First of all I want to mention, that I really love Archeage Begins. All in all this is a really great game! I am playing this game every day since release. But there are some negatives.

Randomness which leads to unfair luck and unluck is killing this game.

A lot of players no longer play, because of the unfair randomness. The random factor seems to be too unbalanced and too unfair.

Some players play very seldom, but get the best items so fast and easily; while other players play every day, but get nothing or only bad stuff, and therefore see no progression at all.

This unfair treatment by the game causes a lot of frustration, disappointment and envy, which leads to players quit playing Archeage Begins.
There are less and less active players, and more and more dead guilds.

Therefore this random factor needs to be less random, but more equal, for all players. For example:


Some player see the whale once per week, or every second week; and some very lucky players see the whale sometimes even 2 times per week.
I have seen the whale o total of 5 or 6 times. And I am playing every day since release. Of course my housing has already reached the maximum level a very long time ago.

Possible solution:

When housing has reached the maximum level you will see the whale every 30 days.

You also see the whale one day after winning the Territory Battle.


Some players get so many high (purple or golden) and good runes (for example lion red triangle), and have so much luck, when fusioning runes; while other players only get blue and bad and unusable runes (for example snake green round), and have no luck at all, when fusioning runes.

Possible solution:

30 Days Accumulated Attendance Rewards grants you a Golden Rune Selection Ticket.

You get purple runes instead of blue runes from Ayanad Library upper floors.

More events where we can get Purple and Golden Rune Selection Tickets.

Ayanad Library

Some players get like 5 to 7 purple relics, plus 1 to 3 golden relics per run.
Other players get 1 to 2 purple relics, and no golden relics per run.
Sometimes you get only blue ones; and no purple or golden relic at all!

Possible solution:

Drop Chance for relics could be changed similar to this:

Floor 1 - 5: Low chance to get purple relics.

Floor 6 - 10: Medium chance to get purple relics; low chance to get golden relics.

Floor 11 - 15: High chance to get purple relics; medium chance to get golden relics.

Floor 16 - 19: High chance to get purple relics; high chance to get golden relics.

Floor 20: 100% chance to get a golden relic.

Furthermore, change 30 Days Accumulated Attendance Rewards for players that already own all rare heroes to this: One random golden relic (instead of a random rare hero ticket).

Winning the Territory Battle grants you a purple or golden relic.

Moreover, implement events where we can choose a golden relic for a specific hero.