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Boss Guide for Wizard (Some spoiler I guess)

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  • Boss Guide for Wizard (Some spoiler I guess)

    Bit of disclaimer:

    - If you're looking to defeat the bosses on your own, don't read this guide.
    - I detail the bosses' attacks and such, so you can have this guide as a reference even if you are playing other classes. The only thing is, the battle strategy applies strictly for Wizards. (Thus the title)
    - tl;dr version is written at the end of this post. (Salvatore boss an exception)

    The bosses of Zenonia 5 are hard. I think quite a number of people will struggle. (heck, I did. Badly) As such, I wrote a guide so that I can help fellow Wizards a bit.

    The guide format is written with the assumption that you know the basics of playing Wizard (low HP high attack stay away don't get hit what each skill does and all that), and details based on the boss' attacks.

    Oh right, the attacks' names are completely made up. How good a name it is depends on how creative I'm feeling at the time of writing it

    Important points are bolded for ease of read.

    Lv. 71 Boss - Hades

    Recommended Skills in quick slot in no particular order:
    1) Psychic Ball
    2) Teleport
    3) Mana Drain
    4) Mental Break
    5) Psychic Spin
    6) Psychic Shield
    7) Starfall
    8) HP Potion

    1) Force Wall
    2) Abnormal Status Potion (Untested)

    This boss is hard. But having said that, the difficulty lies in the fact that the boss can basically OHKO you if you’re unlucky, or two hits if you are.

    Luckily, Wizard has a plethora of skills where he will be invincible on casting.

    My strategy is in using the right skill at the right time while making sure you manage your cooldown properly. I didn’t find SP Potion necessary at all as you will have enough SP to last the whole fight even if you do receive a number of hits while Psychic Shield is active.

    Recommended Preparations:
    1) Have at least 1 SP absorb option available to you, be it in the form of equipment or title. 2% is enough.
    2) Have at least 4k HP with 800+ Def. The only way the boss can OHKO you now will be if he dealt a critical blow with his final attack. Otherwise you’ll get a chance to patch up. It isn’t that necessary; it’s just that so you don’t die in one hit to his more common attacks when they do crit.
    3) Have at least 3.5k+ attack.
    4) Have plenty of HP potions. Preferably the 75% recovery one.

    Now let’s get with the battle strategy.

    I’ll reiterate one thing you will have to do throughout the whole battle: Keep moving around the boss and keep your distance, but keep paying attention to what the boss is doing. Never ever let the boss out of your screen for more than one second. You will understand why soon.

    Hades’ Skills:

    1) Triple Pseudo-Homing Fireballs

    This is the one skill that the boss will use constantly throughout the battle. It fires 3 fireballs consecutively that will sort of home on your character, though not fully. If you keep on moving around, it won’t ever hit you.

    The boss will pause for about 1 second before launching another attack.

    Dodge Strategy: Simply keep moving around. However if you are too close when he uses it, you’ll likely get hit. That’s why keeping distance is necessary.

    Counter Strategy:

    - Dodge all of the balls and when he pauses move as close as possible to him and use either Psychic Spin/Mental Break/Starfall then dashed away as soon as the spell is cast.
    - Dodge the first two bolts, but as he fires the third one turn towards him and use Psychic Ball. Only do this when all 3 of the above skills are on cool-down.

    2) Fire Glyph

    This skill is horrible, but once you get the trick to it, you will definitely laugh at it. When the boss uses this skill, he will rise from the ground twice with no dust flap and then his mouth will glow red. When that animation finishes, a glyph of fire will appear below your character (WTF!?!) and any damage dealt on you will recover him for I think the same amount. You also can’t deal any damage to him before the animation finishes.

    If he does manage to get the glyph out, you’ll most likely die unless you manage to dash away in time. It hits hard and fast as long as you stand inside it.

    The boss pauses for 1 second after using this skill.

    Dodge Strategy: If you cast any spell with invincible frame just as his mouth glow red, the glyph won’t appear.

    The best spell for this is Teleport. Simply because the cool-down is so very low. Just make sure you cast it when his mouth glow red and you’ll be fine.

    Counter Strategy: After using Teleport, move as close as you can to him and use any of your skills. Dash away immediately afterwards.

    That’s why I said never to let the boss out of your screen.

