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Zenonia 5 General Guide + FAQ

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  • Zenonia 5 General Guide + FAQ

    Zenonia 5 General Guide/FAQ

    This is a general guide explaining the features in Zenonia 5, and answering some common questions about the game. Some topics are covered in-depth on other threads (such as character guides), so those threads will be linked. If you have questions or suggestions for more FAQs to add, simply post on this thread. You can use Ctrl + F with the section name in brackets (Contents below) to search. Each section has general information, followed by useful links, then frequently-asked questions.

    • [Classes]
    • [Items]
    • [Skills]
    • [Quests]
    • [Community]


    There are four classes in Zenonia 5: Berserker, Mechanic, Paladin, and Wizard. Berserker and Paladin are melee classes, while Mechanic and Wizard are ranged classes. The Berserker is somewhat similar to the Slayer from Z4. The Paladin is similar to the Paladin from Z1 and Lu from Z2. The Mechanic is similar to the Ranger from Z4. The Wizard is somewhat similar to Morpice from Z2. I see a lot of people asking for character builds, but the answer is simply to check the guides below.

    Berserker: the Berserker Mega Guide by mirobg is the best Berserker thread.
    Mechanic: newlegend has a very detailed Mechanic Guide.
    Paladin: check the the Comprehensive Paladin Guide by xHeathcliff.
    Wizard: here's my (SquarePig's) Wizard Guide.

    Other: there's a Paladin Guide by DivineCross that may be worth a look. Berserkers and Wizards looking for a non-standard build can try the Hybrids Guide by Mr Glitch.

    What is the best class?
    It really depends on your own style. If you're good at dodging and you like to spam skills, the Wizard and Mechanic are good choices. If you're better with melee classes or you like to heal more, the Berserker and Paladin might be easier. Reading the guides linked above can give you general overviews of each class to help make your choice.

    I found another guide on a different website. Is it good?
    So far, almost all the guides or answers to build questions I've seen on other websites have been AWFUL. I just read a guide saying to use Psychic Spin as the Wizard's main weapon. I'm not joking. So, it's probably best to stick with the guides here for your own good.


    Items are held in the Inventory, accessible through the in-game Menu. Also, you can place identified (that means you don't have to Scan it) equipment and fairy stones in the Bank for more storage space or to transfer between characters. The Bank can be accessed by any character, and it's the box icon on the far right side of the Inventory screen. In the game, equipment is classified into Equipment and Accessories. Equipment is the class-specific equipment- Weapon, Subweapon, Helmet, Armor, Gloves, and Shoes. Accessories can be used by any class, and consist of Necklace, Cloak, Ring, and Amulet.

    As veterans of the Zenonia series already know, there are different classes of equipment. These are Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic, Unique, and Legend. Each class has progressively higher stats. Unique and Legend equipment can provide special attributes, such as SP Absorb, HP Absorb, and Speed. If you have an item that is Magic or higher, you can Refine it by selecting the item, then selecting Refine. This increases the primary stat of the item, but there is a chance of breaking the item as well. Always keep a Restoration Scroll with you if you Refine items past level 2. As in all the previous Zenonia games except Z2, you can "combine" two pieces of equipment of the same class (2 Magic, 2 Rare, etc.) and make an Upgrade Stone (Sheathe Stone). You need to do this at the Blacksmith, or have a Portable Blacksmith Kit, which is a Zen shop item. As a tip, always select the item with lower required level first when making an Upgrade Stone.

    The inventory has an Items section for consumables such as potions, Zen shop items like Origin of Life, fairy stones, and other miscellaneous items. Potions can be found from enemies, or you can buy them from the Item Merchant. As your level increases, the quality of potion drops from enemies also increases. Zen shop items, as the name suggests, require Zen to buy. There may be instances where you can get free Zen or free Zen shop items, but otherwise, they require real money. Fairy Stones are extracted from the fairy, and can raise your stats when activated (I'm assuming Hidden will make a fairy guide. ). Miscellaneous items like the Pickax and Teleport Scrolls also go in this section. With the exception of fairy stones, these items can't be put in the Bank.

