Unofficial Gamevil Discord chat

Come one come all, You are all welcome to be a part of the largest fastest growing unofficial Gamvil Discord chat. Here you'll find the collective Gathering of many influential veteran and new players combined. The sharing of information tips and strategies and more. A open window Ergo a book of knowledge at your fingertips. Tired of mindlessly searching Reddit for information on updates bugs login issues ETC? The vast ethnical array of members will ensure that the normal language barrier limits will soon not apply.

From English to Malaysian from Deutsch to Espanol we strive to maintain a multi language server for everyone.

Server hosted by The DESPICABLES.. we are a twelve-year-old multi-game multinational hyperactive Guild. That was originally created during the time of Ultima Online. We found our niche in Diablo and began to spread into every MMO PC or mobile available. With close to 4,500 members and extremely active community I am sure there will be no MMO that you cannot receive answers and help too

No membership or pledges are required to the despicables. We are merely the hosts