    3) Homing Fire Tornado

    This skill’s animation is like your own Tornado but red, and instead of going in a straight line and vanishes, it moves slowly and follows you around. On its own, it’s the easiest skill to dodge. Problem is, about 3 seconds after he casts it, the boss can then use another of his skills. One slip up can cost you. Keep constant vigilance as you avoid the tornado.

    The boss pauses for about 3 seconds after using this skill, however the Tornado itself lasts for about 5-6 seconds.

    Dodge Strategy: Run around the battlefield.

    Counter Strategy: None. Only attack when his following skill finishes, not when the tornado vanishes.

    4) Aerial Sweep

    This one is probably the one that makes you want to throw your device onto a wall. The boss flaps his wings twice with dust flap animation and disappears from the screen. The next thing he will do is sweeps horizontally across the screen 4 times (I think it was 4… someone check it for me please) where your character is dealing damage when he strikes you. If you do get hit even once, the knockback is long enough that you won’t even be able to dodge the next one.

    The boss pauses for about 2-3 seconds after using this skill.

    Dodge Strategy: As soon as the boss disappears from the screen, cast Mana Drain. At level 10 Mana Drain, you’ll be invincible almost for the duration of the boss’ skill, perhaps with one sweep remaining. If you did cast Mana Drain as he vanishes, the boss won’t sweep where your character is.

    Counter Strategy: Cast Force Wall on top of him. Follow with Starfall for more damage.

    Note: Never use Mana Drain for anything else in this fight.

    5) Demon Fang (Guess what game I used as reference )

    The boss’ final attack, one he will use when his HP drops below 30% or so.

    Originally posted by SquarePig View Post

    Concerning the information for the final attack in the first post, I've seen the boss use that attack when it was around 70% HP.
    So yeah, start paying attention from the start of the battle I guess.

    The boss fires a cross shaped energy in a straight line. For a one line description skill, this is the most devastating because it deals about 3k damage not counting critical. If you do get hit, your character will be minimized and slowed. Not sure if you can attack at all when you are minimized.

    The thing about this skill is, I didn’t find any sort of visual cue when he uses it. Not sure whether I didn’t pay enough attention or I was panicking way too much, but in the end, I didn’t. I also didn't get to find out whether he pauses after using this skill or not.

    Originally posted by mirobg View Post
    on his final attack his eye become red and you can avoid it by dashing behind him
    There we are, the boss does provide a visual cue after all. Thanks mirobg!

    Dodge Strategy: Simply dash adjacent to the skill or Teleport. It’s the most straightforward out of the five. It’s pretty much just basic straight lined ranged attack only huge in size.

    Counter Strategy: None. I didn't manage to find out whether you have enough time for a counter or not.


    Abnormal Status Potion
    The minimize debuff is why I suggested abnormal status potion, but who actually puts one prior to this boss in their skill slot? It might help, it might not, I don’t know. I just put it there to cover all angles.

    That’s all. And here’s the tl;dr version of Hades Boss' strategy guide:

    1) Dash away from the boss as soon as the fight starts
    2) Keep moving around the boss, but never let it out of your screen. You need to keep him in sight at all times.
    3) Skills 1,2 and 4 provide opportunities to attack.
    4) Skills 3 and 5 are where you go on full defense.
    5) Neutralize Fire Glyph with Teleport
    6) Neutralize Aerial Sweep with Mana Drain
    7) Keep your HP at 100% at all times
    8) Use Psychic Shield in a pinch
    9) Never try to combo the boss with normal attack

    There. Good luck, have fun.
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    Lv. 88 Boss – Salvatore

    The final boss of Zenonia! Congratulations, you’ve come this far.

    Now try and beat this boss. He will make you cry.

    But then, that’s why I’m making this guide, right? So you don’t have to. Cry, that is.

    Recommended Skills in no particular order:
    1) Force Wall lv. 10
    2) Starfall
    3) Mana Drain
    4) Psychic Spin
    5) Mental Break
    6) Psychic Shield
    7) Teleport
    8) HP Potions

    1) Super Candy

    If Hades is hard, Salvatore is insane. Your invincible skills could help you make Hades trivial, with Salvatore, it won’t. Yep, that’s right. Even with 7 invincible skills you will most likely still have a hard time.

    That’s why rather than relying on them, you need to brush up your playing skills instead. You can’t just charge him head on and expect to come out alive.

