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~Guide to the Fairy~

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  • ~Guide to the Fairy~

    New to Zenonia, or just still trying to get your head around this Fairy thing? Well, you've come to the right place.

    Table of Contents~
    1. Where to get the Fairy

    2. What the Fairy does

    3. How to active your Boosts

    4. How to get more Skill Slots

    5. Rune List/Abilities and what they do

    6. Skill Slot List/Abilities and what they do

    1. Where to get the Fairy:
    The Fairy is obtained when you reach the map, 'Land of the Fallen Middle'.

    2. What the Fairy does:
    The Fairy increases your Elemental Attack/Defense, while giving you extra Boosts, for example: Skill Cooldown, HP Absorb, Stat Boosts and more.

    3. How to activate your Boosts:
    You can't, they'll just randomly appear.

    4. How to get more Skill Slots:
    The amount of Skills Slots a Rune contains is entirely random, if you get three, you're very lucky

    5. Rune List/Abilities and what they do:
    Runes add to your Elemental Attack/Defense. The Stats depend on the tendancy. Going from Extreme Defense - Defense - Normal - Attack - Extreme Attack.

    Fire Rune:
    The Fire Rune has a chance of leaving a burn on the opponent, causing them to take a certain amount of damage each second.

    Holy Rune:
    The Holy Rune has a chance of stunning the opponent, making them unable to do anything. Though this helps a lot, when they are stunned, it is quite hard to hit the opponent.

    Shadow Rune:
    The Shadow Rune has a chance of plunging the opponent into darkness, causing them to walk in circles or not move at all; unable to attack.

    Frost Rune:
    The Frost Rune has a chance of slowing the opponent, making them move substantially slower.

    Rune Stats:

    The stats of a rune vary. For example, an Extreme Attack 1 can have 20 Attack, 0 Special Defense 1, and 0 Special Defense 2; But they can also have 18 Attack, 1 Special Defense 1, 1 Special Defense 2. The stats will always add up to 20.

    I have posted the range of the stats.

    Extreme Defence Stats:
    Special Defense 1, 15 - 19; Special Defense 2, 0 - 1; Special Attack, 1 - 2.

    Defense Stats:
    Special Defense 1, 7 - 11; Special Defense 2, 2 - 3; Special Attack, 3 - 4.

    Normal Stats:
    Special Defense 1, 6 - 8; Special Defense 2, 1 - 2; Special Attack, 7.

    Attack Stats:
    Special Defense 1, 10 - 11; Special Defense 1 - 2, ; Special Attack, 6 - 8.

    Extreme Attack Stats:
    Special Defense 1, 5; Special Defense 2, 0; Special Attack, 15 - 19.

    6. Skill Stones List/Abilities and what they do:
    Skill Stones are used to increase your Stats, going from HP/SP Absorbing to increasing your Dex.

    Wind Blessing:
    Level 1, Dex +10%; Level 2, Dex +12%; Level 3, Dex + 14%; Level 4, Dex +16%; Level 5, Dex +18%; Level 6, +20% Dex; Level 7, +22% Dex; Level 8, +24% Dex; Level 9, +26% Dex; Level 10, +28% Dex.

    Letter of Brilliance:
    Level 1, Evasion +10%; Level 2, Evasion +12%; Level 3, Evasion +14%; Level 4, Evasion +16%; Level 5, Evasion +18%; Level 6, Evasion +20%; Level 7, Evasion +22%; Level 8, Evasion +24%; Level 9, Evasion +26%; Level 10, Evasion +28%.

    Guardian Light:
    Level 1, Defence +10%; Level 2, Defence +12%; Level 3, Defence +14%; Level 4, Defence +16%; Level 5, Defence +18%; Level 6, Defence +20%; Level 7, Defence +22%; Level 8, Defence +24%; Level 9, Defence +26%; Level 10, Defence +28%.

    Heavenly Blessing:
    Level 1, Str +10%; Level 2, Str +12%; Level 3, Str +14%; Level 4, Str +16%; Level 5, Str +18%; Level 6, Str +20%; Level 7, Str +22%; Level 8, Str +24%; Level 9, Str +26%; Level 10, Str +28%.

    Letter of Leadership:
    Level 1, Skill cooldown +10%; Level 2, Skill cooldown +12%; Level 3, Skill cooldown +14%; Level 4, Skill cooldown +16%; Level 5, Skill cooldown +18%; Level 6, Skill cooldown +20%; Level 7, Skill cooldown +22%; Level 8, Skill cooldown +24%; Level 9, Skill cooldown +26%; Level 10, Skill cooldown +28%.

    Absolute Light:
    Level 1, SP use decrease +10%; Level 2, SP use decrease +12%; Level 3, SP use decrease +14%; Level 4, SP use decrease +16%; Level 5, SP use decrease +18%; Level 6, SP use decrease +20%; Level 7, SP use decrease +22%; Level 8, SP use decrease +24%;
    Level 9, SP use decrease +26%; Level 10, SP use decrease +28%.

