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[Guide] Paladin - Comprehensive

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  • [Guide] Paladin - Comprehensive

    Keep in mind that this guide is very, very long, you can “CTR + F” if you want to go over a specific section. This is guide is aimed to players who are not quite knowledgeable of the class and needs help. Also, though this is a Paladin guide, it can be of use to other classes as well so feel free to scan through this humble guide of mine.

    PALADIN GUIDE - Comprehensive

    In the course of this guide, the following contents below shall be appropriately discussed:

    1.0 PROS/CON

    2.0 STAT


    - Leveling
    - Mob control
    - Skill strategy
    - Boss



    7.0 FAIRY
    - Runes
    - Skill stones


    9.0 Credits


    Paladin (Character Class) popular in a variety of games particularly role-playing games, as a fighter for good and virtue, and usually, but not always, imbued with godly powers. In Zenonia 5, a close range with a shield and a mace is essentially a persona with support roles like strengthening HP (hit points) and fortifying DEF (defense) of allies, as well as major healing. I may hold sentiments for this class as an underdog, under-rated or less used; though I believe I held such opinion with no reasonable grounds to be credible at all. Still, in my perspective, through experience, paladin is a versatile class and can be enjoyable when handled and built well.

    <<1.0 PROS/CONS>> - This is only superficial, commonly known of what paladin is, since varying character builds alter a class' characteristic as we progress on the game.


    High Def, supported with a sub weapon, the shield, providing an ample amount of defense.

    Fast Atk Speed, compared to other class such as Berserker, Paladin insanely swings its weapon at a fast rate rendering enemies to stagger, unable to find room to fight back though may not be the same on selected areas.

    The Shield, the shield does not only offer additional def, a sub weapon spells extra stat bonus(es) and can accommodate extra space for upgrade stone socket(s) which makes the paladin gain an edge.

    Healing, this is understandable and if you're an avid gamer, in the world of rpg, mmorpg and such, classes with healing abilities can be a factor of life and death. In Zenonia 5, if you’re a paladin, be ready to break/sell your red pots, or maybe not (will be discussed later on)


    Low Attack, if paladin's mace are designed to have the same attack value of staffs, two-handed swords, it would be rather unfair and shatter the balance of the game. When we say low attack, i mean a really meager amount of damage which could make or break a player's game progression.

    Short range melee attack, in early stages of the game, normal attacks play significant roles so as to save potions since spamming potions would be costly when mobs only drop a few cents. Everybody loves watching an inventory plentiful of gold after all. You’ll be prone to be slashed by melee monsters as well as projectile ones not enough space to evade and maneuver.

    Low evasion rate, I guess there's no need to include this one, but still, it think added information isn't gonna hurt. So yea, Paladin is not patterned to do ninja moves such as evading, thus, you'll be hittable in most occasion.

    <<2.0 STAT >>- includes discussion of stat attributes and how it constitute to specific values such as HIT, EVA, DEF, ATK and the likes each level. Also, tackles on possible unique builds with an opinionated in game output.

    [STR]: 5 ATK / 1 DEF / 0.2 CRITDMG
    DEX]: 0.08 HIT / 0.26 EVA / 0.36 CRIT
    [INT]: 1 ATK / 0.18 HIT / 0.14 CRIT / 26 SP
    [CON]: 1 ATK / 3 DEF / 26 HP

    [STAT DESCRIPTION] - will go over on how each stat contribute on enhancing the class (paladin) or why a stat is unnecessary.

    CON - Basically defined as the primary stat for a paladin, if not then still needed to fortify HP and Defense to improve survivability and compensate the lack of ample damage. CON will enable not only paladin, sponge damage providing the chance to heal/pot since most CON based characters are expected not to be 1-2 hit-KO, unless dealing with a boss or dealt with a vorpal strike (critical hit)

    STR - A good stat for a paladin, with 5 atk / 1 DEF you'll be a battle-pally structured to dish damage rather than tanking, still with 1 DEF you wouldn't be fighting naked at all, at least your got your socks on. Be prepared to die a lot if you go 'full/pure' though. To wrap it up, a good stat for a paladin.

    INT - If you go over and look up at INT's stat gain, the only good thing about this stat is the increase in SP though it also provides a little increase on other values, it would be wise not to invest or invest just a little. INT means a larger mana pool which helps you spam skills but since in Zenonia 5, INT doesn't provide abilities like 'sp recovery' when pumping INT, then using mana potions would be the key to the lack of SP.

    DEX - Provides a decent gain on EVA and CRIT, very low on HIT. What can such values do when your character is severely lacking on ATK, DEF, HP or SP? Either you'd be dying a almost of the time and bacome a food or an elderly dwarfed with the damage only doing a mosquito bite on your enemies. Not recommended.

    [STAT BUILDS] - will only discuss about basic, recommended and hybrid builds that pose as a possible, effective for the game's progression.