    Recommended preparations:

    1) At least 7k HP with 1.3k Def. This is for me the bare minimum. Ideally, you will want about 8k with 1.5k Def, but that’s a bit hard to reach if you’re not lucky with equips. And by bare minimum, I mean that so you can survive his most common attacks with about 50% frequency. Yeah, it’s that hard.
    2) Have at least 5k attack. Around 4k should be alright, but... See the boss' number 4 skill.
    3) Have 1 SP absorb option. Preferably from equips now so you can equip the +1000 Max HP title.
    4) Plenty of 75% HP Pots. You’ll need it. Buy some Super Candy too if you decide to use it.

    Now that that’s done, let’s go for our battle strategy.

    I’ll again reiterate one thing you will have to do throughout the whole battle: Keep your distance away from the boss and keep on running around the battlefield. Never Stop. But again, never let him out of your sight and never ever try to normal attack him.

    Salvatore’s Skills:

    1) Dark Spike

    The one skill that he spams like crazy. The boss sends out 5 pillars of darkness to where your character is in a straight line. It deals damage and confuse you, so you want to avoid it at all cost. Just be glad that it doesn’t home.

    The boss doesn’t pause at all after using this skill. He’ll just get near you, send out the spikes, and move again. There is almost no frame to counterattack.

    Dodge Strategy: You can dodge this skill easily by moving adjacent to the spike. The problem is, he uses it so often the opportunity to slip up is high. Furthermore, if you are too close to him when he uses it, it will hit you.

    Counter Strategy:

    - Dash and Wall strategy. When he sends out the spikes, dash away from him and use Force Wall in his direction. Then try to lure him inside the Wall where you can follow up with Mana Drain to trap him inside.

    The most effective way to do this is to make the Wall vertical, lure the boss inside the Wall, and use Mana Drain directly from the bottom end of the Wall. When Mana Drain finishes, immediately use Teleport up. This ensures maximum damage from both spells. Horizontal Wall works, but not as effective as vertical.

    - Invincible frame casting. As soon as the spike almost hits you, use Starfall/Psychic Spin/Mental Break and immediately dash away. The boss recovers from flinch way too quick for you to stay still even for a second.

    2) Hellfire

    This skill is the one you’ll pray he uses the most, simply because it’s the easiest to avoid. The boss swings his hand on the ground in front of him, summoning two huge explosions in rapid succession. It deals damage and can inflict confusion and/or locks your skill for a few seconds.

    The boss can pause for 2 seconds after using this skill, or he will move again right away. It’s about 50-50 chance.

    Dodge Strategy: Not much, just by running constantly you shouldn’t ever get hit by this attack. If only he uses it more often than Dark Spike…

    Counter Strategy: The same approach with Dark Spike can be used:

    - If he does pause, use the Dash and Wall strategy, but cast the wall directly on top of him instead.
    - If he doesn’t pause, use the invincible frame strategy.

    3) Dark Flash

    The one skill that will most likely take you by surprise. The boss crosses his arm in front of him and then emits a dark explosion. 1 second after he crosses his arm, the whole screen will turn black. It deals damage when the screen is pitch black and slows you.

    The skill doesn’t attack the whole battlefield actually, only some distance from where the boss stands.The distance is about half the length of your device. If you’re not within distance, you won’t receive damage.

    He does pause for 1 second after using it, but seeing as you’ll be using your skills to avoid this in the first place, there is almost no room for counterattack.

    Dodge Strategy: Invincible frame is your best bet. Dashing away from him before the screen turns pitch black can work, but it’s way too risky to.

    Counter Strategy: Whatever spell you use to avoid this skill is your counter.

    The boss isn’t invincible for the duration of this skill, so three skills come to mind:
    - Teleport. Self explanatory.
    - Mental Break. So the boss uses a whole screen attack? Counter it with your own whole screen attack.
    - Mana Drain. It’s the only opportunity where the boss can receive a whole Mana Drain without fail.

    Any other skill with invincibility frame also works, but these two are the best. You’ll like be some distance away from the boss when he uses this, so Starfall and Psychic Spin will be a bit of a waste.

    4) Devil’s Growth (Alternative name: Super Salvatore)

    The one skill you will most likely hate with a passion. The boss stops and blinks red. He then grows about three times with his original size. This skill lasts for about 30 seconds. When blinking, the boss is invulnerable to damage.

    The effects of this skill are:
    - Damage received is reduced to about 10%.
    - Every single one of his attacks now deals about 2x normal damage. (It might also increase crit rate)
    - He recovers HP gradually for about 7-10% of his max HP.

