bedside, the woman remained still.
    As night fell, she fell asleep and greeted death.
    She did not want the disease to spread to her son, so she asked for a quick passing.
    But death denied her.

    "I have not come for you.
    The one I have come to take is your son."

    The woman was shocked.
    When asked how a young and healthy child could die, death replied by showing her a candle of the woman's soul and one of her child's soul.
    Her candle's light was faint but still burned softly, while her son's candle was flickering as if it was about to go out.

    " The human spirit burns for many reason.
    If there is a reason to live, the flame lives on.
    But if there is not reason, the flame dies. When the candle goes out, I take it."

    The woman desperately wanted to save her son.

    "My son gave up everything to take care of me.
    I want to be a good mother to my son.
    If you are truly merciful and just, please take me instead of my son.
    If my child dies, I'll have no reason to live anymore."

    The woman's devotion touched death's heart.
    Death hesitantly said to the woman,

    " There's a way to save your son.
    But you will have to pay a heavy price.
    Then, you will surely curse me.
    Are you sure you won't regret your choice? "

    The woman nodded.
    Death put out the woman's candle and replaced the flame with her son's flame.
    The woman took her last breath.
    The woman's spirit left her body.
    When she saw herself, she was surprised.
    She had returned to her old appearance before she got sick. She was beautiful.
    Then, death handed her a candle.

    "This is your son's soul.
    He is free from death for now.
    But as long as the candle is burning, you will never enter the white paradise."

    The woman asked if this was the price she had to pay.
    Death shook his head.

    "I'll be back one day.
    When that day comes, you'll realize the true cost."

    After death left, the woman's soul stayed by her son's side.
    He had fallen asleep.
    The light of the candle was still weak.
    She wrapped up the candle in her hands to protect it from the wind and stayed up all night. Then the next morning, when the sun had risen, the son found his mother's cold body.
    He shouted out his mother's name in distress.
    She answered, but her son could not hear her.
    It made her sad.
    But she swallowed her tears knowing that her son would live on and have a happy life. Suddenly, his flame burned brightly and he shouted,

    "Yes! Free at last!
    She is finally gone.
    I can leave this **** place now!"

    He scraped together his belongings and things that he could sell for money.
    He quickly left the house, then played games and gambled all night long.
    After a few days, he returned home and rode off on a horse before the creditors arrived.
    The mother's dead body and house were left behind.

    The mother was in disbelief.
    Abandoned by her son, she was heartbroken.
    But she was still worried about her son, so she followed him.
    Her hands still protecting her son's flame.

    Many years passed and death found the woman once again.
    She was in an alley of a street, still holding on to her son's candle and guarding the flame.
    But the flame was weak and only a small spark remained.

    "Where is your son, woman?"

    She pointed sadly towards the end of the street.
    A dirty, ragged looking man was lying on the ground.
    It was hard to recognize him, as he was covered in bandages, but it was the woman's son.
    He was in pain with dark blood bleeding from his body.

    "It's a new disease.
    He's in so much pain.
    But no one will help him...
    I can't help him...
    Please, please, I'm begging you...
    Please take my son..."

    Death pointed to the candle in the woman's hands and replied,

    "It is not me who is holding on to your child.
    You must let go."

    At that moment, the woman realized the cost of her request from long ago.

    "... You want me to kill my own son?"

    Her hand shook.
    She could not hold back her tears.
    The woman fell to her knees, and begged death.

    "I'm sorry. I cannot do it.
    Please, just take him away when I'm not looking.
    Or you can even make me blind.
    I can't bear to see my child in pain..."

    Death was carrying a scythe.

    "This is the last act of mercy I will show you."

    Death swung down the scythe, but neither her eyes nor her son was struck.
    Death had cut off one of his own fingers and the heart of the woman.
    The woman's eyes dried up.
    She no longer felt sad.
    She no longer felt anything at all.
    Death gave the finger to the expressionless woman.

    "Point this finger at your son.
    Then, he will receive a painless death."

    The woman took it with empty eyes.
    She walked up to her sick son and pointed the finger at him.
    Then, there was a bright flash of light and he died.

    His spirit rose out of his body.
    However, unlike the woman, his soul appearance had remained the same as when he was sick.
    The son hesitated for a moment until he recognized the woman.


    She had not heard that in a very long time.
    A faint glimmer of joy rose in the woman's heart.
    All of a sudden, his face became distorted.

    "**** her!! It's time to let go!"

    When the son scratched the woman's cheek, she waved the finger back towards her son's soul.
    As his soul was cut down, the candle in the woman's hand went out.
    She wiped the blood from her cheek.
    She blood was as dark as her son's was.

    Death was about to leave after gather the fragments of the son's soul.
    The the woman called out to him.

    "I should go with you."

    Death responded,

    "No. You made the same mistake that I foolish made a long time ago.
    Now, you are like me."

    She looked down and saw the flame of her candle was lit once more.
    She had been reborn as death.The candle had turned into a sharp sword.

    "By sacrificing someone's soul, you become the same as me. You become death.
    However, whether it is cruel or merciful, it is ultimately up to you to decide on what you want to be.”

    Death cut off his cloak and put it on her.
    He then asked,

    "What kind of death will you be?"
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