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[Guide] Wizard

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  • [Guide] Wizard

    Wizard Guide

    The Wizard is the magic-wielding class in Zenonia 5. This class uses powerful skills and ranged basic attacks to inflict damage. In addition, the Wizard can protect himself with buffs. Anyone can play as the Wizard, but it is advisable to have good reflexes if you want to use this class. Once you start unlocking your more powerful AoE skills, farming and completing quests becomes much more convenient. The Wizard relies on Active skills rather than Passive skills. It's possible to spend money on Zen to boost stats, but this guide is also intended to help players who don't buy Zen (I spent no money on Zen). To search the guide, use Ctrl + F with the section name in the contents below (including the brackets). If a member's name appears in italicized square brackets, it means that member provided the information.

    • [Stats]
      This section describes the effects of adding stats and analyzes the viable stat builds.
    • [Skill Descriptions]
      This section is my analysis of the skills. It also provides numbers for ATK, SP, etc.
    • [Skill Builds]
      This section lists skill point investments at each level, depending on your stat build.
    • [Strategy]
      {Force Wall}
      This section, organized into several parts, shows how to make the most of your Wizard.
    • [Bosses]
      This section provides detailed strategies for bosses, mini-bosses, and special quests.
    • [Conclusion]
    • [Copyright]


    The numbers given below are base gains for adding stats, and don't include Passive effects.

    1 INT gives you:
    • ATK + 6
    • Hit + 0.14
    • Critical Damage + 0.18
    • SP + 20

    1 CON gives you:
    • DEF + 2
    • HP + 22

    1 DEX gives you:
    • ATK + 1
    • Hit + 0.06
    • CRI + 0.34
    • Evade + 0.24

    1 STR gives you:
    • DEF + 2

    With these figures in mind, there are only 3 serious stat builds for the Wizard.

    3 INT every level

    This option gives you the highest Attack, Hit rate, Critical Damage, and SP. Pure INT is one of the most popular Wizard stat builds, because mage classes have benefitted from INT throughout the Zenonia series. The drawback is that your character will be weak against enemy attacks for the majority of the game. Luckily, there are several skills that are made exclusively to work with the 3 INT build. These will be explained in the Skill Descriptions and Skill Builds sections. If you have good reflexes and can maneuver well around enemies, this build is a decent choice.
    2 INT 1 CON every level

    I personally use this build. It sacrifices some Attack to increase your HP and Defense. This build aims to increase your survival chances, especially in PvP and boss fights. Also, there are some skills that give the most benefit to this stat build. Compared to the 3 INT build, 2 INT 1 CON has 6 fewer Attack points per level, which is about 800 less Attack at level 99 (when factoring in passive skills). Nevertheless, using a proper skill build still gives a 2 INT 1 CON Wizard high damage output. If you don't always have exceptional reflexes, or have problems with the movement in this game, this build could be better than pure INT.
    5 INT 1 CON every 2 levels

    This is a less popular option. It is a mix between pure INT and 2 INT 1 CON. It gives you higher Attack than 2 INT 1 CON does, and increases your HP. For me, this build seems inferior to the first two builds because you won't derive maximum benefits from your skills. There are different skills that complement the 3 INT and 2 INT 1 CON builds very well, but this build doesn't work as well with them.
    [Skill Descriptions]

    Skills are essential to the Wizard because a proper skill build can give him incredible damage output. Active skills and Buff skills will be listed first, followed by Passive skills. For a skill build, see the next section. When listing the numbers for SP, ATK, etc., I'm using the base amount. The gain per level is indicated in parentheses. If you want to calculate the number at any level, use this formula:

    (base amount) + (gain per level)(level - 1)
    Psychic Ball [Active | Level 1]

    SP: 80 (+10 SP each level)
    ATK: 150% (+10% each level)
    Immobilize Rate: 30% (+3% each level)

    The aim for this skill is inconvenient, even though the number of projectiles increases at level 5 and level 10 [sigurdblake]. You can use this skill in the beginning of the game when you don't have other skills, but this skill is outclassed by most of the other Wizard skills. You need this as a prerequisite for Tornado, and you can add more points later if you want. Each projectile can hit three times if you aim it from a distance.

    Teleport [Active | Level 1]

    SP: 70 (+6 SP each level)
    ATK: 200% (+3% each level)
    Constant DMG: 30% (+2% each level)
    Bleeding Rate: 30% (+3% each level)

    This skill hits nearby enemies and teleports you forward. This skill is essential at higher levels, so definitely put one point in this. It makes you immune to damage when you use it and lets you escape if you're cornered. The actual damage output from the skill isn't important- rather, the fact that it's a cheap attack with fast cool time that lets you dodge dangerous attacks. Putting more than one point in this is a waste, though.

    Tornado [Active | Level 5]
    (Prerequisite: 1 point in Psychic Ball)

    SP: 100 (+13 SP each level)
    ATK: 250% (+15% each level)
    Slow Rate: 25% (+2% each level)

    This is a useful skill. It damages enemies in a line, and can hit multiple times if you are close to the enemy, or if you can line up directly with the enemy. The range is similar to Morpice's (Z2) Summon Tornado. The skill has high damage, and will kill a lot of enemies in the beginning of the game. It works beautifully in PvP because it takes advantage of the movement of the AI (see the Strategy section for more about utilizing this skill). The number of projectiles also increases to three when the skill is maxed [sigurdblake]. The disadvantage is that it doesn't make you immune to damage while casting it. At later stages in the game, this skill is still a good, cheap attack that combos nicely with Force Wall.

    Force Wall [Active | Level 5]

    SP: 120 (+17 SP each level)
    ATK: 65% (+3% each level)
    Slow Rate: 10%

    This skill isn't as good as the AoEs when fighting regular enemies, but it excels in defeating bosses. The range of this skill is similar to that of the Druid's (Z4) Entangling Roots, but it inflicts Slow rather than Immobilize. It can combo with Tornado and Mana Drain to maximize its damage. The combo with Mana Drain, in particular, is very useful against bosses, because many bosses pause after they attack, and you can use that to your advantage. You get slightly larger range at level 5 and level 10 [sigurdblake]. Maxing this skill will help tremendously for the final two bosses, and this skill also helps in endgame Abyss farming (there's a boss or mini-boss on every stage past Stage 9).

    Chain Lightning [Active | Level 15]

    SP: 180 (+16 SP each level)
    ATK: 280% (+20% each level)
    Constant DMG: 20%
    Shock Rate: 30% (+3% each level)
    Slow: -3

    Put one point in this skill as a prerequisite for Mana Drain. Despite the high numbers for power, this skill is among the worst of the Wizard's Active skills. It only hits once, and leaves you immobile for a considerable length of time while using it.

    Blessing of Wisdom [Buff | Level 15]

    SP: 120 (+15 SP each level)
    SP Absorb [sigurdblake]: 2% (+1% each level)
    Duration: 30 s (+1 s each level)

    This is a rather useless skill. SP Absorb from titles and/or equipment are better, and this skill isn't worth the quick slot it would occupy. It's possible to use it with Psychic Shield or Concentrate, but even then, it would be better to have SP Absorb without a duration restriction.