    Last but not least, he uses it quite often. One time he even used it three times in a row on me, recovering every bit of damage I dealt to him.

    Only Strategy: Run. That’s it. And maybe pray that he doesn’t it too often. Unless you have 10k+ HP with 3k+ Def, you won’t survive any attacks he deals in this state.

    No, he also doesn’t pause after he returns to normal. Are you mad? Gamevil isn’t that kind.

    5) Summon Doppelganger

    This is the skill he will use when his HP drops below 33%. The boss extends his arm forward and summons a mirror copy of your character to aid him in battle. The copy can only use normal attacks, but deals as much damage as Hellfire or Devil Flash.

    The boss does pause for 1 second after using this skill, but seeing as you now have to deal with another enemy…

    Dodge Strategy: None.

    Counter Strategy: The clone doesn’t have much HP; you can kill him really quickly. In fact, kill him ASAP.

    Mana Drain/Mental Break/Psychic Spin should kill him in one cast. Starfall if you’re lucky and it actually hits him.

    Just watch out for the boss too. You don’t want to switch your attention to the copy too much.


    Super Candy
    I feel bad for underrating this item. It gives me basically a whopping 20% increase in attack, though I don’t see much change in Def or crit rate. If you feel safe in having 1 less skill, this item can help you kill the boss quicker.

    Abnormal Status Potion
    Same deal with Hades, but a bit more important because confusion and skill lock can be deadly. I don’t know how effective it would be, but who knows, it might safe you.

    I can’t make any tl;dr version because the details can’t be simplified too well. If you don’t have much time, just read the bolded part of the boss’ skills section. Sorry.
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      Lv. 55 Boss Fight – Kaz and Kazu

      You fight them at the same time of course.

      It might seem intimidating, but they are actually easier than the bosses following them.

      Let’s get down right to it, shall we?

      Recommended skills in no particular order:
      1) Psychic Shield
      2) Psychic Spin
      3) Teleport
      4) Mental Break
      5) Starfall
      6) Mana Drain
      7) Force Wall
      8) Health Potion

      1) SP Potion
      2) Super Candy

      As said above, the difficulty in this boss fight is the fact that you fight two bosses at the same time.

      Kaz is the orange fire elemental robot. Kazu is the blue frost elemental robot.

      The key to this is to concentrate on one of them. Once one of them dies, the fight becomes laughably easy. (That is, if you don’t mess up)

      Recommended Preparations:
      1) Have at least 3.5k HP with 700 Def.
      2) Have at least 3.5k attack.
      3) Plenty of 75% HP potions.
      4) 1 SP absorb option or SP Potions.

      The thing about this fight is, seeing as you fight two bosses at once, you might find yourself mistaking the timing of the other boss while you concentrate on one and gets hit as a result. As such, SP absorb is less effective. I actually preferred sacrificing one slot for Mana potion.

      Now let’s go for the battle strategy.

      I’ll reiterate one thing for this fight: Always pay attention to what both bosses are doing and keep running around the battlefield. My recommended first target is Kaz. Normal attacking can be done, but never when both bosses are still alive.

      The first thing you have to do in this fight is to dash down. Kazu will almost always start the battle with his Ground Wave.

      Boss’ Behavior:
      - Kaz is slightly faster than Kazu (I think?) and will always be the one that gets close to your character because his skills are shorter ranged.
      - Kazu usually stays quite a fair bit of distance away from your character, but because his skills can hit you from said range. Don’t let your guard down.

      Kaz’s Skills:

      1) Ground Slam

      This is the skill the boss will use the most. It’s a simple smashing the ground in front of him. It’s very simple to avoid so there shouldn’t be any problem.

      The boss pauses for 1 second after using this skill, an opportunity for counterattack.

      Dodge Strategy: Simply avoid. The range isn’t big enough for you to get hit if you already have some distance against him.

      Counter Strategy:

      - Mana Drain. As soon as you see the animation, turn back and Mana Drain him. If you can, try to get both bosses at once.
      - Force Wall + Mana Drain. This can lay some serious hurt, but only when you’re on either the left or right side of the screen, never up or down and the Force Wall must always be vertical.

      What you do is avoid Kaz’s attack by dashing to the right/left, immediately turn back to his direction and cast Force Wall. Move towards him and use Mana Drain when he gets inside the Wall. Immediately dash away as soon as Mana Drain finishes or use Teleport.
      - Mental Break. You should be able to easily get both bosses at once with this.
      - Psychic Spin/ Starfall. Just remember to dash away right after using these.