    3 CON (Pure CON) - One word to describe this build, a literal 'TANK' (packed with high def and HP) that served to eliminate the threat of dying repeatedly and be able to survive successive damage from enemies without using potions. The downside of this build is that you'll be troubled of not inflicting decent damage, and will take a while to pawn monsters and bosses. Plus using A LOT mana potions is recommended since spamming skills is your bread and butter, maybe it's better to use the word 'burning' potions which is, base on my experience, very disheartening. If you have a taste for tanky builds and afraid of dying, this would be advisable, but be prepared to cross the hurdle of progressing the game in a really slow pace. Example is Boss Tania, unless you gear up and spend a good amount of potions, you'll be hitting her endlessly since she posses a 'regeneration' ability which only laughs at your petite damage. Later on the game, you'd come across superior equipments and gems that are imbued with particular bonuses, pick and use ones with ATK/STR bonuses.

    I doubt this build can beat the last boss, Salvatore, or even hammer down his HP to 75%. The boss has the ability to cast Avatar on himself boosting unimaginable DEF and be able to drastically restore HP over time. With 4k ATK + Food: All Stat Inc, I barely managed to overcome the hurdle that took my semi-pure STR a large amount of time to accomplish, which almost broke me mentally as my supplies and patience running down. Better farm massive ATK/STR based equipments and upgrade stones if you're planning on doing a character with this build. Good Luck.

    3 STR (Pure STR/Glass-cannon) - This build deviates from the norm of paladin, compared to Pure CON, this is the exact opposite, my brother and I often call builds like this as glass-cannon or terms such as reckless abandon. This is a build is designed to brush aside defense, solely relying on dishing damage though not as high as Berserkers/Wizards do, but still effective. Your aim is not to get hit as as much as possible since 1 hit from an enemy severs a good percent of your HP. You get to expect to die countless of times but when you get the hang of it, you'll be able to enjoy pawning enemies in a short span of time. You'll still be relying on pots though; mostly mana potions and you'll be expected to use less since 1 to 2 combinations of skills would do the job (referring to mobs). For this build, put your concern on improving your reflexes and eye-hand coordination so you can rest easy and worry less about the lack of DEF and HP. Middle to late stages of the game, you can pump your HP and DEF through the use of CON/DEF based equipments and upgrade stones. For veteran players, or masochist players who loves dying as a challenge. Very challenging.

    2 CON 1 STR - This is particularly one of the balanced build for a Paladin, not only it caters High DEF and HP but with a decent, though not so much damage. It will ease the head ache of enduring to watch your petty damage flash from your LCD screen. Honestly, based from experience, banging monsters forcing you to release skills repeatedly just to drop them dead would really get in to your nerve. You are to expect not to die that several times, unless you're a game-deaf, a beginner or an inborn lousy player with a decent damage to aid you on your progress. I'd say this is for average, casual players. Regarding the gems and equips, I’ll leave the choice to you since it depends on your play style. As for issues concerning lack of mana, go visit the item merchant.

    2 STR 1 CON (My current build) - This build provides a very good amount of attack with a so-so HP and DEF, mind you this build is killable if your level of playing is average or poor. The 1 CON is there to keep you raise and secure a small rate of survivability since later in the game, every point of HP and DEF counts. You'll be able to clear mobs faster utilizing fewer potions. This build kept me progress the game very quick, mobs and bosses never did serve as a hindrance and never did I use Origin of life, though I often reload the saved game. Never had difficulty on spamming skills since your net income from killing monsters per 99 pcs mana potion usage is higher than gold spent on consumption. If you're not confident about your skills on using this build and hates dying because '****, I am so slow' then drop the idea. Otherwise, if you're skillful enough like in dodging projectiles, luring in monsters and dashing correctly, the game would be a fun place for you. This build pose a moderate challenge.

    2 CON 1 INT (Hybrid/Dropped Build) - Can't say so much about this build since I dropped this at level 40 due to the frustration of lack of damage which made me broke in terms of gold, but it seems to me this can be feasible of a build. This build's bread and butter is the hectic spamming of skills, using normal attack would be rendered useless, normal attacking level 40 mobs with 200 dmg is a shock even I am equipped with decent equips, I can't swallow the poor amount of damage. That’s why spamming skills is the only way to progress in the game, though 2-3 skill combinations can get the job done. With 1 INT for a larger mana pool is nice but relentless skill spamming is too costly and takes a good amount of time which killed my fun. Still I believe if I went further in progressing the game, things would get smoother if I gemmed my equipments with STR/ATK stones 'cause I am not knowledgeable about upgrade stones that time, I apologize. If you get the leisure of time, you can proceed where I left off and decide whether this build is good or not. And, investing on INT might not be a wise choice, mana potions are always there to keep those skills rolling.