    Letter of Courage:
    Level 1, Crit Rate +10%; Level 2, Crit Rate +12%; Level 3, Crit Rate +14%; Level 4, Crit Rate +16%, Level 5, Crit Rate +18%; Level 6, Crit Rate +20%; Level 7, Crit Rate +22%; Level 8, Crit Rate +24%; Level 9, Crit Rate +26%; Level 10, Crit Rate +28%.

    Ocean's Blessing:
    Level 1, Int +10%; Level 2, Int +12%; Level 3, Int +14%; Level 4, Int +16%; Level 5, Int +18%; Level 6, Int +20%; Level 7, Int+22%; Level 8, Int +24%; Level 9, Int +26%; Level 10, Int +28%.

    Here I have posted the times for each one:

    L1: 10%, 25 sec
    L2: 12%, 26 sec
    L3: 14%, 28 sec
    L4: 16%, 29 sec
    L5: 18%, 31 sec
    L6: 20%, 32 sec
    L7: 22%, 34 sec
    L8: 24%, 35 sec
    L9: 26%, 37 sec
    L10: 28%, 38 sec

    Letter of Leadership (Skill cooldown) / Letter of Brilliance (EVA)
    L1: 10%, 30 sec
    L2: 12%, 32 sec
    L3: 14%, 35 sec
    L4: 16%, 37 sec
    L5: 18%, 40 sec
    L6: 20%, 42 sec
    L7: 22%, 45 sec
    L8: 24%, 47 sec
    L9: 26%, 50 sec
    L10: 28%, 52 sec

    Absolute Light (SP consume)
    L1: -10%, 40 sec
    L2: -12%, 42 sec

    Heavenly Light (Reflect)
    L1: +50%, 40 sec

    *Vampiric Flame (HP Absorb+5%) / Awakening Flame (All Stat+5%)
    L1: 50 sec
    L2: 52 sec
    L3: 55 sec
    L4: 57 sec
    L5: 60 sec
    L6: 62 sec
    L7: 65 sec
    L8: 67 sec
    L9: 70 sec
    L10: 72 sec

    Healing Flame: (HP/SP Recovery +1%)
    L1: 60 sec.

    *Vampiric Flame and Awakening Flame's Stats do not change each level, so only the times have been listed.

    Thank you to Tbagstealer, bluhavoc13, Rubellite, alienation11, Ghost, Soki and lukeshep for all the help! Especially Rubellite. Hi Rube. :3
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    the more skill slots part is not true. 1s I get 80% of the time 2s probably 19% and I still havent got a 3 b4 and ive had 34 stones. lv50 fairy
    Zenonia 3
    Shadow Hunter 99
    Sword Knight 99

    Zenonia 2
    Lv 99 Ecne
    Ranked 67 on ladder

    Lv 87 assassin
    Lv 79 warrior

    Regular mode complete: Lv 93 swordmaster
    Hard mode complete lv 213 swordmaster
    Lv 250 swordmaster

    Destinia Character code:9958646030
    Gunner:lv 99 Sniper


    • #3
      skill slots is totally random


      • #4
        Really? I find that you just get the same one at the lower Levels, and then a bigger variety as you Level...
        HiddenFromYou ❤ Rubellite - 88%.


        • #5
          Originally posted by Tbagstealer View Post
          the more skill slots part is not true. 1s I get 80% of the time 2s probably 19% and I still havent got a 3 b4 and ive had 34 stones. lv50 fairy
          You better hope your right <.<

          Alright. Added a heap.
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            might wanna refer to this thread for other stones TS missed...
            Zenonia 4

            IGN: Aquiros
            Class: Slayer, Level: 99


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              Originally posted by RainyDay View Post

              might wanna refer to this thread for other stones TS missed...
              Haha, yes, I know, but thanks anyway.
              HiddenFromYou ❤ Rubellite - 88%.


              • #8
                You haven't edited the skill slots part in question 4, lol.
                Have lots of fun formatting all the info once you write it up. xDD


                • #9
                  Holy rune gives a chance to stun enemies (like they turn all grey) for a short time, if I remember correctly


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                    Originally posted by Rubellite View Post
                    You haven't edited the skill slots part in question 4, lol.
                    Have lots of fun formatting all the info once you write it up. xDD

                    Originally posted by alienation11 View Post
                    Holy rune gives a chance to stun enemies (like they turn all grey) for a short time, if I remember correctly
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                    • #11
                      Skill stones go up to atleast lvl 7.


                      • #12
                        Can't they go up to ten like Z3?


                        • #13
                          Highest i have seen so far is lvl 7. Max Fairy and im lvl 99. Doesnt mean they can't just havent seen it yet. He only had up to lvl 5 listed, so thought i would throw out that i have gotten level 7.


                          • #14
                            I have gotten a lvl 8 stone. Healing flame


                            • #15
                              Does it? Do they all go up to eight? Or just certain ones? And also, do they keep going up by 2%?
                              HiddenFromYou ❤ Rubellite - 88%.