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[Hero Suggestion] Lightning

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  • [Hero Suggestion] Lightning



    Lightning is a young girl, that controls lightnings.

    Lightnings Skills

    Ball Lightning
    In a very rapid succession Lightning fires a total of 4 ball lightnings at her target, dealing magic damage.

    Lightning fires a lightning from her hand at her target, dealing critical magic damage.

    Chain Lightning
    Lightning fires a lightning bolt from her hand at her target, dealing magic damage. The lightning bolt then jumps over to up to 3 additional enemies, but dealing 10% less damage with each subsequent hit.

    Lightning Strikes
    Lightning calls down lightnings from the sky to strike her target and up to 3 additional enemies at the same time. Affected enemies suffer magic damage, as well as magic damage over time.

    Lightning Bolts
    Lightning calls down lightning bolts from the sky to strike her target and up to 3 additional enemies at the same time. Affected enemies suffer magic damage and are paralyzed for 5 seconds.

    Lightning summons a thunderstorm above her target. Many lightnings periodically strike enemies within the area of the thunderstorm, dealing magic damage.

    Lightning Orb
    Lightning launches a lightning orb that very slowly moves forward in her target direction. The lightning orb permanently releases lightnings, that strike enemies in a wide radius around the orb. Affected enemies suffer magic damage.

    Lightning Beam
    For 3 seconds Lightning channels a lightning beam at her target. The target suffers magic damage over time and is paralyzed. Lightning is healed by 100% of her damage done.

    Lightning electrifies her target for 8 seconds. The target suffers magic damage over time. Furthermore, the electrified target periodically releases lightnings that strike nearby enemies, dealing magic damage.

    Lightning Field
    Lightning calls down a lightning bolt from the sky that strikes her target, dealing magic damage. In doing so the lightning bolt electrifies a large area of the ground, creating a lightning field for 6 seconds. The lightning field causes magic damage over time. Affected enemies will be interrupted when using a skill.

    Lightning Dragon
    Lightning summons a magical dragon that consists of pure lightnings. The Dragon quickly flies to her selected target, and then to up to 3 additional enemies. Affected enemies suffer magic damage and are paralyzed for 3 seconds.

    Lightning summons a magical thunderbird that consists of pure lightnings. The thunderbird quickly flies to her selected target, and then to up to 3 additional enemies. Affected enemies suffer magic damage, as well as magic damage over time.

    Lightning Mirror Image
    Lightning summons a mirror image of herself that consists of pure lightnings. This mirror image appears behind the enemies and taunts all targets, which drastically increases the mirror images threat, so that enemies will attack it. Furthermore, the mirror image will attack enemies by using some weaker versions of Lightnings skills.
    Lasts 10 seconds.

    Lightning Aura (Passive)
    The group gains the effect lightning aura. The aura absorbs 10% of the incoming damage. 50% of the absorbed damage will be reflected back to the attacker. Furthermore, all heroes have a chance to periodically release a lightning bolt, dealing magic damage to a random target.

    Static Flux (Passive)
    The group restores health, equal to 5% of their damage done. Moreover all cooldowns are reduced by 25%.

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    gamevil seems to have give up the game,there are no new big updata and new server