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[Event]*Completed* Share your Tactics Event ~2/23 PST

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  • [Event]*Completed* Share your Tactics Event ~2/23 PST

    Hello Heroes,

    The Event has ended! However, we are having issues sending out the rewards as some Heroes have not provided their account information.

    So we're asking all Heroes who participated in this event to submit their CS code, HIVE ID, and Forum Name through the below link to ensure that the rewards are distributed correctly. (All are required to receive the reward)

    Submit your information here:

    Rewards will be sent by 2/26 PST.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Thank you,

    -Cartoon Wars 3 Team-

    Hello Heroes,

    Help fellow Heroes to protect their Kingdom!

    How? Just share (or boast) your best tactics here!

    Another great thing is that we'll reward you for your efforts!

    [How to participate]
    • Reply to this post with your tactics (unit combinations, rock-paper-scissor strategies, etc)
    • Include your In-game name (*Rewards cannot be sent without In-game name)

    • Best Tactics Reward (10 Heroes): 300 Crystals
    • Participation Reward: 1~4 Star Unit x1

    *First-time forum users' post must be approved to be visible to the public. So please refrain from posting duplicate posts as they will be deleted by the administrator.

    We'll be waiting Heroes~!

    -Cartoon Wars 3 Team-
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  • #2
    My Tactic(How I got to the 4th Adventure easily) is just sending your main Troop (Some Guy around 10-20 Mana) out, so it can block the enemy's and you can shoot them. While he's fighting for its life, you can upgrade your mana, 2 or 3 times(don't forget to send one or two out again, in case your first is dying) and then flood the enemy. Use some big guys(100-300 Mana) and some other, that cost 10-20 and have a recharge time under 2 seconds. It will be too much for the enemy, and there you go
    Greetz Bredx3 (Ingame Name is the same)


    • #3
      In first, i use orc to attack 1-2 star unit
      then i use skill increase mp x2 for call skelleton knight then call big laser canon because he can attack so far so skelleton knight is more hp and big laser canon can attack so far it best combo for me....if an enermy use scissor i will use hammer if it use hammer i will use paper if it use paper i will use scissor ...
      lol--------------Notooo (name in game)


      • #4
        I use skelleton knight and big laser canon because skellton knight have more hp and big laser canon can attack so far it best of my combo ...if enermy use scissor i will use hammer unit
        if enerm


        • #5
          My general stray when not grinding or farming.

          First never use Auto unless you are grinding Xp or Farming items. You get 50% more Xp and Gold if you do not use Auto.

          When going through the campaign, I use this general setup.

          Frog Shaman 2*
          Rock Tank 2*
          Tank 3 or 4*
          Rifle Gunner 2*
          Sword Ninja 2*
          Star Ninja 2*
          Healer 2 *
          Highest DPS - Currently a 4* horse.

          My goal is to get out my heaviest dps char to get 3* on a level. I start by using Arrows till I can up my mana once and from there it is situational.

          Typically I throw out a 2* tank to hold while I get a frog and healer out. Then rank 3 mana. Then I bide my time till I can get. 3* tank out and a second healer.

          Typically I bide my time till I can
          Call out the 4* dps and let the pack move to their castle. Depending on what is coming at me changes what I throw out past that.

          I use the Ninja for dps or to hold a mob far enough back so they cannot range my castle while I get stronger mobs into the fight.

          I just started last night so I will update as I go.


          • #6
            Profile name: No0neIsHere
            Since I have 4 slots I use 1 of each attribute plus a skill. I usee the weird bunny, skeleton Robin hood, shield soldier, and invincible skill. First I would save up to upgrade my mana tower (if the units come fast then I spam asap) then spam the shield soldiers. If the units are knocking me back or destroying me too quickly, I would use the invincible skill to stall time. Depending on the attribute of the enemy I would either summon weird bunny (scissor) or skeleton (rock). However if the enemy is rock then I will spam my soldiers (paper). This strategy works most of the time in adventure. ..can't say the same in raids since the opponent is sometimes too overpowered for you to do anything. I would say this strategy is really flexible. The main thing you need to make sure of is to have a strong 1 star, all three attributes, and invincible skill (this may be the hardest part). This strategy allows you to use the same team without changing it much.


            • #7
              // Goblin Sworm \\

              -Goblin, Lv1 / +5 ......................(Rush)
              -Wrestler X, Lv2 / +5 ................(Tank)
              -Swort Marster, Lv2 / +5 ...........(Support + 1st Attack)
              -[SKILL] Increases ATK, Lv1 /+5..(Support)

              Tactic bei User: C3sar88


              • #8
                In game name: YilmazTurkey
                I'm assuming this is the right place to talk about tactics, so here we go.
                I'll be brushing upon Unit Selection for a bit.
                Naturally, when choosing units for battle, it's common sense to choose units with high damage output or health pools. Every unit works very differently though.

                Categorized into three different groups, units can be good at defence, ranged attacks or upfront damage. It is important to try and get a team composition of at least one of each group. The groups can be identified by the bottom left hand corner icon on a unit menu (two swords for upfront damage, a shield for defence and a bow and arrow for ranged attacks).

