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Account Recovery Policy

Attention All Warlords,

Please make sure to copy down your CS Code and Alliance Code for safe measures. In order to do an account recovery, we will require it. Without that information, we will not be able to recover your lost account.

How to Acquire CS Code:
1. Click on Menu
2. Click on Game Info
3. Write down your CS Code

How to Acquire Alliance Code:
1. Click on Alliance
2. Write down your Alliance Code

Do not share your CS Code or personal information with anyone.

Thank you,
Monster Warlord Team
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Hacked/Stolen/Trading/Selling Account Policy

Hi Warlords,

Due to an influx of reports regarding many players attempting to hack, sell, have sold, trade, or bought an account.

We do not tolerate these actions.

All accounts that are reported will be under close surveillance.

Any account found violating our terms of service will be perma-banned. We will not be able to retrieve any accounts that were claimed to be hacked or stolen. This will help to eliminate the possibly of scammers attempting to sell, retrieve, and sell again.

*Bans will not be solely based on screenshots. We will investigate each account thoroughly.

Please do not share your CS Code or personal information with anyone.

Thank you,
Monster Warlord Team
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Transferring Data Between Devices

Hi Warlords!

This is a friendly reminder to make sure that you complete a data upload to save your data if you would life to transfer your game before switching to a new device!

Follow these steps on your old device:

1. Click on Menu
2. Click on Change Device
3. Click Data Upload

On your new device:

1. Click Menu
2. Click on Change Device
3. Click Data Download

This will help to prevent data loss and you can enjoy your game on a new device

Thank you,
Monster Warlord Team
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GAMEVIL USA welcomes you to our community forums! We love being able to provide a place for our players to gather and discuss the games they play! Our players mean everything to us and we enjoy hearing your opinions (good or bad) about the products we provide to you. This means providing a safe, constructive and pro-active environment for every player new to veteran to come and provide their feedback, and hopefully make some new friends in the process! Below we have detailed the forums Code of Conduct with the intent to inform our players of the rules and regulations of using and posting on these forums. We hope you enjoy these forums as much as we enjoying having them for you! Thank you!

GAMEVIL USA Forum Code of Conduct:

Disciplinary action for violating forum rules will typically take one of the following forms, depending on severity:

• Warning
• Temporary Ban
• Permanent Ban

1. We encourage our players to create fun and innovative forum names that can distinguish themselves to the rest of the forum community. When choosing a forum name please be mindful of the community and refrain from using any names that contain profanity, sexual language/actions, and impersonating GAMEVIL employees. This includes abbreviations, slang, and other bypasses. Inappropriate forum names will result in the account banned from the forums.

2. We will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, harassment, name & shame, or purposeless inflammatory posts. Any abuse towards our Community Managers, in any form, will not be tolerated. If behavior is deemed to be toxic, Community Managers may ban forum members without notice.

3. We will not tolerate inappropriate, sexual, vulgar, discriminatory or offensive language of any sort, this includes simulated, insinuated and abbreviated swearing. We ask that all posts pertain to our games and posts referring to illegal activities (drugs, pirating, crimes), Sexual activities and Terms of Service abuse such as hacking, account trading, and account selling will be removed from the forums and the poster could face ban from the forums. This policy also includes inappropriate or profane language that could offend players who read them. Community Managers have a final say on what is deemed inappropriate and there will be no chance for appeals.

4. GAMEVIL encourages players to be active on the forums and feel safe while doing so. This means that spamming another player on their thread or creating a thread to denigrate another player will not be tolerated. Any player found spamming, harassing or flaming another player on the forums will have the posts removed and could face a ban from the forums.

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[Notice] World Boss: Exploitation

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    You know, for someone who used to get Rank 1 Attacks on mostly every 381 through the usage of 1,000 Jewels before 1,000 Jewels was nothing,

    The current user "Bright", who obtains Rank 1 Attacks on every 381 is exploiting. The user has modified game files to remove the supposedly "SERVER SIDED" buffer (which is NOT server sided, clearly), and they've been doing this for months and months.

