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  • General Guide

    This was copied an pasted from my other post for a better viewing in this thread that it belongs in.

    IGN: FaytScar
    Alliance: DvneLegend

    Hello all. Here is what I have so far from doing both of the Closed Beta tests. This may change due to the launch of the game globally.

    To start out you have the four main characters Gene (Knight), Kyprosa (Healer), Aranzeb (Mage), Tahyang (Assassin) are all characters that can carry you to end game content. There are many characters that can be chosen and placed as a team. This all depends on how you want to build your team. I'll list my team and why I've chosen these over the main team even though they are just as good.

    For myself I replaced Gene with Gigas (Tank) though I've kept Gene up with my main team because after 5 stars he has a transformation. If I had Inoch before Gigas I would choose him to be my tank instead.

    I chose Gigas because his tanking abilities are second only to Inoch. He can provoke, he has an Area of Effect (AOE) front slash, an AOE whirlwind attack the character does himself, and a silence. All these abilities to me make him a very valuable tank that can carry you late game.

    For my healer I chose based on my team composition. Since I won't be running a double mage group Lucious who is the best healer for that composition falls out of the best for me and Naima takes his spot. She is the best healer by far. She may not heal as much as Kyprosa, but her group heal out matches Kyprosa's single target healing abilities. She also buffs physical attack, buffs defense along with magic resistance, and creates a clone that gets targeted by the enemy.

    As my mage I chose to go with Eanna over all the rest. To me she is the best mage in the game. She has a nasty AOE called Hell Spear that does massive damage, she cleanses the team from all effects, and creates a shield on herself.

    So for my final slot this is where running Naima benefits me the most. I either run Gene or the assassin Melisara. Both these characters have a second form after 5 stars. If I want to benefit from an all DPS team I drop Eanna and replace her with the physical squad. Melisara to me is the best assassin in the game with the highest DPS. She has an AOE that does a moderate amount of damage to the enemies, a self heal to sustain her assault, an attack that causes bleed, and a movement speed increase that increases her attack speed.

    Since I've taken you through my team it is time to start on the actual guide itself.

    Adventurer level is different from your actual character level. The character level is dependent on the Adventurer level. The higher the Adventurer level is the higher your characters can level. Adventurer level can be increased by daily missions or GRINDING 5-9 experience per saga level. Daily missions will be your friend.

    Now we'll go over the main screen. You'll be able to choose between different servers once the actual game comes out but for now we have Kyprosa. Once in the game you are taken to the town where you have a statue of the character you've picked to be your profile picture. That statue leads to the Legacy of Heroes. This is where you will collect the items and pieces necessary to level your characters abilities, and unlock their Star levels.

    Next up is the store. This is where you will be able to buy gems, collect free hero upgrade materials, stamina, gold, hero pieces, runes, character costumes and more.

    Right under the store is a tree where you collect the wood you need to upgrade your housing. Sometimes this tree is being struck by lightning and the item you collect is used to craft something else.

    This leads us to the house. This is where you can fish, craft special items to sell in auction or trade for money, upgrade your housing, and feed the cow. Items obtained from fishing and cow can be crafted to create new items or just sold individually in auction for tokens. On certain days the Kraken shows up at the house which I believe gives you a boost in getting rare items. Though I have no data to prove this, I do have a bit of evidence myself. When I fished without the Kraken I got one of the tentacles, but with the Kraken there I had gotten 4.

    For the auction house this is where you can make tokens off of what you have created, or caught. Tokens can buy more things at the auction house or be used at the shop for items like universal pieces, or scrolls.

    Lastly on the front of the main screen is Saga. This is where the main campaign takes place. There are a total of 8 sagas so far. In saga there are ten stages per saga level. Every 5 and 10 stage in a saga has a bossish battle. regular saga battles drop equipment upgrades that come in the form of red (weapon), blue (clothing), and green (accessory) crystals respectfully. Stages 5, and 10 drop books for upgrading the library, and also equipment upgrade materials that you need for level 20 (first upgrade) and 38 (second upgrade). Stage 3-10 is when you start earning the upgrade material for the second stage equipment upgrade at level 38.

    Swiping the screen left to right you end up at the screen with Trade, Alliance, and Library.

    The once you click on the library this brings you to another screen where you can select Dungeon or Reading Room. Dungeon is not in the game yet so I will talk about the reading room.

    This will be your best friend for maintaining your character's levels with your Adventurer level. Once inside the reading room you have a book and a frame with your current characters pictures. The book represents your highest character level. Your highest character level is dependent on your Adventurer level remember? So if you are stuck on this let me give you an example. Let's say your Adventurer level is 20 but your highest character level is 15. To catch your character up to your Adventurer level, upgrade the library to 15. This allows you to upgrade your character level to 15 with 99%. Go play a stage, not sweep, and get the experience to level to 16. This allows you to upgrade the library to 16 and repeat the process till you reach level 20 with your four man team.

    Now for Alliance. This is pretty straight forwards, it's like any other guild system. You join or create one to make your life easier when it comes to forming raids or needing advice or giving advice.

    Next is trade. Clicking the boat will take you to a screen where you can trade your crafted items from the house. There is also a thing called plunder where you can raid other ships and gain gold. Having your ship successfully raided doesn't mean you lose all your money, you just lose the bonus safe trip gold.

    Back to the main screen. Swipe right to left 2x to bypass the beginning. You should see Raid, Territory Battle, and Annihilation.

    Raids is simple, you have four main raids that get higher difficulties as your progress in level.

    Territory battle is tricky. When it first comes out you bid on territory for one whole day. The two highest bidders from the day win the territory and form a league. It then becomes a battle between both sides to see who can score the highest each day, top person each day earns 500 gems (in game currency), for one week. The highest side, red or blue then wins the territory and open a new trade route for bonus gold in trading.

    Next is Annihilation. This is a pvpish verse AI. When starting out if you are the first to try it there is nothing but bots till your reach the top. Once people catch up then you can battle their AI teams. The battle is a four on four but each team can have up to 16 people. The other 12 are backups for the first 4 if one falls, they are replaced with one from the 12. Top person each day earns 500 gems.

    That is it for my general guide. Please comment and let me know what you think, or if you have more to add what I've posted please let me know. Thank you for your time.
    Recruiting for DvneLegend
    Game: ArcheAge Begins

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    Bump for attention and helping those just starting out
    Recruiting for DvneLegend
    Game: ArcheAge Begins