    2 STR 1 INT (Hybrid) - I never tried this build but I this type has been on my mind lately since most mmorpg i played where ATK stat + INT are comparable to war machines unleashing skills with almost never depleting mana. But this is Zenonia 5, an increase on CON and INT doesn't help recover HP and SP respectively. Though this build might seem to clear mobs effectively and fast, it's killable with a few hits if you are slow and unable to tap that healing spell. And yes, that 1 INT have never been a good choice for a Paladin since socketing upgrade stones or equipments with INT/SP bonuses can always be a viable option plus, the use of mana potions.

    <<3.0 SKILL DESCRIPTION AND ANALYSIS>> - You can never find a fantasy rpg game to have a gameplay with no skills/spells at all. This section covers the skill descriptions and analyzing how effective a specific skill can be throughout the game progression or why it is unwise to invest points on a particular skill.

    - ACTIVE -

    [Accessible Skills at Level 1]

    Shield Charge : Recommended lvl at 1. Every increase in level gains only a small percentage of stun effect from 10%. One level would suffice since the sole purpose of this skill is to escape from being cornered or in a tight spot. Further leveling this skill is a waste of precious skill points.

    Curing Light: Recommended lvl 10. Healing 38% at max level is without doubt, more than beneficial and can outdone almost all HP potions available on the merchant plus the cool time is so short making this skill a must. Also, you will not be using HP potions when dealing with mobs unless facing a boss, HP potions are always helpful in times of emergency.

    [Accessible Skills at Level 5]

    Crest of Authority: Recommended lvl 0. Additional HP is always good; it does not only raise your survivability but also decrease the threat of dieing. But investing on this skill points can be unwise since there are a lot better skills to be considered. It's not like HP is there to be smashed down to zero but is present to be taken care of, meaning if you're good at maintaining your HP and observe caution, then having an increase in HP isn't that big of a deal.

    Holy Cross: Recommended lvl 10. Your best attack based skill companion early in the game with a geat damage (770% / Slow Rate: 48% / Duration: 9 secs), the good thing about this skill is that it hits multiple times on multiple enemies inflicting slow effect with almost 50% chance. Also, the cool time's unbelievably short and low sp consumption. Though vulnerable when casting the skill.

    Temple Knight's Scream: Recommended lvl 0. Not one of the best attack based skill for a paladin, investing points on this skill can unnecessarily occupy a quick slot where better skills can be placed.

    [Accessible Skills at Level 15]

    Hammer of Silence: Recommended lvl 10. Not only low on sp consumption and short cool time duration the damage inflicts multiple enemies multiple times with a 57% of silencing. Good for PvE and PvP. It's a skill making the caster invulnerable to any forms of attack which is good for dodging.

    Recharge Shot: Recommended lvl 1 (Pre-requisite for Absolute Shield). Waste of skill points, deals a single damage on a single enemy which recovers 5% HP. Not worth the points, quick slot and mana.

    Armor of Protection: Recommended lvl 1-10. This can be very beneficial in late stages of the game particularly in Hell Mode where every point on DEF is important. At level 1 DEF Inc: +20% which is quite impressive (e.g 2000 DEF -> 2400 DEF, where can you ever find that insane bonus?). Though normal mode can be beaten without this skill. Better leave it at lvl 1 in normal mode, tap it when dealing bosses or when you feel like your DEF is lacking. Though DEF increase and cool time can be upgraded, use it whenever time calls for it or just spam if upgraded to lvl 10.

    [Accessible Skills at Level 25]

    Hammer of Justice: Recommended lvl 10. Favourite skill for pawning mobs and bosses. Covers a huge AoE (Area of Effect). Though single hit only, the damage output is more than impressive (Lvl 10 ATK: 1015%) with a sick stun rate of 77% and longest stun effect duration ever. Not to mention the cool time's also great for spamming with Holy Cross and Hammer of Silence.

    Purifying Flame- Recommended lvl 1 (Pre-requisite for Absolute Shield). Never bother with this skill, very low attack launched on a small area dealing few hits on multiple enemies. Never invest, all you need to know is the 70% ATK at level 1, will only cost you unneeded expenditure of mana, occupying the limited quick slot and most of all, the effort for tapping such useless skill isn't worth it.

    Scale Aura- Recommended lvl 1-10. Never been fancy of using this skill, the Thorn Protect and DEF inc is splendid but might not be a good idea for beating the game. If you're a PvP lover, this skill might be suitable for you. Can also be an effective skill for raiding, other than that, leave it at lvl 0-1.

    [Accessible Skills at Level 35]

    Absolute Shield: Recommended lvl 1-10. Though the cool time and duration is not that catchy, might save you from a near death situations when used appropriately since it offers a great amount of DEF increase ( DEF Increase: 80% / Thorn Protect: 100%). I cannot recommend this to be used on normal mobs but is helpful when dealing bosses, hell mode, and PvP.