      2) Fire Breath

      The boss will only use this skill if you get too close to him. Remember the enemy with flamethrower? This skill is similar, dealing low damage but fast and burns you. One warning: The hit box is slightly bigger than the animation. The boss will stop for a brief delay before employing the stream of fire.

      The boss doesn’t pause even when the skill finishes.

      Dodge Strategy: Simple dash away or don’t let the boss gets too close to you.

      Counter Strategy: None.
      If the boss does use this, let it finish before launching a counter attack.

      3) Rocket Charge
      The boss doesn’t use this skill often. The boss charges forward in a straight line similar to Paladin’s Shield Charge. The boss usually uses this skill when he’s a bit far from you.

      The boss pauses for 1 second after using this skill.

      Dodge Strategy: Dash to the adjacent direction of his charge or Teleport.

      Counter Strategy: The same strategy listed under Ground Slam works perfectly.

      4) Upgrade

      The boss won’t use this skill too often. After a brief delay, the boss grows to about 1.5x his original size, raising his parameters. I’m not sure whether he’s invincible when he uses this skill or not.

      The boss doesn’t pause after using this skill.

      Remember that Ground Slam and Rocket Charge are melee skills. As such, the hit box is wider when this skill is in effect.

      Dodge Strategy: It’s a buff. There’s no dodging involved.

      Counter Strategy: I don’t recommend attacking when this buff is in effect.

      Kazu’s Skills:

      Note: Kazu’s Counter Strategy is written with the assumption that Kaz is already dead. Targeting Kazu first is not recommended unless you want to challenge yourself.

      1) Ground Wave

      This skill has the same animation as Kaz; however Kazu sends a shockwave in a straight line to wherever your character is standing. The shockwave animation is similar to Wizard’s final normal attack. This skill doesn’t home on your character.

      The boss pauses for 1 second after using this skill.

      Dodge Strategy: Move or dash to the adjacent side of the shockwave. Most of the time you will be a fair distance from Kazu so avoiding this skill isn’t that hard.

      Counter Strategy:

      - Mana Drain. As soon as you avoid the attack, turn back and Mana Drain him.
      - Force Wall + Mana Drain. If you avoid the attack early, you have enough time to move and cast the Wall directly on top of him.
      - Mental Break/Psychic Spin/Starfall. Use as many as you like.

      2) Rocket Jump

      The boss likes to alternate between this and Ground Wave, I see Kazu uses this more often than Kaz with his Rocket Charge. After a brief delay, the boss jumps out of the screen. (Did Gamevil forget this boss fight is inside a ship?) A shadow will then form below your character and the boss will fall down about a second later.

      The boss pauses for 1 second after using this skill.

      Dodge Strategy: Teleport. Dashing works, but Teleport is much simpler to use.

      Alternatively, I found that if you use any skills with invincibility frame the exact moment the boss jumps off the screen (not when the shadow is formed), the boss won’t fall on top of your character but instead on the same spot he jumps off.

      Counter Strategy: You can use the same strategy as listed on Ground Wave, but seeing as he will most like use Ground Wave straight away anyway, waiting is preferred.

      3) Pulse Blast (Thanks for reminding me about this one, SquarePig)

      The boss usually alternates using this skill with Ground Wave and Rocket Jump, but not as common. The boss fires a slow homing ball of energy that explodes after a few seconds.

      The boss pauses for 1 second after using this skill.

      Dodge Strategy: Keep moving around. This skill moves so slowly you shouldn’t have any hard time avoiding it.

      Counter Strategy: Use the same strategy listed under Ground Wave.

      4) Frost Breath

      A carbon copy of Kaz’s Fire Breath except with the Frost element. As such, getting hit by this will slow you down instead of burning you.

      The boss doesn’t pause after using this skill.

      Dodge Strategy: Simply move away.

      Counter Strategy: None. Waiting until the skill is over is best.

      5) Belly Drum (Of course you know what game this refers to)

      The boss usually uses this when he’s too far away from you. The boss stops moving and begins thumping his chest. This skill lasts for about 5-8 seconds. Attacking him in this state cancels this skill.

      The thing is, I have no idea what it does. It doesn’t raise his attack or defense. I didn’t see him recovering any HP either. The only conclusion I can think of is, it’s the perfect opportunity for counter attack.

      Dodge Strategy: It’s a buff. No dodging involved.

