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[Suggestions] What Do You Want to See in Game?

This is a sticky topic.
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  • [Suggestions] What Do You Want to See in Game?

    Hi All,

    I know we don't have an Ideas and Suggestions sub-forum yet--I'm working on it

    However, in the meanwhile, I wanted to see what the community would like to see in game! We're always looking to improve

    Please post your ideas and suggestions in this thread for the meanwhile, until I can get the other sub-forum up

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Pleasant Day,
    Madam Mim
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  • #2
    I still want to see a character that focuses on Primal Skills. Any sort of bonus to damage, cost, cooldown, or passive boosts when using primal skills would be cool.

    The skill descriptions badly need editing. Almost every skill is incorrectly described with tags like "damage on" instead of "damage from" which is the exact opposite of what is meant.

    Lastly, the illusionist constantly causes guild raids to freeze. I don't know why. I've had it happen before he uses any skills.
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      Dear Madam Mim,

      It is very nice to have new moderators, hope this forum will be more lively!
      I have couple suggestions and request regarding the game.

      1. We really need a fix on game crash please, it is very bad when we crash doing raid and abyss.
      2. The guild chat is picky, sometimes we can connect to chat server sometimes not.
      3. Would be great to update more stuff for guild to do, you know to make it fun and lively, maybe a raid for materials or a big quest.
      4. Also please make more new characters

      Thank you!


      • #4
        Hi and welcome ! lets cut the chit chat !

        1. Abyss needs more variations of monster, it's very repetitive and just the same old tricks with higher DMG.
        2. Need to fix skill variations as well, all the serker uses the same build i.e. Lacerate/Frenzy+filler, Lacerate is a staple and I understand that this kind of game is hard to make things balanced but right now we see very few variation in builds and most importantly, underused skills (too many to list here)
        3. Needs more interactions between players, More story mode and new skills but these are not priority unlike above suggestions.


        • #5
          MrProb hit the big ones I would agree with as those are what will drive people away due to repetitiveness/lack of diversity.
          I know from a financial standpoint this may not be their favorite idea, but it would cause more builds potentially (due to more options) and improve happiness of most players(due to feeling they get more value out of what they buy). That is to allow 2-3 rank IV scrolls to be combined into one "type" of your choice that way if you have 10+ of a type you can't use at least it can be for something. Given rank V maybe 1-2 come out every few weeks, they just collect and sit there.


          • #6
            Here are some major game problems:

            1 - Defending doesn't grant skill cooldown. If I'm stunned I get cooldown, but if I choose to defend, it's worse than being stunned. This is sloppy design. At best, it was sloppy problem solving for some combo I'm not aware of.

            2 - There's no longer a good way to sort scrolls. I used to be able to sort enhance scrolls by level, which is the only sorting option I would possibly use. I don't understand why it was removed, but the current sorting options ranged from useless to frustrating.

            3 - The special dungeon screen loads twice. It opens once, and then a few seconds later while you're trying to navigate, it opens again, often causing you to click on an option you don't want. To make things worse, the screen takes about ten seconds to recover if you hit the wrong option.


            • #7
              I think fixing the current issues before plowing ahead and adding new stuff would be a GREAT way to keep people from leaving and not scare off new "clients".

              1 - Crashes are still WAY too common. I just did the scroll hour run and it crashed on me 4 times (this is after rebooting my device which is the response I got from technical support on how to stop it from happening).

              2 - I almost didn't stick with the game due to all the spelling and grammar errors. I know I'm not perfect, but the story line is very hard to follow due to this!

              3 - Guild chat is still SO buggy. Folks are using 3rd party apps to communicate because this is so unreliable.

              4 - Please see the post directly above mine. I agree with Scoates there!


              • #8
                The last couple days, I've had the Abyss freeze on me because of the Illusionist Copy glitch. Losing an entire day on the Abyss is a pretty big deal. It's a very poor play experience. If there's not an easy way to fix this, it would at least be nice if we didn't lose our one chance for the day. (I don't know how easy it is for the game to detect that it has frozen)

                Same thing with the game freezing on guild raids. If my game freezes during a guild raid, it means that we don't defeat the monster and everyone in the guild is frustrated. I don't get why guilds are designed so the rewards aren't worth it unless every single member of the guild joins the combat and performs very well. WAY too much room for something to go wrong. If one guild member is on vacation, then we can't beat the CS 120 monsters (we're all at CS 150 or higher). If we fight a weaker monster, we get useless rewards.
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                • #9
                  As far as future updates though, I would REALLY like to see some sort of "breakage" ability to take higher level materials and break it into lower level materials. I have tons of higher level stuff, but I spend hours a day grinding for green material!


                  • #10
                    [QUOTE=Yarith;904035]I think fixing the current issues before plowing ahead and adding new stuff would be a GREAT way to keep people from leaving and not scare off new "clients".

                    1 - Crashes are still WAY too common. I just did the scroll hour run and it crashed on me 4 times (this is after rebooting my device which is the response I got from technical support on how to stop it from happening).

                    Are you using iPhone?


                    • #11
                      Nope, iPad.


                      • #12
                        A couple of more ideas:

                        1 - On the filter, for us english folks, can you please remove the "av" and "gm" filters?
                        2 - In guild runs, can you add the ability to swap skills out when selecting characters?


                        • #13
                          Thanks for the suggestions! Keep them coming
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                          • #14
                            Just a few ideas:

                            a, I would like to see some kind solution for the stamina thing.I think even with the +50 pots we have only a few tries a day and considering that ppl want to run raids/materials dungeons/guerilla dungeons/etc its not enough.

                            b, More sales and events (sales for gems or characters mostly,or more packages) like increased drop rate on legendary stuffs and IV scrolls when u draw using gems.Free rewards are also cool.

                            c,More updates and bug fixes


                            • #15
                              Suggestion for improvement on some unpopular Grand Master Skill:
                              1. Revenge : Longer duration and lower incoming damage
                              2. Mighty Strike : Higher damage and armor decrease percentage
                              3. Bash : Higher stun chance (Stun IV) and longer stun duration
                              4. Tree Protection : Lower skill cool down