    Magic Arrow [Buff | Level 25]

    SP: 200 (+18 SP each level)
    Normal Attack Increase: 20% (+3% each level)
    Duration: 30 s (+1 s each level)

    Don't use this buff, either. While the boost is noticeable at level 10, the Concentrate buff unlocked later is much better (even at level 1). This is a waste of SP and skill points.

    Mental Break [Active | Level 25]

    SP: 280 (+18 SP each level)
    ATK: 550% (+50% each level)
    Slow Rate: 50% (+3% each level)

    This skill is recommended. It deals a large amount of damage, and hits most of the screen. It can take off 50% or more of a normal enemy's HP, and upgrading this skill a few times is useful because of the large ATK increases. You should max this skill eventually. Another perk of using this skill is that you become immune to damage while casting it. Since enemies can now attack you while you're using a skill, this attack is very good in both PvE and PvP.

    Mana Drain [Active | Level 25]
    (Prerequisite: 1 point in Chain Lightning)

    SP: 240 (+18 SP each level)
    ATK: 80% (+5% each level)
    Constant DMG: 30%
    Shock Rate: 10% (+3% each level)

    This skill is also highly recommended. In contrast to the inferior Chain Lightning, this skill reflects off all enemies in front of you. It also hits each enemy many times- up to 10 hits at level 1. The total damage output of this skill even exceeds that of Mental Break, and it's very good against bosses. Like Mental Break, this skill grants immunity from damage while using it; it's good for both PvE and PvP. A lethal combination once you reach level 35 is Starfall + Mana Drain. You should max this skill at higher levels.

    Psychic Shield [Buff | Level 25]

    SP: 120 (+10 SP each level)
    Mana Protection: 40%
    Duration: 20 s (+1 s each level)

    You need this if you use a pure INT build. Other stat builds should have access to this buff also. When you're attacked, you take 0 damage to your HP and lose some SP instead. Since the Wizard has lots of SP compared to HP, this is a critical buff for survival. In boss battles, this skill can be the difference between victory and defeat. You need at least 1 point in this (it's a prerequisite for Starfall also), but adding more points isn't very efficient. This is one of the Wizard's two good buff skills, and it only gets better once you gain SP Absorb from equipment or titles.

    Psychic Spin [Active | Level 35]
    (Prerequisite: 1 point in Mental Break)

    SP: 360 (+21 SP each level)
    ATK: 200% (+12% each level)

    This skill is not recommended until later levels. Other skills have better effects, and the aiming for this skill is slightly inconvenient. It shoots projectiles in 6 directions (contrary to the in-game description), but enemies in between those lines won't be hit. When you're farming the Abyss at higher levels, though, an extra AoE is excellent. The damage for this skill is decent and it hits multiple times. Another advantage is that you're immune to damage while using this attack. Maxing out this skill will be beneficial for killing enemies in the endgame.

    Concentrate [Buff | Level 35]

    SP: 320 (+13 SP each level)
    SP Consume: 1%
    Normal Attack Increase: 80%
    Duration: 20 s

    This is the other good Wizard buff. It is similar to Sacrifice (Z4) in that it increases your basic attack damage significantly, at the cost of gradually draining your SP. Having 1 point in this skill is very useful, but don't add more than 1 point because the increases aren't a good value. You can use this buff when your Active skills are cooling down to keep dealing high damage to enemies. When you get SP Absorb from titles or equipment, this buff becomes even more efficient and powerful.

    Starfall [Active | Level 35]

    SP: 300 (+21 SP each level)
    ATK: 120% (+10% each level)
    Slow Rate: 20% (+3% each level)

    This is an essential AoE. At first, the damage might seem unimpressive. However, when factoring in the number of hits, this attack can deal a lot of damage. It is similar to Morpice's (Z2) Ice Tornado, but you can move in the middle of the attack. A short while after casting the spell, you can control your Wizard again and use another skill while energy bombs are falling on your enemies. As I mentioned previously, Starfall + Mana Drain is absolutely devastating. Cast Starfall first, and follow up with Mana Drain for even more continuous damage (make sure that you're facing the targets when using Mana Drain). This combination can kill bosses very quickly, and is also lethal in PvP. Starfall is another active skill that makes you immune to damage until you can control your character again. By using it in conjunction with Mana Drain or Mental Break, your opponent won't have a chance to hit you. There is no doubt that you need to max Starfall at higher levels.

    Psychic Storm [Active | Level 45]

    SP: 320 (+24 SP each level)
    ATK: 65% (+4% each level)
    Constant DMG: 40%
    Shock Rate: 15%

    Considering how much this class had in common with Morpice (Z2), this skill is a real disappointment. First of all, it has bad range. Unlike Morpice's ultimate, which hit the whole screen, your targets have to be almost next to you to be hit by this attack. Second, the damage is mediocre and something like Mental Break does far more damage instantly. Third, the damage is rather slow and you can't always afford that. Unlike Mana Drain, which also deals damage over time, you're left vulnerable to enemy attacks when using this skill. You can move in the middle of it, but you're much better off using Starfall for skill combinations. The cool time of this attack is also long, rendering it even less useful. Unless you really want to see what the skill looks like, don't waste any points here.

    Potion Effect Increase [Passive | Level 1]

    Potion Effect Increase: 10%

    The same as Potion Plus in Z4, except its name is even worse. If there's one thing I hate seeing, it's people recommending a skill like this one. Seriously, don't waste your points here. You can't use Potions at all in PvP or the Abyss (and probably not Raid either), and upgrading your real skills is clearly a much better way to survive.

    Gold Plus [Passive | Level 1]

    Gold Increase: 5%

    You get more than enough Gold from enemies already, so this is another useless skill. Unless you're high on Gold (sarcastic), don't waste points on this.

    ATT Increase [Passive | Level 5]

    ATT Increase: 4% (+2% each level)

    Notice how the Passive skill names got a lot less creative in Z5? That's one question I'm still wondering about. But there's no question that this is an essential Passive skill that should be maxed as soon as possible.

    DEF Increase [Passive | Level 5]

    DEF Increase: 4% (+2% each level)

    This is great for 2 INT 1 CON builds because it maximizes the effect of adding CON. Pure INT builds can consider using this also, but not until later levels. It's not worth it for pure INT Wizards to max this early on.

    EVA Increase [Passive | Level 15]

    Evade Increase: 2 (+2 each level)

    Not necessary because Wizards don't rely on Evade.

    CRI Rate Increase [Passive | Level 15]

    CRI Increase: 2 (+2 each level)

    Wizards don't need this skill.

    CON Increase [Passive | Level 25]

    CON Increase: 3 (+3 each level)

    With this maxed, and factoring in other Passive skills, you'll get 858 HP and 100 Defense. Your build will have enough skill points for either this Passive or the next one, but which one you take is your own preference.

    VIT Increase [Passive | Level 25]

    INT Increase: 3 (+3 each level)

    With this maxed, and factoring in other Passive skills, you'll get 301 Attack, 5.46 Hit Rate, 7.02 Critical DMG, and 780 SP. It's not the best Passive skill, but it can be useful. Whether you want this one or the CON Increase is your choice.

    Passive Master [Passive | Level 35]

    Passive Effect Increase: 3% (+3% each level)

    This is definitely useful because it can increase many stats at once. Anything that increases your Attack is generally useful anyway. Max this skill after you've invested points in other Passives.