    Holy Light: Recommended lvl 1-10 (Pre-requisite for Archangel’s Blessing). An immobile monument-like that serves as a healing ward. Great for replenishing huge amount of HP while consuming very little SP around a limited area surrounding the ward. Level 1 is good enough just to acquire Archangel’s blessing, further increasing the level is not recommended since most of the time you’ll be spamming Holy Light with a very short cool time. Though useful for raiding and doing abyss.

    [Accessible Skills at Level 45]

    Archangel's Blessing: Recommended lvl 1-10. Consumes a large amount of SP though not a big deal in late part of the game since INT/SP bonuses from equipments and upgrade stones can be farmed. Invoking an Archangel with the strength identical to that of the caster, dealing multiple hits on multiple enemies in a linear direction. Also helps attract aggressive mobs though can be killed when focus fired. Upgrade only improves duration of the summon. Recommended at lvl 1 but if you have extra skill points to spare, you can upgrade at a level you so desire. This skill’s strength depends on the caster’s current strength in terms of stat values such as HP, ATK, DEF, EVA, SP and whatnot, thus this skill is impressive in any way you look at it.

    - PASSIVE -

    [Accessible Skills at Level 1]

    Potion Effect Increase: Recommended at lvl 0. Not bad yet not good. There are better passives to upgrade compared to this skill. Health potions are taken out of the picture since you’ll be depending mostly on Curing Light (Healing skill that restores 38% HP when maxed). As for mana potions, SP medicines are adequate enough to recover your more than 50%, don’t be upset of the price it would cost you since you’ll be earning a good amount of gold as you progress later on the game.

    Gold Plus: Recommended at lvl 0. Not the skill you want to invest unless you’re zealous about becoming a multi millionaire. Waste of skill points since gold earned in game can suffice your basic needs with a handful of change returned.

    [Accessible Skills at Level 5]

    ATT Increase: Recommended at lvl 10. The effect of this skill when upgraded early on may not produce a notciable difference and improvement but around Lvl 50 + you’ll be surprised of the increment on the attack value which is awesome to have. An additional attack isn’t a thing you would like to take your eyes off. Boosting damage which lessens the effort, cost and time clearing mobs and killing bosses.

    DEF Increase: Recommended at lvl 10. Just like ATT increase, when upgraded later on the game a massive improvement can be noticed. The increase in defense fortifies your character to raise your survivability, enabling you to last on boss battles and decrease your mortality rate. Good all around.

    [Accessible Skills at Level 15]

    EVA Increase: Recommended lvl 0-10. Since Paladins are not designed to fully utilize evasion, with your limited skill points there are few skills that beats the importance of this skill. You can never always rely on evasion unlike Mechanics, better dodge and evade manually than risking your HP to a poor possibility of chance and luck. Unless you’re a Zen spender, investing on this is skill isn’t a bad of a choice since luck and chance are factors to improve survivability after all.

    CRI Rate Increase: Recommended lvl 0-10. An increase of critical rating can not only yield high damage but also, instantly inflict more than double-damage and does the job of killing monsters faster which provides you with this benefits, save mana, preserve further activation of skills and save time and effort. But still, as what I mentioned before, there are far more beneficial skills to be considered and increasing critical rating can be accomplished through ways such as imbuing CRIT rate upgrade stones and farming equipments with CRIT rate bonuses. And to tell you, if you believe not upgrading this skill will never improve your CRIT rating, be patient and grind to reach higher levels and you’ll be wondering how you got a favourable value on CRIT rate.

    [Accessible Skills at Level 25]

    CON Increase: Recommended lvl 10. A must passive skill for all characters striving to fortify HP and DEF to be able to raise their chance of surviving whether facing normal monsters, mini-bosses or main story bosses. Lack of HP can be detrimental to accomplishing tasks such as farming gold/equips and levelling.

    STR Increase: Recommended lvl 10. For STR based characters such as Paladin and Berserker, this passive is advisable in order to provide additional attack which in every aspect of the game, very effective. Since this is only one of the few passive skills that pose to be beneficial, investing on this skill is surely worth the points.

    [Accessible Skills at Level 35]

    Passive Master: Recommended lvl 10. The best, finest passive skill to have for every class. It drastically boosts not one or two passives but all activated passives, with a huge increment of 30% at max level. You can opt not to invest on this skill, that is if you have a loose screw or something or would like to mess your character.

    DEF per STR: Recommended lvl 10. Advisable only to characters with STR stat as a foundation. When maxed the increase in defense is very noticeable to a degree, compensating the inadequacies of defense further enhancing survivability. Thus, on a scientific term, as STR increases DEF also increase which doesn't sound so bad.

    [Accessible Skills at Level 45]

    Survival Instinct: Recommended lvl 0-10. I’m not very fond of this skill though recovering a certain % of HP isn’t bad, Paladin’s Curing Light is more than enough to recover the loss of HP and most of the time I don’t get hit, except for projectiles, therefore this skill in most occasion serve to be ineffective. Might be good for Abyss and raids, if you can spare spending zen then I say the skill’s worth the price.