    They're not even using JEWEL attack to get double the attacks of someone who's using the same thing they're using which is the x50 STAMINA option.

    What are you going to do? Ignore blatant hackers and keep trying to sell overpriced piles of garbage so people who don't necessarily know they're competing with the impossibility of winning because the competing people who spend NO money are hacking?

    No, of course not, you've definitely not been doing this for the last 4 years or anything.

    Wake up or shut down the game already.
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    • #17

      Things have changed my friend... now say g2 for example you unload n reset skills to do x2 hits n loading up the sp its extremely easy now w new system of 500 stam at a time instead of 1s so if I have 22k stam plus do a reset (200j)easy rank 1 long as I tap faster and my connection is good


      • #18
        Originally posted by -Diablo- View Post
        Things have changed my friend... now say g2 for example you unload n reset skills to do x2 hits n loading up the sp its extremely easy now w new system of 500 stam at a time instead of 1s so if I have 22k stam plus do a reset (200j)easy rank 1 long as I tap faster and my connection is good

        I don't know about Global 2 because they have less players or the health may be balanced differently, but the World Boss/381 on Global 1 barely lasts long enough to "manually" reset, even after the changes -- They die within 25k attacks on Rank 1 attacks. 25k being the exploiter and the nearest non exploiter being 6k below it typically. I can't even use all my skill points after I reset 1x by the time it's over.

        This isn't just a Global 1 issue though, it's every server. The health and how many attacks you get in isn't the issue I'm talking about, however. It's that these users are hitting faster than others because they're illegally modifying game files.

        I invite you to feel free to watch a 381 on Global 1's attacks. Recently more people have been pointing this issue out in-game so they will slow themselves on purpose. You can see they hit faster with the STAMINA option than others using the same STAMINA option or JEWELS.

        Edit: I just found it funny to me that people didn't care enough to push back against the idea of recharging interface being changed the way it is, or do people just not care? It's not a coincidence that they change this and the World Boss goes from 70k attacks r1 to 20k, but that's kind of a little bit of a different story.
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          Is this ever gonna be addressed? Or the fact that TWICE in the past week or so, someone got into 381 boss and had 17k+ hits before it even started.


          • #20
            I have found the 381 Exploit years ago, there are even more exploits that will break the game extremely. I will no longer talk about them, they will never get fixed and if someone on my server decides to abuse them, I will make sure he will not benefit from it. Easy as that.


            • #21
              it's just getting worse!

              381s are dying before they even start by bright and his band of freaking cheaters! Tired of it! Fix it or your income will cease from many of those that support you!


              • #22
                Previous 381 WB in G1. Can you do anything, Gamevil?


                • #23
                  GV Profit

                  Well, thanks Gamevil for ruining a great game. Top20 spender each month. Wont be seeing my card anymore.


                  • #24
                    Hopefully for the people who spend money to compete, they'll start with banning WB exploiters and move onto other sections, but if that were to happen, it would of already happened by now, one would think.


                    Honestly though, what do you guys (Gamevil) have to lose by banning exploiters or people who's account are getting gains illegitimately through exploitative behavior? The player base is so low now that the people who stay aren't going to leave, they know who's clearly exploiting, it's not hard to see it on the WBs.. and they are your money stream.

                    So why won't you appease them for once, I highly doubt Monster Warlord's player retention rate is high enough to make it last longer if the people who are keeping your servers running leave due to your constant faults and more than lackluster player support.
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                      hi com
                      i wanted to post some screens but my resolution is not accepted ;P
                      i hope all share what we talk about, maybe gv will solve the problem faster

                      select 381 > go back to the battle screen > tap boss battle > turn off wifi before it loads > turn on wifi and you in

                      thx Garchamp, it works

                      @all please use the wb as if its a gb with a limit of 5.000 attacks ^^

                      PS: casual player smartphone feature ?
                      Last edited by Xer0; 05-10-2020, 12:58 AM.