                Even so, some units of the same group act differently, some more effectively than others. The Gunslinger unit, in my opinion, can take a bit of time to unload and holster his guns, while only firing two shots quickly before a long delay. The M-16, on the other hand, can shoot a burst of damage each shot, and his firing delay is shorter than the Gunslinger's. Be sure to experiment with different units to see whose attack is the most efficient, because the last thing you need is an army damaging your Gunslinger unit while he is taking too long to put his guns back into his pockets.

                When choosing what unit to deploy at certain times, your best option at the start of a battle is to deploy a defence unit or at least a friend unit who can absorb enough damage for 30 seconds. Choosing the wrong unit at the start could lead to a very short battle. If your units are pummeling up towards the enemy base, try to save up mana for your more expensive units if possible - chances are that the enemy has someone strong waiting for your units and you'll need someone equally as good to take him on. Of course you could spam little units but the threat is always there.

                In any case, if you have the resources for a strong unit such as a four or five star unit, you should always try to get them to engage in battle as much as possible. As expensive as they are, their stopping power is undeniable.

                That's about it for me. I hope this was the right place to share this tactic.


                • #9
                  Before we share out tactics, could you guys share some general info such as the end times for the weekly quests and battle events? Maybe tell us why you made it so that in raid, your opponent can summon a 5 star unit along side multiple 3 and 4 stars before you even have enough mana for some 2 star units?

                  Anyway, I guess my tactic is to stall the enemy with 2 and 3 star unit with low mana requirements until I've stalled enough for my leader 4 star unit to destroy everything.

                  In Game Name: DaXrO1987
                  Monster Warlord
                  G1: 2357236648
                  G2: 4321405697
                  Fantasy Warlord
                  Global: 6256114090


                  • #10
                    My strategy is to send out a cheap tank unit (ex. shield) and then a cheap attack unit (ex. spear) and then save up for a more expensive and powerful unit. Also, save your bow guage and use it on big enemies or large crowds. Have some spammable attack units (ex. goblin) too for the bigger enemies and hordes as they work well in both situations. A long range unit (ex. AK47) is also nice as they can provide a more permanent attack force if there are tank units left.

                    In game ID: user065bed25


                    • #11
                      The bow launcher is a good weapon. There is things you have to know about it :
                      - Don't shoot on your units, try to aim higher. With Giants Units it's harder to shoot small melees enemies.
                      - when you have one unit who tanks enemies while you are stacking mana for a bigger unit, you should launch your arrows to block enemies units. Now your tank will fight less enemies because your arrows will prevent enemies to touch your unit. If you fight 1 unit per 1 instead of a big group, you'll take less damage, you'll stack units and be stronger. It's better than use arrows on a big group of enemies


                      • #12
                        I've played this game for 2 days and i just write some strategy,but its such for newbie,until your townhall Lvl6.
                        First thing,u need to know how to change the leader.
                        Second,know about how to get friend(friend's leader unit could be helpful in the early game,they can tank for 30s,also dam)
                        Third,spend your first bonus money in mail to open 1 more card slot and 10 cards slot inventory.
                        Forth,spend your sword to re-battle the 8th stage adventure and the next 1st stage until u get enough runes and get as much as 2 star unit.
                        Fifth,when u feel that you much more stronger than the stage u re-battle,fight the 9th stage and 2nd stage of the next.Sometimes,u can see the Bonus:Summon a 1-4 star unit,it is the target we aim for.Fight to get it as soon as possible.
                        Something useful i thinkont spend gold for summon 1-3 star unit(lots of time 1-2 star appear).THe gold just spend for Townhall and enhance your 2 stars unit to combine or evolve them into 3 stars unit.Dont spend gold to open Trading area or Bonus shop cause its ****.
                        Some unit has the special skill and some ****ing more tanky than the others.The Angel is ****ing useful with Heal.THe Golem is ****ing tanky.The laser gun shots penetrating...
                        And when you feel useless with that strategy or u know about something different or more useful please come here to share for me
                        Good luck,Have fun.
                        My ID:weed.sunbae


                        • #13
                          I am rather new to this so my strategy is quite simplistic. I like to start off with my maxed 2 star unit holding off initial enemies. And then I will produce another one as needed until I can get my 3 star out there to push major ground. Usually a walk in the park after that.


                          • #14
                            Tactic for campaign

                            The units you should put are a low mana tank unit and your other units should be tanky units you have. If you have skills then I recommend you only use a skill that is 3 star and up. Your tanky units should include the unit with the highest stars and usually the ones with highest mama cost should do it. Also if you have a ranged unit that can sit behind your tank unit without taking that much damage that would be useful. With this line up you need to send in the low mana tank unit first enough for you to be able to save up your mana for your other units. Your low mana tank unit should be enough for you to be able to save up for you to send in your stronger units. Since your other units are heavy on tank you have to save up and level up your mana tower to be able to gain mana quicker over time which will let your other tank units survive as you keep summoning more and more of those units the damage will stack up and you can win game. I highly recommend you keep adding friends it's really useful for using their units. Make sure your strongest unit is your main unit. Don't waste money to buy a trade store or bonus store if you haven't already I never use them I think it's a waste. Also don't waste money to upgrade units, only use money to enhance units so you can evolve them or combine them. I recommend not to use auto the bonus from not using auto is 30% bonus xp&money. Lastly keep doing the team battle, seige, and raid stuff the weekly reward is completely worth it.

                            IGN: xReizi


                            • #15
                              Send in a friend's unit, upgrade mana tower and then spam bigger units

                              In game name: user065aa630