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[Guide] ArcheAge Begins Guide

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  • [Guide] ArcheAge Begins Guide

    Table of Contents:

    A. How to Play
    B. Lobby
    C. Settings
    D. Saga
    E. Battle
    F. Legacy of Heroes
    G. Housing
    H. Market Place
    I. Trade
    J. Guild
    K. Library
    L. Raid
    M. Annihilation

    A. How to Play

    There are two ways to Log into ArcheAge Begins: Guest Account & Hive Account

    1. Guest Account
    > Touch the Screen to automatically log in and proceed with a guest account
    > If you uninstall ArcheAge all of your progress will be lost
    > You will be able to Link your Guest Account to a HIVE Account within Game Settings.

    2. Hive Account
    > Touch the "Hive Login" located on the top right corner to log in with your hive account
    > You will be able to safely save your progress and login from any device. We highly recommend this.

    1. Input your hive account information to log in
    2. You can Create a new account, retrieve your passward for existing hive account, and contact hive customer support here
    3. Log in with your Facebook account and Google account here

    > After logging in with your desired account, you will be able to create your IGN(In-Game-Name)

    >Game servers are located on the top right corner with server name
    > Click on the Server name to change the server and choose the server you wish to play in

    B. Lobby

    Lobby is where you can access all the contents and menus.

    You can swipe left and right to find more menus in the lobby

    1. Hero Management

    > Manage Heroes' gear, Talents, Runes, and Appearance

    >>> Gear

    >Gear materials are required to [Craft] and [Enhance] Hero Gears

    > Gears are pre-set gears and you must craft gear in order to enhance your gear
    > Crafting is only required once per gear for each Hero

    > Gear enhancement requires gear materials
    > Gear materials can be obtained by completing battles in [Saga]
    > As the level of the gear gets higher and higher, it will require more materials to enhance and level up your gears
    > "Auto Enhance All Gear" will enhance all the gears of your heroes until all of the gear materials are consumed


    > Talents are required to level up Hero's Skills, Stats, and Grade
    > You need [Hero Pieces] and [Talent Materials] to upgrade your Skills
    > [Talent Materials] can be obtained from [Legacy of Heroes]
    > [Hero Pieces] can be obtained from [Raid] and [Legacy of Heroes]
    > All the Skills must be upgraded to upgrade your hero to a higher grade
    > To advance to the next Star Grade you will need to learn all the Talents within the current Star Grade.
    > ex) Learn All 1 Star Talents to be advance to 2 Star Talents.

    >>> Runes

    > Runes will give you extra stats and bonuses
    > You can equip up to 4 Runes per hero

    > Each Rune has a unique effect according to the rune's type, grade, and color
    > Equipping matching runes types will activate Set Effect

    >You can dismantle unwanted runes and acquire rune enhancement materials

    2. Bag
    > Inventory for consumable items, gear materials, hero materials, runes, and misc items

    >All of your consumable items are placed here

    > Gear relating materials are placed here

    > Hero relating materials are placed here

    > Housing, library, and rune materials are placed here

    > Runes are placed here

    3. Challenges
    > Shows daily missions, achievements, and archelife missions

    > You will receive Expedition EXP as a daily mission rewards
    > Daily Missions reset every 24 hours

    > Achievements consists of 4 different categories: Advancement, Adventuring, Livelihood, and Competition
    - Advancement: Achievements regarding Expedition, Heroes, Gears, and Runes
    - Adventuring: Achievements regarding Saga, Legacy of Heroes, and Raid
    - Livelihood: Acheievements regarding Trade, Housing, and Market Place
    - Competition: Achievements regarding Plunder and Annihilation

    > ArcheLife is an attendance point system
    > ArcheLife level can be increased by logging in everyday and receiving daily log in rewards

    4. Rank

    > Shows ranks of combat power, annihilation, trade, territory battle, and total rankings of the users in the server

    5. Attendance

    > You can check your attendance progress and rewards

    6. Event

    > You can check all of the on-going news and events here

    > You can extend or hide your currency status by clicking the "+" sign.