    Area Zero: Recommended lvl 0. Low activation rate and very short duration. Not worth investing since there are equips and upgrade stones that are imbued with ‘SP Absorb’ bonuses and activates most of the time rendering potions quite useless. In my brother’s case, a level 86 Wizard with a total of 13% SP Absorb rendered mana potions useless taking it out from the quick item/skill slot.

    <<4.0 GAME STRATEGY>>


    Levelling in Zenonia 5 is straightforward, you won’t be undergoing complexities and such. Start by killing monsters of the same level for and proceed to the appropriate area where the level of the mob corresponds to yours. You will be guided with simple side quests as well as pursuing main quests that yield valuable XP, gold or items. With this, you will eliminate the threat of being under-leveled before combating bosses, in most occasions bosses tend to have higher levels than that of the players. But fear not, level is only one of the decisive element that determine the outcome of a battle, player’s skill in manipulating his character, right equipments and adequate items are one of those. But it is best to fortify a character to the extent of being called as ‘over-leveled’ since it amplifies stats and skills as well as be able to access higher level gears. At the early stages of the game, around level 1- 25, normal attack is your best companion with moderate skill and potion usage. Set aside HP potions for emergencies and for successive healing during boss battles, other than that it is best to only utilize mana potions which saves gold. As you progress in the game you’ll be solely relying on spamming ATK based skills since doing normal attacks will render you hittable with a very low damage.


    Hitting and spamming skills on a single monster, maybe two or three can be intimidating, not only you inflict damage on few monsters that cost you potions and skill cool time, but also personal time and effort. The strategy here is simple, a single map is mostly situated with 5-9 monsters, all you need to accomplish is lure all monsters (if possible) as they become ‘compact’ on an area where this bulk of a mob are hittable with your AoE (Area of Effect) ATK skills as you relentlessly bombard them until they drop dead. A successful execution will divide the number of potion used, skill activation, time and effort in to half, or more than that, thus making levelling inexpensive and hunting items/equips more efficient.


    Curing Light, the skill that makes Paladin unique distinguishing itself as a class of the least mortality rate if used skilfully. The skill renders HP potions useless when dealing with normal monsters, in boss battles, HP potions can serve as an extra medical kit set aside for emergencies. The skill enables you to not only save gold, but also save you the extra movements of tapping HP potions. The skill can also be usable to evade inevitable damage from monsters, making you invulnerable to all forms attack during the skill’s cast duration.

    Shield Charge, can be defined as an ‘emergency exit’ or ‘escape door’. Charging forward at a certain distance while making the caster invulnerable to all forms of attack. Usable when in a very tight spot or in a pinch, dangerous occasions such as surrounded by a mob while HP/Curing light is cooling down can prove this skill more than useful.

    Holy Cross + Hammer of Silence + Hammer of Justice, the deadliest combination of skills a Paladin can ever have for the Slight Knockback + Slow + Silence + Stun can render monsters immobile leaving a space for the next strategic position or simply distancing yourself away from harm’s reach. Also these three skill’s cool time duration is very short which is ideal for spamming. Take note that the Hammer of Silence and Justice provides invulnerability which is good for keeping yourself alive in times of need. As for Holy Cross, launching this skill requires caution since when casting, the player is prone to all forms of attack therefore a safe distance should be kept. The combination is quite costly early on, spamming only Holy Cross can be observed though depending on the situation, the skills can be utilized in different ways.

    Holy Light, only used this skill when HP drops lower than 20% since sp consumption for this skill is cheap and almost fully recovers HP, can also serve as a support skill when dashing or evading attacks at the same time recovering a small number of HP around its area of effect.

    Archangel’s Blessing, literally a personal guard that deals multiple damage on multiple enemies on a linear direction. I mostly use this skill as a misdirection for aggressive monsters (wait, it seems all monsters in Zenonia 5 are aggressive) and bosses while dealing cheap shots when i’m away restoring mana/hp or waiting for ATK skills to finish cool down. Also functions to finish off a mob whenever still standing from the previous combo since this skill’s SP consumption is cheaper compared to 3 skills combined. The downside of this skill is that the Angel is killable before the time limit is up when hacked relentlessly, focus fired to death.

    Archangel’s Blessing + Holy Cross/Hammer of Silence/Hammer of Justice + Normal attack, ideal for killing higher level mobs with health points that can’t be taken down with one HC + HoS + HoJ as well as saving mana. The strategy is to release the guardian, either use Holy cross or one of the hammers (Hammer of Justice preferred) then start swinging your sword along with the guardian as monsters stagger and drop dead before the guardian’s time limit is due. Less used since gold isn’t a big of a deal in Zenonia 5, you can buy stacks of potions with an extra change returned and saved, ignoring the cost of continuous skill spamming with your best combination of ATK skills. Also the guardian’s cool time is long which is not efficient for spamming.