      Counter Strategy: Anything. Yep, anything. Use your hardest hitting skills when he uses this.


      Super Candy
      One less slot in return for 20% increase in power seems like a good trade off to me, but definitely not necessary.

      SP Potion
      Like I said above, SP absorb isn’t as effective because you fight two bosses at the same time. You’d think it should be better because there are now two targets instead of one, but the truth is the likelihood of getting hit and eating up your SP with Psychic Shield on exceeds the return rate of SP absorb. As such, having SP Potion instead is a better option if you’re not comfortable relying on SP absorb.

      The tl;dr of the boss fight is:
      1) Start the fight by dashing down
      2) Keep running around the battlefield
      3) Target Kaz first
      4) Avoid Kazu’s Rocket Jump with Teleport
      5) Use Psychic Shield in a pinch

      Those are the most important points of the fight I reckon.
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        on his final attack his eye become red and you can avoid it by dashing behind him.And Hades is 71 not 81 as you mentioned
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          lv71 hades not 81
          happy zenonia


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            Very helpful. Thanks
            Gamevil ID: noodle2d

            Zenonia 2 | Magician | NoodleMage
            Zenonia 3 | Shaman | NoodleShaman
            Zenonia 4 | Druid | NoodleDruid
            Zenonia 5 | Wizard | NoodleWiz


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              Man, of all the mistakes I could have done, it had to be the most obvious possible one :v

              Well it was 1 am when I posted it, give me a break

              Writing a guide for Salvatore at the moment. Haven't beaten him yet, but when I do the guide should be done.

              The next one I'm planning is the twin boss Kaz and Kazu, but I'm not sure if I remembered every single one of their skills. Can anyone write what attacks the bosses use here? Please and thank you.

              The attacks I remembered for the twin boss are:

              Kaz (Orange)

              - Ground Slam (Where he slams onto the ground in front of him)
              - Fire Breath (Self explanatory)
              - Rocket Charge (Where he dashes forward)
              - Upgrade (Where he grows in size, raising his parameter)


              - Ground Wave (Where he slams onto the ground and creates a shock wave much like the Wizard's normal attack)
              - Rocket Jump (Self explanatory)
              - Cold Breath (Self explanatory)
              - Belly Drum (Where he stops and sort of thumps his chest a bunch of times. I... have no idea what it does.)

              Did I miss anything?

              Originally posted by mirobg View Post
              on his final attack his eye become red and you can avoid it by dashing behind him
              Thank you! I totally missed that. Added.

              But uh... do you actually have enough time to actually dash behind him? Wouldn't it be safer to just dash away to the side? From what I remembered that attack was almost instant, so I don't think dashing to his back would be a good idea...
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                well im melee so i dont have difficulty dashing to the back


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                  Updated with the final boss~


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                    Originally posted by sigurdblake View Post
                    Updated with the final boss~
                    Salvatores all screen attack isnt all screen at all.He just deals the full dmg in an area round him and on yhe other part of screen is just the freeze effect...
                    And also please use the [CENTER] [/CENTER coding so its easier for all to read


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                      I hope this will help me.. Even I am a berserker...
                      Originally posted by Oda Kazusanosuke Nobunaga;
                      "Don't bother comparing my personal army with you blockheads."
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                        Originally posted by mirobg View Post
                        Salvatores all screen attack isnt all screen at all.He just deals the full dmg in an area round him and on yhe other part of screen is just the freeze effect...
                        And also please use the [CENTER] [/CENTER coding so its easier for all to read
                        Originally posted by sigurdblake View Post
                        The skill doesn’t attack the whole battlefield actually, only some distance from where the boss stands.The distance is about half the length of your device. If you’re not within distance, you won’t receive damage.
                        I even put it in bold already ;^;

                        But I didn't get any freeze effect without damage. When I fought him, as long as I was out of the range I was safe.

                        As per changing it to center coding, I'll play around a bit with it now :3

                        ...was what I said, but it actually made it harder for me to read.

                        Any suggestion on what to center and what not to? Maybe I can re-study my HTML basics and go hyperlink the whole thing.
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                          amzing boss guide , salvatore is a beast. killed me twice but then again am only level 71. gonna have to farm and find better equips and will def come back to this thread.

                          thank you , this is a 5 star thread.

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                            Is Salvatore after Hades????


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                              Originally posted by Eternux View Post
                              Is Salvatore after Hades????
                              indeed.Now prepare to die xD