    > Click on the Tree to start logging to acquire "Log" items for housing
    > Tree Logging is available every 8 hours

    C. Settings

    > In the Setting option, you can acess your expedition into and various in game settings
    > Setting is located on the top right corner of the lobby
    > Setting option is composed of Expedition Info, Login, Game Settings, Game Info, and Languages

    1. Expedition Info

    > Shows expeditions basic info including Expedition name, banner, symbol, level, experience, archelife, and your total rank.
    > You can change your expediton's Name, Banner, and Symbol

    2. Login

    > Manage your game account in the Login Setting
    > Existing users can log out of their [HIVE Account]
    > Guest account can be linked to a [HIVE Account]
    > CS code is composed for 9 digits and is located on the bottom left corner
    > Click on the "Contact" to access ArcheAge Begins Customer Support for assistance

    3. Game Settings

    > In game settings regarding display quality and in game alerts can be managed here
    > Game restart is required to apply the display quality changes

    4. Game Info

    > All of the in game tutorials are located here
    > Click on any contents in the Game info setting to access the tutorial

    5. Languages

    > Displays all the languages supported by the game
    > Click on language you wish to use in game
    > Switch to a new language does not require a restart

    D. Saga

    > [Saga] is the most basic content in ArcheAge Begins.
    > Form your team and clear Saga and reveal the secrets of the Garden!
    > You can experience Heroes' Stories through [Saga]

    > Saga is composed of 7 Volumes and there are 10 Acts in a Volume

    > you can manage your Expedition for the saga from "Hero Selection"
    > you can take up to 4 Heroes at a time
    > Combat Power is the power of your expedition
    > Recommended Combat power is the difficulty of the Stage

    > Information about the Stage, Boss, and Acquirable Items can be found in "Target Info"

    > "Auto Repeat" feature will unlock after completing the stage
    > "Sweep" feature will unlock after completing the stage with 3 stars
    > During the "Sweep", you will be able to clear the stage instantly and obtain materials however, you cannot get neither Expedition EXP nor Hero EXP
    > Press "Start Battle" to to start the stage

    E. Battle

    > You can take up to 4 Heroes to fight in the battle
    > Heroes will automatically engage the enemies
    > Basic attacks of your heroes are used automatically
    > Hero skill cards are used manually

    1. How to Use Skill Cards

    > Hero Skills Cards are located on the bottom right side of the screen
    > You can view the skill card description by pressing on the skill card
    > When Skills are clicked, enemies are indicated by 3 numbers: 1, 2 ,3
    > Attack the desired enemy by swiping the Skill Card to enemies designated number
    > Also, you can tap on the enemy you wish to attack and tap on the skill card to activate the skill.
    > After a skill is used, the skill card will be on cooldown and next skill card will be available

    2. Switching Skill Cards

    > You can switch the skill card by clicking on the skill card you wish to use.

    3. Auto, 2X, and Repeat

    > "Auto" will allow the skills to be used automatically
    > "2X" will allow the battle to be 2 times faster than normal speed
    > "Repeat" will allow the stage to be automatically repeated until you run out of Meat (Stamina)
    > Repeat Feature will unlock after completing the Saga with 3 Stars.

    4. Camera Setting
    > Change in game camera setting by pressing the camera button located on the top right corner
    > Camera setting can be changed between 3 different views

    View #1

    View #2

    View #3

    5. Level Up

    > Expedition Level(Account Level) can be leveled from completing daily missions, achievements, and other contents.
    > Heroes will level up by gaining EXP from completing battles in Saga, Legacy of Heroes, and etc
    > You can only level up your heroes up to the level of your Expedition Level
    > Heroes can also gain EXP by using Gold from the [Library]

    F. Legacy of Heroes

    > Legacy of Heroes is where you can gain materials to enhance your Heroes' Skills.

