Hey GMs!

Can you guess the ballpark?
Earn extra rewards by leaving your response on the MLB PI 2020 Facebook page!

Event Duration: 5/20 00:00 ~ 5/21 23:59 PDT

How to participate:
1. Go to the Ballpark Jigsaw event post here: [Ballpark Jigsaw Event]
2. Guess which ballpark is shown in the image.
3. Leave your team name next to your response.

Entries must follow this format to be eligible.
- Ex. Response / OffTheWall

You win COACH Draft(★1~★3) x1 for a correct answer!
All participants will receive Intermediate Equipment Ticket x1.
※Prizes will be sent to your mailbox within a week after the event

※ All entries must be submitted by 5/10 23:59 PDT to qualify.
※ One entry per account
※ Entries with incorrect or missing team names will not be eligible.

Thank you,