    VIT per Evade [Passive | Level 35]

    CRI Increase: 1.5% of base CRI (+0.5% each level)

    Gamevil really botched this one, because VIT isn't a stat and Evade isn't affected. Looking at the in-game description, you might say that having high INT means this skill is good. The problem is that the effect of INT on this skill is so small that it's almost unnoticeable. Don't make the same mistake I made by putting points here. You might think, 15% of your base CRI is still a lot. It would be, except for the further error that it's actually 1.5%. Compared to the other CRI Increase Passive, you need almost 350% CRI for this one to be better. Simply put, don't use this.

    Devil's Recovery [Passive | Level 45]

    SP Recovery Rate: 10% (+1% each level)
    SP Recovery on Critical Hit [Mr Glitch]: 5%

    It's only useful if you don't have SP Absorb. It gives you a chance to recover some SP when you score a Critical Hit, but SP Absorb is better in just about every way. Putting one point in this Passive won't hurt, but multiple points aren't worth it. The next Passive skill is better at conserving SP, anyway.

    Area Zero [Passive | Level 45]

    Free Skill Chance (on Crit.): 3% (+1% each level)
    Duration: 2 s (+0.2 s each level)

    A few points in this skill can be helpful. This works more often than you might think, because you actually score a lot of Critical hits on each map. A successful activation of Area Zero (at level 1) can give you enough time to use 2 skills as long as you don't start with Mana Drain.

    [Skill Builds]

    These builds are general guidelines for how to distribute your skill points, given the analysis in the above section. I'll provide two separate builds: one for 3 INT, and the other for 2 INT 1 CON. As a player, there is some flexibility in the builds depending on your preferences. The reason I invest multiple points in some skills early on is because the Wizard needs good skill damage, and the Attack passive alone isn't enough. It's true that usually, you should get your Passive skills first, but the truth is that the Wizard simply doesn't have many good Passive skills available.

    Pure INT Skill Build

    A pure INT Wizard should invest points in Active skills early on, because they are his main source of damage. Other than a few essential Passive skills, the Passive abilities really aren't useful until higher levels. This is why I often recommend putting at least 5 points in your best Active skills rather than upgrading Passives first. Also, the Wizard's high SP and any SP Absorb equipment you may have will allow you to use these Active skills frequently.
    The level in the build below is represented by the number.
    1. No skill points
    2. 1 point in Teleport (1/10)
    3. 1 point in Psychic Ball (1/10)
    4. Save skill points (1 point)
    5. 1 point in Tornado (1/10)
      1 point in Force Wall (1/10)
      Don't put more points in Force Wall yet, because early-game bosses aren't difficult.
    6. 1 point in ATT Increase (1/10)
    7. 1 point in ATT Increase (2/10)
    8. 1 point in ATT Increase (3/10)
    9. 1 point in ATT Increase (4/10)
    10. 1 point in ATT Increase (5/10)
    11. 1 point in ATT Increase (6/10)
    12. 1 point in ATT Increase (7/10)
    13. 1 point in ATT Increase (8/10)
    14. 1 point in ATT Increase (9/10)
    15. 1 point in ATT Increase (max)
    16. 1 point in Chain Lightning (1/10)
      You'll need this as a prerequisite, so you might as well get it now.
    17. Save skill points (1 point)
    18. Save skill points (2 points)
    19. Save skill points (3 points)
    20. Save skill points (4 points)
    21. Save skill points (5 points)
    22. Save skill points (6 points)
    23. Save skill points (7 points)
    24. Save skill points (8 points)
    25. 1 point in Mana Drain (1/10)
      5 points in Mental Break (5/10)
      1 point in Psychic Shield (1/10)
      2 points in INT Increase (2/10) or CON Increase (2/10)
      The 3 Active skills should be quick-slotted. See the previous section for what bonuses each Passive skill will grant when maxed.
    26. 1 point in INT Increase (3/10) or CON Increase (3/10)
    27. 1 point in Force Wall (2/10)
    28. 1 point in Force Wall (3/10)
    29. 1 point in Force Wall (4/10)
    30. 1 point in Force Wall (5/10)
      Force Wall can help against the upcoming boss fight.
    31. Save skill points (1 point)
    32. Save skill points (2 points)
    33. Save skill points (3 points)
    34. Save skill points (4 points)
    35. 5 points in Starfall (5/10)
      Starfall unlocks the full potential of the Wizard's skills.
    36. 1 point in Concentrate (1/10)
    37. 1 point in Psychic Spin (1/10)
      This is a backup AoE that can be used if your other skills are cooling down.
    38. 1 point in INT Increase (4/10) or CON Increase (4/10)
    39. 1 point in INT Increase (5/10) or CON Increase (5/10)
    40. 1 point in INT Increase (6/10) or CON Increase (6/10)
    41. 1 point in INT Increase (7/10) or CON Increase (7/10)
    42. 1 point in INT Increase (8/10) or CON Increase (8/10)
    43. 1 point in INT Increase (9/10) or CON Increase (9/10)
    44. Save skill points (1 point)
    45. 1 point in Area Zero (1/10)
      1 point in Devil's Recovery (1/10)
    46. 1 point in INT Increase (max) or CON Increase (max)
    47. 1 point in Force Wall (6/10)
      There is another boss fight soon.
    48. 1 point in Force Wall (7/10)
    49. 1 point in Force Wall (8/10)
    50. 1 point in Force Wall (9/10)
    51. 1 point in Force Wall (max)
    52. 1 point in Mana Drain (2/10)
    53. 1 point in Mana Drain (3/10)
    54. 1 point in Mana Drain (4/10)
    55. 1 point in Mana Drain (5/10)
    56. 1 point in Passive Master (1/10)
      DEF Increase still isn't as important as this one for a pure INT build.
    57. 1 point in Passive Master (2/10)
    58. 1 point in Passive Master (3/10)
    59. 1 point in Passive Master (4/10)
    60. 1 point in Passive Master (5/10)
    61. 1 point in Passive Master (6/10)
    62. 1 point in Passive Master (7/10)
    63. 1 point in Passive Master (8/10)
    64. 1 point in Passive Master (9/10)
    65. 1 point in Passive Master (max)
    66. 1 point in DEF Increase (1/10)
    67. 1 point in DEF Increase (2/10)
    68. 1 point in DEF Increase (3/10)
    69. 1 point in DEF Increase (4/10)
    70. 1 point in DEF Increase (5/10)
    71. 1 point in DEF Increase (6/10)
    72. 1 point in DEF Increase (7/10)
    73. 1 point in DEF Increase (8/10)
    74. 1 point in DEF Increase (9/10)
    75. 1 point in DEF Increase (max)

    At this point, you have the essential Passive skills maxed, and you have access to all your good Active skills. You will get 34 more skill points by the time you reach level 109. You should have experience with all your Active skills, so the order in which you want to add points is your choice. By level 99, you should max Tornado (or Psychic Ball), Mental Break, Mana Drain, Starfall, and Psychic Spin (optional, but recommended). Extra skill points can go in Area Zero or the other Passive skills. Take full advantage of your Active skills to inflict unparalleled damage.