    > You can gain [Hero Pieces] at a random chance for Heroes in the party and other materials required to level up your Heroes' skills.
    > Legacy of Heroes are separated by floors and you can get 1st time clear rewards when you clear the floor for the first time.

    > You can manage your expedition for Legacy of Heroes from "Hero Selection"
    > you can take up to 4 heroes at a time
    > Combat power is the power of your expedition
    > Recommended Combat power is the difficulty of the Stage

    > Information about the stage, boss, and acquirable items can be found in "Target Info"

    > "Auto Repeat" feature will unlock after completing the stage
    > "Sweep" feature will unlock after completing the stage with 3 stars
    > During the "Sweep", you will be able to clear the stage instantly and obtain materials however, you cannot get neither Expedition EXP nor Hero EXP
    > Press "Start Battle" to to start the stage

    > You will receive Expedition EXP, Hero EXP, and Hero Materials for completing the stage

    G. Housing

    > Housing is where you feed livestock and catch fish for Market Place
    > Also, you can earn Gold by sending your expedition to trade goods in the trade route
    > 3 contents available: Housing Level, Farming, and Fishing

    1) Housing Level

    > You can upgrade your housing building to get more goods.
    > To upgrade the House, you would need materials.
    > Higher the Housing Level, the more rewards you will receive from Fishing and Farming
    > Housing Upgrade Materials can be obtained from Saga, Market Place , Raids, Logging, and etc.

    2) Farming

    > Feed Balrog and get goods from him!
    > You would need Livestock Combination Food to enter and it can be obtained from Saga and Market Place
    > You can play this Mini Game on Auto but it requires [Auto Livestock Ticket]

    > Trough are indicated by numbers: 1,2, and 3
    > Throw the food at the Trough which Balrog is headed!

    > Feed Balrog and once he had enough, he will give you goods!

    3) Fishing

    > You can choose from 3 different Fishing Points
    > Wriggly Worms are required to perform fishing and it can be obtained from Saga and Market Place

    > You can obtain various materials such as Market Place Goods, Gear Materials, and etc from Fishing
    >Fishing is Auto Play. Set how many times you want to fish for you.
    > You can always stop fishing by clicking "Stop Fishing" button on the bottom left.

    H. Market Place

    > You can Sell Goods earned from Farming, Fishing, Logs for Tokens.
    > You can purchase Goods with the Tokens you have received

    > You can purchase Wriggly Worm or Livestock Food to produce more Goods or purchase other Goods and send them on Trading for Gold!

    > Market Place prices will change based on the supply and demand of the materials from the Market Place

    I. Trade

    > Trade your Goods for Gold or Gain Gold!
    > Trading feature will unlock when your Expedition reaches level 12

    > There are 3 different places you can travel to trade: Shining Coast, Mistmerrow, and Delphinad
    > Shining Coast and Mistmerrow Trading route can be unlocked by progressing through the Saga
    > Delphinad Trading route can be unlocked by winning in the "Territory Battle" Content
    > Tap on one of the three Trading Route to start your trade

    > You can manage your expedition for Trade from "Hero Selection"
    > you can take up to 4 Heroes at a time
    > Combat power is the power of your Expedition

    > After carefully selecting your Trade Expedition, Click on the "Trade Into" to manage the specialty goods you want to trade
    > Click on "Slot 1"
    > Select specialty goods you want to load on to your trade and then click "Load"
    > You will be able to see the trade duration and how much Gold you are expected to receive after the trade is complete
    > Click on "Start Trade" to start on your Trade Expedition

    You can also plunder other players' vessels for Gold!

    > Click on Plunder to steal goods from users' trade expeditions

    > You can manage your Expedition for Trade from "Hero Selection"
    > you can take up to 4 Heroes at a time
    > Combat Power is the power of your Expedition

    > After carefully selecting your Plunder Expedition, Click on the "Trade Into" to select a Trade Expedition you wish to Plunder
    > Successful Plunders will grant bonus Gold

    J. Guild

    > Get stronger by joinning a Guild
    > Create your own Guild or find a Guild to join!

