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[Guide] Blader

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  • [Guide] Blader


    1. Introduction
    2. Stats


    Bladers weild dual swords and use light armors. They are your fast attacking and dodging character. With Great close range attack, and very good AOE, and pretty good range attacks through skills


    - Average Damage to High Damage
    - High Critical Strike Rates
    - High Evasion
    - High Hit Rate


    - Average to Low Defense
    - Average to Low HP
    - Low Critical Damage



    For every DEX you gain:

    - ATK + 4.00
    - DEF + 0.60
    - HIT + 0.12
    - CRI + 0.16
    - EVA + 0.16
    - CEVA + 0.16

    For each CON you gain:

    - ATK + 1.00
    - DEF + 2.00
    - HIT + 0.05
    - EVA + 0.06
    - CDMG + 0.08
    - HP +26

    For each STR you gain:

    - ATK + 2.00
    - DEF + 0.80
    - CRI + 0.08
    - CDMG + 0.12

    For each INT you gain:

    - HIT + 0.16
    - CEVA + 0.06
    - SP +14


    Hasn’t been much debate on Blader builds. Please feel free to discuss your discoveries, so we can improve the guide.

    Level of Stat and Bonuses stated are exclusively representing bonuses for Blader only and should not be in comparison with the other class.

    1. Full DEX Build


    - Highest Damage
    - Highest Hit Rate
    - Highest EVA
    - Highest CRI Value


    - Low Def
    - Low HP
    - Low CDMG

    Stats Over Base Stats for Build @ LVL 99:

    ATT + 1176
    DEF + 176.4
    HIT + 35.28
    CRI + 47.04
    EVA + 47.04
    CDMG + 0
    CEVA + 47.04
    HP + 0
    SP + 0

    2. 2 DEX + 1 CON Build


    - Higher Defense than Full DEX
    - Higher HP than Full DEX
    - Higher CDMG


    - Less Damage than Full DEX
    - Less CRI than Full DEX
    - Less EVA than Full DEX
    - Less CEVA than Full DEX

    Stats Over Base Stats for Build @ LVL 99:

    ATT + 882
    DEF + 313.6
    HIT + 28.42
    CRI + 31.36
    EVA + 37.24
    CDMG + 7.84
    CEVA + 31.36
    HP + 2548
    SP + 0

    Stat Comparison of the 2 Builds Full DEX to 2:1 DEX:CON

    ATT + 294
    DEF – 137.2
    HIT + 6.86
    CRI + 15.68
    EVA + 9.8
    CDMG – 7.84
    CEVA + 15.68
    HP - 2548
    SP + 0

    Basically comes down to is 2548 HP, 7.84 CDMG, and 137.2 DEF base worth more than 294 ATT, 6.86 HIT, 15.68 CRI, 9.8 EVA, and 15.68 CEVA to you.


    ACTIVE SKILL[Recommended Endgame]

    1. Windcutter [10] [for PVE/PVP] at level 10 - ATK: 145% Multi Hit; 5 Sec Cooldown


    - Very Good Damage
    - Long Range
    - Cheap SP
    - Fast Cast
    - Fast Cooldown
    - SP and HP absorb work with this skill!!


    - None

    2. Invisible Technique [10] [for PVE] at level 10 - ATK: 210% Multi Hit; AOE


    - Large AOE Effect
    - Good Damage
    - Great for Farming
    - Average Cooldown


    - HP and SP absorb do not work with this skill.*
    - Damage is done too slowly to be that great for PvP

    3. Blade Windmill [10] [for PVP/PVE] at level 10 - ATK: 228% Multi Hit


    - Some Range Damage
    - Best Close Range Damage Skill
    - Fast Casting Time


    - Longer Cooldown
    - Range Damage is less than Windcutter

    4. Mysterious Shadow [for PVP/PVE] at level 10 – Clonex5 Duration 14sec


    - Casts and leaves you free to do your own thing while your clones go to work
    - Very Good Damage (They hit just as hard as you!)
    - Fast Casting Time


    - Longer Cooldown
    - Duration seems short in PVE
    - High SP Cost

    5. Dance of Wind [for getting to Blade Windmill] at level 1 – 80% Attack Multi Hit


    - Gets you to Blade Windmill


    - Gotta use a skill point in it to get to Blade Windmill…

    ULTIMATE [Recommended Endgame]

    1. Area Zero [2] [for Boss Fight] at level 2 - Free Crit Skill Chance 6% for 10 sec

    - Does not Prevent SP loss from Sacrafice on hit. Not that big of a deal for PVP, but Great for PVE and Abyss.