    Regarding on how to deal with mini-bosses, I don’t have much things to discuss about since mini-bosses only present threat a little higher than that of normal monsters. Most mini-bosses unleash one skill and do normal attacks in the course of its pathetic life until beaten. Just obtain knowledge on what skill or ability it does from short observation then find a way to dodge it, you know what to do next. The difficulty can’t be even compared when battling main bosses and only requires moderate player’s skill to accomplish.

    I won’t be giving an in depth detail on how to beat each main boss you come across but will only be imparting a generalized idea on the systematic methods, over-all strategy and decisive elements on the most efficient ways to beat bosses. Not applicable only for Paladin but for other classes as well. This guide is aimed for players with no zen, thus the usage of Origin of Life is not taken into consideration.

    I won't be discussing all the bosses skill patterns and how to deal with them. It is best to leave it to you as you formulate solutions, it'd be more challenging, fun and satisfying that way.

    Playing Environment – Avid gamers already are knowledgeable that a playing environment can serve as an element that could make or break a player’s gaming experience. Since boss battles require intensive concentration, presence of mind and good reflexes, we are ought to protect these ‘ingredients’ that could heavily affect the battle’s outcome. It is best to play in a place with a temperature pleasant for the human body, specifically low, if possible a room with an Air conditioner. This is to avoid moistening your hands which can be really irritating as there is no pause button, you are unable to wipe those sweat away producing a lousy playing performance. Stay on a position you’re comfortable with whether lying on bed or sitting, since a discomfort spells mistakes lowering cognitive abilities to a degree.

    Judgement – Zenonia 5 is not a hack and slash game, here you get to use a large amount of your brain’s energy in most of the game’s difficult ordeals which are boss battles. Skill pattern analysis, boss movements and good to perfect timing are deemed to be keenly observed and executed. Situations will force you to a dilemma where to opt on using a specific skill or not, dash or hit and the if situations, "if I dash here i might get cornered", “if I spam skills with invulnerability effect continuously I might not be able to evade unexpected attacks and save myself later”, “my red potion and Curing light is on cool down, if I steal cheap shots now i might get myself hurt which I am unable to restore my health” and the likes. Therefore, a sound judgement and right decision will always serve as a determining factor to either force you use origin of life, revive with penalties or beat the boss.

    Concentration and Composure – Just like any other games, Zenonia 5 requires a level of concentration, good hand-eye coordination and composure. It is advisable to rest your body especially your eyes after hours of playing before doing boss battles. An exhausted body decreases the brain’s data processing where information is obtained from the human eye’s vision. If you’re sleepy, then sleep, proceed only when your body is in good condition otherwise you’ll be repeating cycles of death-revive. Also, keep calm and don’t lose your cool, there are times when you’ll let your guard down and be axed by the boss when you least expect it. Haste makes waste, most of the time you’ll be hyped seeing the boss’ HP plummet less than 50% igniting the urge to finish the battle as soon as possible. The expected outcome can be really devastating and still hanging on the thought of how can one be so reckless when the end is an arm length away.

    Food – If you can afford consuming food during boss battles, then do so. Oh wait, I mean food is definitely a must. Food can come in different variety of bonuses and effects, what’s more food can be stacked. If you feel the cause of your death is the lack of health, then utilize a CON or DEF foods, meager damage output, then use ATK/STR food and so on. Never underestimate every increase of STAT value, 1 HP can be a matter of life and death. Let me share my brother’s experience, he had a close fight with Salvatore, when the battle is nearing its end both clashed leaving him 3%-5% HP and Salvatore with 0%, closed his eyes and believing he had to repeat the fight again until he was aware and was overjoyed that the CON food saved him effort and time.

    Trial and Error – It is normally expected not to be able to overcome a boss at your first attempt, just make sure to save closest to the boss’ entrance so you can easily restart your attempts avoiding death penalties which can utterly hurt. Unless you’re something like a genius or a God or packed with a load of Origin of life then you can turn away from this guide. You’ll die, you’ll die A LOT so prepare yourself and don’t be discouraged, learn from your previous mistakes, avoid being reckless and observe caution all the time, always use your head and don’t get caught by the heat of the battle. Experience will be your reliable partner and best teacher. Good Luck.


    This skill build is recommended for Paladins of any build and can function to be really effective through the entirety of the game. Also, this is not entitled to be necessarily integrated in your game strategy since individual play style may vary from one player to another.