    > To create a new Guild, click on "Create Guild"

    > Select your Guild's name, Crest, and Symbol
    > Write your Guild Introduction
    > For users to join your Guild without your approval, click on "Auto Join"
    > For users to join your Guild with your approval, do not click on "Auto Join"
    > Click on "Create Guild" when you are done setting all the requirement to create a new Guild
    > To join an existing guild, click on "Join Request" to the Guild you desire to join
    > You can also search for an Guild by searching in the Guild Search Box

    K. Library

    > You can instantly level up your Heroes with Gold from the Library.

    1. Study

    > Your Heroes can level up as high as Library's Level.
    > Library Levels can be expanded as high as your highest Hero's level.
    > To expand your Library, you need Antique Library Books which can be obtained from Saga.

    > To level up your Heroes, click the Hero you would like to level up, then [Flip the Pages] over to the level you wish to level up your Hero.
    > Your Heroes will level up to the number equivalent to the Page number.
    > Once selected, click on Start Reading button on the right bottom and your Heroes' level are instantly up.

    L. Raid

    > Raid unlocks at Expedition Level 15.
    > Raid is a Real Time Co-Op Mode with other players.

    > Raid consists of 8 different Raids and separated into 2 different difficulties: Normal and Heroic
    > Each Raid has a Hero Requirement and you must have at least 1 Heri that fulfill the requirement to participate in the Raid

    > Click on the "Party Matching" and Select your Hero to participate in the Raid
    > Once you click on the "Party Matching", you will be in queue for a raid.
    > You will be able to select other contents in the game during the queue for Raid
    > You can cancel your queue for raid anytime by pressing on the "Raid Queue" on the Top right corner
    > Once the Raid Party is found, you have to option to participate in the Raid or decline.
    > Party Matching raid will only start after a full party has been found

    > You can also create your own Raid Party by clicking on the Raid Stage

    > Choose 1 Hero you want to use in Raid
    > To invite your Raid Members, click "Invite"

    > To invite someone from your Guild, click on the "Guild" and click on the Guild member you wish to invite
    > You can also invite user by typing user's name on the "Party Matching"
    > You can reinvite previous raid members from "Recent Invites"
    > Creating your own raid requires minimum of 2 users and 4 maximum users to start the raid

    > Information about the stage, boss, and acquirable items can be found in "Target Info"
    > Housing and various Hero materials can be obtained by Raid Rewards

    M. Annihilation

    > Challenge and Compete with other Expeditions
    > Annihilation unlocks at Expedition level 20
    > 16 vs 16 Annihilation Battle

    > You can manage your Expedition for Annihilation from "Hero Selection"
    > You must choose your first 4 Heroes to fight in the Annihilation
    > Heroes level requirement to participate in the Annihilation is Level 20
    > Maximum of 16 heroes that are above level 20 will participate in the Annihilation
    > Combat Power is the power of your expedition
    > Trophy number indicates your Annihilation Rank

    > Information about opponents can be found in "Target Info"
    > Choose your opponent and click on "Start Battle" to fight them

    > Heroes will fight automatically
    > Numbers next to your name indicates how many heroes are participating in your annhilation
    > Heroes will continue to come out until you or your opponent runs out of heroes
    > The fight till continue until you or your opponent runs out of heroes to participate in the fight

    > New Rank will be awarded after a Win or Loss
    > You must wait 5 minute to participate in the Annihilation again
    > For Rank 100 or above, your Heroes can be executed when fallen during Annihilation Battles
    > Executed Heroes cannot participate in annihilation for 1 hour
    > Executed Heroes can be resurrected by using Gold

    > Check your Annihilation Rank and rewards by clicking on "Ranking"
    > Annihilation Ranks will reset every 24 hours
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    Hero skills

    I don’t think you have to acquire every skill to level up your hero, just the ones to get you to both sides of the level up button.