    2. Vampiric Aura [2] [for Boss Fight] at level 2 – HP Absorb 10% for 25 secs

    - Not really Worth it… Better off getting HP absorb from equipment.*

    PASSIVE SKILL [Recommended Endgame]
    1. Forged Edge [10] [increase ATK permanently] at level 10 - ATK +30%
    2. Proficiency [10] [increase DEX permanently] at level 10 - DEX +30
    3. Dark Shadow [10] [increase EVA permanently per DEX level] at level 10 - EVA per DEX +500%
    4. Proficiency [10] [increase EVA permanently] at level 10 - EVA +10.00
    5. Malice [10] [increase CRI permanently] at level 10 - CRI +10.00
    6. Wrath [10] [increase CDMG permanently] at level 10 - CDMG +30.00
    7. Conditioning [10] [increase ATK permanently per CON level] at level 10 - CON per ATK +150%

    1. Sacrifice [1] at level 1 ATK value is doubled, but drains %1 sp for 7 secs
    2. Shadow Move [1] at level 1; EVA increased by 5% for 15sec
    3. Cloak of Shadows [1] at lvl 1; +2 Hide for 2sec

    Level 99 [97 Skill Points]

    - Windcutter [Active] [10]
    - Blade Windmill [Active] [10]
    - Proficiency [Passive] [10]
    - Invisible Technique [Active] [10]
    - Forged Edge [Passive] [10]
    - Area Zero [Ultimate] [2]
    - Mysterious Shadow [Active] [10]
    - Wrath [Passive] [10]
    - Dark Shadow [Passive] [10]
    - Conditioning [Passive] [10]
    - Malice [Passive] [1]
    - Evasion [Passive] [1]
    - Dance of Wind [Active] [1]
    - Cloak of Shadows [Buff] [1]
    - Sacrifice [Buff] [1]

    Note: leaves you with 1 left over skill point. Do with it as you wish. I suggest either 1 more in Malice or Evasion, or you could grab quickness or Vampiric Aura for another castable buff to use. If you buy more Skill points with Zen I suggest maxing out Malice and Evasion next.


    - Thanks to Lockhart01 for making the Awesome Slayer Guide and letting me use it for an outline!

    Work in Progress more to come.
    Last edited by lukeshep; 01-06-2012, 02:11 PM.

  • #2
    Nice Job... So Far. If this is beginning, It's going to be long.... And Hopefully very detailed too.


    • #3
      Skill build please!
      I think it's imperative cause I'm starting a Blader and have NO IDEA what to get for him!


      • #4
        Originally posted by Microspasm View Post
        Skill build please!
        I think it's imperative cause I'm starting a Blader and have NO IDEA what to get for him!
        Working on that next.

        Hint Windcutter for an early attack skill. Max it early


        • #5
          ;o Yes, We need a Skill Guide~ Stat ones are kinda useless; most people should know the main stat.

          Though, newbs probably won't. Very helpful, with all the detail. Too bad I can't understand anything. 8D
          HiddenFromYou ❤ Rubellite - 88%.


          • #6
            WINDDD Cutter For the win. That's how I killed almost all of my bosses before I kind of stopped playing Z4.


            • #7
              Updated with skills Guide!


              • #8
                Isn't there supposed to be 98 Skill points? But good Skill build.


                • #9
                  Originally posted by zen shadow hunter View Post
                  Isn't there supposed to be 98 Skill points? But good Skill build.
                  Yeah there are. Note at the bottom talks about the one that is left.


                  • #10
                    Ah Ok. Thanks. By the way, Maxxing is spelt Maxing... Just pointing it out.


                    • #11
                      Conditioning? Being Full Dex that's useless. Even going 2 Dex, 1 Con it's still not that great.
                      Better off to put it in Evasion. That is, if I remember correctly. I think at Level 10 you get 50% more Evasion... And it's Passive.
                      HiddenFromYou ❤ Rubellite - 88%.


                      • #12
                        I actually went 2.5-.5 dex to con. Giving me around 150 con right now. That's 225 attack or equivalent to 3/4 of a perfect sheath stone. 10 from malic and 10 from evasion is way less of a sheath stone equivalent. 3/4 of a sheath stone is better than proficiency also which is at 3/5 of a perfect sheath stone.


                        • #13
                          Evasion only gives 10 evasion not 50% more evasion.


                          • #14
                            Where's the 2dex 1str build for crit damage?
                            Zenonia 4

                            IGN: Aquiros
                            Class: Slayer, Level: 99


                            • #15
                              Not worth it. You are better off going full dex then sheath stoning for cdmg.