    2 INT 1 CON Skill Build

    Compared to the pure INT build, a Wizard using 2 INT 1 CON can invest in more Passive skills early on. However, having strong Active skills is still important to make up for your lower Attack. It might seem like a bad idea at first to invest multiple points in Active skills early on, but there are certain skills whose effect increase per level outweighs the higher SP Cost and cooling time.
    The level in the build below is represented by the number.
    1. No skill points
    2. 1 point in Teleport (1/10)
    3. 1 point in Psychic Ball (1/10)
    4. Save skill points (1 point)
    5. 1 point in Tornado (1/10)
      1 point in Force Wall (1/10)
    6. 1 point in ATT Increase (1/10)
    7. 1 point in ATT Increase (2/10)
    8. 1 point in ATT Increase (3/10)
    9. 1 point in ATT Increase (4/10)
    10. 1 point in ATT Increase (5/10)
    11. 1 point in ATT Increase (6/10)
    12. 1 point in ATT Increase (7/10)
    13. 1 point in ATT Increase (8/10)
    14. 1 point in ATT Increase (9/10)
    15. 1 point in ATT Increase (max)
    16. 1 point in Chain Lightning (1/10)
    17. 1 point in DEF Increase (1/10)
    18. 1 point in DEF Increase (2/10)
    19. 1 point in DEF Increase (3/10)
    20. 1 point in DEF Increase (4/10)
    21. 1 point in DEF Increase (5/10)
    22. 1 point in DEF Increase (6/10)
    23. Save skill points (1 point)
    24. Save skill points (2 points)
    25. 1 point in Psychic Shield (1/10)
      1 point in Mana Drain (1/10)
      1 point in Mental Break (1/10)
    26. 1 point in Force Wall (2/10)
    27. 1 point in Force Wall (3/10)
    28. 1 point in Force Wall (4/10)
    29. 1 point in Force Wall (5/10)
      Force Wall will be useful against the next boss.
    30. 1 point in INT Increase (1/10) or CON Increase (1/10)
      See the above section for what bonuses each skill will provide when maxed.
    31. 1 point in INT Increase (2/10) or CON Increase (2/10)
    32. 1 point in INT Increase (3/10) or CON Increase (3/10)
    33. Save skill points (1 point)
    34. Save skill points (2 points)
    35. 1 point in Concentrate (1/10)
      1 point in Starfall (1/10)
      1 point in Psychic Spin (1/10)
      Starfall is one of the best AoE attacks, and Psychic Spin is a nice backup AoE.
    36. 1 point in INT Increase (4/10) or CON Increase (4/10)
    37. 1 point in INT Increase (5/10) or CON Increase (5/10)
    38. 1 point in INT Increase (6/10) or CON Increase (6/10)
    39. 1 point in INT Increase (7/10) or CON Increase (7/10)
    40. 1 point in INT Increase (8/10) or CON Increase (8/10)
    41. 1 point in INT Increase (9/10) or CON Increase (9/10)
    42. 1 point in INT Increase (max) or CON Increase (max)
    43. 1 point in DEF Increase (7/10)
    44. Save skill points (1 point)
    45. 1 point in Area Zero (1/10)
      1 point in Devil's Recovery
    46. 1 point in DEF Increase (8/10)
    47. 1 point in DEF Increase (9/10)
    48. 1 point in Force Wall (6/10)
      Upgrading Force Wall before the next boss is a good idea.
    49. 1 point in Force Wall (7/10)
    50. 1 point in Force Wall (8/10)
    51. 1 point in Force Wall (9/10)
    52. 1 point in Force Wall (max)
    53. 1 point in DEF Increase (max)
    54. 1 point in Mental Break (2/10)
      Now that you have more SP, it's time to improve your AoE skills.
    55. 1 point in Mental Break (3/10)
    56. 1 point in Mental Break (4/10)
    57. 1 point in Mental Break (5/10)
    58. 1 point in Starfall (2/10)
    59. 1 point in Starfall (3/10)
    60. 1 point in Starfall (4/10)
    61. 1 point in Starfall (5/10)
    62. 1 point in Passive Master (1/10)
    63. 1 point in Passive Master (2/10)
    64. 1 point in Passive Master (3/10)
    65. 1 point in Passive Master (4/10)
    66. 1 point in Passive Master (5/10)
    67. 1 point in Passive Master (6/10)
    68. 1 point in Passive Master (7/10)
    69. 1 point in Passive Master (8/10)
    70. 1 point in Passive Master (9/10)
    71. 1 point in Passive Master (max)

    You now have all the essential Passive skills maxed, and you should have a good understanding of each useful Active skill. You'll get 38 more skill points by the time you reach level 109, and the order of their distribution is your choice. You should max the skills Tornado (or Psychic Ball), Mental Break, Mana Drain, Starfall, and Psychic Spin (optional, but recommended). Extra points can be used in Area Zero or other Passive skills. Enjoy the added survivability of this build, and employ your arsenal of Active skills to decimate enemies.


    You have a good stat and skill build now, but how do you make the most out of them? That's the question that will be answered in detail in this Strategy section. How you use the Wizard is probably even more important than how you build the character. For example, my level 85 Wizard was able to reach Stage 30 in the Abyss with less than 5000 Attack. To help you maximize the Wizard's efficiency, I'll start by describing skill combinations.


    Individual Active skills of the Wizard are powerful, but when you use them in combinations, they become even more effective. The Wizard is the ideal character for using frequent skill combinations because they have high SP. Here is a list and explanation of effective strategies in battle. These combinations aren't listed because the skills "look nice" or something. They're here because they're essential strategies for any Wizard player. Note that the order of the skills matters when executing a combination.
    • Force Wall [Active | Level 5] + Tornado [Active | Level 5]
      This is a cheap combination that works well in PvE and PvP. The idea is that Force Wall inflicts damage, but the enemy can move out of harm's way. When you follow up with Tornado, the targets will usually be pushed back into the range of Force Wall. See the screenshots below for more about Force Wall combinations.
    • Force Wall [Active | Level 5] + Mana Drain [Active | Level 25]
      This is another excellent combination with Force Wall. Use Force Wall first, followed by Mana Drain. The duration of Force Wall won't decrease while Mana Drain is hitting the enemy [sigurdblake], so this will inflict a lot of damage with both skills. It's a great combination against bosses and mini-bosses right after you've dodged their attack. Other advantages of this combination are that it's cheap, and that the cool times of the skills are relatively short. The paragraph below has screenshots explaining the best ways to use this combination.
    • Starfall [Active | Level 35] + Mana Drain [Active | Level 25]
      This combines 2 skills that deal continuous damage (although you can't move while using Mana Drain). It's slightly cheaper than the previous combination, and Mana Drain can deal large amounts of damage as well (sometimes more than Mental Break). It's very useful in PvE and PvP because you get immunity from damage when using the skills. Make sure you're facing the Starfall targets before you use Mana Drain.
    • Starfall [Active | Level 35] + Mental Break [Active | Level 25]
      This is a combination of your two best AoE attacks. Use Starfall first for continuous damage while casting Mental Break. In PvE, this kills most enemies instantly. In addition, both these skills render enemies unable to do anything when you cast them. The SP Cost is high initially, but is very manageable past level 40 or so. In the Abyss, this is a very useful combination when one AoE isn't enough to clear the floor of regular enemies by itself. When you need two AoE attacks in a certain range of floors, alternate between this combination and the next one for maximum efficiency. If there are still a lot of enemies left, you can add Psychic Spin to the end of this sequence.
    • Mental Break [Active | Level 25] + Psychic Spin [Active | Level 35]
      This is another useful combination for the Abyss when one AoE isn't enough to kill all the regular enemies. Using Mental Break first saves time because it's possible for Mental Break to miss if enemies are being knocked back by Psychic Spin. If a mini-boss in the Abyss is directly in a "line" of the Psychic Spin and is close to your location, Psychic Spin has a chance to kill it or deal more damage.

