How to Claim Town Hall Upgrade Rewards

Earn a special reward when the Town Hall reaches a milestone!

* How to Claim Rewards

1. Tap [Town Hall].
2. Tap [Upgrade Rewards] to view the rewards.
3. Rewards can be claimed immediately upon upgrading the Town Hall.
4. Go to Mailbox and claim the rewards.
Town Hall Upgrade Rewards can only be received once!

How to Claim Adventure Rewards

Earn a special reward when you clear a specific region in Adventure!

* How to Claim Rewards

1. View the regions where rewards are acquirable.
2. Rewards can be viewed in both [EASY] and [NORMAL].
3. Clear the respective region.
4. Popup will display upon clearing the stage. Reward will be immediately sent to Mailbox.
Adventure Rewards can only be received once per stage!

How to Claim Treasure Hunt Rewards

Various rewards can be acquired in Treasure Hunt!

There's a special reward for clearing each stage for the first time.

Please note that the skills cannot be used in Treasure Hunt and only three players can clear each stage.

You cannot enter a stage when another user is playing.

Also, special rewards may not be available for some 'Difficulty.'

'Entry limit' will reset every 8 hours.

Check out the details below!

1. Tap [Adventure] -> [Treasure Hunt]
"2. Select a stage where [Enter] is indicated.
(Special rewards cannot be earned in 'easy' stages.)"
"3. [Cannot Enter] will be indicated when a stage has been cleared 3 times.
[In Progress] will be indicated when a stage is being played by another user."


Lab is where the stats can be enhanced!
Stats are categorized into [Castle Wall], [Arrow Rocket Launcher], and [Unit].

Here are the details!

1. Research

There are three slots for the research.
You will need to unlock all three to begin the research. (You'll get one for free!)
If you unlock additional slots, up to 3 researches can be performed simultaneously!

2. Research Types
Castle Wall:
Perform a research on the attributes of Castle Wall.

HP, HP recovery, MP increase, friend's unit duration, partial MP recharge, arrow gauge increase, etc.

Arrow Rocket Launcher:
Perform a research on the attributes of Arrow Rocket Launcher.

You can launch various types of ammunitions such as Fire Arrows, Electric Spears, and Missiles.
You can also increase the speed of launch as well as decrease the speed of gauge consumption."

Perform a research on the attributes of unit.

You can decrease the cooldown of nearby/long-range/defensive units.
You can also increase attributes like HP and ATK.

3. How to Research

1) Previous research must be completed to begin a new one."
2) View the requirements for the desired research, then tap [Research].
3) Check that the research is in progress. (You can either wait until the completion or tap [Finish Now].)
4) Once the research is completed, tap the slot to apply the changes.