    1.] Level 1 to 2: 1 Point in Shield Charge (1/10)
    2.] Level 2 to 7: 5 Points in Curing Light (5/10)
    3.] Level 7 to 17: 10 Points in Holy Cross (10/10)
    4.] Level 17 to 18: 1 Point in Hammer Of Silence (1/10)
    5.] Level 18 to 24: Save 6 Points for Hammer of Justice (0/10)
    6.] Level 24 to 28: 6 Points (unspent) + 4 Points in Hammer Of Justice (10/10)
    7.] Level 28 to 31: 3 Points in Curing Light (8/10)
    8.] Level 31 to 34: 3 Points in Hammer Of Silence (4/10)
    9.] Level 34 to 35: 1 Point for Holy Light (1/10)
    10.] Level 35 to 41: 6 Points in Hammer of Silence (10/10)
    11.] Level 41 to 44: 3 Points in ATT Increase (3/10)
    12.] Level 44 to 45: 1 Point in Archangel’s Blessing (1/10)
    13.] Level 45 to 52: 7 Points in ATT Increase (10/10)
    14.] Level 52 to 62: 10 Points in DEF Increase (10/10)
    15.] Level 62 to 64: 2 Points in Curing Light (10/10)
    16.] Level 64 to 74: 10 Points in Passive Master (10/10)
    17.] Level 74 to 84: 5 Points in STR Increase (10/10)
    18.] Level 84 to 94: 10 Points in DEF per STR (10/10)
    19.] Level 94 to 104: 10 Points in CON Increase (10/10)
    20.] Level 104 to 109: 5 Points in Armor of Protection (5/10)

    <<6.0 EQUIPMENTS>>

    In this section I’ll be discussing about which equipments are beneficial for a Paladin, later in the game you’ll be bound to obtain equipments with varying bonuses and might have a difficult time deciding on what to equip and what equipments are to be disposed of.

    Apparently, you are to choose equipments with STR or CON bonuses, DEF and ATK are good too, if you’re lucky you’ll end up having SP and HP absorb equipments which are expected to be good around level 50+ since having high damage output restores a ton of SP/HP. In the case of my brother’s Wizard, with a total 0f 13% SP absorb (3% from one equipment, 10% from upgrade stones) rendered his mana potions useless which is quite splendid to have, you save gold, quick slot and effort. Having equipments with INT/SP bonuses aren’t bad too, a large mana pool can be really convenient for spamming and is better when consuming SP medicines since larger mana pool means larger restoration. Don’t bother equipping Crit Rate, Crit Dmg, EVA, DEX since they don’t do much help, foods are always there to boost your lacking stats. So what will you do with your magic+ equipments? Don’t sell them, combing equipments of the same magic value will yield random upgrade stones which will drastically improve and fortify your character. In choosing which upgrade stones are to socket in your equipments, STR/CON and DEF/ATK is the way to go, INT can be of use too but other than that, break the rest since it will just occupy your inventory. Sometimes God will pat you a hand of luck and combine stones that raise all stats (combined a stone with 21 to all stats which is in every way awesome to have), socket it to your best available equipment or wait for an equipment that complements that upgrade stone. You don’t want to socket a good stone in normal equipment, do you?

    As for what title to equip, you can switch titles depending on the situation you’re in. I prefer titles which boost all your stat values, an example is ENT Slaughterer that raises all you stats + 15 which is good all around. If you’re farming gold or equipments and you feel you’re lacking damage then equip STR based titles (e.g Kumtra Killer : +20% STR). If you find yourself lacking HP and often die in boss battles then resort to equipping titles that increase your maximum HP to increase your survivability (e.g. Super Hero: +10% HP).

    <<7.0 FAIRY>>

    This section will discuss about the worth of having a fairy, recommended runes and which skill stones are of best use.

    The Fairy is a supernatural being, small, human in form and having magical powers. In the world of Zenonia your Fairy plays an important role not it only as a character involved in the story’s progression but does assisting like Healing (though not that noticeable). Fairies are also imbued with Rune and skill stones, whenever a fairy becomes stronger, these stones can be extracted which assist you, strengthening you physically.


    Frost Rune: Works really great with Paladin’s attack skills, keeping mobs in a distance which essentially good in both PvE and PvP combined with stun and freeze skills making enemies immobile.

    Fire Rune: I’m not really a fan of this rune, doesn’t work too good in PvE though it’s a different case when in PvP since the burn damage is decent and can be noticeable. Used this rune often and can be helpful when dealing with mobs though not that much, you get to inflict damage while away from a distance.

    Holy Rune: This does really well with Paladin, very impressive not only for Paladin but probably for most classes. Stone cursing enemies can really mean much, their attacks often will stop though only for a very short time. With Paladin’s crazy ATK speed, this rune can inflict the effect at a short interval.

    Dark Rune: Doesn’t really work well in PvP, though players get affected I can’t seem to determine whether they’re confused or not. Can be really bothersome in PvE, I often lure tons of monster in small area to do a combo of skills; with this rune my purpose is defeated. Not the rune for a Paladin for me.


    Obviously, better obtain these skill stones, doesn’t matter what % you have you can replace it if you’ll find a better one.