    {Force Wall}

    This skill deserves its own subsection, because, of all the Wizard's skills, Force Wall is the one you need to understand the best. When used correctly, it's absolutely lethal against bosses, and it can kill regular enemies almost instantly. When used incorrectly, it can get your own character killed almost instantly. There are two "types" of Force Wall ranges: vertical and horizontal. A vertical Force Wall means that the line goes from the top to the bottom of your screen, and you need to face left or right to align it this way. A horizontal Force Wall goes from left to right, and it looks different from the vertical alignment. Also, there are two main methods to deal damage with the Force Wall. One method is that you cast the Force Wall between you and the enemy. Then, once the enemy is about to move into the range, dash directly at the enemy and block it with Mana Drain. This technique is shown in the following screenshot.

    My Wizard is on the left side of the Force Wall, while the enemy just entered the Force Wall from the right. I'm literally blocking him into the range, while using Mana Drain so I don't get hit. Both vertical and horizontal alignments work well for this method. The second Force Wall damage method requires you to have a vertical Force Wall and lure the targets along the line. If you're using Tornado, you want to use this method. Try to cast Force Wall directly on the enemy, but with some diagonal distance between you and the enemy. This should make the enemy start at one end of the line. Immediately dash to the opposite end (unless the enemy isn't in the line yet) and watch as the enemy takes a leisurely stroll down the entire length of your Force Wall. Here is where you can use Tornado or Mana Drain; if you use Tornado, the animation should look like the Tornado and the Force Wall are exactly overlapping.

    If the enemy reaches you, you can use Teleport and move to the other end of the Force Wall. This makes the targets walk all the way back through the range, dealing even more damage. You'll usually have to do this against bosses. Keep in mind that, when casting Force Wall, you don't get damage immunity. This means that, during that animation, enemies can keep moving and attacking you. Being hit is very costly in Hell Mode and in the Abyss, so you want to make sure that you either cast Force Wall when the enemy is far enough away from you, or immediately after the enemy has used an attack and you dodged it. Another note about Force Wall is that, at level 10, the duration of the Force Wall is slightly shorter than the skill's cool time. However, the cool time is short enough for you to use the skill often.


    The Wizard is very powerful- and perhaps the best out of all four characters- in the Abyss, which is a dungeon that can be accessed once per day for free. You fight rounds of enemies while acquiring Epic or higher items, until you die or you run out of time. I recommend the Wizard Abyss guide by StarkIce for more information. As I mentioned earlier, my Wizard was able to progress far in the Abyss without any astounding stats or equipment. Below, I'll describe a typical Abyss run as a Wizard with around 5000 Attack (you should be approaching 5000 Attack near the final boss in Normal Mode).

    NOTE: When I mention "seconds," I'm referring to the units on the Abyss timer. However, one Abyss timer unit is NOT equal to one real second.
    • Stages 1 - 9
      You have one goal in this set of stages, and that's to gain time. I always cycle between 3 AoE attacks, one on each stage. On Stage 1, I use Mental Break. On Stage 2, I use Psychic Spin. On Stage 3, I use Starfall. Then I repeat, and hopefully, the cool times should have expired when I need to use a skill again. I usually don't have any cool time problems, and I don't have a cool down fairy skill stone. Before you use the AoE, you want to make sure that you're in the vicinity of the enemies- if not, wait for them to get a little closer to your location. It's better to clear the whole screen with one attack than to chase down survivors that dodged your attack completely. Because the enemies are weak here, don't underestimate the damaging abilities of Mana Drain and Teleport. Both skills are great for killing enemies that didn't get hit by Psychic Spin or Starfall, because those two AoEs aren't always as reliable as Mental Break.
    • Stage 10
      Here, you'll have to fight a level 41 boss, which can be anything except the final boss. If you followed the sequence of AoEs I used in the first 9 stages, you should have Mental Break available here. Use it to kill all the regular enemies so you can focus on the boss. Force Wall kills the boss rather quickly, but the fourth boss can cause some delay by going off the screen for some time.
    • Stage 11
      I would consider it good to have at least 105 seconds by the time you start this stage. If you're experienced enough with going through the earlier floors, it's not too hard to have 110 seconds or more. Anyway, there's no mini-boss yet, so simply use Psychic Spin, which is the least reliable of the main AoEs.
    • Stage 12 - 19
      This is where you start fighting mini-bosses every level. The good news is that the Wizard is the ideal character for wiping out mini-bosses quickly because of Force Wall. Keep starting each stage with an AoE (according to the same cycle as before), then use either Force Wall or Tornado/Psychic Ball to kill the mini-boss. I find that, sometimes, the mini-boss is left with low enough HP to be killed by Tornado immediately. This saves time because Force Wall isn't always cooled down by the time I kill all the regular enemies. If you use Psychic Ball, that skill can also inflict a lot of damage to mini-bosses because of the enemies' larger sprites. Again, you can use Mana Drain or Teleport to help deal with regular enemies after you use the AoE (you might have to do this after you use Psychic Spin). Some players may find that, in the later stages in this set, the opening AoE kills few to no enemies. This is where you can use one of the combinations I listed earlier (Mental Break + Psychic Spin, Starfall + Mental Break) to deal more AoE damage. Mana Drain can also work if you aim it correctly.
    • Stage 20
      Now you fight a level 71 boss, along with a mini-boss and regular enemies. If you have both Psychic Spin and Starfall available, use Starfall followed by Psychic Spin (you should have used Mental Break on Stage 19 with my order). I usually use Psychic Shield after the AoEs as a safety measure, because it's always cooled down by the time I need it again. Now, you can use the standard boss strategies, but try to get both the boss and mini-boss into the Force Wall at once if possible. The combinations that I listed earlier involving Force Wall will help reduce the time it takes to beat the boss. Even though you want to clear the stage quickly, be careful. A single mistake, such as being hit by the fourth boss' shrinking attack, will cost you a lot of time.
    • Stages 21 - 23
      You should have about 90 seconds on the timer when you start Stage 21- more or less depending on stats (personal record: 132 seconds with 7660 Attack). Again, there are mini-bosses every level. You'll probably need to use one of the AoE combos every stage at this point if you have less than 5000 Attack. If one of the AoEs I need isn't cooled down yet, I usually try to lure the enemies closer to the center while the skill is cooling down (unless the enemies are ranged). Anyway, finish the mini-bosses with Force Wall and Force Wall combinations as usual.
    • Stage 24
      Here, you have to fight two mini-bosses at once. You also might need to use all three AoEs to clear the regular enemies, but that's okay. Unless you're sure that your timer will expire on this floor, do not use Psychic Shield yet. If you want to be efficient, you have to get both mini-bosses into the Force Wall at once. My method of doing this is first standing at a point in between the two enemies if they're relatively far away. When the get closer- almost within the distance of a vertical Force Wall- I move perpendicularly to them so they don't stop and use an attack animation. Once they're almost touching each other and they can easily both be hit with one Force Wall, I dash in front of them so they both use an attack animation (and miss). Then I cast Force Wall and follow with Mana Drain. You can get level 90 equipment on this stage, and maybe the level 99 accessories as well. My newer Wizard with less than 4200 Attack was able to clear this stage.
    • Stage 25
      This stage has a boss and two mini-bosses. Use all your AoEs in the center of the map, then use Psychic Shield. Follow up with Teleport if you're surrounded, and look for opportunities to use Force Wall. If there are regular enemies left, Force Wall can also be used to kill those while damaging the larger enemies. Just as on the previous stage, you want to lure as many of the stronger enemies into the Force Wall at once, but at least try to kill the boss quickly. If you have the first boss, the only real danger if it uses the attack that causes all the enemies to expand (that will cut your damage per second and make their attacks far stronger). The second boss and third bosses shouldn't be too problematic. The fourth boss is difficult because you have to watch out for its attacks while dodging the other enemies' attacks. The best advice if you have the fourth boss is to keep moving and have at least one immunity skill cooled down at all times.
    • Stages 26 - 29
      There are two mini-bosses on every floor, and getting them both into a Force Wall at once is essential if you want to preserve the timer. I use all the AoEs at the beginning of each stage here, because it's hard to kill these enemies with only 5000 Attack. I usually find myself losing a lot of time on each stage, but I recently cleared Stage 28 with around 5900 Attack and about 70 seconds left on the timer. Then my game crashed.
    • Stage 30
      This is the farthest I've gone using a Wizard with around 5000 Attack. I had to get my Attack up to about 7200 before I could clear this stage, which contains a level 101 boss and three mini-bosses. As usual, I used the AoEs at the beginning, followed by Psychic Shield and Force Wall combinations to damage the stronger enemies. I usually have to use another round of the AoEs if there are several regular enemies remaining. Using my 2 INT 1 CON build, I can still survive one hit on this stage, unless the bosses or mini-bosses have buffs, such as increased size. This means that, as long as I don't get hit multiple times in a row, I should be able to survive with Force Wall and other skills that work with HP and SP Absorb. On this stage, you can get level 99 Abyss equipment.
    • Stages 31 - 32
      Again, I needed more than 7000 Attack to reach these stages. There are three mini-bosses on each stage. It's difficult to get all the mini-bosses into a Force Wall at once, but it's still possible. Just like Stages 26 - 29 for weaker Wizards, my Wizard with more Attack starts losing a lot of time at this point. The good news is that the enemies drop equipment above level 99, including level 109 Invincible equipment.
    • Stage 33
      This is my current record, achieved on my Wizard with 7660 Attack. There's a level 110 boss here along with the mini-bosses, so it's clear that I'll have to make my Wizard stronger if I want to clear this stage.

