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Cartoon Wars Guide

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  • Cartoon Wars Guide

    Found this in TA Forum about Cartoon Wars - Gunner guide so I shall post here.

    Originally posted by Genocide View Post
    I have had messages on youtube saying how I got to such a high level in cartoon wars gunner. Well its not like that I can just ignore it so I guess I'll tell you all the secrets. If your a inexperienced player beating the game and getting everything mite take 6 hours. For very experienced people like me who can get to rank #78 in cartoon wars gunner hard in 3 hours...well then it will take you just 3 hours to beat the game. it is

    First buy Cartoon Wars Gunner for $0.99 in the app store...its worth it. trust me.

    You want to start a new game. you can chose either easy, medium, or hard. I started out on easy but then I thought it was too easy so I started a new hard account. It doesnt matter what level you start on cuz to me I think they all are the same but in the hard level when you get to like lv50 you start finding dragons and huge spearmens that can like kill you 3hit KO.

    When you first start you have 200gold. use that 200 gold to upgrade your gold gain. Gold is the most important!!! memorize the amount of money it takes for the next level of gold gain and rite when you have enough money to upgrade it make sure you pause in the middle of the game to upgrade. Dont wait till you beat the level or until you die cuz then you just wasted like a lot more gold you can earn. When you get to lv.50 gold gain start upgraing damage. you need the damage so you can kill faster. upgrade damage to the max(lv50). Save up until you have 25000gold. you may find yourself easy to be killed because you havent upgraded your health yet but dont dont need health for a long time until people start to 1hit KO you.

    When you have the 25000 gold buy the samuri sword. that sword is very powerful and can kill real fast. dont do anything with the bow because the sword heats up real fast and when it gets toatally heated you have to go back to the old way of killing...shooting them with arrows. Upgrade your sword to lv.10 and your cooling level to lv.25. then save up money until you have 50000gold. then buy the magic staff. that should allow you to kill even faster. kill and keep killing and keep upgrading the staff and cooling level. then when your done with that save up until you have 80000 to buy the robot suit. then buy the robot suit and upgrade it to the max.

    by the time you have done all of that probably nothing can kill you anymore because you kill them before they kill you unless you are in the hard level. then maybe the spearpeople can get to you before you kill them or some archers and gunners will kill you but its hard to get killed. you can kill really fast now so just keep killing until you can upgrade every stat to its maximum level(50). then if you want, buy all of the other weapons and upgrade every single weapon to lv10(what else can you do with all that gold? when you finished upgrading everything gold is basically useless).

    Then when you have all you stats to lv.50 and all of your weapons lv50 you can do anything you want. personally my 3 weapons are sword, staff, and robot suit. sometimes i like to switch the sword with the sniper rifle cuz the sniper rifle is almost a 1hit KO. i like the staff alot cuz it fires fast and it has the helth ability so you can regain helth. that is very useful for when you get to like lv.300. the robot suit is just something you use to kill things real fast and samuri sword...well u use that when you have everything crown around you. make sure you hold down the attack button and dont tap it cuz if you hold it down every once in a while it will do a cool special attack.

    well with all that you can probably fight all the way up to the highscores and maybe rank 1.

    heres how it looks like if you want it done in 6 hours. this is for the people who is playing this game for the first time.

    1st hour- upgrade gold gain to lv.50.
    2nd hour- upgrade damage to lv 50. buy sword
    3rd hour- upgrade sword to lv10. upgrade cooling to lv25.
    4th hour- buy staff, upgrade it to the max. upgrade cooling to the max buy robot suit
    5th hour- upgrade robot suit to max, upgrade half of all stats to the max
    6th hour- upgrade rest of the stats to lv50. buy and upgrade every weapon(if you like) and work you way up in the highscore

    I know it long, just shut up and keep reading. its almost done

    if your experiences heres how it look like in 3 hours. (its possible!!!)

    1st hour- lv50 gold gain, lv25damage
    2nd hour- finish upgrading damamge to lv50, buy sword, upgrade to lv10, upgrade cooling to lv50, buy staff upgrade staff to lv10, buy robot suit and upgrade it to the max
    3rd hour- (first finish the 2nd hours work. its real hard and you may end up like 15 min behind schedual). Upgrade the rest of the stats to lv50, buy and upgrade every weapon to maximum. then do whatever you want

    *NOTE*- To do this in 3 hours it is hard. You have to be very experienced.

    Remember to make your kills fast, DONT BE AFRAID TO DIE!!!YOU WONT LOSE ANYTHING!!!!. Dont wait until the end of the level to make upgrades, just pause the game and upgrade!!!!. And dont ever just die in the middle of a round and not gain any have to make a attempt to beat the stage cuz then you get the extra gold they award to for winning the level. asked for it and you got it. Here is how I got ranked #78 in cartoon wars gunner hard in 3hours.

    Thanks for reading =)

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