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[Notice] Service Termination and Community Page Closing

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  • [Notice] Service Termination and Community Page Closing

    Hello, this is the Zenonia S team.

    It is with a heavy and apologetic heart that we relay the unfortunate news of Zenonia S’s termination of service.

    Thank you to all Zenonians who have given such great support to the game since its start in November of 2015.
    We’ve come to the difficult decision that it is time to terminate service of the game as of December 26, 2017 PST.

    We sincerely apologize for being unable to continue service of the game.
    Please see below for information regarding the termination of service and closing of the community page.

    ■ Service Termination Information
    1. Date of Termination: December 26, 2017 (Tue) PST
    2. In-app Purchases and Game Download Unavailable: November 21, 2017 (Tue) PST
    ※ Additional purchases and game download will be disabled, but users will be able to otherwise play the game as normal until the service termination date.

    ■ Service Termination Related Refunds
    1. Refund Requirements
    1) Refunds will apply only to ZEN owned as of 11/21/2017 (Tue).
    2) Refunds will apply to the amount of ZEN within the total transaction amount.
    2. Refund Request Period
    - 12/26/17 (Tue) – 1/25/18 (Thurs) PST
    3. How to Make Refund Requests
    - Please include the following: screenshot of ZEN owned, screenshot of transaction history, personal information (CS code, HIVE ID, account name, server, etc.)
    HIVE customer support refund requests: [Click for HIVE Customer Support]

    ■ Community Page Closing
    1. Community Closing Date : 3/27/18 (Tue) PST
    2. Details
    1) Will not be able to join as of the service termination date (12/26/2017).
    2) Will not be able to retrieve files after the community page closes.
    3) Please save any files on your own time before the closing date.

    If you have any questions, please contact HIVE customer support(
    Again, we sincerely thank all those who have given undying love and support to Zenonia S.

    Thank you.

  • #2
    So if i have 8k zen right now does this mean i get refund on 8k?
    Also does it matter what we do with the zen after today since the refund get applied based on yesterday's amount?


    • #3
      Highly doubt they'll refund ingame earned zen, if they do I know GianGian has about 100k sitting in the bank lol.

      Well I suppose that's the end for this game. Though to be fair, we had it coming for a long time.

      But, if you're not going to be making any money from it anymore, could you do us one last favor and lower zen prices to 0 so we can have some fun in this last month?
      Going full int mage, cause f*ck it, why not


      • #4
        Originally posted by SoundFeX View Post
        Highly doubt they'll refund ingame earned zen, if they do I know GianGian has about 100k sitting in the bank lol.

        Well I suppose that's the end for this game. Though to be fair, we had it coming for a long time.

        But, if you're not going to be making any money from it anymore, could you do us one last favor and lower zen prices to 0 so we can have some fun in this last month?
        Lol hilarious part about this is the fact that i just spent close to 20k zen in the last week as a last hurrah on zen. Let's see what they say on the zen.

        (Also tried to rank 1st in two classes in which i failed and ended up in 2nd for both)


        • #5
          Don't have 100k anymore. I only have 60k left.
          This will be the last game I play from gamevill. The game was already abandoned in April, so it didn't even last 2 years.

          The only regret is been unable to complete all skill resistance with guild points. I needed at least till this summer.

          Btw: "Coming Soon..." yeah I'm still waiting.


          • #6
            Att:Venhat - Apocalipsis - Coco-Jokis - Leonidaz

            Greetings to phoony in his attempt to give me Ban. This game failed because phoony and his friends what they did was go with gossip hahahaha.

            Yo Venhat, informed them that this game since its beginning of creation came out a series of errors and horrors of creation of very poor quality since simply with my device I could manage the systems of the game at my whim. (Except for Gold and Zen) I could handle the NPCs at the time I wanted, as well as the worlds, servers and many other things.

            My Gift to Gamevil will be to send a Video the last week of game to YouTube. And I will bring to light all the Errors and secrets that took place at the end of this game. This only implied that the games created by Gamevil only seek to earn money and not satisfy the Active Players and Donors of the Server.

            Luckily I'm from Venezuela and I never pay to be successful in the game.


            • #7
              "Thank god, this game is a mistake" cliche
              ZENONIA S

              - Ecne (Ranger) Lv70 (Leader, In Use)
              - Aron (Druid) Lv70 (Sub Character)

              Counter-Strike Online (Korea) New In game name: 654158536

              - Level 64, Transcendental User (M4A1 Dark Knight, D.Eagle Crimson Hunter owned)

              Fate/Grand Order

              - Master code: 684,158,536
              - Bestow grade A cause acquired
              - Most used servant: Mysterious Heronie X (Alter): Lv 100, Skill 10/5/8, NP1, Bond Lv.10

              * I'm a Counter-Strike player since 2006 and still playing.


              • #8
                Can I get a refund on my banned account?


                • #9
                  Zenonia S Come Back!

                  Is there a chance that Zenonia S will return?