    Below is a list of the items I find on each stage of the Abyss. You can check my Item Database for more information about Abyss sets. Note that "Abyss Shield [2 / 4 / 6]" only applies to Paladins, not Wizards.


    Here is some information for leveling and equipment. Generally, the easiest leveling spots are those without ranged enemies. I find that dodging ranged attacks is really annoying, so I'll list some more convenient locations for farming in Normal Mode. Then, I also have a mini-guide for farming in Hell Mode.
    • The Volcano Outskirts
      There are only melee enemies here, and you can mine some ingredients if you want. This is also a good place to prepare for the next boss.
    • Ea. Airship Deck
      On my Android, this was one of the few maps that didn't cause my game to lag horribly. There are only melee enemies, and you can get the Commander set before the next boss if you want to (although I think the next boss is easy enough with regular equipment).
    • Cm. Castle Mg. District
      This is the map with the mini-boss. The enemies are ranged, but they're very easy to dodge. Walk directly past one, and watch it fire a gigantic projectile nowhere close to you. The same dodging strategy applies for the mini-boss who drops the Glory set equipment if you want to prepare for the next boss. As a side note, I found someone on Facebook asking how to hack because he couldn't beat the mini-boss here. That deserves an induction to the Hall of Shame.
    • Ca. Airship Deck
      The room with the mini-boss is great for leveling. Simply use AoEs to kill the regular enemies and follow up with one or two Force Wall attacks/combinations for a quick and rewarding battle.
    • Sealed Land Entrance
      I'm referring to the map directly before the boss room, and the map to the left of that. There are Ancient Ent and Hell Sorcerer enemies here, and both are easy to dodge. Ancient Ent is a normal melee enemy, and the strategy for dodging Hell Sorcerer attacks is the same as dodging the enemies in the previous location. These are also the highest-leveled normal enemies before Hell Mode.

    After you beat the final boss in Normal Mode, you'll enter Hell Mode, which has a new level cap of 119. Enemies have also become stronger, and I recommend that you start farming in the Graveyard dungeon immediately. To go to the Graveyard, find the Dimension Teleporter in Agran Village. Pass the first map, and you'll be in a map called Graveyard 1F Lobby. This map encompasses several areas, and the best place to farm is the final map in this section, right before the exclusive Hell Mode boss. Skip all the rooms until you enter a room with Mud Titan (level 107) and Hellhound (level 108) enemies. There are several reasons that this is the best place to farm:
    • The enemies are only melee. This makes dodging and survival a lot easier, because you'll die if you get hit.
    • These are the highest-leveled non-boss enemies that give EXP.
    • It's easy to corral five or six enemies in the center of the map quickly, so you can get EXP faster.
    • The Hellhound enemies are the only enemies that drop level 109 Envoy set equipment.

    Unless you have Tornado maxed already and can deal a lot of damage with it, I suggest you switch Tornado for Psychic Ball even if you want to use Tornado later. My quick slots were: Mana Drain, Mental Break, Psychic Spin, Starfall / Force Wall, Psychic Ball, Psychic Shield, Teleport. Note that everything except Force Wall grants damage immunity, so you have a lot of options in case you get cornered by enemies. If you ever die, exit the game without saving. You can do this by manually exiting the game and restarting it. To kill enemies, first move close to the center of the map, where there should be several enemies gathered already. Wait as long as possible for enemies to come closer, then use Starfall, followed by Mental Break and Psychic Spin. Immediately after you use Psychic Spin, use Teleport and start avoiding the enemies (don't exit the map accidentally). If you see a chance to use Force Wall, then use Force Wall + Mana Drain, but don't use the skill unless you're sure that you won't get hit. After all, Force Wall only helps add damage here, but dealing damage means nothing if you die before you start killing enemies. Use Teleport if you're cornered; having items with Speed can make avoiding enemies easier here. Once your AoEs are cooled down, you can run to the center of the enemies and start attacking again, but be sure to use Teleport afterwards so you won't die when your damage immunity from Psychic Spin ends (the immunity ends while there are still animations from Psychic Spin on the screen). If the enemies aren't dead yet, keep repeating this AoE and dodging process until you can kill them. Be sure to SAVE after you kill enemies so you won't lose any EXP if you die.

    As I mentioned before, this area drops the best equipment, other than that from PvP and the Abyss. However, you have to make sure you don't die when trying to pick up equipment, because the items normally drop in the middle of a huge group of enemies. When you see an item drop, first move away from it, so enemies will follow you. This shouldn't take too long, because the item will disappear after a short time. When there is some space between the enemies and the item you're trying to get, move or dash directly beside the enemies to trigger an attack animation from them. This leaves you free to move to the item because the enemies pause for a short time after they use an attack. Generally, you shouldn't risk picking up potions because they don't do anything if you die in one hit. In addition to farming in this map, you should run the Abyss as often as possible for more good equipment and Sheathe Stones.