    Materials is the other main section of your Inventory, and Materials are used to make Combined items. Your Combine Scrolls can be viewed by tapping the three book icons, and you have to take the ingredients listed on the Scroll to the Blacksmith (or use a Portable Blacksmith Kit) to Combine the item.

    Useful threads:

    Check my Item Database for locations of items. It's incomplete, so feel free to add information as well.

    How do I get Iron?
    Believe it or not, this is the most commonly-asked question on Facebook. Buy a Pickax from the Item Merchant if you don't already have one. Iron can then be mined from light blue mining crystals in AD Forest Entrance 2, AD Forest Single Road, AD Forest Vacant Area, Sword Rock N. Entrance, and Sword Rock Northwest. Go to the mining crystal and tap the button you'd normally use to perform a basic attack. Once the mining crystal becomes black, find a different one or reload/reenter the map.

    How do I get Legend items?
    They are only found in the Abyss. Remember, you can visit the Abyss once per day for free.

    I collected all the set pieces but I didn't get a set bonus.
    For a piece of equipment to be part of a set, it has to have an "S" in the corner of the icon (it will also have a magnifying glass icon on the details screen). All the pieces must have an "S" for you to receive the set bonus. You can check the set bonus if you have any one of the items by pressing the magnifying glass icon.

    I tried to use an Upgrade Stone, but it says "Can't equip due to low level."
    The required level of the equipment cannot be less than the level of the Upgrade Stone. The level of the Upgrade Stone is equal to the average of the levels of the items used to make it, rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5 (or to level 1, if the average is lower than 5).

    What are Upgrade Stone Slots?
    Unlike the first three Zenonia games, one piece of equipment isn't necessarily restricted to one Upgrade Stone. On every piece of equipment, there are up to three open slots (represented by green squares) on the right side of the equipment details screen. The equipment can have up to this many Upgrade Stones at any time. When people talk about 3-slotted items or full-slotted items, they're referring to equipment with all the slots open (which is the best). Normally, all Upgrade Stones are permanent, except for the LAST slot on a 3-slotted item.

    Who is the Dark Merchant?
    You can find the Dark Merchant in Agran Village (near the bottom of the map). He sells equipment, like the Equipment Merchant does, but buying items from the Dark Merchant gives you a chance to obtain Magic and higher items. If you buy from the Equipment Merchant (which you should never do, unless you're trying to get rid of Gold for a certain title), they'll always be normal quality and have no Upgrade Stone slots. Of course, the Dark Merchant's prices are also higher.

    I used two Unique items and got an INT Upgrade Stone?!
    Nice. Give it to me, because I'm a Wizard.
    In this game, two Unique items can give you "normal" stats. You still have a chance to get the Unique stat Sheathe Stones, though.

    How do I repair equipment?
    Tap the hammer icon on the top-left corner of the equipment details screen. You can't repair your Pickax.

    I have a Scanning Scroll, but the game wants me to buy another one to scan this item.
    Higher level items require more Scanning Scrolls to examine.

    Why do I find equipment for another class?
    It's normal.


    You can view your skills by tapping the appropriate tab from the in-game Menu. Skills are classified into Active and Passive skills. Active skills (which include buffs) must be placed in your quick slots to be used by selecting the skill (in which you must have at least one point) and then selecting the quick slot. Passive skills are always activated, or automatically activate when a certain condition is met (ex. Area Zero). This game uses a new design for quick slots, which might seem counterintuitive when placing skills in quick slots. You have to rotate the "wheel" of skills to change quick slots, but this also means the order might be different than how you would expect it. The best way to sort things out is by placing skills in the quick slots yourself so you understand what happens when you change the slots.

    Some skills have prerequisites, which are shown by a line connecting two skills. This means that, in order to get the second skill (the one to the right), you first need to have at least one point in the first skill. As a Wizard, for example, if you want Mana Drain, you first need to waste/put one point in Chain Lightning. As in the previous two Zenonia games, you can buy skill points. 1 skill point = 25 Zen, and some quick calculations will tell you that this is the worst price in the whole series.

    What skills should I use?
    Check the guides I linked above.

