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Berserker skills

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  • Berserker skills

    I've been using berserker lately and have him pretty well geared up with mostly maxed out tier v skills. But he still seems a little weak on the dps side.

    What I mean is that his main dps skill is reckless strike. Now max out it packs a pretty good punch but it suffers from a lot of draw backs. He needs to be hit 5 times to stack the passive buff. It's on a 4 turn cool down with no way to reduce it. And it's a random target. Compare that to something like a Rangers skill rapid shot or cobra strike, and I can do what reckless strike does every other turn, and select the target I want to hit. Or the assassins ambush skill, it's only about 1000 less base damage, but once again I can select the target I want to hit with it, it synergies with his passive ruthless skill to give it a 50% boost and reduces cool down to one turn.

    i like the idea of reckless strike, the random factor and having to get hit to boost its damage since its unique to the berserker and fits his character. But in practice I think it hinders him compared to other dps classes. I don't know how to balance it, but I think it needs something a little more. Maybe not have it consume the stacks after use or something. I don't know how strong that would be in the long run.

    Frenzy got a nice effect added this last update and it's a nice skill, but he only revives with 10% hp, several times in Crimson Orc with his double attack, it still kills him anyway. Maybe increase the amount he revives with a little bit so he can survive a double hit if the first hit happens to kill him.

    Dual is fun to and helps stack reckless strike. The only thing is that going from master to grandmaster rank, is the damage reduction only goes from 39% master to 40% GM. 1% increase seems low, when all other ranks increase by 3%.

    And after reading the last update about invincible skill not actually reducing damage by the stated amount, I wanted to know if frenzy and dual damage reduction are working as intended. I've had several times after using dual that my berserker just get obliterated for 20-30k damage, seems pretty high for having a 40% damage reduction. My guy is in tier 6 legendary armor +9.

    - Grakos