    I'll explain some brief guidelines for good Wizard equipment. For most of the game, you won't have to worry about getting good equipment, but it becomes important in Hell Mode if you want to maximize your ability in, say, the Abyss. You'll want to aim for Epic/Unique/Legend equipment and some Sheathe Stones (a.k.a. Upgrade Stones) focusing on these stats.
    • INT
    • CON
    • All Stats (Sheathe Stones, or Unique/Legend equipment)
    • Speed (Unique Sheathe Stones, or Unique/Legend equipment, but don't add too much)
    • HP Absorb (one Unique Sheathe Stone should be enough)
    • SP Absorb (again, one Unique Sheathe Stone is usually sufficient)
    • Attack (INT is probably better, but these are decent)
    • Evade (not as important, but it can help in the later Abyss stages)
    • Reflect (ONLY if you're doing PvP)

    For your title, a good choice throughout the game is Cool User. This title automatically grants SP Absorb, which is useful if you don't have SP Absorb already (it's not easy to find good Unique items in earlier levels). When equipping this title, you can alternate between skills and normal attacks to keep a steady supply of SP- this also increases the efficiency of Concentrate and Psychic Shield. The Jackpot title is also a good choice; it grants HP Absorb instead of SP Absorb (probably better if you already have equipment with SP Absorb). You can get it by obtaining exactly 7777 Gold, so get it early on in the game. Once you have HP and SP Absorb, you can focus on stat-boosting titles. These include INT increases from extracting fairy stones using Stone of Awakening (but that costs Zen), and the All Stat increases from PvP wins or from killing certain enemies. The Attack-boosting title from going to the Abyss a certain number of times is very helpful for later in the game. Once you reach Hell Mode, you can kill the Mud Titans in Graveyard 1F Lobby to get a title that boosts Attack by 20%.


    The strategy for almost any boss battle is to dodge the enemy's attacks. However, this section examines some more specific strategies for bosses, mini-bosses, and special missions. Names of bosses are excluded to avoid adding spoilers.
    • Mini-Boss 1 (Level 5)
      This simple battle is a mere prelude to the real bosses in this game. He is accompanied by several normal monsters. You can avoid the monsters on your way to the boss, or you can kill them because it doesn't take much time to do so. Save your skills for the boss itself, though. The boss raises his weapon before he attacks, so it's easy to dodge. Dash past him so he attacks and misses, then get a few hits in. Force Wall and Tornado can be used to deal more damage. There's no real danger here unless you just stand still and let the boss hit you.
    • Boss 1 (Level 10)
      This is the first real boss in the game, because you can't save or access your Menu during the fight. Set Potions in quick slots before you enter the room. The boss uses three attacks: it can shoot a projectile in a line, it can launch 3 projectiles at different angles, and it can summon a Spider enemy. Avoid the Spider because it's just a distraction, and the boss can revive it. Whenever the boss attacks, you have an excellent chance of dodging if you dash at the moment it launches the attack. The Force Wall + Tornado combination should make this boss relatively easy (you can use it right after dodging the boss' attack). When the boss has low HP, it can heal a small amount if you don't attack it. This shouldn't be a problem if you keep repeating the dodge and attack sequence.
    • Special Mission 1
      In this quest, you have to kill four level 18 enemies while protecting a stationary character. Just like in a boss fight, you can't save or access the Menu during a Special Mission. As soon as the battle starts, dash down and to the right. This prevents an enemy from skewering you against the target you need to protect. Start attacking the enemies located on the bottom part of the map. The enemies use an attack where they shoot a damaging cloud that travels in a line. You know when they're about to use this attack when they pause and use a brief animation. You need to dodge this because it can deal serious damage, so dash diagonally when you see a purple cloud approaching you. Keep in mind that you still want to distance yourself from the stationary character. When an enemy approaches that character from the top of the map, intercept the enemy's progress by using a skill or your normal attacks. Force Wall is again a good skill to use if the enemies are getting close to you or the target you're protecting.
    • Mini-Boss 2 (Level 24)
      This is another simple fight. Just avoid the bottom of the map, because several other enemies are congregated there. Lure the boss to the right portion of the map, then use whatever skills you want to kill him. Stay at range, and it should be very easy to avoid getting hit. If any normal enemies approach you, you can take the time to kill them because they are relatively weak.
    • Boss 2 (Level 35)
      The boss uses 5 different abilities. His most common attack is shooting a ball of fire that follows you. He can shoot several fireballs at an angle, but this attack is easy to dodge if you dash when he's about to use it. He can envelop himself in a giant inferno, damaging you if you're nearby. Simply avoid the boss if he uses this, because it's better to be safe than risk getting knocked out instantly. The boss can also summon a bunch of smaller enemies around the field. Don't bother killing these- instead, avoid them because they will self-destruct in a few seconds. Finally, the boss can teleport occasionally. To determine his new location, check your mini-map for the purple dot representing the boss. The tracking fireball attack is the most dangerous move, so you have to dodge it. The key to this fight is: never use your Wizard's entire attack chain. The Wizard's attack chain is three normal attacks followed by a "charge" attack. This charge attack takes too much time and you will get hit by the tracking fireball if you use it. The only skills you should use are Mental Break and Mana Drain, because they make you immune to damage while you're casting them. With careful maneuvering, the boss should expire after a few minutes of battle.
    • Mini-Boss 3 (Level 39)
      This boss is reminiscent of the first mini-boss, but he's stronger and is accompanied by stronger mobs. There are two "phases" in this fight: an attack phase and a cool down phase. The strategy to attack the boss is simple: combo Starfall with Mental Break and/or Mana Drain because they make you immune to damage. You can try Force Wall + Mana Drain if you have enough time, but make sure you don't get hit. When your skills are cooling down, however, stop attacking the boss. Instead, run around the smaller enemies and lure them to the bottom corner of the map (don't get trapped). When your combination is ready again, you'll be able to attack the boss without worrying about the smaller enemies. After three or four attacking sequences, the boss should be defeated.
    • Boss 3 (Level 55)
      This battle is similar to Plopin and Pluto from Z3, because you have to fight two enemies at once. Starfall, Mental Break, and Mana Drain are good attacks to use that make you immune to damage. When those are cooling down, try to avoid one of them and use Force Wall or Tornado (but not both, because you won't have enough time). Because of the boss' sizes, these skills are almost guaranteed to deal a lot of damage. One attack to watch for is a teleport move that causes the boss to land directly on you if you happen to be in that spot. Simply watch the purple dots on the map to dodge this move. All the other attacks can be avoided easily by dashing when the bosses execute them. If you feel like you're under-leveled while fighting this boss, you can return to the two maps right before this one for experience. The enemies there are all melee attackers, so the Wizard has little trouble killing them.
    • Special Mission 2
      Make sure you have Mental Break, Starfall, and Psychic Spin ready to use. You have to protect a character while four ranged enemies (level 61) are ready to attack him. Immediately use the three attacks I listed above to chop off as much HP as possible. If the enemies aren't dead yet, dash to the outside and aim your Mana Drain, Force Wall, or Tornado. The enemies tend to attack the target rather than you, so you need to act quickly. Right after this battle ends, prepare for...
    • Mini-Boss 4 (Level 63)
      If you don't like fighting enemies in groups, you can Save, then reenter the map. The mini-boss is located at the top. The boss' attack pattern is the same as the normal enemies on the map, and dodging is trivial. All you have to do is walk or dash in front of the boss, then watch (and laugh) as it fires an attack nowhere near you. Force Wall + Mana Drain provides a quick kill here, because the boss keeps standing still as if it was wondering why its attack missed so badly.
    • Boss 4 (Level 71)
      Before you can fight the actual boss, you get surrounded by five Evil Soldier enemies. Use your AoEs to kill most of them, but wait for your skills to cool down before you finish off the last one. The actual boss is, by far, the toughest boss up to this point. You have no chance to beat him unless you know how to dodge his attacks. sigurdblake's Wizard boss guide gives a description of each of Hades' attacks. It's important that you always keep some distance between you and the boss, and that you watch the boss at all times to know what he's doing. The best way to inflict damage is by casting Force Wall in between his attacks and following up with an AoE for some extra damage.
    • Mini-Boss 5 (Level 77)
      Dash into the middle of the room, and use some AoE attacks to deal damage to the normal enemies. Once you feel like you have enough space, aim your Force Wall and use Mana Drain or Tornado with Teleport to maximize its damage. The attack animation of the boss is quite obvious, so he should be easy to dodge. The boss can summon a smaller enemy that looks like the Demon Ranger enemies earlier in the game, but this enemy disappears once you kill the main boss. Repeating this boss battle might be a good idea to farm better equipment before the next dungeon.
    • Mini-Boss 6 (Level 84)
      This mini-boss has nothing special, and is similar to the last one. Again, the strategy is to use a few AoE skills and finish with Force Wall combinations. The attack of the enemy has an obvious animation and is easy to evade. If you somehow get hit by him, you have a lot more to worry about than this mini-boss.
    • Boss 5 (Level 88)
      This is the final boss in Normal Mode, and, as always, you have to know how to dodge its attacks. You can read sigurdblake's guide (linked under the paragraph for the previous boss) for a description of each of the boss' attacks. Just like for the previous boss, you want to watch the enemy at all times so you can see if it's using any special abilities. Force Wall is important to dealing damage, especially because the boss can heal itself and increase its own stats when it enlarges. Avoid the boss while it uses its size increase buff, because its attacks will kill you easily (my 2 INT 1 CON Wizard somehow survived an attack with 10% HP left while it had the buff). During the first part of the battle, I didn't use Mental Break, Psychic Spin, or Starfall except for damage immunity in case Teleport hasn't cooled down yet. When the boss' health approaches one-third of the maximum, you want to try trapping him in a Force Wall for as long as possible. The boss summons a "clone" of your character at around that point, and when he does, you should use all your active skills in an attempt to kill the boss before he can heal again. Use Psychic Shield here if you're worried about taking damage. With some luck, this can actually be a relatively simple battle (this was the only boss in the game that I managed to beat on my first try).