    I have HP/SP Absorb, and used a skill. My HP/SP didn't go up.
    Some skills (ex. the Wizard's Mental Break) don't give you a chance to absorb HP/SP.

    Why can't I hit my opponent in PvP?
    Some skills grant damage immunity while they are being cast or used. For example, if your Wizard uses the Mana Drain skill, enemies need to wait until the entire animation is over before they can hit you.

    Why does my skill deal single-digit damage?
    In Zenonia, your skills don't miss, unless the enemy isn't in the skill's range. Instead, if your skill would have "missed," it deals single-digit damage instead.

    Can I reset skill points?
    Yes; you can buy a Skill Reset Stone at the Zen shop for 150 Zen (again, the worst price in the series).


    There are two types of quests: main quests (mandatory) and side quests (optional). You get main quests by following the storyline, and side quests can be found by going to characters with exclamation marks (most side quests are found in the three cities). You can cancel optional quests by selecting the quest and quitting it. The rewards for quests usually consist of EXP and Gold, and most quests are relatively straightforward and simple, with the exception of boss fights.

    Useful threads:

    The Bosses thread (created by newlegend) can help if you have trouble with a boss quest. Also, check the character guides.
    sigurdblake has a Wizard boss guide that gives detailed descriptions of late-game bosses.

    How do I complete Jake's Favor?
    See the same question in the Items section (it's the one with the Iron).

    How do I find Aros?
    Try reentering the map from the other side, or beat Rampike and then reenter the map.

    What monster do I have to kill for this quest?
    Select the quest and press "Details" on the panel on the bottom of the screen.

    Where is the Pink Key for the quest "Disabling Device"?
    It is in a treasure chest located in the room three rooms left of the mini-boss.

    How do I unlock Hell Mode?
    Normal Mode is the storyline mode, and every new character/slot starts in Normal Mode. To reach Hell Mode, you have to clear the storyline (i.e. beat the final boss). In Hell Mode, the Normal Mode bosses aren't available, and all the enemies are higher levels. Hell Mode has a level cap of 109.


    There are some features in the game that involve other players. One of these is PvP (player versus program- I mean, player), and it can be accessed from the character's menu. It's similar to PvP in the other Zenonia games, but there's a new Daily Event in this game. The Daily Event lets you get Random Treasure Boxes for beating certain opponents, and it refreshes every day (you can get two Random Treasure Boxes a day). If you want Rank Points from PvP, however, you have to select Quick Match. The Rank Points are supposed to be refreshed one hour after you do PvP matches.

    You can add friends in the game by selecting the options along the bottom of the title screen. So far, the main use of having friends is to send and receive Scanning Scrolls by selecting Free Gift. You can send a Scanning Scroll to all your friends once per day. To check if someone sent you a Scanning Scroll, select Friends News. The list of friends only displays 50 at maximum, but you can have more than 50 friends (some will just be invisible). When you try to view your friends, you can get an error that says "Data doesn't exist." That's a common glitch that doesn't really have a solution yet.

    It's possible to send items to other players, but it currently costs Zen.

    Useful threads:

    You can post your IGN on newlegend's thread for more friend requests.

    Read my Importing/Exporting Guide if you don't know what those functions do. However, there might be a server problem that causes you to lose data.

    Post on the Report Hacker IDs thread if you see a hacker in PvP. Make sure you don't accuse someone of hacking without clear evidence, or you could end up like a certain member...

    What does "Insufficient network storage space" mean?
    It means that your Bank is full. Gifts are inserted into your Bank, not your Inventory directly (unless it's Zen). You can manage your Bank by selecting the box icon on the right side of any character's Inventory, and you need an open slot there to receive any gifts from mail or from friends.

    How do I receive the rewards from events?
    From the title screen, select Mailbox. To receive the gifts, select the letter from Gamevil. If they sent you items, those will end up in the Bank.

    Do you fight with people in real time in PvP?

    What's Raid Mode?
    It's a feature that hasn't been implemented yet.

    Can you play the game without Internet connection?
    On Android, no.
    On iOS, you don't need connection after you pass the title screen. However, you won't be able to access PvP, Abyss, or your Bank.