    CON + ?? %
    DEF + ?? %
    STR + ?? %
    ATK + ?? %
    Reflect + ?? %
    HP/SP Absorb + ?? %

    I leave the combinations to you, depending on your play style, you decide.

    <<8.0 CONCLUSION>>

    In terms of versatility, paladin far more exceeds other classes when built and played well. Early game can be really unnerving with low damage output but when little by little enhanced, Paladin can handle mobs and bosses with ease and even other players in PvP. With incredible balance as well massive support skills, Paladin lived through his name as a being with God in his side.

    Any comments, reactions, violent reactions and criticisms are all welcome. I don’t expect this to be of much use for veteran players but all those who are bound with confusion feel free to read through this guide. If I made any forms of error, things that might be loose and what not, just keep me informed and posted so corrections can be made.

    <<9.0 CREDITS>>

    The section for those who have contributed to this guide.

    lovehnp - for looking up to the stat gains of Paladin.
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  • #2 nice paladin guide keep it up.... very simple guide mate
    happy zenonia


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      the guide that im really waitin for paladin thanx a lot


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        ns guide indeed altho if you are using a glass canon build the game will get a large amount of your brain involved in dodging and stuff xD


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          Thank you for doing this because I didn't really want to haha! Good good good guide!
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            This should stop those threads begging for Paladin builds.


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              YEAH YEAH YEAH. Now when iOS gets dis, we getta be on the right track :3


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                Finally just beat Salv with my Pally. Gawd, after killing him twice now I'm so glad I don't have to do that again. No desire to see him ever ever again.

                Now time to hit 109.
                UserID: lovehnp
                Characters: [109]Mechanic // [109]Paladin

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                  Is he the last boss? Is he super hard and frustrating and painful to beat?


                  • #10
                    Yes and YES OMG YES. It was easier on my Mechanic because of range and I had +4 SPEED. As a melee class with no speed boosts I wanted to chop my own hands off for not being quick enough at times.
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                    Characters: [109]Mechanic // [109]Paladin

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                      That said, the sense of accomplishment is unmatched by anything else in the game I'm pretty sure. He is a legitimate final boss. You have to use your brain and reflexes, you can't just button mash and you could go into the fight with 20 Origins of Life and still not beat him.

                      Be ready for an ACTUAL fight is all I can say.
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                      Characters: [109]Mechanic // [109]Paladin

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                        Passive Master: Recommended lvl 10. The best, finest passive skill to have for every class. It drastically boosts not one or two passives but all activated passives, with a huge increment of 30% at max level. You can opt not to invest on this skill, that is if you have a loose screw or something or would like to mess your character.

                        DEF per STR: Recommended lvl 10. Advisable only to characters with STR stat as a foundation. When maxed the increase in defense is very noticeable to a degree, compensating the inadequacies of defense further enhancing survivability. Thus, on a scientific term, as STR increases DEF also increase which doesn't sound so bad.
                        I wanted to post some numbers for new Paladins to drive home the importance of these two skills. First number is BEFORE Passive Master second is after.

                        ATK: 4820 > 5120
                        STR: 451 > 460
                        CON: 292 > 301

                        Also, with only 3pts so far in DEF per STR:

                        DEF: 2992 > 3139

                        Big increases, completely worth the points.
                        UserID: lovehnp
                        Characters: [109]Mechanic // [109]Paladin

                        Place the ash on their foreheads
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                          Originally posted by lovehnp View Post
                          That said, the sense of accomplishment is unmatched by anything else in the game I'm pretty sure. He is a legitimate final boss. You have to use your brain and reflexes, you can't just button mash and you could go into the fight with 20 Origins of Life and still not beat him.

                          Be ready for an ACTUAL fight is all I can say.
                          With a wizard or mech, I can just spend 4-5 origins and spam my best damage skills, making it a very short fight.

                          With the full con paladin.... it became a 1.5 hr fight....

                          Even when I change my stats to a pure str paladin, the skills damage output is still pathetic compared a berserker, mechanic or wizard.

                          Pure frustration.


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                            Ugh, none of your builds seem to work with me.

                            First I went 2STR 1CON and quitted at lvl 38 because I couldn't get near the mobs without dying, and thus I ended spaming my maxed skills from the distance, burning my SP in no time and I ran out of gold to buy potions.

                            So I deleted the character and I started from 0. I went full CON and everything was okay untill lvl 45-50. Now my damage is too poor and I can't kill the mobs fast enough, so I end up getting surrounded. Yep my HP and my defense are very high but still they don't make me able to withstand the simultaneous attack of 3+ monsters for lomg. So what I end up doing? Fleeing and spaming skills... but in this case my dmg is even lower than with my first character. So I burn even more potions. -.-

                            There has to be something that works better... I didn't have any problem with my mech and my wizard. :c

                            Any idea?
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                            -It is?
                            -Yes, this is worth earning my empathy.
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                              Do 3Str then 3Con work?
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