    I hope you found my Wizard guide helpful. Feel free to post if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement. If you have corrections to make in the guide, please provide a screenshot if possible (for example, if I made a numerical error, a screenshot will confirm that you're right). Or if you want to recommend different skills and builds, I'd be willing to test them also.

    The Wizard is, undoubtedly, a class with incredible power. With lethal combinations for both PvE and PvP, the Wizard is effective and versatile. Ultimately, how you want to use the Wizard is up to you. Whether you want to follow my skill builds point by point, or experiment with other skills first, this class is rewarding and fun to play. I still have a lot of improvement to do for my Wizard, but again, I hope this guide helped improve yours. Utilize your skills and equipment to unlock your Wizard's full potential.


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    Those who contributed to this guide will be noted here.

    alienation11 for pointing out a mistake in the 2 INT 1 CON skill build.
    danny8806 for a name correction on Passive Master.
    Gamevil for producing the game, and for running this forum site.
    Mr Glitch for pointing out a mistake in the Devil's Recovery description.
    PZombie for mentioning that Speed items are very useful with bosses.
    sigurdblake for: a correction on Blessing of Wisdom, more information on Psychic Ball/Tornado/Force Wall, and information on the Force Wall + Mana Drain combo; also for his Wizard boss guide.
    StarkIce for his Wizard Abyss Guide.


    This material may not be reproduced except for private use, and may not be put on any other website without my written permission.

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    Very very nice guide. I hate that people still down my build,but it's just more motivation to build guide for my build. I'll have it up by the end of the weekend if you would like to add it to this one.

    I plan on being more detailed then my overall sketch of each class. :S


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      wow. thanks for the detailed explanation and walkthrough.

      1 question tho. Is crit really that useless or is there a chance of a good crit wizard?

      looking at how crit knockback monster, it will be great if a crit of two comes in whenever you're waiting for cooldowns.



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        Originally posted by fredr0jak View Post
        wow. thanks for the detailed explanation and walkthrough.

        1 question tho. Is crit really that useless or is there a chance of a good crit wizard?

        looking at how crit knockback monster, it will be great if a crit of two comes in whenever you're waiting for cooldowns.

        This has been discussed and it varied. I use a 1 dex 2 int build until I had about 52 crit. Wizards get a ton of natural crit damage. I was hitting 10k's at lvl 40 with the mental aoe. For this tho you need the crit passive so you're not dumping alot of points into dex. After the 50-55 marker on the crit,go pure int from there. I enjoy being able to send out a single orb at lvl 50 that deals 4k+ personally.

        Edit: I stopped at 35 so I could use the Int passive to make up for my loss of Int. This will Limit your active skills and you gear will play in alot as well.
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          Originally posted by fredr0jak View Post
          wow. thanks for the detailed explanation and walkthrough.

          1 question tho. Is crit really that useless or is there a chance of a good crit wizard?

          looking at how crit knockback monster, it will be great if a crit of two comes in whenever you're waiting for cooldowns.

          I already get regular Critical hits without any of the Critical passives, so it does knock back enemies quite often. Enemies rarely get close enough to hit me, unless they're ranged.


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            i haven't read it yet but super epic guide!! INDEED!
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              Ic. becus I am a pure Int wizard, my crit is only 17.36 while crit dmg is 51.12.

              Level 56 and does not have any equipment adding crit. thats why I was thinking crit passive might help hahaha.


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                You and your long stuffs xD

                Well, I guess I would be one to talk... *glances at his 2000th post story*

                Probably should finish part nine...

                How low the flame burns.


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                  Your guide is too short. Expand, some points I can't understand.

                  Finally, Pig. Congrats! One day I'll read it.
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                    Ok, guide looks super long, and that means super good. I will be a wizard cuz dis guide will mak it look like I no wat im doing :3


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                      ns guideCan I add up the what stats give you in my guide or you are gona sue me for breaking corporight laws xD


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                        This is an awesome guide!!! I like how much effort you put into the guide. it's definitely really helpful for people who are trying to figure out how to play!


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                          Sorry to post again,but Chain lightning can strike up to 3 times. Not sure if that's at maxed,but I had a bot do it in pvp.


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                            the skill after chain lightning (mana drain) is FAR more better.
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                              amazing guide, so much you can pick up about ur character . thank you squarepig

                              if you can add something about the fairy , how to get good combos on combining stones and last but not least where to farm for good equips.

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