    Thanks to the following people for helping to improve this guide:

    newlegend for helping clarify question about skills missing.
    Pechiin for suggesting questions about Dark Merchant and Normal/Hell Mode.

    If you have more information or frequently-asked questions to add, simply post on this thread. If you see pointless threads asking questions that were already answered here, simply link members to this thread.

    Last edited by SquarePig; 01-15-2013, 01:37 PM.

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    Read it. Great job Square. ^^ Loved the ironies.

    Edit: I have one question though... Is it really possible to have more than 50 friends? As fas as I now, if you have 50 and try to add someone or the person you ar trying to add has allready 50 friends, the game crashes.
    Last edited by Shalorak; 01-08-2013, 03:02 PM.
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    -Okay. You know, pain is something that men must endure in their heart. And since the heart feels pain so easily, some men believe that life is pain. You are delicate like glass, that is, your heart is.
    -It is?
    -Yes, this is worth earning my empathy.
    -I? saying I love you.


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      Nice guide, as alwayss.

      You should answer the question 'Who is the dark merchant and what does he sells?'. Maybe you'll also have to say the differences between normal and hell modes.


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        Originally posted by Shalorak View Post
        Edit: I have one question though... Is it really possible to have more than 50 friends? As fas as I now, if you have 50 and try to add someone or the person you ar trying to add has allready 50 friends, the game crashes.
        I had 50 Friends, but somehow managed to add more without any game crashes. I can still receive Scanning Scrolls from one of my friends that doesn't appear on the 50-friend list (mirobg), but I don't know if I can send Scrolls to those friends.

        Originally posted by Pechiin View Post
        You should answer the question 'Who is the dark merchant and what does he sells?'. Maybe you'll also have to say the differences between normal and hell modes.
        That's a good idea. Thanks.


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          Nice guide.

          Though, I doubt it'll help those Facebooking "where do I get Iron" people.
          HiddenFromYou ❤ Rubellite - 88%.


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            A must-read guide. Many Thanks!! :3


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              Dang now my guide tread is linked on this thread I really need to update it x.x

              *Starts playing Fire emblem 12 rom and watches videos.*

              And in response to this
              Why does my skill deal single-digit damage?
              Because it missed.
              This answer might seem confusing since sometimes over the enemy it will say Miss and sometimes it will do single-digit damage so think of it this way, It is basically like you did not miss but you barley touched him so it dealt only a little bit of damage.
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                holey crap I got mentioned for my insane hybrid builds. I should probably finish that papperwork up so I can post my final results on each class. Got to finish beating each class first. Fail T-T


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                  Nothing to say. Good job - as always
                  Just can't get enough.


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                    Yup nice job Piggy
                    Originally posted by HiddenFromYou
                    You're joining me in the reject pile.
                    Post count is too high to be cool.

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                      Originally posted by newlegend View Post
                      This answer might seem confusing since sometimes over the enemy it will say Miss and sometimes it will do single-digit damage so think of it this way, It is basically like you did not miss but you barley touched him so it dealt only a little bit of damage.
                      I'll keep that in mind.

                      I should probably add something about the network storage space error also.


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                        sorry i have some question about refine, is there a safely limit about refine an item before broken?


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                          Originally posted by Brokokok View Post
                          sorry i have some question about refine, is there a safely limit about refine an item before broken?
                          I've broken an item when refining from 1 to 2... and I heard that someone broke an item when going to level 1, but I'm not sure if I remember that correctly.


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                            nice guide again Piggy ^_-
                            Zenonia 5 ID: Pitsheep

                            Add me^_-

                            Aggiungimi tra gli amici ^_-

                            dont do all grass like a single beam...but...smoke little bit by step^^


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                              I have a question about how defense affect attack . Is the damage per hit equal to the different between atk and def multiply by skill damage rate for every hit or atk multiply by skill rate and then minus def for every hit ? Let take mana drain and mental break for preference. In the first calculation , mana drain is stronger than mental break due to it's large amount of hit. In the second case, mana drain will suffer huge damage lose as damage got decreased by enemy's def with every hit up to 10 while mental break's damage only got decreased once making it stronger. My char is a 3x pure int wiz, current monster def barely make any different so it is not convenice to manually test this.